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  1. You at least avoid 71 till past Pfeiffer by picking me up.
  2. Your the guy who constantly plays awesome Christmas music in his car so I can already see you'll love winterfest. [emoji4]
  3. Whomever was the ride op at Kentucky Kingdom lightning run yesterday. I would like to thank so much. See everytime I've been to Kentucky kingdom. I have NEVER been able to fit on lightning run. And have had countless walks of shames. She recognized me from the last time I was at the kingdom. And I told her. Yeah. Probably wouldn't fit. Then she had a bright idea. "Hey. We usually get them big people in on rows 6 or 7. Let's try that!" She got me out of my row and took me up to row 6 right. Pushed me down as best as she could. And she looked back. And the guy gave a thumbs up. She gave me the biggest highfive. Said you fit! And told everyone to clap and say he gets to ride! I hadn't smiled that big in a while. And after my rides on storm chaser I went to guest relations and gave her a guest compliment. She deserved it. She went out of her way for me. Great hour at Kentucky Kingdom.
  4. Since I work in Admissions. I strangely enough know EXACTLY who you are talking about and will certainly pass that along to him. Nathan is such an awesome guy and one of the best people to work with. He has an enthusiasm about the park that's just awesome.
  5. I compliment this site full of amazing people whom without you guys being in my life I don't even know where I would be right now.
  6. FunPix I believe is only at a select few Cedar Fair parks.
  7. Unfortunately no. You would have to upgrade to a platinum pass for that.
  8. You can use your souvenir cup and all season drink plan and FunPix at any other Cedar Fair park
  9. Youre welcome! Expect a crowded day, but because of the hot weather many people may go to Soak City instead of the main park, might make the main park not as crowded. Good you bought your ticket from Kroger. Good price. My advice above applies to anybody buying BAF tickets as well as people going into the park.
  10. Get there early, do the rides in Rivertown first before you do anything else as Rivertown this year has had way longer wait times for rides than other areas due to Mystic Timbers, might as well get them out of the way before the park gets really crowded. This weekend is GOING to be a scorcher. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated. I would reccommend either purchasing an all day or if you yourself have a gold pass an all season souvenir cup /(for gold pass) drink program. All day gets you free refills the entire day you are their and 1.00 refills for the rest of the season. 15 for 1, 13 each for 2 and 11 for 3 or more. All season gets you free refills for the entire rest of the season. After tax it is $32.01. Souvenir cup gets free refills every 5 minutes, the disposable cup drink program gets you free refills every 15 minutes from a disposable cup. If there is any hint of rain or thunderstorms in the forecast, that may scare people away, Kings Island patrons can be very weather fickle. Get there early enough to buy the BAF tickets at the gate instead of online before the line gets long, this is one of those rare cases where buying the tickets at the gate are actually overall cheaper than online when you add in the processing fee. Remember, up to 4 BAF tickets can be purchased per gold pass. Get there at 9:30 and you can bring your friends into Gold Pass ERT (Exclusive Ride Time) when they present their BAF tickets at the gold pass ERT entrances. Ride Mystic Timbers first, wait for Diamondback to open(if its not too long) and then ride The Beast, and then beat out the crowds and ride the rides in Coney Mall and Action Zone. Have fun, and make the most out of it, if the weather is good without much rain in the forecast, be prepared for a very crowded day. Numerous Fast Lane locations are located around the park just in case you may want to purchase them.
  11. How does one edit their signature on the new updated site for KIC?
  12. Working here at the park, it makes me smile seeing a fellow KICer able to have the true Best Day Ever experience from Kings Island. Im glad you guys had a great night!
  13. "I thought Mystic Timbers was just a cheap renovation of The Beast and was not anything new! Wow!"
  14. That must be unfortunate luck then! I went on an EXTREMELY dead June day that was achingly perfect yet it was still running two trains all the way up to close. I LOVE Legend as well, I rode that one first. Raven was down in the morning. Legend in my opinion is very underrated, I just dont understand all the "meh" reactions the ride gets. I think Raven is a great rollercoaster, just not as great as Legend or Voyage.
  15. If you do plan on visiting more than once, the ticket at the gate is a good option, it is 67 dollars but includes a second visit for free anyday through October 29th. Buying two tickets online for two seperate days would be a bit more expensive, so you would be saving some money by doing that. But if you are just visiting once, the online price and or coupon are a very good deal.
  16. This. My first trip to HW on June 8th 2016 was made both better and worse by the central time change, better for opening and close, because we thought we were arriving late but due to time change we arrived right on time! and due to poeple being confused about the closing time, the park EMPTIED at 7:00 PM CDT due to phones having to manually reset the time to go to CST(what I had to do), but wayyyy worse for the drive home which made us arrive later than we were anticipating. HW is a GREAT park, be prepared that on some dead days by mid day they may switch some rollercoasters especially Raven and Legend to 1 train operation and Voyage to 2 train operation(I dont think they will EVER even on the deadest days go down to 1 train operation for Voyage for obvious reasons) Ride Raven, Legend, Voyage, Thunderbird. In that order. Riding Raven last will make you feel slightly dissapointed like it did for me. The food is delicous, and the free drinks and sunscreen are quite convienent. Thunderbird is a VERY excrucitating walk I must say, but it is worth it, it is kind of like an oasis once you get up there through a long hard desert walk lol. DO NOT miss out on the Waterpark, Mammoth ALONE makes it worth it, Wildebeest makes it a must visit. All the other slides, wave pool, lazy river are also as well awesome! I will be visiting there again in late July and I already cannot wait!
  17. I, personally have no issues with speiling.... I think if done and executed greatly it can add something to the ride. The exception would be if the spieling interfered with ride operations. Like if a spieller refuses to clear the train unless they all clap loudly and in the meantime the ride has all it's trains stacked. That's when I have an issue.
  18. I have considered them both two coasters as while they have the same layout, they are mirrored and have a different feel each ride compared between the two. Two tracks = two rollercoasters unless it is a mobius loop.
  19. Yes. When I was down there this year people were snapping multiple times! It was even encouraged by the ride ops!
  20. Pass processing is open as soon as the metal detector gates start letting people in, they will be able to take care of you in time for ERT, I can assure you of that.
  21. I heard the theme song of The Godfather in full glory while walking and it kind of made me do a double take, it fit in SO WELL. Opening day was WAYYYYYYYYY less busier than Preview day by a LONGSHOT. The lines were still long but not as unbearable as it was on Preview Day. Like a normal summer saturday almost. The park really seems to have upped their game this year, compared to the last two years. I have had a great three days spent at the park.....
  22. Just.... oh my. The ride is quick, smooth, intense, forceful, absolutely non-stop, so much airtime, so much lateral g's, it twists and bends! It feels so much longer than 3200 feet! The shed was a nice and unique thing, I liked it! The front has ALOT of airtime. Here are my FunPix! @Magenta Lizard @malem @Mrs. No Chickens @Magenta Lizard @Mrs. No Chickens @IndyGuy4KI @Beastie1980 @2012Jarrett @WailsLikeABanshee @Beastie1980 @rcwizard13 @malem @Beastie1980 @Beastie1980 @aandjgoods @ohiocolts @ohiocolts @aandjgoods
  23. And the economic climate for some 10 years after the 1973-75 Recession was also particularly horrible, the oil price essentially causing what would be nowadays a jump in gas prices from 2$ to 6$, inflation at 20% in 1980, interest rates at 10%+ from 1979-82. The Recession of 81-82 was even worse than 73-75. That contributed to major investment projects being cancelled around the country.
  24. I had a great first day at Kings Island yesterday. And I really think I will absolutely love working here. :] By the end of my shift I had eased in very much into my job.... which surprised even me! Here's the obligatory picture in front of the Mary statue my mom made me take before driving me to work. :]
  25. Thought to bump this. I had pretty much given up on going to this event, which I was kind of okay with. Since I had gotten no donations even after sharing on my social media.... Well that all changed today when I checked my account and was surprised to see that I had achieved the 100$ goal.... some random person donated 100$!!! VERY happy right now.
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