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  1. Personally, I would not count it. (Non-RMC) Wooden coasters usually get re-tracked often and if I counted each iteration as new credit, the list would be longer than it would need to be lol. More to the point, for rides that have have had significant changes (such as the removal of Son of Beast's loop, Mants' conversion into Rougarou or Recar turning forwards again), I would put a note next to the entry saying that I rode the coaster in both forms. It's just my two cents; but, remember, the beauty of counting coaster credits is it's all subjective!
  2. Sounds like fun! I remember seeing KIC Survivor posts (prior to bringing it up in this thread), but I've never participated.
  3. So, there are a lot of parks I would love to get to/get back to (Six Flags New England, Carowinds/KD), but here is my list as of now: Kings Island- Yes, it's my home park, but I feel like it is a great place for an enthusiast in the area to check out. We've got The Beast, Mystic Timbers, Diamondback, The Bat, Adventure Express, Flight of Fear and now Orion. Cedar Point- This may seem like an obvious choice, but Cedar Point has certainly earned its mass appeal. It's got some amazing and unique coasters (Steel Vengeance, Millennium Force, Top Thrill Dragster, Maverick, Rougarou, Wic
  4. That is a really cool trailer! I love how the rainforest/adventure elements of the park were highlighted there (Congo Falls, Wild Thornberries, Adventure Express, etc). Also, I still have my lanyard from the 2013 KIC event (I think that was the first time I met some of ya'll in person!) as well as the #decoding2017 paper that had our predictions before the Mystic Timbers announcement. I also have a nametag from some event, but I'm not sure where that is from (maybe Mystic's announcement too?)
  5. Watched the POV yesterday as well as this morning. It looks alright and seems to combine other RMC elements (Lightning Rod's upward twist before the brakes - Iron Gwazi has two - as well as elements of Twisted Timbers and Steel Vengeance) to make a unique creation. Though I mostly thought it looked middle of the road, the one standout element is that barrel roll drop/twist thing - that looks insane! Also, as others are saying, POVs don't tell the whole story. When I305 and Intimidator (at Carowinds) were announced, Intimidator seemed to be the better of the two. However, it turned out that I30
  6. Our tree is already up (not yet decorated, but up). Yeah, some of us do Christmas early around here... lol Also, while working one day (I work from home), I saw a neighbor across the street that was putting some of the lights on his roof already (this was probably about a week or so ago).
  7. I chose Diamondback. Although the "wing" seats were a cool feature when it first opened, I now wonder how Diamondback would be with standard 4-across trains. Maybe they could keep two trains as is and bring one standard train in as an experiment. Also, non-KI related, Skyrush. I think that ride would be an instant Top 10 for me if they just fixed those thigh-crushing restraints! I mean, I get why they are there due to the intense forces of the ride, but a maybe something similar to a T-Bar (Millennium Force) or even Maverick's newer vest restraints could work.
  8. What a cool video! I didn't get to go the park this season, but I did support the (Ohio Cedar Fair) parks by buying a Beast face mask and a Millennium Force T-shirt - the latter of which was my way of celebrating Millennium Force's 20th anniversary as I wasn't able to get to The Point this season. Hope to come back to visit KI in 2021!
  9. Good to hear! I feel like night rides will be even better now with smoother track!
  10. Good point lol! I know how brutal those lines can be. I once waited in a long line, in the RAIN for Slaughter House one year - of course it was totally worth it! Also, wonder what line that maze was for (which incarnation I mean, I know it was Delt... er Sorority House and before that Massacre Manor). Also, I'd likely not be in that line at all as (if not for COVID) I'd be scaring those that went through those long lines mwahahaha!!!
  11. I think from a historical perspective, looking at how KI and other parks are handling (in the future, it will be the past tense of handled) the COVID-19 pandemic will be valuable information to future readers. I have quite a few Time Magazine issues that I'm planning to keep around for purely historical reasons (such as the Blackout that occurred in 2003 or information on the SARS pandemic). Also, I think there are lessons to be learned from past events; hindsight is 20/20 after all...
  12. I miss Haunt.

  13. ...and the only one (of the 3 original Flying Dutchmans) still in its original location! From pictures it looks like it's out in the middle of nowhere (as in, removed from the rest of the park) like Firehawk was.
  14. Interesting choices! I know these are just guesses, but I would love for KI to get Great America's V2 or Scream from Magic Mountain. Also, that would be unfortunate if Great Adventure's Top Spin (Twister) got the axe as I think it's one of the few that are still around (In fact, until a few days ago, I thought it had already been removed from the park). On the flip side, I could see Flashback or Goliath getting removed at Six Flags New England; why have two boomerangs?
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