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    Once an Employee of Paramount Parks in 2005 I am totally Blessed to say that I am back and was employed for the 2015 HAUNT Season in Blackout. I continue to love Kings Island as one of the Greatest Places on Earth. I am now a New Dad of a 21 month old son going through a tough Divorce all the while going to school Full Time. I graduated last December from Sinclair Community College in Real Estate and I'm still working on taking my State Board Exam for Real Estate. In the Winter Semester, I studied American Sign Language Interpretation and I'm now enrolled Full Time in Music Education & Performance with a Major in Trumpet and Minor in Piano. I love LIVE shows beyond television any day of the week and hope to someday perform at Kings Island as my day job (see update above...I finally made it to the Big Top but would still love to become a Full Timer.) I played with a Pops Orchestra near Philly in 1994 and traveled and performed with a Big Band Group in 1992 playing Trumpet for a Million Viewers on Live PBS Television in August of that year. Performing...it's in my Blood. But most of all...I LOVE KICentral and being a Member and getting to know fellow Members through Give Kids The World & Coasting for Kids. My Alter Ego is to become a Storm Trooper and visit hospitals with hurting children and give back to the Cincinnati Shriner's Children's Hospital as they have given so much to help my son when he was born.

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  1. I believe this was taken in the Summer of 2012. I was practicing photography using a "Tilt-Shift" technique with my camera. I took photos from all angles on the Eiffel Tower that day with a lot of happy results. This is my Vortex Photo I'm submitting. RIP Vortex.
  2. Hello Everyone. I haven't been on since I was able to 98% figure out Mystic Timbers layout a few years back and I can't wait to spend hours playing with this new "Mystery Coaster" plans. I truly believe that CF will allow us to have the title of the largest Coaster in Ohio. It seems playful to banter back and forth with CP and since KI has been doing extremely well over the past several years, I'm starting to feel that there is more to the expansion than what we are led to believe. I say in 10 years, KI will continue working on the "Family Feel" for riders of the household that Diamondback is too much and The Racers isn't enough with more Flat Rides to come. Kids park is fine. With the return of Antique Cars, maybe my "Resurrection Park" will be built by bringing back King Cobra, Screamin' Demon and such. With NEW Coaters Like MT and Diamondback every 3 to 4 years, I think we're on a great course for the future for an All Around Great Amusement Park and eventually voted Ohio's Best! I've met "the girl" last year and will be proposing this weekend at the Columbus Zoo. She's a Teacher, Home School Teacher and Nurse in Michigan. I'll be transplanting up there this Summer and I'm working on obtaining my Real Estate License in Michigan. I'll be alright. I will be enjoying and watching all the comments from afar. It's okay...but I will miss you all.
  3. Like I've been saying all along since I've joined KIC...Kings Island needs to build a "Resurrection Park". Bring back Antique Cars, King Cobra, Witches Wheel, Sky Riders and a Dark Ride from the past. I always thought they needed to expand the park from Coney Mall and build something for nostalgic sake. I would even be happy with a Camp Ground or SOB reboot too. Just my thought before 2 pm announcement. I also thought that one day, they could build an action theatre near Coney Mall to produce LIVE shows at night and have fireworks incorporated into it. They could also update Timber Wolf and bring back a concert series again. If they were to expand back from Coney Mall...this could give Winterfest and Haunt more possibilities. I'm done...Goodnight.
  4. I'll tell you exactly what's in the shed!!! #WhatsInTheShed https://youtu.be/dYg-LtUxhcE?t=1m18s
  5. My son Eli is 23 months old and is baaaarely less an inch away from 36 in which he can graduate to the next level of rides other than Train Junction and moon buggies. But hey, he still gets in for free and who's complaining. Right? It's funny other parents ask if he's 3. Haha. Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
  6. #Whatsintheshed Well, if you are able to look at the POV and the photo side by side, you can follow along as this fits nicely. When it comes to the shed...there isn't much room left on the track so it's gonna have to be something either an inversion roll over back to the station or something Spooky. It's the part that will cross over the train tracks I painted in red and with the bright arrows. I tried to quickly diagram it with the tiny blue arrows in the direction of the track. Props to GavPenn for making this interesting and fun run at decoding #MysticTimbers Whatsintheshed by KingsIsland1972, on Flickr
  7. My prediction is a Giga Coaster next to Banshee using the old SOB Train Station. #TeamReuse #TeamRecycle #TeamGiga2020 HeeHee!
  8. You know...they could be replacing WWC with more of a family type water ride like River Battle from Dollywood. I mean, what's the chances...right? If Don said nobody here is right, then lets think outside the box. Loggers had to use the rivers to send the fallen timber down to collect, so why not this? Except it's not crazy scary or lurking in the woods unless it's us fighting back at them with water canons. River Battle Dollywood by KingsIsland1972, on Flickr
  9. My ex wife is there with her "NEW BOYFRIEND" and texted me to bring our 23 month old son because the park is dead and no lines. I said well.........I think I'll pass. I don't need to hang out with Mr Harley Man. Besides, I'll be there tonight.
  10. Soooo, does that mean if nobody in KIC has it right, that RMC, GCI, Antique Cars, Sleepy Hollow speculation is wrong? Then what could it possibly be? A Dive Coaster? I bet you it is.......see you all tonight.
  11. Is it possible with them maybe using the back of the Tomb Raider building to announce the Project by projecting on the back of the building that they might announce that they will also be adding a movie theater or motion theater? Just thinking out loud.
  12. I'm sorry, I prefer to purchase one at full retail for $5 plus tax. Thank you very much. Ha! (I bought a KI umbrella and I love using it everywhere) I don't want the print out of my layout getting wet to show off! Heehee. Maybe Don will sign it!!??!! Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
  13. Google Maps (the service accessed through a web browser) always shows a copyright date of the current year. To get the date on which the satellite photos were actually taken, you need Google Earth (the program you download and install to your hard drive). In this case, Google Earth shows an imagery date of October 9, 2015. Thank you for your help. My son had a dental appointment and now reading this via my phone makes me sad. Thought I had a winner. Back to the drawing board when I get home. Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
  14. Ok. Doing some PI work on the KIProject2017. Looking at Bing/Google Maps/VPike ect...I was looking for recent Satellite or Street Views by looking at the recent schedules of updated maps in areas that Steel is being produced. We shop locally sometimes right? Well, Clermont Steel Fabrication is in Batavia, Ohio. There looks to appear of RAW finished steel waiting to be painted/powder coated ect in the yard. Then exiting out the back looks like a finished product and then the staging area by the side of the road. The Google Map states it is an updated 2016 existing map. Maybe it's a clue...Maybe it's not. I don't have anymore time to research on this. I'll give it to you. Batavia Steel Fabrication 2565 Old State Rte 32 Batavia, Ohio 45103 I have had so much fun with this decoding. I hope to see you all there Thursday. If I'm right with the layout, I'll be the one holding a printed copy of my photo. (Haahaa...saying, Told you so. Told you so and jumping up and down. heehee. ) KIPROJECT2017STEEL by KingsIsland1972, on Flickr
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