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  1. I'm at 10 visits and it says that I'm 50% to level 2. There are no purchases on my card though, we put them all on my wife's card.
  2. I got off work at 7:30 this morning (night shifter here) and had planned a short couple hour trip to the park. We made it to the gate at 8:50 for the ERT and got to hear them play the Star Spangled Banner right before they opened the gates, which I didn't know that they did that. The first stop was Diamondback and got in 4 rides on it, including one ride with Mr. 7000. I love that coaster! My nephew was with us so our next stop was Flying Ace Aerial Chase. It was my first ride on that coaster due to being right at the maximum height. I thought it was OK, I wondered if it was built by the same people that built Vortex due to the jerkiness of it. Our next stop was Surf Dog, which is my favorite ride in Planet Snoopy. Today was my first time ever getting stuck on a ride when Surf Dog didn't "center up" correctly at the end and the floor wouldn't raise. It took about 10 minutes to get maintenance out there to reset the ride. By that time the ERT was over so we went and rode The Beast twice. The best wooden coaster ever! (yes I'm looking at you voyage) We then took one ride on The Racer, which took longer than it should have due to only the red side running. Next was one ride on the WindSeeker, my first time on that ride and probably my last due to being bored. After that I won a prize for my nephew from the peach basket toss while he rode Shake Rattle and Roll. At that time we decided to leave and walked out the gates at 11:45. Side notes - Walking in the sign said Delirium and Shake Rattle and Roll would be down. Shake Rattle and Roll was working when we made it over that way but when we left the sign said that Delirium and Invertigo was down. I also did see the cranes for Delirium and saw 3 or 4 people working on it. Well that's about it... I'm going to bed!
  3. My first coaster was the Screechin' Eagle at Americana.I rode it the first year that I was tall enough to get on and I can remember being so scared that I was trembling! I've been hooked ever since.
  4. I love riding the Diamondback on cloudy nights. Every drop plunges you into complete darkness!
  5. I just wanted to add some of my own sarcasm and absurdity to this thread. I feel better now...
  6. I was at KI this past weekend and while i was waiting to get on the the train I heard someone mention the SOB. Then I saw train car 208 attached to train car 214. The only explanation for this is that the number 2 stands for the 2nd Beast (SOB) and the 08 and 14 could only mean that we will find out about the SOB on August 14th!
  7. Last night was my first night trip on The Beast and it was also my first time sitting in the first row. It was awesome! I can't wait to try it again!
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