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  1. It takes me 3 hours and 5 minutes from Parkersburg WV.
  2. Omg people chill out. It's back up and running. Why so hateful
  3. Invertigo is down today. Question, has anyone ridden the one in Idaho?
  4. Its been raised at Cedar Point as well. It is either doing so well that they believe raising wont affect the purchases or they are in need of more money.
  5. I have to agree with that statement Alex bro~ I cant stant the feel of my kidney area after a ride on Mean Streak
  6. My dad has been stuck on The Beast and Vortex but I have never
  7. Delirium obviously hasnt been in operation since before we were there at the end of June. It was down the 2 days we were there. They tested it once. It swung twice and then it made a loud noise and the breaks brought it back.
  8. My First Roller Coaster was the Big Dipper at Camden Park. I literally grew up right across the street from the park.
  9. Well in my opinion, the crowds wont be any different than a normal midweek because of the temps but Soak City will certainly be packed. I was going to come this week but may wait till next week.
  10. Post whatever you like and don't Let people get to you. You have as much a right here as anyone else.
  11. We have ridden The Vortex 5 times today and I asked the last time to go to front and was told very rudely no we need you to fill the lanes in the back. I told him no and left. I am no longer riding Vortex
  12. Wait time at 1pm with all cue lines open except for platform front took about 15 minutes
  13. I know this topic is always out there and I have no problem with the program at all. What I have a problem with is what I am seeing right now on Vortex. They are only allowing the Non Fast Lane people go on the last 4 cars. The front 3 are fast pass only. Anyone but me think this is a bit harsh?
  14. Wow Coastergeek had a nerve that was hit with these statements! I am not going there with what i think about SoB. Just cant figure out why a multi million dollar structure is sitting there.
  15. With the X-Flight having rave reviews in Chicago, seems only fitting that Ouimet would get the "coaster" wars going again. I know I am going to hear it for that term but honestly, Cedar Point loves to have its name in lights and the flagship park for Cedar Fair better have something new to hang its hat on other than Mille. Mille will one day lose its luster for certain fans
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