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  1. Honestly, I could care less about theme on rides like Diamondback. The last thing Im thinking about before I get on DB is how well themed the ride is going to be. Im thinking about how awesome the airtime is going to be and how smooth the ride is. Also, Paramount TRIED to theme rides. I don't think they succeeded in that area at all. I don't get the point of theming something if you cant give it the proper upkeep. Id rather have little theme to a ride, than have mediocre theming.
  2. I just found the problem. I registered for Fun Perks BEFORE I got my season pass processed. I used the number on the paper you print off the internet and take to the park. I thought that number would automatically register with my pass, but apparently not. So all I had to do was make another account using the number on the back of the actual season pass. Thanks for all the help anyway!
  3. I have been to the park two times this season so far ( I go once a month, excluding April) and my fun perks account has not registered either of these visits. Also, it has not given me a single reward for the money I've spent in the park, besides the free drinks for signing up. I'm not sure if this is just my account or if others are struggling with this particular problem. I scan my pass at the entrance (obviously) and hand it to the workers when purchasing food or merchandise. I cant seem to figure out what is wrong. I would appreciate any helpful advice. Thank you!
  4. Well, Im really excited about my trip Sunday, but there is one problem that has come up. There weather forecast isnt looking all that great and I was wondering what I should expect. Ive never been to the park on a day with REALLY bad weather. I was wondering how long rides are typically shut down during inclement weather and how much of an impact this will have on crowds. Basically, should I let this dictate if I go or not? I would highly appreciate your help.
  5. Yeah, I heard in another forum that Sunday was a mess. I heard, however, that it was due to Drop Tower, Delirium, and Windeeker being closed. Some were speculating that this was due to a REALLY bad storm on Friday that could have possibly caused some minor damage with a lightning strike to the three previously mentioned rides. There were numerous claims of a lightning strike near DT and a loud thunder clap following the strike.The closing of the three rides could have possibly caused the long lines and such. Did anyone else witness these three rides closed on Sunday?
  6. I know its next Sunday. I was refering to the day in question (the 13th) when I stated "Given the fact ITS Mothers Day." The ITS refers to Mothers Day, which is indeed NEXT Sunday. Sorry for the confusion.
  7. Wow, Great to here all the positive things going on at the park. I can't wait for my visit this season to see the changes myself! Looks like Cedar Fair picked the right guy for the job.
  8. Thanks so much to everyone for the advice. I see I sparked a little debate here. I think I will go to the park now, given the fact that it is Mothers Day and many people may stay away. My fingers are crossed for light crowds!
  9. Hello, I am new to KI Central and very excited about posting and seeing what people have to say. Anyway, I'd like to make a trip to the park this month and need some crowd advice. I've never been to the park on a sunday in may and I have no idea what the crowds are like then. I am thinking about going next sunday, the 13th. I checked online and saw it was bring a friend day for gold season pass holders. Does this inflate the crowds any? I really appreciate your help!
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