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    In addition to riding roller coasters, I also like listening to music, collecting Pokemon cards and playing the Pokemon video games. My favorite type is Grass and my favorite Pokemon is Blastoise. See my signature to see my current team on Pokemon HeartGold!

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  1. I mean, it's a cute bucket, but seven hours... I will pass. Was/is it a limited time thing? Also, I do know how much Figment, Dreamfinder and the original Journey of Imagination (I think that's what it's called) means to some people and their nostalgia for it (I've also read about the disdain for Journey into Your Imagination in the 90's), but still... EDIT: Watch the embedded Twitter video in the article to get a sense of how big the line was
  2. Did someone say... moonshine? Dangolshoot! You know, there was a great show at the park this past year that mentioned [Coca-Cola Freestyle!]. -MDMC, an avid fan of Busker Jam
  3. Same! Did not know those windows once served a purpose.
  4. BUMP! So, I finally totaled my rides for the season and it was a strange year... not as strange as 2020, but a weird one for me indeed. I attended Opening Day, when I first rode Orion and started to get back in the swing of going to the park again since I had not gone at all in 2020. Throughout the next few months, I enjoyed rides, Carnivale, the Area 72 dance party and (especially) Busker Jam, until I got COVID in mid-August. Because of this, I took some time off from the park, but made one last visit for my birthday in December. That being said, here are my most ridden rides this year: My top 3 ridden coasters of 2021 were Orion (12 times), The Bat (10 times), and Flight of Fear (7 times - mostly thanks to those 5 rides I took on my birthday!) My most ridden flat was Delirium (4 times) and as I was looking through my ride count, I noticed there were quite a few flats that I didn't get a chance to ride at all this season, such as MSD (Monster/Scrambler/Dodgem), Viking Fury, and (presumably?) all the water rides. Though I did not ride Slingshot (and haven't done so for years due to the "no single riders" rule), I did manage to ride Xtreme Skyflier once this season and that was fun. EDIT: Also, I rode all the coasters at least once this season except for Woodstock Express and Great Pumpkin Coaster (obviously!)
  5. I agree with the above posts highlighting all the Cincinnati Area has to offer besides KI. I can think of the Zoo, the malls (Kenwood/Deerfield Towne Center/Eastgate, Liberty Center and everything else over in that area, etc. Heck- one could say Forest Fair Mall is a tourist attraction!), and Newport on the Leevee (RIP Barnes and Noble). As someone said above, there are unique food options like LaRosas's, Greaters (their peanut butter cookies are amazing!), Skyline/Gold Star and Marx Bagels (in Blue Ash). And as echoed above, there are also concert venues and museums downtown (and of course sports teams). There is a lot to see and do around here if you know where to look And @brenthodge, the only recent KI collabs that I've seen and experienced are the Reds Hall of Fame Grille (and also certain days where Reds players talk at International Showplace) and the unique animatronic display that was put on by Kings Schools for Winterfest located (inside the Coney gift shop (next to the restrooms and near the Coke Freestyle building).
  6. What rides did they have open for NYE at KD?
  7. Dang it! lol I guess I thought you weren't allowed to pet them for some reason. Also, I never found the entrance to said petting zoo lol Also, great information; it makes sense that Aztec Adventure started as a terrain slide as there was that huge drop under the tiger statue. Finally, another question- did that mat slide next to Snake River Rapids ever operate? I know I see it from the highway when driving on 71 N. Thanks.
  8. I remember Beach Mountain... I remember not being impressed as well. IIRC, it was like $20 or so just to go down the hill (and this was technically outside of the park; the main park wasn't even open!)... Luckily we got (the Cedar Fair revival of) Winterfest some years later and it not only had a tubing hill, but rides and shows and was inside the park. As for the waterpark, I went a few times as a kid - I specifically remember my friend and I not weighing enough to ride Aztec Adventure as well; also, the sketchy netting structure through the forest to get a few of their slides, as well as that high dive that went really far down. I also remember being excited for and riding the new Volcanic Panic (I think that was the new slide for '05?). I think a few years later, they reconfigured that slide (or built a new one?) as it the runout was over/above the wave pool (IIRC). Also, there were these random goats and stuff near the walkway up to Snake River Rapids, but it wasn't a petting zoo... they were just there. Oh, also, I frequently got stuck on Hidden Rapids and had to paddle/push my way out. Good Times!
  9. For me, it felt like the balloon drop at Festhaus flowed into NYE at the Tower nicely (in 2019). Then again, IIRC, I lingered a bit afterwards before making my way to I-Street. I'm choosing to spend NYE at home, but I am curious what the park will be like tonight - have fun for those who are attending! Also, does anyone (on here!) know if the H2Overdrive game (hydro craft racing game with a Jet-ski style seat) has been removed from the park? When I went in my birthday, I did not see it in the Coney Arcade and never got around to checking the Rivertown Arcade. TIA
  10. Yeah, I seem to remember "What the Dickens" did indeed end a few days early in 2019 as I think I was at one of the last shows (?).
  11. Oh yeah, that video lol. I think I've seen that before...
  12. What video is this? -MDMC, curious...
  13. Did the removal of the (fka) Beaste's tunnel for its conversion to Fairly Odd Coaster have anything to do with the removal of the status? Or did it lose it's status before this point? TIA
  14. That is amazing; Congratulations! The most I've gotten in one trip is like 3-4 rides. I think I've ridden Orion 12 times total (as in, ever - this season was my first year riding it as I didn't go last year)
  15. In 2019, there was a dance party at the bandstand until about 1 AM which featured the characters and a DJ. Also, IIRC, they allowed Mystic to be opened later than 10 that night (I think it ended up closing around 11:30?)
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