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  1. Erm yes. There's Blackpool and Drayton Manor and Legoland, I was just trying to have a banter see if anyone's been and or had desires for any!
  2. Hi again! I don't post here much as moved away from Cincy to London U.K. and don't get to KI but once every few years. But i thought this would be fun to get KI peeps input. I've had a personal success and to celebrate, am planning a girls' weekend (no kids!) away to ride coasters and honestly probably have a few drinks and giggles at night. Shockingly, I've only ever been to Chessington World of Adventures- probably because my children are 7 and 8 so were still a bit young for bigger parks until recently. Just for fun, I'd love to hear what you guys who've visited think or just want to visit think. So, anywhere in the UK (though would like to stay south), if you could have a weekend in a park, which would you choose? Easiest is Thorpe Park, but sell me on another! (I've also got a bug in the husband's ear about doing a family trip to Europa Park next spring! eeee!)
  3. Old and Awesome?! that's the look I'm going for nowadays! ha I seem to remember more and more little bits, thank you so much. I thought there was a bit where they had put someone in a large cauldron and the figures were stiring the pot with a stick were wearing loin cloths. What I wouldn't give to just go through once now to see what it was really like. I also seem to remember that one of the doorframes snapped as you went under it? and yes it was super strobed. That's where my hatred of strobe lighting started!
  4. You're awesome. OK, was there a giant rat, and the flouro painted wonky hallway in the ride through one? I don't recall the walk through at all, maybe I was too little to go in it?
  5. cool, but I can't seem to find the laff in the dark that was at Americana. But still super cool to read through. Was that image of the spider eating the skeleton's head in the Americana one? That image seems familiar?
  6. Thanks! I'm on pins and needles! ha I've been lurking around KIC for years, but I moved away from Cincinnati a long time ago so only pop on if I'm going to be visiting the park or have a pang of nostalgia!
  7. I apologize in advance if this is inappropriate or in the wrong place, but it's been absolutely killing my little brain for years. I was born in 1978 and we had KI passes and went weekly until I was in my late teens. I probably went to Americana about 5 times in the 80's/early 90's because we were at KI so often. However, I have this really intense memory of a dark ride at Americana. I have googled and googled and can't find any mention of it. I remember there being black beetle like cars, (not unlike Phantom Theatre) and when the ride started there was a bat patterned wallpaper. Is this real? Does anyone have any images of this ride on the internet anywhere? I would place this memory about 1983? Thank you! xxx
  8. nothing like the smell of wet velcro either. That's surely a health hazard?
  9. It's a terribly dangerous ride. When it first opened, I rode it and the line was 2 1/2 hours. By the time I got off, drenched it was dark and chilly and the walk back to the car I ended up with pneumonia. Most dangerous ride in the park! hehehe!
  10. The still stink no matter where they came from! Took all the fun out of the woodies when your bum doesn't get any air. Sorry, don't mean to snark. It's not your fault obviously. I didn't even realize the PTC was still around and what would warrant them going back to redesign the safety? Did something ACTUALLY happen?
  11. We won't even talk about the asinine restraints they put on or the huge headrests or how Paramount destroyed nearly everything.... The good news is my wee 6 year old is 47" as of this month, so by August we're looking at our first rides. Paint it for him <3
  12. It was my first time at the park for years last summer and the state of The Racer nearly made me cry. I know it's just paint, but it was embarrassing. I wanted to show off to my British husband how cool The Racer was and the hisotry and it just looked completely uncared for. Especially with all the pretty shiny new rides, tell me they will at least paint the thing??
  13. Yes to the holding the head back. I was told from the day the ride opened to do that and only once did I dare not to and ended up getting stabbed my earrings and a blinding headache. Kept my head back after that!
  14. Doesn't Timberwolf get rained out quite a bit? I went there once. I was about 8 to see Air Supply with my Mom (holy *&^£, I'm old). It got rained out.
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