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  1. Avoid the Super 8 of Mason at all cost! Complete dump!
  2. Nope! I completely agree! I won’t renew my pass next year if they don’t have some sort of new coaster for next year! I’m sick of watching Cedar Point getting all the great coasters every year when we get a Bbq place and a water slide! What a joke!
  3. Or things he will regret in five years?? How do you explain that in a job interview? Not sure you can!
  4. I remember that! It was followed by you can be removed from the park and it had a couple of examples on what not to do!
  5. Umm.....I'll take things I have to explain to my grandchildren for $500.00 Alex!
  6. This was probably around 1980 but I remember finding a broken skeeball machine where you didn't have to put in the quarter to release the balls. I bet I spent five hours in there before someone caught on! I don't remember what I bought, but I had lots of tickets!
  7. Yep, I highly doubt that I was at the same show as you, but the Doberman did the same thing. We kept waiting and waiting until the dog finally did it. Look, I'm not one of those animal rights activist that are against dog shows, I just find the show slow and boring.
  8. Trust me, the stunt show is much better than the dog show!
  9. We went to the 1:00 show today and wasn't impressed. The best part of it for me was the girl that could shoot the bow and arrow with her feet! Invest money for a bigger Cirque show would be my vote.
  10. Does it really matter?? Most of the time I see one train loading up while the other two are stopped waiting to get in.
  11. Great news! I hope this replaces the dog show! Kings Island needs to think about building a bigger venue for the Cirque show. In my opinion, this is the greatest thing Kings Island has to offer!
  12. Went to the 1:30 show today and it took forever for the one Doberman to put both paws up. The show had no flow to it and the dog tricks were rather weak. I've been to other dog shows that put this one to shame.
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