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  1. I'm not saying its true I am just saying I heard about her from there.
  2. Yeah I first heard about her on Ghost hunters.
  3. i really hope Kings Island puts in a giga in next 2-3years
  4. Would anybody's opinions change if Kings Island got a 300 foot tall Giga!?
  5. Part of the Action Zone future makeover is the demolition of SoB
  6. I hope in the future they will build a 300 foot roller coaster similar to millennium force with a elevator type lift. I know if they do spmthing like this it will be for 2014 or later but that would be really neat.
  7. On Kings Island Facebook page about 50 mins ago they annouced thy would start tearing down Son of Beast later this summer and make way for a park expansion.
  8. Oh yeah, thanks for straightening this out for me terpy!
  9. this sounds pretty true except 2015!? Kings Island wont wait that long They've waited this long... If you put a timeline out, say they announce the SOB is being dismantled this fall. Will take until 2013 to complete that. Would be 2014 at the absolute earliest to have a new ride open. Doing a major refurb would be 2014 as well, as just redoing the track isn't going to completely change the "ride experience". Would have to be some major structural changes made as well. true.. Could Kings Island make a new part of the park like add a new area possibly or will they build the new coaster in the Action Zone area?
  10. this sounds pretty true except 2015!? Kings Island wont wait that long
  11. even though this is unlikely that would be amazing!!
  12. Couldn't Cedar Point let it slide since Canada's wonder world is Cedar Fair as well?
  13. ya that doesn't looking to thrilling a nice family ride though. That's almost a little version of maverick without inversions or a first crazy hill!
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