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  1. Forward was my first ride. Backward was my second. Probably the same year.
  2. Anyone else remember the “Tastes Great, Less Filling” chants on the ride?
  3. When I go to the park with the kids I scrounge the house for quarters and put them in a ziplock sandwich bag and spend them all at the cannons. Those days are over. Tokens only now. One token per shot. The token machine does not accept quarters. It accepts bills and credit cards. 2 tokens for a dollar or 12 tokens for a $5.00 swipe of the credit card. I had two singles with me, so we ended up not spending as much time or money there. On the positive side, the tokens are the same as the ones the park used a while back in the video arcades (with the Kings Island logo on them) so if you have some, you can use them here.
  4. Today while going into the park my daughter noticed that the name on her pass had changed to Bruce Wayne. Her pass on my phone had not changed. And after she entered the park it remained that way for a while. We asked the ticket scanner kid if he knew anything about any upcoming promotions and showed him, but he just laughed and said the app must have some kind of glitch. Anyone have any ideas how this happened ? Here is the pic:
  5. Bump this thread for more reviews.
  6. So I think the station used to be sponsored by Pampers. It looks like it has changed to Mercy Health. Anybody know what kind of business arrangement is involved here? I don’t imagine there are any Mercy Health employees. Maybe medical supplies donated ? Mercy Health Referrals? Pamphlets? Maybe they just pay for sign? Just curious. I suppose Pampers used to just pay for the sign.
  7. While waiting for my frozen lemonade at Graeter’s I noticed that the volume of a serving size of ice cream varies greatly depending upon the delivery method. A single scoop on a sugar cone is about one quarter of a cup of ice cream. A single scoop on a waffle cone is about one half of a cup of ice cream. A single scoop in a cup is about three quarters of a cup of ice cream. of course there is gonng to be variation depending on such factors as server, time of day, ice cream temp, etc...
  8. I saw TWO people loose their phones out of their pockets on Firehawk yesterday.
  9. That would be awfully hard to change back and forth each weekend. Remember that the park needs to be kid-friendly in the afternoons on Saturday and Sunday. A pool full of simulated blood and severed body parts is definitely PG-13. That's true. But after looking into it, If they did an LED lighting upgrade, making the fountain water red would be as simple as pushing a button. The lighting technology they currently have is probably older than me. With an LED system, they could change the colors easily. Maybe make a show out of it during the fireworks, or color changing water effects choreographed to music. I think it would be a good upgrade. The body parts could be fished out with pool skimmers, or pulled in from tethers.
  10. Make the fountain water red. Maybe throw some fake body parts in.
  11. I think the live streams are a great addition to the website.
  12. The Beast. You can make out the outlines of trees passing by. It seems louder, even though I know it is not. You anticipate when the turns are coming, but you can't time them perfectly. The most interesting part for me is that there is a very small section of the brain thinking to itself, " Is this the way it is supposed to be handling? Has something gone wrong, perhaps?". WindSeeker has colorful lights and a good view of the park.
  13. i believe I purchased a souvenir cup with my Gold Pass renewal online. How do I redeem that purchase?
  14. I went today with the 9 YO and 11 YO. We arrived there around 6 after stopping at Jimmy Johns for dinner (They will deliver to the KI drop-off location near the sign, BTW, if you want to do a parking lot sandwich picnic. They need 24 hour notice for large orders and party trays, though, FYI.) Because of the morning rain and expected evening showers, the place was not crowded. First we went straight to The Beast, which was a 15 minute wait. It is fun sitting behind the kids and watching them bounce around. Next up was Vortex, where we walked right on. We started to get in line for WindSeeker, but they closed it as we were entering the line due to incoming weather conditions. We looked behind us, and the skies were dark. We backed out of line and thanks to the shoes the 9 YO was wearing (normal Nike athletic shoes), she was able to ride Flight of Fear for the first time. It turns out the 11 YO never rode it before either. They loved watching the story on the TVs during the 20 minute wait. They loved the ride also. The last time I rode it was about 5 years ago. When we exited, everything was dripping wet and people are wearing ponchos. We apparently missed a rain storm while inside, and walked out to sunny skies, and even fewer people in the park. The coaster gods were watching out for us. The 9 YO wanted to ride Zephyr, but the 11 YO thought it would be a good time for Diamondback. I let the 11 YO head to Diamondback while I rode Zephyr with the 9 YO. It tuns out that everybody's plan was to go to Diamandback as soon as the rain let up, because the 11 YO said the line was larger than when we arrived so she returned without riding it. I also think that the line was large because they were doing dry runs after the storm. Next we walked over to Banshee, which was a 10 minute wait. The Nike shoes came in handy again on Invertigo, which was a walk-on, but we chose to wait 2 trains for the rear car. We ended the day on The Bat, which was also a walk-on, but we waited for 2 trains to be in the front car, and ended up with great views of the fog in valleys adjacent to the park. It was now 9 o'clock, and time to go home. We rode 6 coasters and a family ride in 3 hours. It was a pretty good time at Kings Island today.
  15. I went to Jimmy Johns before my visit today. They said they WILL deliver to the pick-up, drop-off point. They said that for large orders(and party trays), they need 24 hours advanced notice. Happy picknicking everybody!
  16. Is there KICentral.COM gear for sale? That would make spotting others easy. A hat here, a shirt there.....
  17. I don't see why they would not deliver there. For a large group, the party platters or 6 foot subs might carry a smaller delivery charge.
  18. If you have not gone yet, I suggest making a run to Jimmy Johns or Chipotle just up the road.. Call in the order first, then pick it up and have a Kings Island Tailgate.
  19. I went to one food truck festival in Loveland. The trucks were overwhelmed by the volume of customers. The lines for the popular trucks were around an hour long, and some trucks ran out of ingredients to make their dishes. The Pizza Hut in the parking lot took advantage of the surplus of hungry money spenders by having a special for medium pepperoni pies. I have tried, and liked food trucks on several occasions, but these truck rallies are not their optimal venue, in my limited experience , that is.
  20. I have never taken a selfie picture. My 8 year old daughter took a few last weekend. Pretty good ones too, except that her arms are too short to include a large backdrop. She wants a selfie stick for her birthday. I am not going to get her one. I am not going to stop Nanna from getting her one though.
  21. Is parking included on all Gold Passes, or only on passes of people who are old enough to drive? If i send my child with another family, who does not have gold passes, will my child's Gold Pass cover their parking?
  22. On a few occasions I have ridden the motorcycle to KI. I park to the right of the front front entrance with all of the other bikes, near what appears to be a security/ employee entrance. My ride is a red/silver '05 Harley Road King. What are you riding?
  23. Bump. Are KI lifeguards paid more than ride ops? Also, what is the wage for Kaman's Art Shoppes employees? Is it larger than KI Ride Ops?
  24. First time eating LaRosa's Pizza First time going to a real concert.(Moody Blues '88) First time I saw my wife. (more here if you want the cheesy story) :http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php/topic/30256-favorite-song-heard-at-ki/page-2
  25. Do White Water Canyon or Congo Falls have cameras?
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