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  1. I had to wait a good while for yesterday's ride; the line went past the queue rails and spilled out onto the midway (towards Jukebox). It was good to see it crowded, but at the same time, I know why. Come to think of it, a few of the lines seemed longer yesterday; the line for the HalloTween edition of Madame's went outside (when on the 6th it was a good ways into the cave) and The Bat's line was decent as well.
  2. I remember waiting in shorter lines like that, but I also remember waiting in those switchbacks near The Bat (now used for Wolf Pack). IIRC, one of the last chances I had to ride it when it still had the loop was one year during SpiritSong when the line was only in the station house. I ended up opting out.
  3. Thanks for sharing that video @KI Guy! That looked like a great day to ride Son of Beast as the line wasn’t too terrible.
  4. I got back from a great day at the park. Rode a bunch including Bat (twice), Delirium and Invertigo (which was a great way to end my day! ) and did the HalloTween versions of Chaos, Shipwrecked and Blackout. I also saw/ran into a few friends today, so that was cool. The Orion construction looks great in person and I can't wait to see how the coaster will look when it's done (specifically, I can't wait to see the completed version from the Eiffel Tower next season). Finally, I did ride Vortex. I sat in 5-2 and it wasn't a pleasant ride experience. I'll probably give it one last shot on its last day (hopefully in the back), but as for now, I can see why it's leaving. I will say that it is a beautiful coaster, which I noticed both from the ground and atop the Eiffel Tower, and I will miss that aspect as there will now be a huge hole where it once stood.
  5. Loosely following this thread and WOW the brake run is up! Can’t wait to see in person! I wonder how much of the lift they’ll have finished by “Closing Day”.
  6. My reasons for a floorless would be: They are great rides- Hydra was fun and Rougarou is one of my favorites at CP Nostalgia- Those who know me know I like thngs from the 90’s/Early 2000’s and the first floorless debuted in 1999 Also, it would be great to have a modern looping coaster take Vortex’s place when the time comes. But a regular sit down B&M could work just fine. Another thought I had is this: if a Wing coaster did take Vortex’d place, I’d want it to be low to the ground and have twisting elements (much like Flug de Daemonen); this would differentiate it from GateKeeper and Thunderbird. And as I’ve said before, so could see a Dive going in that plot of land. EDIT: Here is a link to Flug de Daemonen on RCDB: https://rcdb.com/6667.htm
  7. So, I see the lift and the station track, but has the pre-lift track been laid? To explain what I mean, I’ll use Diamondback as an example. Coming out of the station, Diamondback has a piece of straight track before ascending the lift (and afterwards, there is one piece that curves to start the lift). For Orion, I see straight track (station track and afterwards) and the lift track, but I’m having trouble seeing the track piece where the straight track angles and connects with the lift. It should theoretically be there as the lift has been started, but it’s hard to see. Thanks!
  8. See, I never knew the strobe was meant to affect one room only... I assumed the fact that the whole maze strobes was by design. EDIT: Also, Ryan... The thing that scares me the most is the darkness though.
  9. So, I went last Sunday to ride rides and experience the HallowTween attractions. At open (Noon), I did Shipwrecked and loved the soundtrack and decorations! I then went to Blackout, which was still scary, despite having zero scare actors (also, the group I was with took a shortcut so we were done way faster than expected). I ended up going back for seconds and thirds - the last run was a solo run (though I eventually caught up to another group) and I was so proud of myself for being brave (for the record, Blackout is my least favorite Haunt maze). Chaos was well themed and I really enjoyed being back in that maze. The Madame’s scavenger hunt experience was a great concept, but the ending seemed very abrupt.
  10. I’ve been around the park starting with the removal of King Cobra. I remember the removal saddened me as a kid/teen as it was just always there (even though I never got to ride it). Son of Beast’s removal would have been crushing if they’d removed it immediately after closing it the second time. Because it stayed dormant for three years, the removal didn’t affect me as much as it would have. I cried over Firehawk. Though I couldn’t ride it in it’s final days due to health issues, I enjoyed the innovative coaster’s presence at the park and that final backstage tour helped bring closure. And as for Vortex, I was initially saddened by the sudden closure, but now I’ve accepted it and am anticipating the future. My last ride is sure to be interesting, though.
  11. I remember seeing that book too! Congrats KIghostguy; I'm really looking forward to reading it! Now, is the book a novel (with few pictures) or will it have pictures and text throughout?
  12. I know this would be jarring to some, but... “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X. It may ruin the feel, but so love the song! If the song is not used with the train specifically, it could be played on speakers as you pass the fort with stuffed bear and skeleton. And yes, I agree that “Wild, Wild West” should remain on the train.
  13. Sorry for the double post, but... I just made a "Vortex 2.0", which is basically what could happen if a floorless coaster that was inspired by Vortex's layout went in Vortex's old spot...
  14. I’m not sure if I could pick a year specifically as all the years I’ve been a regular attender (still including this year even though I’m a Scareactor), which has been since 2013, have been unique in some way. My first trip through Slaughter House was in 2013 (before they moved to Rivertown), Al (the giant troll in Coney) was put in a few years ago, Delta Delta Die and Club Blood were both cool Haunts that met their demise, Blood Drums has been rockin (though last year’s show was really cool and felt like a “greatest hits” show), the first year Backwoods Bayou opened up as a maze was super cool too. I’ve had a lot of great times at Haunt and expect to continue to even as an associate. EDIT: I never did Holiday Horror, probably because I was afraid of Santa as a kid. However, I was a fan of Evil Santa as well as the Santa for Tinker’s Toy Factory.
  15. If a launch Dive Coaster was a thing, I could see it being like Hypersonic XLC, but with wider cars (and, if it were hypothetically replacing Vortex, with a longer and different layout).
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