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  1. It does seem to be industry wide with many other parks I have been to not having as much people as one would expect. Theme parks have been posting incredible growth since 2010... its bound to have a down year after so many successful and growing years. The 2018 Season during the initial Opening Weekends was incredibly slow, we did not get busy in the park in a day up until Early-Mid May... I blame this entirely on the incredibly cold spring Ohio had up until the second weekend in May. You may not think weather affects operation and attendance but it truly does. The hot weather in late June and early July discouraged many to go to the main park. Soak City was incredibly crowded but it does not "soak" in as much people like Kings Island does. The remark during Coasterstock that 2017 had the best attendance since the 1998 season is not surprising to me if found to be true. 2017 was incredibly busy. Mystic Timbers was a big part of that. The park was great and fairly consistently busy. This year has been more affected by the varying weather than last year.
  2. Their are no discounts unforunately if you have a Knotts Gold Pass.... if you have a KI Gold Pass Member or a Platinum Pass Member with you you can get a discounted 45$ ticket on non bring a friend days. IF you are going back for two visits I highly recommend the gate ticket. While being $70 it does include two non consecutive visits. You can use your second visit any day we are publicly operating through October 28th for free.
  3. I personally am for a renovation of the building. But I don't think a new front gate would do too much. Being in admissions one grows accustomed to their work environment. And the front gate plaza area definitely serves it's purpose well. Handles enough crowds. A bit of a modernization would make an already good but dated design perfect.
  4. "Can you give me the 5 dollars in change in quarters? I want to monopolize the white water canyon geysers" (unknown guest at my sales window) Of course I obliged.
  5. Scattered thunderstorms that pop up due to daytime heating become norm in cincinnati by may. Theirs nothing you can really do about it. And according to the weather channel it's not an extremely high chance. Last year it rained and stormed both days but we all still had a great time! You'll find something to do during the storm.
  6. 'Does a gold pass get you in for free?" Nooo... you just spent $137 on a brand new pass just to get charged admission everytime. --------- I was directing guests to exit to the right this past Sunday due to the storm. Many guests just don't understand you have to go ALL the way to the right. So many were trying to cut through open admissions turnstiles and closed ones too! You should have heard my voice when redirecting. I sounded like a security guard haha. [emoji4] One of them in particular did not like being directed to the right by me. And so. She shouted... "COOOOOOOOOLLLL" and proceeded to leave. Oh the darndest things.
  7. They certainly have a waayyyyyyy better waterpark imho. Kk I think is starting to draw ki's attention but I don't think it's to the level of 1998 SFKK V KI.
  8. The thing is. They did not overbuild to that degree. They had a sharp spike and were prepared for it. Geaugua lake was not. Kentucky kingdoms downfall was the neglect and poor upkeep and service by six flags from 1998 onwards
  9. That ended up well for the time. Kentucky kingdom was purchased by premier parks in July 1997. Their attendance skyrocketed to 1.3 million. Because of premier parks and later six flags neglect and lack of upkeep after 2000... They allowed the park to decline.
  10. That didn't stop hart from being the first independent theme park company to purchase a b&m rollercoaster in 1997.
  11. Green sheets are probably one of the most misunderstood elements of Kings Island... I have been asked before to wait one train for rides. I don't mind it at all. It is not a big deal to me. And knowing they wait the same amount of time (And perhaps more if they've overestimated the wait time) for the ride should shut those onlookers up. One of my friends who works in my department has a skin condition (ezkema?) That prevents her from sweating. During hot and busy days up at Cedar Point or any other theme park. She rightfully requests a green sheet. If she wouldn't do that with the long lines during a hot busy day. She would most likely become extremely overheated and pass out. It's a useful tool to help those with a disability, or even a simple medical condition that causes overheating easy, to wait in line with everyone else while being able to enjoy the rides and park with everyone else. And those who confront those who wait the same amount of time as everyone else. No matter what row it is. Should have nothing to say. I personally have autism. I work and thrive in my department. I've actually never had the inclination to even use a green sheet mostly because I am able to find myself enjoying waiting especially with my friends. But for those who are unable to. It's the absolute perfect thing. And something nobody should be complaining about.
  12. Here's the thing. I was in the same boat as you in say 2016. That I would never get a dining plan due to long lines and bad service. My perspective changed working at ki. I have seen some food associates who do not care about their jobs at all. Some who actually do and continue to do so and strive to be the best. But most importantly I've seen some go from completely caring to being worn down not caring associates due to so many negative experiences on the job. There's a reason why food can be understaffed. It's hard to find people. And those who are willing to jump the cliff to join are often greeted with long hours long lines, rude guests and little to no positive feedback. Remember. Next time you visit. While that doesn't excuse bad service, to put yourself in their shoes.
  13. As long as there's a resteraunt open. Yes.
  14. I have a fully decked out Platinum Pass for this season. Despite being an associate, I go to the park so often that a Dining Plan, FunPix and Drink Plan really work out for me. It is my first year for a dining plan, it is going to be interesting. Really hoping the initial quirks in past years have been smoothed over. I guess it is kind of funny that I am following the advice of most sales people for companies. Purchase and use the product you sell to guests (customers). I will definitely use all of these a lot however, I visited the park over 64 times last year.... so. Drink Plan is one of the most undervalued products at KI. So convenient! $32.09 after tax for free drinks all season. Its nice!
  15. One can dream. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  16. I read this and at first thought you were quitting kic until I realized its april fool's day. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  17. The Ohio River is now forecasted to crest at 60 feet. Highest since March 1997 which was 64.7 feet.
  18. We would not have had a Kings Island in present form if they had sold to Apollo.
  19. I'm very worried about the river. At 59 feet half of new Richmond becomes under water. All of Coney island and riverbend is submerged. In fact tonight new Richmond declared s state of emergency. If some of these models are correct. With rainfall totals I've seen ranging from even the most conservative model at 3.5 inches to some showing upwards of 7 inches of rain until Sunday. This could turn into a disaster. I wouldn't cross out yet the possibility of it cresting near 1997 levels... gulp even a stretch of exceeding those levels. It all depends on where the rain falls. Just upstream like in 1997 would be the worst case scenario.
  20. Usually they have someone guide you to a station. It's usually our thing to greet the guest coming up. Unless we were busy it's unusual that happened to you. Sorry about that. Just know that's usually not what happens.
  21. I believe so? Otherwise you can retake your pic at the park.
  22. We usually open sales and season pass processing for a couple of hours during processing days. It's usually on weekends a couple of weeks before opening day. Usually in afternoon. Don't know specifics of hours.
  23. So what you do is just go to sales. As long as you have your old passes we can simply exchange them and give you a new card at no cost. If you don't have your card but renewed we can look you up.
  24. Agreed with first part. Second part I disagree with. Season pass has some good people staffed. And while it's a bit chaotic on busy days they do a good job of trying to level that out. They try their best to make a good first impression. And it is fairly high capacity when fully staffed.
  25. I may be a little biased but a renovated Sales and Season Pass Building would be fantastic! As long as we don't have to use speakers. Front Gate has a fantastic building and truly serves it purpose but a little touch up on the outside to make it a little bit more appealing would do wonders for the Front Gate Area. Plus.... LIGHTS IN THE FRONT GATE PLAZA would be fantastic. It is very hard for me to see people come up with our part of the Front Gate mostly dark at night.
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