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  1. Refering to yourself through third person made me laugh so much. I would nominate you if you had the time. Yeah, was wondering what happened to this thread, any news on that?
  2. I do not beleive so and I do not want one at Kings Island. If they ever try to create a policy that is the same one that Tri-County Mall has, in my humble opinion, that would be outrageous...... Just because I am under 18 does not make me a hooligan who is going to cause trouble. Not everyone under 18 is going to KI because it is "Daycare", I go there all day because I want to have FUN, have memories, and while my parents may be working during that time, that does not mean I am there to cause trouble.
  3. I think all of us have forgiven you for that TB. Everyone makes mistakes, nobody is perfect. The KIC Community is great because of your hilarious and wacky photoshops. Still chuckling at that "Don Statue"..... to this day! And the Baby Mystic Timbers, its all great! I am probably too young and too ill equipped to be moderator in my opinion but if nominated I would gladly help out.
  4. I nominate malem as well.(if he is interested of course!) He is very level headed, fair, knows the ins and outs of this forum, keeps most things VERY cordial even in difficult topics, debates, etc, very involved with the KIC Community as a whole as he plans a lot of the meet ups, Holiday Party, etc. I think he would be a good guy to help moderate these forums. I personally would like to thank every moderator inactive or active for helping this website be how it is today. Despite the less moderation than usual in recent months you guys recently have really upped your game and I believe some new moderators will help this site with "Self-moderation, but moderators come in when there is a problem" that is/has been policy but not as enforceable as once was due to circumstances of some of the mods who are busy with other things.
  5. Crazy Dream I had Friday Night and still remember the events! BeastForever, The Interpreter, Malem and I all go to Kings Island in my dream. We ride Firehawk first! I for some reason against all instinct in real life take out my phone and post parts of the Ride POV on my Snapchat Story. We ride it three times and then we go once more and we get stuck. Greg Scheid and Don appear for some odd reason and help us evacuate. I nearly fall off the ride and almost slip off the catwalk, but then I get helped back up by BeastForever and Malem. We all then go over to Banshee and ride in the front seat, The rides layout is not much different from real life. We all go to the Coca-Cola store and we buy some souvenirs and such with me buying some candy and souvenirs. Malem and BeastForevers transaction comes through fine but then The Interpreters transaction doesn't, the cashier does not know how to operate the cash machine it seems, then The Interpreter unplugs the SD card and Hard Drive and plugs it back in, for some reason now everything is fixed! He reveals to us all he is a high-tech computer engineer to our surprise. The dream ends with all of us riding Racer! Sounds alright but then my second dream is weirder where I am Chandler from Friends and Monica is shot by somebody and is about to die and Rachel comes into the Hospital room and she breaks down on my shoulders while I do the same.... the dream ends there. Quite possibly the two weirdest dreams I can remember having this year.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. And again thank you for the ride home and for a great day. I literally woke up at 6:50 am and worked on this till 11, I try my best to remember all the details about my day, feels great knowing someone that was with me almost the entire day sees I remember almost everything. Could sort of tell you were having trouble lol, that driveway is like a elongated s bend so it's a bit difficult. Thanks for the great day! Hope we do it again sometime during haunt.
  7. Kings Island: August 11th, 2016: 9:30 am - 10:00 PM FEAR the four: 9:30 am I had arrived at Kings Island with my friend Yu Fong and my twin brother Luke. This time instead of going straight over to Soak City we went to the main park first, together. I had been texting BeastForever throughout the morning and he said he was going to arrive at 11 AM. So instead I decided to spend my first hours of the day with my brother Luke and our friend Yu Fong. We went into the 80's store and Luke played Galaga for 20 minutes! I believe he got his personal best at 45,000 points! Then we went over to the International Street Fountain and sat there for about 15 minutes admiring the beautiful fountains. The park then opened up and we went over to The Racer, I had convinced my brother that we were going to ride The Racer, somehow! I have great convincing skills. We went on the first train of the day and me and my brother got 1-2 of red racer. He screamed his butt off and it was hilarious, I believe he actually enjoyed the ride though and it was quite smooth in my humble opinion. 8/10. He then wanted to ride Adventure Express again and we did that! We got the front row of Adventure Express, we rode it and it was fun and I loved hearing my twin brothers reaction to riding it. 7.5/10. My brother REALLY wanted to do the Scrambler even though I did not really want to do it. I was a bit dizzy during this ride and my brother was also very dizzy. I have always loved the Scrambler but its been getting just a bit too dizzy for me lately. 6/10. My brother got "vertigo" and a pretty big headache from the ride and requested a five minute break, a five minute break that I gave because I was dizzy also. But I wanted to try BLSC again and after five minutes I took 2 minute of my time to try and convince Luke to ride BLSC, and I finally did.... "Does it really only go 40 mph?" "Yes, Luke it does." He then rode in the back seat with our friend while I rode in the back car front seat. I saw his face change from happy to immediately very sick as soon as we hit the helix, we went through the ride but I didn't hear Luke screaming in joy at all.... we exited and he look pretty sick, but it was time for them to go over to Soak City, so I said goodbye to them. I heard later that he had gotten pretty bad vertigo from doing all those rides in a quick while and had a beating headache for two hours. "Josh, you are NOT convincing me to ride a rollercoaster ever again!" (But I made a deal with him for 8/18 that if he'd ride Tropical Plunge, I would make it five years. unless its out of his pure free will, to which he agreed to and actually rode Tropical Plunge!) It was a good ride for me though! 7/10. Meetin' On Up: 10:45 AM After saying goodbye to my brother and our friend, I went by the Refill station near the dodgems, refilled my souvenir cup, and then walked down international street and sat at a nice table with a view. I sat there for about 15 minutes, just doing nothing really.... admiring the fountain, watching people kick their soccerballs into the fountains. Then I finally got the text that Daniel (BeastForever) was here, waited five more minutes and he came through the gates and we met up. We would've said hi to Lucas but he was busy with Mobile Strike We both decided we wanted to ride Diamondback first. We walked through the park and got in line! The line was only a stair wait. I have always found it nice to go to an amusement park, meet up with (a) coaster enthusiast(s), get to know him/her and just ride the rides. We decided to ride 8-1. We got into the ride. It was a great ride! I have always loved being in the back, which if it weren't for the B&M rattle would be loads better than the front than just a little bit better. 9.98/10. We then walked out, I got my FunPix scanned into my account and we left for The Beast. It is still amazing to think that The Beast is still the Worlds Longest Wooden Rollercoaster.... very amazing. We got into 6-2 of The Beast and as always it was a great ride. Running great.... and very smooth since its not a wheel seat. Daniel I think enjoyed the ride as well! 10/10. After a GREAT Beast ride, we went on over to Vortex.... with no line! We got onto 5-1 of Vortex.... train 3 (Which BeastForever made me realize/note) and it was ROUGH..... very rough.... that train has always been rough for some strange reason and today was not an exception to that. But I always find a way to enjoy rides, even if they are rough and I can say I enjoyed Vortex 6.5/10. But Daniel did not, and he said that would be his last ride of the day, but it turned out not to be. Train 3 seems to be the rough Vortex train. Next, we decided to go on WindSeeker! We got seats 21 and 22 and went on to ride this ride, I have always liked this ride.... very relaxing! 7/10. Daniel and I decided to go down the Coney Mall Midway.... it was around 12:20 and we were both a little hungry, so we decided we would ride Racer, we got I think 4-4 and we had a good ride. 7.4/10, and then we both got lunch, he told me to pick a nice table by the fountains to eat lunch at, he went to the Coney Mall Subway while I went to the IS Skyline. I got myself a 3-Way. I had just picked out a table to sit at when low and behold Lucas comes walking by! Which surprised me because he was not supposed to be off work until 1:30. He says they are going to Festhaus. I decide to follow him their while texting Daniel we are heading over there. Leads to a bit of confusion where Daniel sits at the fountains for five minutes before realizing we weren't their so he then went to Festhaus but I didn't realize he was there so I just sat at a table for ten minutes waiting for him, lol. We all finally sat down at a table. had a good lunch with EjectorAir(OhioValleyCoasters), Aandjgoods, BeastForever, Ohiocolts and also with Kings Island Where Else. An Afternoon Delight. : 1:10 PM After lunch we all wanted to ride Diamondback before going on the train, (and or as Lucas called it "GPBack"). There was a line at the stairs, and we got to the top. I chose I believe it was 4-1 with Daniel (BeastForever) and 4-2 with Lucas and Alec. It was a good ride as per usual though I vastly prefer the back. 9/10. After a ride on "GPBack" and getting FunPix we all decided to ride the train! We waited about 10 minutes for the train to arrive but it came! We viewed the Mystic Timbers construction, and we stopped at the Soak City station for ten minutes. Then we went through the course again and saw the nice views of the construction, Fort Coney! and not much else. Its always good to ride the train though! We met up with the Coaster Critics, We then went to The Beast, which again I rode with Daniel in 6-2 while Lucas and Alec rode near the front, a great ride and a photo that HAD to be ruined by those delinquents in front of us that *ahem* "flipped the bird". 9.9/10. The Beast ride was great and forceful, the back is best in The Beast! The group walked down The Vortex Midway. We all decided to ride Vortex once again, even Daniel was up for it. We chose 5-1, while The CoasterCritics chose 6-1 while Lucas, Alec and OhioValleyCoasters chose car 7. We had good ride though it was still sort of rough was a bit better than our last ride. 7.5/10. Then the group all wanted to do FOF but me and Daniel for the same reason didnt really want to, we both were unsure if either of us could fit, especially me, with both my big thighs and long legs being an issue. So we decided to buy a locker and ride friehawk but then the unexpected came and a huge downpour came! Which was quite unexpected to say the least! Firehawk closed down and FOF's line got even bigger so we waited for the rain to get a little lighter and we were going to ride Adventure Express but it was closed, Banshee was closed. But, The Bat was open! And by this time it had stopped raining. We rode in 1-1, the FRONT row. IT was great.... very great! I loved it. 8.5/10.... I still have no clue as to why lately The Bat has been getting more intense for me lately, I guess I am just getting older. We then walked through The Bat plaza, talked some more, saw Banshee was back open from there and decided we should ride Banshee! I got ourselves a locker and we went to the back row. We went up the lift hill after getting in the ride with no issues *glares at the ride attendant from 8/18 who did not even try to get me in* The back has always been the most intense part of this rollercoaster, almost always! That first drop is always so overwhelming for some reason. The ride as a whole is very intense. 9.5/10. We decided to ride Banshee again! This time in the front I always love having a non-obstruction view of the ride as a whole and this was no exception, very nice and good. But I have loved the back just a bit more. 9.7/10. After a great Banshee ride, I decided I needed to charge my phone up a bit in the Festhaus so Daniel and I sat in the Festhaus for about 20 minutes, just talking about our lives and such. It was nice getting to know you more on this visit and was one of the highlights of this visit. I kicked Cancer after this with me thinking about my Grandpa, who is still fighting after two years of having Inoperable Luekemia, and I kicked it really hard! Beyond the netting actually, so I wasn't able to win a 2016 Honda Civic, but I am happy about being able to donate for a good cause.... but we did see MDMC01 for a brief moment working and it was nice! Dinner, LROTDOB, ERT Night and a Winding Road Home: 6:00 PM We decided after a good conversation that we were both hungry. He went to get Subway again while I went to IS Skyline, and I made doubly sure to get a good table at the fountain. Same meal as before with a 3-way, extra cheese and some oyster crackers, which I gave to Daniel. Daniel did not really feel like sitting in the heat so we got a table at Starbucks. We sat there for about 25 minutes, getting to know each to each other, enjoying the icebox that is Starbucks. We then left at 6:35 PM, we went over to the Sweet Spot to say hello to Theo, who was on break! We sat there for five minutes talking to him before we went to look for Alec, Lucas and crew. But first, Daniel and I decided to ride Boo Blasters on Boo Hill. Both of our guns were working which was a bit of a miracle, We got into car 6. The ride was OK, not as good as it used to be... and at one point I had 810 points while Daniel had 809 and we both laughed because we were only 1 point away. It was quite funny. I ended up getting 910 points while Daniel got 820 points. After riding Boo Blasters we decided` to go and look for Alec and crew.... a long and winding adventure straight out of a sitcom! Alec told me they were in WWC's queue... but they were not their! We waited about 10 minutes for them with Daniel following in TB's footsteps and using those water cannons, which he enjoyed. We did not see them there so we instead went and checked Vortex, did not see them their and then we heard they were by BLSC so we went over there but then they went over to Vortex without us seeing them and then we realized oh they must be by Vortex! What a whirlwind! We sat at Vortex's exit to stay in the same place and FINALLY after 5 minutes they came by. We went down the Coney Mall midway and we all decided to take a spin on the newly reopened Zephyr. We all decided to get the red chairs, but I got a seat with horrible clippers so I had to have a ride op help me get out and in both times, which was very awkward to say the least. But it was nice to be riding this ride again after a long while. 8/10. We then and FINALLY rode Firehawk and me and Daniel got a treat, Row 1 of Firehawk! The lift hill has always been entirely too loud for me but the ride was enjoyable, intense and was more smooth and the rides brakes did not make me dizzy at all. 9.8/10. After the FANTASTIC Firehawk ride, we decided to part ways with Lucas and Alec, who were going to Graeters and went to ride Diamondback one last time, Shake Rattle and Roll had just been lighted up, WindSeeker too, the sun was setting.... walking down the pathway, I used the bathroom by BLSC and then we went over to Diamondback's queue line. the line was a bit long by the soda machines but it was alright. I saw via text that my brother had left Kings Island and they were not going to pick me up from KI. So I asked Daniel if he would be able to take me home after ERT Night because he lives not too far away from my house, to which he said he would. Which I am still very thankful for! We got a ride in the back seat of Diamondback front row, and it was a great ride to see the sunset starting in the distance, the ride going as fast as it can be. We got off the ride at 7:45 PM. I bought myself an on-ride photo print of the ride, as I have always done at least once a season, so I could remember this visit everytime I look at my "Coaster Wall" in my bedroom. We then went to ride the last ride of the night of The Beast. We waited until the queue line closed up and then we got into the short line. The next train out was the last so me and Daniel got 3-2 while Lucas and Alec went to the back with OVC. We got the car to ourselves strangely enough but it was a great ride nonetheless. 11/10. After LROTNOB, We went over to Racer flashed our pass and started the hour and forty minutes of ERT Night, we rode Red and Blue Racer everywhere, front, back, middle, it was great despite having to go all the way around to ride again, Daniel and I nearly got a zen ride at one point.... one ride for both of us was extremely painful with him getting stapled THREE CLICKS while I got stapled once more which made the rest of the ride excruciatingly painful and one of the worst rides on a rollercoaster I have had, this was after riding Racer 8 times so we decided to go back to the Grand carousel. We both sat in the two rowed plush leather seats and tried to relax a little bit. Daniel did not want to do Scrambler and Monster to which I agreed to. We went back and rode Blue Racer once in the back and rode Red Racer in the front once more.... and that was it. He used the bathroom, while I was waiting for him I just took a look around..... the place seemed so calm, so serene at night... Banshee sitting there not operating with Wide Awake by Katy Perry playing in the background.... it was quite peaceful. Daniel finally got out, we walked back to his car, I said goodbye to Kings Island with this being the last visit before the two part trip on Tuesday and Thursday last week.... After a long walk to the car and we left at 10:00 PM. The ride home was quite nice, we listened to radio, talked about what we thought of the world, some of what we have gone through... heck I was so deep in conversation I forgot to tell him to take I-275, so we just took Ronald Reagan Highway instead, we finally got off the highway, went through the winding roads of West Side Cincinnati and arrived at my house at about 10:45 PM. I said thanks for the ride, and went into my house. (And PS: Sorry about my driveway, EVERYONE has trouble getting out of it lol ) I had a fantastic day.... one great day that will stick with me for a while for many reasons. Thank you Daniel (BeastForever), Alec (Aandjgoods) and Lucas (Ohiocolts) for a great day.... and especially you BeastForever, it was great spending almost the whole day riding rides, getting to know each other, and the ride home was great! Thank you all! In my top 5 Amusement Park visits probably, and one of those visits I will remember for a long time. Racer 1-2 Adventure Express 1-1 Scrambler Backlot Stunt Coaster 3-1 Meetup with BeastForever Diamondback 8-1 The Beast 6-2 Vortex 5-1 TRAIN 3 WindSeeker 21 and 22 Racer Lunch! Aandjgoods and ohiocolts meet up with them. Diamondback 4-1 Train' The Beast 6-2 Vortex 5-1 Train 2 Attempt to ride Firehawk. RAIN. The Bat 1-1 Banshee 8-4 Banshee 1-1 Dinner at Starbucks Theo Boo Blasters Back to finding each other Firehawk 1-1 Diamondback 8-2 The Beast 3-2 Racer marathon 10 times Grand Carousel Leave at 10 pm END OF TR -stashua123 Appreciate any comments, criticism, thoughts about this Trip Report!
  8. What a sad and tragic ending for a historical amusement park...... Even if I was not old enough to really remember the events, I will ALWAYS hold Dick Kinzel and the Old Cedar Fair accountable for essentially killing off this park, Six Flags is not out of blame here as they built the park entirely too quickly for them and employees to handle, however Cedar Fair put the final nail in the coffin when this park could have just been downsized. What a shame to see so much history and at one point the worlds largest amusement park is now reduced to an abandoned razed and overgrown mess.... with an abandoned rollercoaster sitting there, never to operate again.... its tragic.
  9. Makes a lot of sense! Considering all of the issues it has had lately.
  10. I usually put a general synopsis of my day in the KI Discussion Thread with the added order of events. (wouldn't consider above a trip report) Trip reports take MUCH more thought and writing. My Holiday World and Splashin' Safari trip report took about 10 hours in total to write.My 4/29, Opening Day ones took about 8 hours, this year when I do a trip report, I actually make it as long and as great as I can and dont normally rush it. Announcement day only took 5 hours and is the only one I would consider just a little incomplete. My next trip report will probably be the absolutely fantastic day I had on August 11th, so look out for that in the future!
  11. Was one great visit yesterday. Probably my most non traditional visit yet. I didn't rush around the park. I just took my time. Met some VERY interesting people along the way. KI 8/18/2016 Arrive at 10:30 Announcement! WailsLikeABanshee gives me a Mystic Timbers shirt! ( which ATM I have sadly misplaced. .. ) WailsLikeABanshee leaves Jarrett (don't know his username) is with us. Violakat03 and DareToFly come by and an hour and a half conversation starts about everything rollercoasters. Goble leaves. Walk to their car. Enter park again. Meet a nice KI employee named Al! Diamondback 7-2 The Beast 6-1 Violakat03 and DareToFly leave. Head over to Soak City! Brother rides Tropical Plunge body slide while Goble meets up with us. Pay for a locker and we leave to ki. Go to gobles car and go back to ki Delirium Seat 27 Banshee 5-4 (after a sorta kinda walk of shame in 7-1 though that was due to the ride attendants pure laziness and not myself(he didn't try to get me in really) ). The Bat 1-1 Festhaus dinner for an hour. Adventure Express 4-2 Scrambler. The Beast 6-3 ( Gobles first ride of the season!) Diamondback 8-1 in the POURING rain. Diamondback 1-2 in the moderate downpour. Say goodbye to Goble. Leave park at 8:02 pm
  12. Last time, it's believed that increased air conditioning use caused a voltage drop which then tripped a circuit breaker.I'm actually quite surprised with all this heat that it seems only the Monument has had some problems(and or indirect effect since the heat causes the AC use to be high).... Maybe if there wasn't a height restriction in the district we would be seeing more issues since there are really no other tall buildings in DC?
  13. Maybe the heat had a factor into the cable breaking like last time? 2nd time in I believe 30 days?
  14. I will be their, if anyone wants to meet up, PM me!
  15. I had great day at Kings Island yesterday. I saw this a lot but it truly was one of my best. Diamondback 8-1 Banshee 8-1 Meet up with Aandjgoods and ejector airtime Group photo Banshee Backstage tour BLSC Diamondback Lunch Aandjgoods leaves Meet up with gforce1994 AE Meet up with reon! Racer 4-2 Arcade Zephyr Firehawk 5-1 Vortex 7-1 Bye Gforce1994 Diamondback 8-2 Goodbye Reon! Meet up with Gforce1994, Coasterbob62, Aandjgoods and others. Beast tour Diamondback tour Meet up with the Coaster Critics including OVC and Aandjgoods Vortex 6-2 in the POURING RAIN BLSC Diamondback 7-1 Racer 4-2 Monster with OVC Dinner Aandjgoods and OVC leave Hey theo! Delirium with 7 ppl! Banshee 8-1 Meetup with Aandjgoods and ohiocolts! The Bat 3-1 Banshee 6-4 Racer 4-2 Vortex 7-1 The Beast 1-1, 6-2,(both with magenta lizard) 1-2(with KI employee!), 1-1 (with some very nice old lady!) Have a 20 minute conversation with Electricsun, IndyGuy4KI Mom of Beastie1980 and Beastie 1980. Goodnight! Leave at 9:15 Funpix! And three group photos we took. (Thanks Don for taking not just one but two group photos of us! )
  16. Is KI's announcement this Thursday or is it later on? Keep on hearing conflicting reports.
  17. It was great riding my last few rides with you Magenta Lizard, I had a blast!
  18. Got some great photos of Banshee during the backstage tour.
  19. I still have not gotten my GOCC Membership Card though I signed up almost 11 days ago, looks like I probably will not be able to get in.
  20. I didnt know the announcement was on Thursday! Aww....
  21. Finally got this group photo unframed. Looks great!
  22. You could try to save it by editing that bozo out of the picture. Maybe put someone else in his place? Wish I had those capabilities but I dont have photoshop anymore... free trial is done. :/ Maybe we could get TB on that!
  23. And congrats to our very own Ohiocolts on winning a Mystic Timbers truck!
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