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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Sling Shot and Xtreme Skyflyer have video cameras. You can purchase videos of your rides.
  2. I believe that one key to getting a good entry level job is having a certain skill set which sets you apart from the crowd. My skill in High School and early college was that I was a certified lifeguard. I was paid more than my friends, of whom did not have a specialized skill set. (The local news has been reporting that there is a lifeguard shortage in the Cincinnati area BTW.) My daughter is a good swimmer, but also a good artist. I believe that by the time she is in high school, she could be a caricature artist. Are the artists and lifeguards on a separate pay scale than the ride ops at KI
  3. "Your Wildest Dreams", and "I Know You're Out There Somewhere"-, The Moody Blues. I saw them playing at Timberwolf the summer of '88. I was seated middle right. I noticed a really cute blonde girl dancing several rows back with her friends. I thought I would strike up a conversation with her after the show, but lost track of her and never saw her again. Over the years, I would sometimes think about how I should have played that one a little differently. Fast forward 5 years. I'm out of the Army and in college. I am talking with the girl I am dating and we discover that she was at that concert
  4. i miss the classic log flume ride also. Bumping along in the tree tops was fun. I am old now, and like to shoot water on my kids at Whitewater Canyon. In the summer mornings when there are no lines, they can sometimes stay onboard. I need at least a half roll of quarters on those days.
  5. Fisher

    11/1 report

    Looks like I stumbled into the sweet spot, personally.
  6. Fisher

    11/1 report

    That would have stunk if they were closed when I was there. Those are 2/3 of the reason I went. If Delirium or Drop Tower were open, I might have hit them, but I rode my top 3. Others that I noticed were not open were Backlot Stunt Coaster and Vortex.
  7. Tonight was much less crowded than last Saturday. I arrived at 6:00. in less than an hour and a half I was able to ride Diamondback, The Beast, and Banshee; All front cars! I think that will do it for this year.
  8. The park was PACKED! I showed up at 5:30 to meet the family. I was planning on staying after their bedtime so I could ride some rides. The ride cues were HUGE! I waited 60 min for Banshee , It was worth it, but reports that lines for The Beast were over an hour, and Diamondback was close to 2 hours, led me to believe that I should get the $45 fast pass. I was shocked to learn that the fast pass for the evening would cost $70! I left and went to a local sports bar to watch the Ohio State v Penn State game. Go Bucks!
  9. Do you win at the game where you swing the big hammer and the light travels to the top. If so, what is the best way to do it. My best is 96. Somebody told me you have to hit it directly in the center. How can one be sure that it where it is going to land? Does "winding up" matter? That is, starting above the head, swinging past the target, building speed for a complete circle, then down again to the target.
  10. The Icee Mix it up is gone from Splash Zone. It is now Graeter's. Is there another one somewhere? Or can I go ahead and recycle the tall, swirly cup?
  11. I have only been a couple of times, but it seems to me that the parking lot is less full than I am used to, and some of the rides have shorter than normal wait times.
  12. I saw a person drop the doll face down near the pirate ship and walk away. The guards saw it, picked it up, and gave the doll back after brief chat. It really freaked out a few parents for a few seconds.
  13. This is interesting. I would like more information regarding what happens when an emergency stop is engaged.
  14. A small tram between the Soak City lot and the main park lot would be nice.
  15. So far this year, I have seen: 1) a child needing rescued by lifeguards, and after the save, the guards had difficulty finding the parents, who ended up being on some chairs away from the pool. 2) a parent watching his 2 children repeatedly running through the flowers, in a game of follow the leader, in the planter in front of the Soak City changing room, while the parent remained on his cell phone watching the game of "trample the flowers".
  16. So tonight a ride op accidentally leaned against the emergency stop button on Surf Dog as it was just beginning. The ride op who was controlling the ride was aware of what happened, and the op who triggered it very discreetly pulled the button back to the armed position. The controlling op got on the speaker and reassured the passengers that everything was fine. The controlling op got on the landline for a a few seconds. Next, the controlling op was able to get the ride back to starting position, and raise the floor for deboarding. All of that in about two minutes. Next, a supervisor showed u
  17. Even when I can hear the barkers, I can't understand what they are saying.
  18. Bummer. First week the kids are out of school.
  19. I think the Kings Island app just IMed me that Diamondback will be Closed June 4th until...... The message disapeared after I tried to read it. Did anyone else get that, and see until what date it will be Closed?
  20. 3 visits, 8 purchases totaling about $30 , one reward, still level one.
  21. I was not aware that funperks issued awards on the paper receipts which are not available on the funperks website. What perks have you obtained from this method?
  22. I went tonight. It funperks had my visit logged 15 minutes after entering. The reward was not visible until I got home. It is the standard popcorn, cc, or car ride perk. I made purchase number 8 tonight on the way out of the park. I bought a large peach and raspberry Coke from the freestyle machine at the Fudge shop. So I have gone twice, spent less than $20 and got the reward, but no level up.
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