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  1. TheCrypt, banging with the smarty pants on! Ohhhhhhh snappppppp.
  2. Search turned up stuffs from 05' XD
  3. & that is why each time I go to Kings Island, I just go out of the park, and ride down the road to Mcdonalds, eat and drive back, even if it just a snack time. It's better than waiting 15 minutes for a drink when Mcdonalds can have it in 3 minutes.
  4. Off Topic: & sorry for the double posting, but I didn't feel the need to start a new thread for this, but does anyone know where they took the costumes for the nick characters and their little rooms in the front of the park, does anyone know what happened to those things?
  5. Thank you, now that I think about it, that is where FoF is located.
  6. This should help Look at your keyboard, hit "Print Screen", then go into a program like Paint and hit CTRL and V. You're welcome. what is the pad to the northeast at 0:55?
  7. Wiki still says SBNO and it has been that way for a while...
  8. I would only ride it for that occasion, now if only the dream really happened. :/
  9. You put "Chang @ Cedar Point" Change does it exist just not as Chang, and it's not at Cedar Point..I believe you mean Mantis. Anyway, I chose a wing rider.
  10. Since SoB will be taken out soon, now we can guess what'll be put in its place, if you don't like the topic don't post in it, no need to flame, it's just a game of guessing! I hope we get some kind of looping coaster.
  11. Off topic: but your picture isn't showing, can you please fix it? I enjoyed your fire picture. Nahhhhh i like me broken image. There. Happy? heeheehee Yes, I like how it's Son of Beast, and this is all goin' down. xD
  12. Off topic: but your picture isn't showing, can you please fix it? I enjoyed your fire picture.
  13. I don't know whether or not to be excited or sad, I'm choosing to be sadited. I'm sad I never got to experience of the Son of Beast, and also excited for something else to be put in...I just hope it's not something small and kiddie-like.
  14. Good luck with that. Yeah, I kind of figure everything "Crypt" about it will be taken out, including Durga, and the queue, and the lava pit.
  15. Why would you want WiFi while at KI? Go ride the coasters, flats, etc. Rather than ride Facebook.. (Yes, I realize I'm extremely late.)
  16. I'm 0.00% to level one as I 1.) I have no season pass. & 2.) No FunPerks.
  17. I don't call Drop Tower by it's new name because it sounds utterly bland. I call Outer Limits its new name, because OT is too complicated really. As far as I know I call everything else by their new names, other than those that never changed. (i.e Vortex, Beast, SoB)
  18. When I was at the park in June, exactly a month ago today, the ride shut down as we were put on, it spun, but would just barely swing...then after they got it back up & running they asked us if we wanted an additional two rides without waiting in line & the ride did feel extremely jerky...
  19. How are not able to ride because of the Fast Pass program? Bennett...Cramhole? Brilliant retort, I see your point perfectly! Is that even a question I'm able to answer, say you're waiting for DB at night, and all these people with Fast Lane rush in, and your'e right at the spot where the people stand with their measuring sticks, & they say, sorry we're closed. What I was getting at was people who travel from long distances and can only spend one day at the park get skipped by people just because they can give out more money, comprende?
  20. Welcome to the land of sarcasm, if the sarcasm doesn't kill us all, I don't know what will! I was gonna post that picture, but then I backed out of it.
  21. Welcome to the land of sarcasm, if the sarcasm doesn't kill us all, I don't know what will!
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