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  1. Will their be like guests spots able to be filled by KIC Members on this podcast?
  2. For people like me. You'll have to learn the art of stapling someone in. [emoji6][emoji3] I do know some about ride operations but I will yield the floor to other more knowledgeable people. [emoji4]
  3. I thought it through and I say yes to all four questions. I really do enjoy my job and believe it does all of that for us.
  4. Staffing is an issue in early and late season ki.... And believe me they need every single employee hired. And at least in my department the turnover rate from the amount of people I see stick through the season is a bit lower than you would think it is. The turnover rate is high once you get to departments like food but they've been trying to rectify that as well as the park as a whole.
  5. Hey I mean the nickname for the Monster Scrambler Dodgem Crew is MSD.... makes me burst out laughing cause MSD is the sewer utility for Cincinnati.
  6. I know for a fact that@rcwizard13 enjoyed sledgehammer the most out of all the flat rides when he visited CW last year.
  7. That was a transaction I remembered very well, as I knew who you were but was like "should I ask him who he is again or just act like I know him" and I knew you but like I forgot what your username was lol.
  8. I honestly hope if we have another Major Construction/Speculation thread in the future we call it Decoding: Episode 3. It would make my entire year! A restaurant in Coney Mall would be a good idea IMHO as a casual restaurant is kind of missing in that area, most of the food places in Coney Mall are those without the feel of a restaurant, mostly just stands, like there is no big place to sit at next to the restaurants that makes you feel, oh I'm eating at Skyline! Its mostly a your eating in the Midway feel, its kind of hard to describe lol.
  9. Ive been working here since April 9th, 2017 and it has been an absolute blast. This month I was rehired and Im looking forward to another season with the park I have come to love! Despite a 33 and a half minute commute in good traffic (and over 55 minutes in bad traffic) I still go through the commute and come to a job I love. I work in Admissions and I am on the Sales Team, we help guests with our knowledge of the park, products and try to help them find what is best for them. Most people in Admissions are trained and take up shifts in various parts of our department which includes the Front Gate area(excluding stores), Season Pass Processing, Group Sales, Sales, Family Care, Help Center, Fast Lane, the same in Soak City as well as our Guest Services associates. Sales Team is something they just started doing recently and are just essentially trained in Sales (I was also trained in Season Pass just in case they needed somebody as backup). 99.999999% of the time I was scheduled and am usually in Sales. Being on the Sales Team is a little bit of a specialty as Sales is a fairly good job to have. You also have to know a lot on what you are doing and have to be an expert on what Kings Island is all about and have to know how to talk to guests and upsell various products to them. We have probably the best Sales Team in the Cedar Fair chain IMHO. The Admissions Department is in my opinion the way to truly enjoy Kings Island the most other than rides. It is probably the most flexible at scheduling out of all of the departments in Kings Island, though you do have to give advanced notice on days you need off(2 weeks), all the days I requested off were granted. If you are trained in a lot of places each shift becomes something new and does not become too mundane. In sales, it is almost always something new and each interaction with a guest is almost always different from the rest. Also being able to talk with other co-workers when we are not busy is a joy. Most of the time the job is relatively low stress I have made many friends in the department and the department is a very social one. We always plan time in the park after our shifts end, or plan to eat somewhere, or just plain hangout with each other. I still talk to my coworkers in the off season and still hangout with them! I made so many memories over the summer with my coworkers. So if anyone is looking for a great job at Kings Island, the Admissions Department is in my humble opinion the best way to go. Rides is another great department to look into as well, though the #KIBlueCrew is the best way to go.
  10. Should I purchase these now in all of you're opinions?
  11. "Is the log flume in Planet Snoopy open?" - on a 4 DEGREE NIGHT. (I wish I could say it was joking but they sounded serious)
  12. You think of warm kinda muggy nights like these as perfect opportunities for Kings Island visits but realize the park isn't open. [emoji23][emoji23]
  13. "Does a gold pass get two people in?"
  14. In admissions at ticket sales I work with computers and systems every single shift. And if you need to know more you can pm me. I probably don't know as much as IT but I know quite a bit.
  15. I wonder. They said record breaking year. What was attendance?
  16. I do have a question. Me being on tapatalk I used to get notifications when I got a like on my post. Now I get nothing. Is there anything to change that?
  17. Ticket windows open up approximately an hour before the park opens. By the time security opens we're open. Ticket windows close usually an hour before the park closes unless it is a crowded day. Then we stay open a bit longer. When we stop selling, guest services is where you go till the park closes. Awww thanks. it was nice giving you a pass haha.
  18. They should work until Winterfest but some of my coworkers have said the end of Haunt, so I am about as confused as anyone else.
  19. I visited Kentucky Kingdom for the first time this year and in total three times this year and it is one great park. I truly loved the place. Its such an oddly quirky place that feels all great and awesome. Has a nice theme park and a great waterpark and a park that if I am doing both parks that I may run out of time before the end of the day trying to ride everything. Ed Hart has done some great things with this place and I cant wait to come back. Here are some pictures I took on 7/5, 7/23 and 8/7/2017
  20. "I thought Mystic Timbers was just a redo of The Beast where it now goes out to the woods!!!"
  21. "I thought Mystic Timbers was just a redo of The Beast where it now goes out to the woods!!!"
  22. I have been working at KI for 5 months and I cannot overstate enough just how much I enjoy it. My friend circle has increased dramatically. And I learn skills that cannot be taught except when one is on the job. Haunt and Winterfest will be very interesting. And I know that there is no way I am not applying for next year to return, I just enjoy it so much. Sure some days can be long and hard and grueling, but having a bunch of coworkers you like in the same building makes everything better. I would recommend anybody who wants to work here to apply next year. Admissions is the department I work at and I enjoy almost every second of it.
  23. O miserum mattius. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Not THAT long mind you.
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