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  1. $600? I WISH I only spent $600 on passes. Last year it was well over $2K!S Skipped his year as the kids were getting burnt out but yeah, $600 will almost get you a day at Disney for 4. And that $2K doesn't include the easy $100 plus my wife spends per visit on other "stuff". Last season, between visiting 5 CF parks, I added up over $7K for the 7 of us Which is what I just spent spending 5 days for 4 at Disney. Paid Disney almost $60 an hour to enjoy their properties. Kinda makes you feel underpaid...
  2. They come prebreaded. I doubt you could see that through the breading and that's if anyone was actually checking every individual piece. While KI is not really at fault for this (go to Wall Mart, buy a DVD player and it breaks. Not Walmarts fault) it should have been replaced or refunded with no questions asked. This is another reason why Disney has the upper hand. Yes, it's ungodly expensive but just got back and while we were there, my daughter dropped her Mickey ice cream bar from it being so hot. Disney's fault? Nope but they gave her a new one. No questions asked. Similar the day before with an ice cream cone. Daughter dropped it while trying to eat it. Went to buy another and was given a replacement. Bought a $15 bubble wand. Kids played with them nonstop for a week. Last day, it stopped working unless you twisted it. Asked a vendor if they had seen it happen before and next thing I know, we have a new one. No questions asked. These parks make a killing off of food and merch and often you spend more than the price of admission. It's just good custom service even though some will abuse it.
  3. My wife did the opposite. Bought a XL when I needed a large. Had no issues swapping with the receipt.
  4. Harmony Hall is great except for when you have 5 young kids and one wants pizza, the other a turkey leg and another chicken fingers and.... On crowded days, it was a challenge.
  5. This length is max 100 yds/300 feet. After that the signal degrades too much and requires power or an amplifier to make it work. So the length of one football field from one end of the cable, to the other.*TECHNICALLY* it's a max distance if 290' as the last 30' is reserved for patch cables at each end. And it's 100 meters which is 328 feet. But weve already had this discussion in this thread multiple times!If KI really wanted to make it work, as long as there is a phone line in the train shed, you can get Ethernet extenders that will run over twisted pair. Could also go with a point to point wireless system or many other long range options.
  6. Welcome to Carowinds! Probably my biggest shock if Carowinds was seeing they had water fountains in the ques.
  7. I rode it the year it opened. Don't remember anything about it other than it beat the crap out of us and wasn't worth the pain. And that was back when I was young and could take the beatings.
  8. Has anyone actually witnessed that stand open? I haven't seen it open in years.
  9. Not all cameras can zoom just like not all of them can pan or tilt. CP cameras are PTZs. I have never seen the framing change on the DB cam so to me, that says it's a fixed.
  10. I think this is highly unlikely. Running Ethernet all the way up there and then across a construction site to a network connection, is asking for it. Construction will destroy the cable all the time. And it would have to be fiber as copper will only take you to 100M. I don't thinkany people even think about the distance limitations on things like this.
  11. TREES! That's what I love about KDs Planet Snoopy. It's almost all under tree canopy.
  12. Gas prices also have a bearing. With gas around $2 or less, people are traveling more as where in the past with it being twice as much, less traveling was done. It's this way everywhere. Add that to the renewal incentive and you now have busy fall Sundays.
  13. It's been increasing since three or so years ago. I recall Sundays being walk on city and the last few years, it hasn't let up much. Same at CP. Ever since gas prices have dropped, the crowds have been increasing. Good for the parks but not so for fall marathoning!
  14. "Speed voucher" for our Cheesesteaks at Chickies and Pete's at CP was $8.60. I recall most food we had at Cw was $10. I started keeping a log at the beginning of the season but lost it when my phone crapped out. Would be interesting to see what some people's totals are.
  15. Some of your photos make it look like the coasters are models. That's sweet!
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