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  1. should i buy a fast pass then?
  2. So me an my dad decided that were going tommorow may 26th(my 1st trip to ki ) sooo i want to know if its gonna be packed or not and if the lines are long(will i need to buy a fast pass?) Thanks, Stash
  3. i have ridden on one of those before(rainbow at strickers grove)
  4. that be awesome the rollercoaster would like be my caffeine
  5. ive heard numerous stories from my dad about the rotor and said that you would be stuck to the wall and the the floor would srop and it spin ya round and round and he said he rode it 6 or 7 times in a row and saw someone fall off so ive been wanting to ask how was YOUR ride on the rotor?
  6. i also thinkk we should add the loop back on sob
  7. its proably gonna be realllly busy that day
  8. Action Zone has been miserable since Son of Beast closed in june of 2009. it feels more like the "quiet concrete zone" than the "Action Zone" it used to be. it reaallly needs to be redone so here are my plans 2013 master plan: make sob into a intamin prefab, put a tunnel at the end of the drop at congo falls, build a new ride near top gun and remove part of that really long queue line and plant more trees around Action Zone. replace the water tower into trailers for the latest movies and add a concert there, add Son of king cobra with near same layout except that its a b&m stand up (the first in 12 years) and it will turn into a Action Zone!
  9. i hope this ride isnt down i was going to go this weekend but i geuss i wont be able to ride Diamondback (i was really looking forward to riding it)
  10. nice that theres a ki app the gps doesent show the new colors for Invertigo though
  11. That mr ouimet said that sob was done for
  12. Ive been to Kings Island last year but never ridden Invertigo and i chickened out on Flight of Fear so what are those two like rough? or smooth. Good or Bad? is worth the wait or is it bad. i just need info because im going to ki soon an going to ride these
  13. i think that sob is done for because its had a turbuluent history and now theres evidence about that its being torn down i hope that a better company like intamin or GCI or GG could build a monster to replace it
  14. oh,and how do you sign up? just wondering
  15. this is good. i geuss i bought my gold pass for good value this year
  16. got a gold pass!!!!:)))

  17. My First ride on The Beast was when i was six years old. it was back in 2005 and we rode racer and all other stuff but this was alot more memorable. we waited about 20 mins. they measured me but when they did i tip- toed so i could get on and they didnt notice so they let me on. and then i got on the train with my dad and i didnt know what was coming. so we went up the lift hill and dad said this is a good coaster so then.. bam down a hill to the tunnel which i still have a on-ride photo of. so then we go up a curve and out of the tunnel(I was screaming my head off) and into another drop into a brakeshed so i could catch a breath then down another curve into a scary tunnel which was very long then into anothe curve up a hill which made a clink clack noise and into a lift hill which went a lot faster up the hill and then i saw the thing that huge tunneled helix and before i knew it we were descending down. We went into a tunnel and i was screaming like no tommorow and i felt like if i raised my hands up i would hit the wood so then out of the tunnel up a curve then into another tunnel which felt more like i was going to hit the wood and out of the intense tunnels down a drop which now it seemed slower into the brake run when i got of the ride i didnt speak for 5 mins and then when my dad asked me how it was i said "That Was AWESOME!" i wanted to ride Son of Beast but they scared me out of it (i was upset i couldnt get on.
  18. Trying to get a gold pass:/

  19. Happy bday! This rollercoaster i rode when i was six is awesome! It got over my Fear of rollercoasters
  20. Hi KIC. i think SOB should be ether torn down or repaired because its a real embarasment. My dad and my 2 bros rode it back in 2005 and said it was great except the "rosebowl"and dad said it felt like something ruptured(not really). then they scared me by telling stories about how it got stuck in the loop and a person died on it. It was a big letdown that it wasnt open in aug. of 2011(when i went there for the first time since 2005) went there but it dosent ruin your day.
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