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  1. Apologies for not saying hi! If it was Saturday that was a busy day Haha. I personally think that its partly because I have muscle underneath the fat. But the fat needs to be gone! Haha. People say that to me all the time that I dont look like I weigh as much as I do.
  2. This was me 3 years ago opening day 2016. I lost about 10 pounds and was able to start riding again with multiple pushes. Steel vengeance being a walk of shame is what motivated me to really lose weight. I peaked at 335-340 in early 2016. As late as August 2018 I weighed in at 332 pounds. As of right now I weigh in at 270. I'm 6"6 which really helps and very evenly proportioned. I'm able to fit on everything at the park without hassle. Wear really thin shorts. That should really help make the difference. Coming in and not having to be stapled to ride is such a reward. I can even buckle myself into Banshee now.
  3. Heres to another year of decoding.... whilst I may not be decoding (due to well working at the park lol) just know I am decoding in spirit with you all! Make the prior threads of Decoding Episode II and Decoding Episode I proud! Here are the prior threads for anybody curious for Mystic Timbers and Banshee! Decoding Episode I: Starting to Decode 2014 Decoding Episode II: Rivertown 2017 and the Falling Trees Have fun! -stashua123
  4. "Where Old Traditions Are Made Anew"
  5. Its so amazing seeing all of these stories! While still currently working at the park as I have since April 2017, it is so nice to see just how many different yet amazing stories I see here. I currently work as an Admissions Team Lead in the Admissions and GS Department at Kings Island. I am almost certain even if you dont know me or have never met me you have probably seen me at some point in your journey through the gate. Everyone often thinks of the Rides Department as the first department you think of when you think "Kings Island". However, in many aspects we are one of the most crucial departments in the park, with so many things going into the process of entering the park that one does not necessarily think about. The friendships I have made while on and off the clock have been timeless. I pride myself in knowing at least one person from every single department. The park knowledge I gained from roaming the park for countless hours as a guest has really helped me strive to give guests the best possible experience possible. The stories I have are numerous and boundless, the conversations with guests even from 2017 I still remember to this day. Talking with a guest on memorial day about his experience in the military for ten minutes, P&G days, others as well. Theres just something so special about seeing a family with an ear to ear smile coming through the gates, seeing their palpable excitement and even on those days where you may feel a bit down, seeing that gives me the drive and purpose to do my job and provide them with the best day possible. Amongst my most memorable moments was doing the "Best Day Hype" last year in one of my first shifts after being promoted. Despite the smaller size of the crowd, I was able to get everybody riled up and excited and shout along to their favorite rides. That was a great memory. We are the first impression you see of the park and that makes it even more important for us to give you the best experience possible. The department is kind of like a second home to me with so many great people that have become some of my best friends. Love my #KIBlueCrew Im going to miss working here when that day comes. April 9th, 2017 (First Day!) April 2018 July 2018 September 2018 (Got a CORE Pin, a really special and surprising award) March 2019
  6. When paged I help lol. Yes you can. Ticket windows are open by the time security opens an hour before the park opens. (They are the last building on the left, in front of processing and behind a switchback queue line) Go there, tell them you want to upgrade your ticket to a season pass (If you got a specific dated ticket, it would have to be that day.) And you would pay the difference in price between what you paid for the ticket itself and how much the pass is.(*ticket upgraded passes cant be put on the payment plan, just an fyi) Get there asap, especially on opening day, as when the weather lines up with opening day, sales usually has a line that builds up fast in the morning. Edit: After purchasing, go directly to processing(underneath the red awning), you'll have to fill out a data entry sheet and then you'll get your pass after taking a picture. No hats or sunglasses! [emoji14]
  7. The fact I never got to ride such a one of a kind coaster makes me terribly mad and upset.
  8. Great photo I got of Firehawk during Coasterstock 2018
  9. I mean the park is not open, I dont really see them doing one for an announcement of a roller coaster removal.
  10. I am 6'6 and weigh in at around 301 pounds atm. I will say this, CP has more restricting rides. Do not get your hopes up. It is not kind on those who have bigger thighs (like I do) or a bigger chest. Maverick is IMHO your best bet. Maverick is very very accommodating. I would check out the test seat before hand, but I have never witnessed a Walk of Shame on Maverick or even been remotely close to one. Blue Streak as well is something I could see you doing. Only requires I believe one click. GateKeeper and Valravn in big boy seats may give you a chance, BUT I had more issues fitting into Valravn and GateKeeper than I had with Banshee. Banshee (even before I lost some weight) I could fit with a push down in a regular seat. At CP up until my most recent visit, being in the Big Boy seat was a necessity or otherwise a Walk of Shame was likely. I went to CP in 2017 and 2018. 2017 through 2018 I had a mostly stable weight of around 325-330 pounds. I have my weight more evenly proportioned than most can, so I was able to buckle in on TTD, MF with no issues(waist is around 42 then) Maverick I fit with ABSOLUTELY no issues, none, with a large amount of slack in the seat belt. I DID NOT fit on Steel Vengeance in July 2018 and was particularly upset about it. I was about thisclose. But nada. Ive recently started on my weight loss journey and have come to lose about 21 pounds thus far since my accurate weight measuring began(and I am estimating around 35 pounds from my peak in late 2015 - early 2016). I came back on September 15th and found myself surprised. The OTSR of Raptor, Rogarou fit immensely better to the point I did not need a push by a ride operator to get in. TTD and Millie which I could get in before was much easier. I checked the test seat for SteVe, no green light.... but then I got to the station... I fit on Steel Vengeance... With absolutely no issues (not even a recheck or a "5-4") I checked the Wicked Twister test seat and I was ACTUALLY CLOSE to fitting (something I had never seen before) Im lucky that I am tall which has helped me proportion my weight. But I know what it is like to fear going to an amusment park and worry whether you can enjoy a ride or not. Do not feel like you are less than who you are if it does end up being you cannot fit. I still have a long journey to go but its very encouraging to see results.
  11. I find Fury being on top to not be too contentious. Its my #1, Maverick is my #2. Mystic Timbers should honestly be very near the Top 10.... its my favorite ride in the park. No surprise that Kings Island, which has a kids area with the size and staffing of a small amusment park, won best kids area again this year. Phoenix being #1 surprised me a little but its deserved.
  12. Other parks have gotten rid of their og enterprises. You wont see reducing operating costs right away.... if they are seriously considering doing so look a year or two in the future.
  13. Mentioned the very cold weather April to may which makes complete sense.
  14. I just think we were bound to have a down year with nothing incredibly marketable being new.
  15. I'm listening in on the conference call and he implicitly put Kings Island in the spotlight as having a slow start. But also stated that they are down from a record year last year.
  16. I found that interesting as well. And I saw today as a buying opportunity as well.
  17. "They should rename this heart attack the ride" (kid on corkscrew at cp)
  18. Today has been extremely busy for a Wednesday. BAF Day yes but the past weeks of Wednesday's haven't even been close to these levels. Height wall had a line to the KI Theatre.... It has picked up a bit during the weekdays since the heat wave ended.
  19. I know they did this last year through that time.
  20. "I don't do rollercoasters, I do shopping." (Sassy girl at bottle cart) "Think tall thoughts" (parent to kid at height wall)
  21. KI does not have the same target market for associates and guests as Disney World does. I will say this, I love my job. I take pride in what I do. I worked in food service at LaRosas before deciding to come to work at Kings Island. It was perhaps the best decision I have made in my life in all honesty. You get to know so many amazing people. 85% of the people I talk to are people I have met because of working at Kings Island. You could say that going to work their is no different than other places for those who do not enjoy the job. But almost everyone I talk to enjoys their job and truly enjoy the people you meet while working. I come into work smiling and 99.5% of the time I leave work smiling even more. I would say the majority of people that work at Kings Island consider it a great and special place to work at. The locker policy is something I have come to agree with. Bins signficantly slow down operations and leave a chance for valuable items to be stolen. Fanny packs as of this year have been banned due to now being considered a loose article on some intense rollercoasters.
  22. Those prices are for the Columbus area only and have to be purchased while you are PHYSICALLY IN COLUMBUS. Same with the Indy Bundle..
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