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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. It looks like Forbidden Frontier is making a comeback this season: https://www.cedarpoint.com/rides-experiences/forbidden-frontier-on-adventure-island
  2. Here is an article I found talking about how theme parks around the world are handling operations during this pandemic: https://blooloop.com/theme-park/in-depth/guest-experience-post-covid/
  3. Great write-up/explanation of how things work! (in bold) I think the only exception to the "static" performers at Spritsong would be Skillet (and maybe Red) as they use (or at least used to use) pyrotechnics. And some groups do have other cool effects such as For King and Country's
  4. Awesome! I did not go to the park in 2020, so I may have to get one when I go!
  5. I'm glad the French Corner from last year's Tricks and Treats stuck around! I hope they have baguettes.
  6. Oh, wow! Good find @Oldschool75! However, it appears Timberwolf is still on the park map (the online version, that is).
  7. I voted for Mystic Timbers, with Firehawk as a close second (yes, I liked Firehawk that much! ). Do note that I have not ridden Orion yet, so my answer might change after next Sunday. Mystic has a great ride experience and a great theme (the shed contributes to this theme). Firehawk is second in my book as it was just so cool and unique. Also, it was a relic from the early 2000's and one of the only coasters of its type ever made. EDIT: Also, Banshee would probably be third, and this makes Diamondback last. Not a big fan of Diamondback, but reading the above reasons why some voted fo
  8. I am loving seeing all these updates in this thread and the "Current Wait times" thread. While driving by today, the parking lot looked packed (which is a VERY good sign) and I could see Drop Zone, The Bat and WindSeeker running. This is getting me really excited for next Sunday! I am just so ready to come back to the park after being gone for a year due to the pandemic.
  9. Here's an article about Cedar Fair investing in the parks this year: https://blooloop.com/theme-park/news/cedar-fair-theme-park-investments/?source=newsletter
  10. I'm confused @BoddaH1994; what do you mean by backfilling? Is that when some shows are pre-shows to the actual show (like how The Mistletones "opened" for the Charlie Brown Christmas Spectacular when it was moved indoors during the 2017 Winterfest)?
  11. I'm excited about the Area 72 dance party; looks like we're going to have our own version of Luminosity!!! Also, I'm curious what stage "Busker Jam" will be performing at in Rivertown? The only stage I can think of is the LaRosas's stage. And, Brew Beats pretty sounds cool! Finally, I wonder if Stick(y) Paint will be replacing the Petting Farm? Definitely will be checking most of these shows out at some point during the season
  12. Just to update this thread, perhaps we can add this one to the list: Also, just out of curiosity, has there been a "big" announcement of all the rides that will be removed from the SIX parks, or are they all piecemeal announcements concerning which ride(s) are being removed at each individual park?
  13. I am so excited by this news; I will finally be able to go to the park this season (wasn't able to go last season)! Very much looking forward to riding my favorites in Action Zone as well as taking my first rides on Orion! See ya'll on Opening Weekend (not sure if I'll be going Saturday or Sunday)!
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