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  1. I just read about the delay and I'm still very much looking forward to it! I just hope to get all the other books I plan to read done before it's out lol. But even if I don't, I'm still planning to buy it whenever it comes out!
  2. I, for one, can deal with this. I'm sure (I hope ) the thermometers used are sanitized with each use, though. Other than that, I will be happy riding The Bat, Orion, Adventure Express, The Beast and everything else that manages to open. Though it would put a damper on the new Area 72 if FOF didn't open with the park... Also, would Festhaus be open... many questions here...
  3. But wouldn't this mean these parks will (eventually) come back strong because they have these new, amazing coasters?
  4. I haven't ridden Slingshot since 2015. Also, I didn't ride Congo Falls, Dodgem, the Carousel, and RFYLCB once in 2019.
  5. I just watched my church service online yesterday and it was great; it actually brought a sense of normal-ness to it all as it was great to see the worship team and preacher that I would normally interact with most every Sunday And speaking of churches... https://www.daytondailynews.com/news/local/solid-rock-pastor-targets-reaction-church-services-during-sunday-sermon/15QyOacdLeAXnh7AyQ2KwK/ Just want to say that ultimately, I believe the Church is about the body of believers, not just the building (so what Solid Rock is doing is dangerous in this day and age). That being said, I understand some people will want to get back to normal, which includes being in-person at church, but we'll just have to wait it out. For now, online services will just have to do!
  6. I think I've been on all the adult rides the park currently offers (excluding Planet Snoopy and Orion ). There were some seasons where I just didn't ridden certain rides at all, but I think I've ridden every adult ride currently in operation at least once in my lifetime. As for defunct rides, I never got to ride King Cobra as I got a walk-of-shame for being too short. And I probably did not get to all of the Action Theater Rides (I know Smash Factory and the short-lived Funtastic World of Hanna Barbara as Side B was almost never open), but I know I did Spongebob and 7th Portal when they were around. Finally, I don't think I ever got to experience The Edge (that giant climbing wall near where the Oktoberfest Coke Freestyle is today)- though I do (barely) remember seeing it in person - and the Eurobobbles (I think?). The latter were on Flight Commander's pad, which has since been removed for Autos. Speaking of the Autos, I don't know if I ever did the Rivertown side of the original Antique Cars. EDIT: Also never rode Phantom Theater as it seemed scary as a kid.
  7. Yes, I remember one Opening Day in particular (2018, I think, because Firehawk was still around) where all three of the Arrows didn't run as it was too cold. EDIT: Speaking of Firehawk, look how red the newly painted track was its opening year: https://rcdb.com/3793.htm#p=19045
  8. I volunteer as tribute!!! I'm now curious to see how wearing gloves and a mask would work on The Bat! Seriously, it kinda hit me today about facing the realities of different scenarios affecting Kings Island's future operations. I really hope the park opens this year or even for next year, but if something does happen that causes this to be longer than expected, at least NYE 2020 was one heck of a send-off!!!
  9. I think those icons are for Funpix stations, and since Funpix works with on-ride photos, than maybe FoF is getting its picture back! Also, Timberwolf is labeled on the map! I don't remember if it had been in recent years. And Mystic Timbers looks very fleshed out in this version. Finally, I didn't even notice Vortex was off the map until someone said something... I think it might hit me more when I see it (gone) in person. EDIT: And Orion looks great on that map!!!
  10. Not related to theme parks, but I just found this out via Youtube... country singer Joe Diffie died due to "complications from [COVID-19]. One article I found discussing his death: https://abc7ny.com/health/country-singer-joe-diffie-dies-after-covid-19-diagnosis/6060991/
  11. WOW! Coaster thru the Clouds looks like a Roller Coaster Tycoon-esque coaster loosely based on the idea of Millennium Force. Also, can we talk about those multiple headchoppers, though! Also, more relevant to the question, if Intamin did work with Cedar Fair again, I'd love to see a Intamin Impulse at KI. But if speaking more realistically, one of those 10 Inversion coasters and/or an Intamin Blitz would be fantastic!!! Or even something custom/unique would be cool. EDIT: An Aquatrax would be cool too! Also, Fun Fact: according to RCDB, there is apparently a max height restriction on Coaster Through the Clouds (much like Banshee, DT or Delirium at KI); definitely makes sense with those multiple headchoppers!
  12. Nice! Great theming! Also, I was going through this thread and I just now realized why there is a seemingly "random" blacktop path near the Rivertown restrooms* (where Backlot's switchbacks are visible)... based on the picture of the original Antique Cars, I think that's a remnant from back in the day as it looks like the Rivertown station is in that general area. *for those who don't know what I'm talking about, if walking towards Rivertown LaRosas and Diamondback's splashdown is on your left, it is a tiny blacktop path that goes upwards and to the left (in the direction of Backlot Stunt Coaster). If someone who knows what I'm talking about can post a picture, that would be fantastic (or we can see it whenever KI opens back up).
  13. When/if Kings Island opens for the season, I have an idea for how to do weekday operations: Each day, a section of the park (or select rides) could be open for that specific day. For example, on Mondays, they could only open Action Zone and the shops on I-Street, on Tuesday you could open Oktoberfest and half of Coney, Saturdays could be Planet Snoopy, Diamondback and Mystic Timbers, etc. Some rides, like Orion, Beast and Mystic, could be open every day or almost every day (especially Orion as that is what a lot of people have been anticipating riding and Beast/Mystic seem to be pretty popular). As conditions start to improve, more and more of the park would open on certain days, and eventually, once conditions and staffing improves, everything can open! EDIT: During this phased opening time, ticket prices could be scaled based on the day. It's basically ERT, but the park is open to everyone (or like those limited operation days they used to have back in the 2000's- that's how I got my first ride on Flight of Fear; it was one of the only coasters open that day!). Though I've worked at the park for numerous seasons (and hope to go back to scare again), I really don't know how the process of getting the park open for the season works from a business perspective (especially in times like these!); this is just my $.02 on this matter.
  14. I heard that the Costco near me is doing this exact thing: limiting the number of people in their store (warehouse?). Not sure if that measure has been implemented anywhere else.
  15. True. We still don't know what the complete economic impact of COVID-19 will be.
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