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  1. Hey all, I saw on Youtube last night that F.L.Y at Phantasialand (Germany), the worlds first launched flying coaster has soft-opened! Personally, this idea is something I've dreamed about since I was a kid, and since the project took a few years to come into fruition, I was ecstatic when I saw it opened this soon (especially when you consider the current pandemic we are living in...). Check out these videos below: Besides it looking really cool, I had two immediate thoughts during/after watching: 1) it doesn't look that fast and 2) the seat configuration th
  2. I think that is the old frozen yogurt spot (and before that, Starbucks). I hope it ends up sticking around; those bread choices sound delicious!
  3. I really like that idea (in bold), I really liked WF in it's 2018/19 incarnation, but if I had to change things up, I would add another coaster*, bring back The Plight before Christmas (or at least a similar type of show) and have more unique experiences like that walkthrough inside Coney Confections. As for changes the park has made re: Winterfest, I thought it was a great idea two years ago when The Mistletones were moved to a separate stage as they almost seemed to "compete" with Jingle Jazz (as both were similar acts sharing the same stage). And I think moving "What the Dickens"
  4. That reminds me of one of those slides (Snake River Rapids, I think it was?) hidden in the back of the Beach waterpark (but that looked to be in much better shape lol). Also, there was Hidden Rapids, where I remember frequently getting stuck in the non-slide parts of the attraction. Also, random tidbit: I remember they never let people pet the goats that where housed near Snake River Rapids and I always thought that was unusual...
  5. Enjoy your day on Saturday; say hi to The Bat for me!
  6. Yeah, that doesn't seem to make sense to me either, especially with seeing the Clifton Hill article showing the rides and the crowded midways. Also, @Shaggy, just want to say that those pictures of Astroworld were awesome! I've always thought the S&S Skyswatter rides were super cool, but unfortunately, there are none left! I would have loved to see one go to KI!
  7. I am so glad Haunt is coming back! I miss my Haunt Fam!
  8. When I was younger, I imagined a Wild Mouse going in King Cobra's old spot (where Delirium is now). Nowadays, I think it may be a great fit for Coney Mall, Rivertown or even Area 72.
  9. That Pandemonium video (the Mach Launch concept Youtube video posted on the last page) was cool; all the sharp twists reminded me of Storm Runner!
  10. I think I know what @dbackdreams is talking about... it may be that one dueling concept shown off at IAPPA that one year Link: https://behindthethrills.com/2018/11/great-coasters-international-unveils-first-wooden-dueling-inverted-coaster/
  11. For me, the only coasters "missing" from CP's lineup (IMO) would be a B&M flyer and a GCI. Though I feel the GCI in the above video could have drops that went to the ground, I really like how it interacts with the scenery/rock work that exists on Adventure Island. However, putting a coaster there may mean the removal of Forbidden Frontier. If this happened, maybe the coaster could still interact with the settlements in some way (though I think that would work better with a flying coaster).
  12. That was a really cool blog post and great video to go along with it! It blows my mind that they built a full size coaster at a factory- the section of straight track before/during/after the trick track comes really close to that building! I never got to ride King Cobra (it was my only "walk of shame" as I was too short- my legs didn't fully reach the floor, even after the seat was adjusted as low as it could go), but I remember seeing it in the park many times as a kid. Stand up coasters in general were a pretty interesting concept; I've only ridden Mantis and Iron Wolf. The former was very i
  13. This is what I do when drinking bottled water in public nowadays. Also, when I see social distancing markers while out and about, I think about standing on those dots that correspond to the seat number in line for Delirium.
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