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  1. Look at that queue line! Photo Credit: Kings Island SP Twitter(Found here: https://twitter.com/KingsIslandSP/status/849750341545492484)
  2. You have the great memory that I do lol.... Paramore's Still Into You is a song I defintiely associate myself with KI Last year..... Let me see if I recall this correctly.... August 11th, 2016 1:00 PM? I was walking on the midway from Delirium to Slingshot looking at the Oktoberfest pond when the song came on... I was with BeastForever at the time and I just started like walking/dancing it was kinda funny. That night after ERT night with Racer I was waiting at the bathroom near the Coca-Cola Marketplace when Wide Awake by Katy Perry went on.... 9:50 PM? And I just looked around with Banshee sitting their silently and kinda thought to myself of how lucky I am. We then passed through International Street and Love Yourself by Justin Bieber was playing it kinda fit perfectly because the park was insanely quiet and an acoustical type song kinda fit into the atmosphere. October 7th I remember mostly because I heard my first Senses Fail song, My Fear Of An Unlived Life at approximately 2:00 am EDT, while on the way home from Kings Island and that kinda really kickstarted my interest into that band and alternative rock. Hollywood Nights playlist I associate with meeting KICers. April 16th,May 19th, August 11th, August 16th, August 18th
  3. I liked it. It felt like a carnival experience and fits very well into the park. :]
  4. Now this will be a bit less detailed than you are usually expecting from me, as I have quite a busy few days ahead of me and I do not have the time to do a huge summary of literally everything like I did for say October 7th+9ths trip report, I am sorry if that is a bit dissapointing but it seems that after not really having much to do from October until now life is going to be ramping up in how busy I am! In a big surprise, I started my coaster season early and went to Carowinds Amusment Park yesterday with fellow KICer Thoe124. It was a great visit... up there in the best visits of all time for me at an amusement park. IT WAS GREEEAATTT. I met some great people there.... the park was great. No crowds whatsoever... 75 degrees... lil rain.... perfect otherwise... it was overall such a fantastic theme park! Thoe124 will be making a vlog of our trip as well which may give a visual guide of our experience. Ride Count: Fury 325: 17? (I kinda lost track lol) Intimidator: 2 Hurler: 4 (INCLUDING a twice in a row zen ride in the front row... the whole train all for myself! ) Carolina Cyclone: 1 Nighthawk: 1 Afterburn: 2 Vortex: 2 Highlights and Thoughts (From my Facebook Post earlier today) 1) Fury 325 is one amazing and awesome and just freaking fantastic awesome exceptional intense fast breathtaking roller coaster. My new number 1. I rode it around 17 times.... twice in a row during the rain which was quite an experience! And twice in a row in row 4 on the last train of the night. It is also VERY intense. Something that astounded see me. It truly deserves the #1 roller coaster in the world title. So intense. So smooth. So great. My first giga... And I couldn't be happier! 20/10 2) The park has a very nice layout.... Kings Islands is better but I really like the areas and themes. It all flowed together. 3) Hurler is an UNDERRATED rollercoaster. It isn't that rough at all. Which absolutely surprised me. I ended my day before riding fury by getting two zen rides in a row on Hurler in the front seat. So memorable. 8/10 4) Intimidator has less accommodating seats than Fury. But I'm glad I was able to fit. They turned off the trim brakes it seems for our visit because the ride was testing so slowly in the morning. And it was a LOT better than I had heard about it. So much airtime that my FunPix lanyard was lifted out of my shirt! 10/10. 5) Afterburn is such a great invert. So intense. Quick. And not really sickening. Better than Banshee. But not better than my favorite b&m invert. Montu. But it's up there. :] 9.7/10 6) FunPix is a great investment. And for those curious you keep your same password and username from last year this year... found that out after wondering why I didn't get an email. 7) Vortex was one weird ride. I liked it. But I see why stand up rollercoasters are reviled. My gut hurt for 20 minutes afterwords. But it was a neat new experience. I can now say I've ridden a stand up rollercoaster. 7/10 8) Carowinds is a very friendly park with very nice employees and a very clean and very well maintained park. And very efficient ride operations. 9) Their WindSeeker is VASTLY worse in every single category compared to Kings Islands. It goes 1/2 the speed of ours. Is surprisingly less accomdating(I got a walk of shame on it!). And is just not as good. Makes me glad for our WindSeeker. 10) Met a LOT of new people at the park. It's kind of rare to meet on the whim fellow rollercoaster enthusiasts.... And I'm glad I did! 11) Sales tax seems to be VERY high... Which kind of made some things a bit more expensive than I first thought. 12) chance of rain + a Sunday + perfect weather otherwise = PERFECT DAY TO GO. 13) park seems to be like holiday world in which it empties out an hour before close. Got very dead at around 7 pm. 14) DRINK WATER. I had to take an hour long break because I was getting dehydrated at the park. Felt very nauseous and everything. I guess my body is getting older and I need to take it a little more easier than I used to. :] 15) nighthawk was VERY shaky but a pretty good ride. I liked it. :] 7/10 16) cargo shorts make rides more of a tight fit when filled with stuff. 17) I realized on this visit I still have a LOT of progress to go with losing weight. And this all gave me the encouragement to do so. Overall. I had a GREAT first visit to carowinds. I hope to come back soon. I truly had the best day ever. I'm so glad I was able to go. Thank you Carowinds for the fantastic visit. 10/10. BEST DAY EVER. :] Heres my funpix below!
  5. I'm probably the only one that's sad that Hollywood Nights is gone... I kinda liked the show!
  6. Thank you for having the bright idea of making a fantastic Kings Island fansite that is so much more than that. You created friendships and memories for many on here... including me. I'm glad I was finally really able to meet up with some kicers last year. Thank you for creating a website that means so much to so many people. Best of luck to you sir!
  7. 1. What is the best day ever at Kings Island that you have ever had? October 7th, 2016, bar none. With August 11th and July 28th falling in second and third respectively. 2. What is your favorite Kings Island flat-ride? (Past or Present!) Delirium of course! 3. Have you ever heard one of your favorite songs playing at Kings Island? If so then what song? Hmmm.... Ain't It Fun or Still Into You. 4. Should Kings Island make The Racer go backwards again? YES.... 5. What's the worst part of the off-season? the wait. 6. What do you think is in the shed? #WhatsInsideTheShed Special Showroom is my guess.
  8. GOT THE JOB!!! Sales Associate.... everyone in my group interview was hired.... They said they were impressed with my deep knowledge of KI things such as FunPix, etc. and everything about KI and thought I would be great in Sales... WOOOOOOOTWOOOOOT.
  9. Got the call after passing yet another Temps test... they asked me a few questions... Interview... tommorow at 2:00! Very surprised and delighted!!!! WISH ME LUCK! I HOPE I GET THE JOB!
  10. I was in the passenger seat and not driving so dont worry.
  11. Passed by ki in an afternoon rendezvous. Really nice seeing it pop out at ya! (Taken in the passenger seat of a car driving on Kings Island drive)
  12. Still so happy you got the job VortexBFForever!! And congrats to anyone else who has gotten a job! Love reading this thread.... it really provides insight to working at KI... I decided to apply because I was thinking like I am there all the time already (19 times I went last year lol) so I might as well apply to wait and see... I applied around 3 weeks ago.... hopefully I will hear back in Febuary I am going to keep my job at LaRosas and work at Kings Island as well... I need the money lol because I am getting no financial assistance for college tuition and you know other fun stuff! I am open to any position... I applied to Admissions but anything else (well except for food because I already work food at La Rosas lol) would be great... I would just be a little nervous with rides because I would feel a bit of stress putting thousands of lives on the line everyday with operating a ride safely and efficiently.... I would probably be so nervous to do that... because the OCD and anxiety inside me would drive me a bit insane.... but if I did rides I would probably get accustomed to it... I will probably be able to drive by the begining of summer.... gas isnt too much an issue... as my job at LaRosas would quite literally supplment that cost. (I live 25-35 minutes away from the park) Keeping the job at LaRosas may lead to an uncomfortable talk with my manager... but he only schedules me one shift a week and I NEED more hours than that but even when I asked to be scheduled more I didnt get it... (Saturday Nights is when I work) And a bunch of factors lead to me wanting to apply and get another job.... I have done job interviews before... I can be a little nervous but I am usually quite open by the end... heck I even uploaded my resume... I really think my MDA Camp Counselor experience is going to look good on my resume. I really really hope I get the job... if I only work day shifts I could like spend the whole day afterwords there lol.... wouldnt mind that a bit! Any advice for me?
  13. Which was discontinued for the horrible tragedy that happened at the 2003 one...
  14. Guessing this is coming to other Cedar Fair parks... Looks nice!
  15. Just got my paycheck tonight and used half of it.... Purchased my ticket! 3 pm Beast Tour WOOOO.... This will be other than National Rollercoaster Day my first real enthusiast event... Cant wait.....! Will probably arrive on Friday afternoon afterschool for check in....
  16. RIP Vortex sign. Taken at 7:50 pm closing day. Just happened to take one last loop around the park. Shedding a tear even then that the season was over. Little did I know this would be the last photo I would get of The Vortex sign.
  17. Well I AM a season passholder... I guess that is what I was thinking lol
  18. 2005.... 2011...2012...2013...2014...2015...2016....2017 All of those years I visited the park at least once.
  19. KICentral seems to be down accessing it via desktop. And how does one embed YouTube videos in the new theme?
  20. As soon as I have enough money I will be buying a ticket.... cant wait to officially be apart of this event for this year! (I was lowkey kinda with the group last year except I didnt do any of the events cause I didnt have a coasterclub membership lol) Friday-Saturday is kinda unfortunate but oh well I will probably hitch a ride up their Friday evening and then go back on Saturday.
  21. Would just like to thank KIC admins/mods for putting such an effort in updating the site... it really does look spiffy and I am now completely content with Tapatalk back up and working. Thanks!
  22. When you watch coasterbob62 videos of Kings Island and Cedar Point in a futile attempt to make you feel like you are there.
  23. Tapatalk is having many issues and seems to not be working with the forum.
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