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  1. I, sadly, haven't made it to KI in a few years. But I remember a few instances where I actually was able to ride while the fireworks were going off, which was incredible. Going through the woods with the fireworks giving the only illumination was unforgettable. Sorry to hear they close the ride during the fireworks, although I guess I can see why.
  2. Those jokes are horrible...but also horribly funny. I've been at Timberwolf for concerts several times and they've never shut down the rides when I was there. And the only thing I ever remember hearing from inside Timberwolf was people screaming on Drop Zone...and that was still not enough to distract from the concert.
  3. KCKC was my absolute favorite ride in the park as a kid! I remember we'd go to KI with my mom, aunt, cousins and grandparents and (of course) my grandpa wouldn't ride many roller coasters. So I used to love the chance to ride the Keelboats with him! I was always terrifed going up so high and anticipating the huge drop at the end (trust me, as a kid, it was huge). I don't remember it being intense or getting soaked, but it was definitely a fun ride and the line went so fast! It's sad that so many parks are getting rid of the log flumes, especially ones that were more leisurely than soaking. The only similar rides at KI now are the Wild Thornberry's and Congo Falls, but you get soaked instead of pleasantly wet. And CP took out White Water Landing a few years back, which was another fun log flume. Sigh...don't get me wrong; I love TRTR as a thrill ride, but I miss the leisurely rides like KCKC.
  4. Nice work with the photoshop...I thought it was legit, but your confirmations...especially about 10 years left on Scooby and the "near future" changing of TR:TR and IJST confirmed it...this is an April Fool's Day joke.
  5. Oh my, how those pictures brought tears to my eye! Family trips to KI were the best parts of my childhood! That five hour drive from Detroit to Mason with my grandparents, riding the "Smurf Boats" as we called them...I loved the Smurfs, but was always terrified the ride was going to brake down and I'd be stuck in there with Gargamel staring at me! That history section is basically my childhood preserved online!
  6. East of Chicago is the best food decision at Cedar Point! Every time we go we leave the park about 5:00 for a dinner break and then go back for one last go-around at the Point! I'd love to see PKI open up something nice in terms of a restaurant. IR was alwas a nice option, and I wouldn't even mind seeing a Johnny Rockets or something. . . maybe in place of Happy Days??
  7. Seriously, have there been 13 pages talking about a logo??? Must be offseason. I really miss the old gothic logo. It always gave a resort-type feeling to it, that KI was a destination and not a typical theme park, if that makes sense. The new one just reminds me of day trips to Cedar Point (I only live two hours from there), which is fine, but doesn't remind me of Kings Island. Still, CF has done great things with The Point. I'm excited to see if they give some TLC to KI.
  8. I don't think you'll see as much recognition for The Vortex's 20 year anniversary as you did for The Beast on its 25th. The reason is simply that, while The Vortex is a beloved ride, The Beast is something that people see as very special to the park. It put the park on the map, it's still voted one of the best wooden coasters in the world. It's like how Walt Disney studios would throw a huge bash for Mickey Mouse's 25th birthday (although he's much older) and probably just do a mention of Donald Duck's. Still, I would hope to see some kind of recognition for the ride. It's arguably one of the best coasters in the park.
  9. I've never thought KI was a "dull looking park." In fact, I think one of the things I dislike about Paramount is how they seemed to make every area almost the same...even Rivertown didn't seem too unique after awhile. I remember when International Street was so much more than just a nice-looking midway and the shops were all special and unique. Coney Mall used to really feel like an old carnival and even Oktoberfest had some good theming. KI has never looked dull and I always loved its atmosphere more than parks like CP, where everything feels smashed together and fighting for room.
  10. Looking at that Disney page, any one of those would be an amazing addition to the parks! The rumor I've heard is that Lasseter wants to totally revamp CA and make it a bigger destination than it is.
  11. I don't think Paramount gets the credit it deserves. I think they really upped the ante about the quality of attractions KI received. Yes, The Beast and Vortex were there beforehand. But under Paramount they got some really interesting and intriguing rides with some really great theming (albeit, it hasn't been kept up all the time). I personally think the best addition made in the Paramount Era was Flight of Fear. Not only was it a unique and thrilling ride, but changes were made over the course of its history to actually improve it. Taking away the shoulder harnesses was the best thing to happen with it and it's easily one of the park's top rides! i also think the theming for Tomb Raider puts that attraction in a league of it's own. It's simply an original and truly fun ride! I'm also a fan of SOB although I do think Face/Off is a bit overrated...not worth the long line.
  12. I haven't been to the park since IJST opened (living in Detroit and having very little vacation time does that). But I think that Adventure Express is probably the worst in the park. But even saying that, i realize PKI is special because even it's worst ride is still a lot of fun. CP has Disaster Transport, which sucks, and other parks have one dud. But PKI has some rides that, if not great, are at least unique and fun. I'd also add Face/Off, though, because while it's a lot of fun...it's not worth the long wait.
  13. We used to take long family vacations to PKI (and back when it was KI) and the highlight (for me) was always a nice lunch in the IR. After standing in the sun all day and running around, it was great just to sit down in a/c and have a nice meal where we didn't have to wait in a buffet line, it wasn't loud and the view was phenomenal. I've always wanted them to reopen it.
  14. Gosh how I miss the Smurfs Enchanted Voyage!! That was my favorite childhood ride and I still remember being terrified that the ride would stop in the middle and I'd have to get out and walk by Gargamel to get down the emergency stairs! Just such a great ride and much better than Phantom Theater (which was good) and Scooby Doo (which is not). Loved King Cobra! True, it wasn't the tallest or fastest or even scariest...but those bunny hills at the end were great for airtime and I loved that twist at the end.
  15. Why are some people censoring the first four letters in cockroach? It's not a nasty euphemism. That's what they're called!
  16. They gotta do something with Festhaus. Is it just me or is it just so bare now and kind of creepy and dark? In the past, it was awesome when it was a place for shows and a nice respite from the heat...but now it just feels like they're straining for ways to fill empty space. Either put a show in there or change it.
  17. This just looks like a blast! No, it's not a record-breaker, but has Cedar Point ever failed to create a fun coaster in the past 10 years or so? A 95-degree drop sounds amazing and the speed, so close to the ground, is going to be so thrilling. How many rides go faster near the end than after the beginning??
  18. Went to CP last Tuesday (8/22) and had an absolute blast. There is absolutely NOTHING like riding TTD in the Front Row...the scene staring straight down the spiral is one of the most amazing sights in the world and that launch is amazing. Millenium Force is just pure, raw speed and I think it's my favorite ride at the park. Raptor's 10 years old and still a great ride. Magnum is underrated now that there's MF and TTD...but it's still a wicked little ride, the airtime at the end is incredible. I was afraid Skyhawk would be a Delirium/MaxAir ripoff but I agree...it's one of the greatest rides in the park! Staring straight down at the top of the swing is just amazing
  19. While I think "The Core" would be a good concept for a ride, let's face it: CF would probably prefer that if PKI had one last ride themed to a Paramount movie that they would actually theme it to a Paramount movie that didn't suck. Seriously, remember when that shuttle dropped in the water in "The Core"? Looked like a giant turd...metaphorical for the movie :-) That's why I always thought it was weird to do a Tomb Raider ride...the movies sucked and the second was one of the biggest bombs of the year when it was released.
  20. Isn't it rare for parks to start pouring footers while the park's still open anyway? Cedar Point's new one seems to be the exception to the rule. Not that PKI will definitely get a coaster next year. My money is on a flat or nothing at all. But I would just caution against following the "logic" posted at the beginning of this thread.
  21. Okay, let's shy away from science nerd talk for a bit. . . I'd like to address what was said about CF not maintaining their wooden coasters. Have you been to Cedar Point recently? The Blue Streak is still a great family coaster that runs good. The Gemini has some of the best airtime on its hills. And although the Mean Streak IS rough, it still gives a good fast ride and doesn't deliver near the headache that SOB gives. CF is only going to improve PKIs coaster maintenance. . ..
  22. I doubt you'll see anything huge at PKI, er, KI, er CFKI in 2007. I know that CF said they would honor the commitments made by Paramount, but if Paramount was in bad enough shape that they were able to sell off the park system I doubt they were going to sink a ton into the park next year anyway. So I doubt you'll see any coasters. I don't think PKI will go completely untouched, though. I'm sure they'll put a new flat in. Although I'd personally like to see them take a year, remove all the Hollywood theming, clean the park up and just make it really nice and clean again.
  23. PKI doesn't seem to have as much fun with it's fan base, unlike CP. Cedar Point's been teasing visitors with the construction of a new ride and some hints in signs and on blogs. They up the anticipation by treating it like a game, unlike PKI. Hopefully CF will change that. . . As for what's coming next year, who knows? I would pray it's not another flat. But then again, if it's just another standard coaster, that might not be a good thing either. I would hope for something new, innovative and well-themed. . . But it'll probably either be a flat or a coaster named for a movie few people liked and then forgot about in a few years. Sigh.
  24. The weird thing about PKI is that "worst" ride is such a weird term...if we were talking about CP, I could easily spit out "Mine Ride!" "Disaster Transport!" in terms of worst rides, because they suck, lol. But even my least favorite PKI rides have their merits (I have not been in like two years, though, so I have not ridden IJ). But here are my least-favorites, although most hardly qualify as worsts. Adventure Express: It's only one of my least-favorites because I'm a big roller coaster fan who wanted a big, scary coaster. That's not what this is. But I'm okay with that. It's still a lot of fun in parts and I do love the turns...however, the last lift hill is the biggest rip off in the world. Scooby Doo: Sorry. Just kinda sucks, I think. The themeing is cheap and kinda stupid and it's nowhere near as original as Smurfs or even PT. Still, kids like it, which is who it's geared toward, so that's what matters. Top Gun: It's a fun ride, with great turns and a cool drop at the beginning. But it's so stinkin' short!!!!! Face/Off: Fun ride...but not worth the slow, long line. But my pick for worst ride.... Action Theater: Aside from laughing at the Spongebob movie, I've never enjoyed it. The effect of moving just doesn't feel real...I'm too aware that I'm watching a movie and being jerked around in a chair. It isn't near as cool or fun as anything at Disney or Universal Studios. I say close it down and put in a COOL simulator.
  25. I don't know about sign...I think Vortex has the coolest logo, with the hand grabbing the track, although I think Amazon Falls also had the awesome sign (before becoming Congo Falls) with the water coming out of it. Coolest entrance, though...Tomb Raider, of course, easily.
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