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  1. This is indeed sad for those in the area that love the park, however... if we did get any rides from this, I vote for Railblazer, Psycho Mouse and/or Survivor (aka Tiki Twirl). However, Railblazer would be a perfect fit at Michigan's Adventure, and would give me another reason to make the trek up there someday (haven't ridden Thunderhawk yet). Also, DT and Delirium look cool, but we have similar rides. I just hope that when it comes time to close and relocate things that the rides are handed out wisely to CF parks that really need them.
  2. I just caught up on this thread after seeing the headline on Screamscape re: the wheel incident. That talk of this being the end for The Bat scared me. That's one of my favorite rides in the park; I've been riding it since I was a kid! Also, it's one of the only remaining parts of Adventure Village (Skyflyer being the other one), so losing that piece of history would be unfortunate, to say the least. Though some complain about the long walk, I enjoy The Bat's secluded location and the foliage surrounding the ride. Though Orion is faster, cooler and newer, The Bat (fka Top Gun) will always have a place in my heart,
  3. No harm taken re: Busker Jam! That was my favorite show in the park last year and I was so bummed I couldn't make the final weekend; unfortunately, COVID had other plans... And I agree it was in an awkward location, especially when there were rules saying no gathering in the midways (but also, you kind of had to in order to see this show...) And the dog shows.... um, yeah... In the words of Howie from the Benchwarmers: "Not an fan" (keep in mind I only saw the second year's show - the one with the big dogs attempting to spin around or whatever). I do agree with your comment about how both small and big shows should coexist; that reminds me of the first year of Winterfest (2010s revival), when there were so many shows you couldn't see them all in one visit.
  4. Cool! I will look for it next time I go to the park.
  5. Where in line is it located? That's pretty cool!
  6. Hey...I really liked Busker Jam! More on topic, I'm looking forward to seeing this show as well as the street party next time I'm at the park. EDIT: Also, the "all the things happening all at once" part referenced above reminds me of Cedar Point's Vertical Impact. I liked it, but talk about sensory overload...
  7. Oh, ok. That makes sense. Didn't realize the waterfall water propelled the boat forward to finish the course. Though it's unfortunate what caused this to happen, what a cool and unique ride experience to get.
  8. @IndyGuy4KI: By "rollback", do you mean went back down the lift, stopped on the lift, or something else?
  9. Ok, that makes sense @IndyGuy4KI and @brenthodge; seems like the wording will reasonably setting people's expectations so people are not disappointed that it's not a big parade on the scale of say, Carnivale. I'm looking forward to it, but I was just wondering about the wording.
  10. I do find it strange that they are not calling it a "parade", even though it definitely sounds like a parade to me lol.
  11. I agree with the tips so far (did not think about doing Invertigo as first ride vs. tackling the coasters in Area 72 at rope drop- good point about ERT being a factor), but I would add that if there are one of those "front-of-the-line-pass" wheels open, spend $10 (for two spins) and try to get a good ride (I would consider a "good ride" on that to be Invertigo, Backlot or Monster). I spun the wheel twice last visit and ended up getting Invertigo and Winners Choice (planned on doing Beast at night, but didn't get around to it). In addition to ride lines, take some time to relax- catch a show (the 70's show and Phantom Theater: Encore are good choices; also in the evening there is a DJ at the Bandstand along with the Club KI show), play a game or two (there are two Arcades that have recently been refurbished), and remember to stay hydrated (if it's a hot day) and have fun! And on the relaxation note, there is a great spot in Rivertown behind Brewhouse (near Mystic Timbers); the Adirondack chairs are great! EDIT: I third riding Adventure Express at night; it's worth it!!!
  12. Didn’t see the lightning outside, but the amount of lightning bolt icons on the weather map (on the news station I was watching) was insane!
  13. The park's closed early three times this season? Didn't know that! I can hear the fireworks from where I live, and I figured they were doing them early due to all the storms that have been happening (I'm guessing there's not a ton of people in the park right now, though...).
  14. Old soundtracks/ride spiels would be really cool, but I think the area is a nice tribute to the park as-is.
  15. Mike Koontz is cool; I saw him shortly after walking in yesterday Also, good to know about the progress of the 50th street party floats; anyone (on here...) know when that starts?
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