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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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    In addition to riding roller coasters, I also like listening to music, collecting Pokemon cards and playing the Pokemon video games. My favorite type is Grass and my favorite Pokemon is Blastoise. See my signature to see my current team on Pokemon HeartGold!

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  1. I think I barely remember that old Lazer Tag building in Coney Mall back in the day (or at least the idea that there was lazer tag back in the day; in any case, thanks for posting that pic). Also, never realized that the location of the (inflatable) Kings Island theater is where Tower Gardens is today; I guess I always assumed Tower Gardens was always there (as in, it opened with the park).
  2. The rainforest (trees) that surround the ride says hello... I know what you mean (a themed queue like Top Gun used to have), but the natural scenery (and my imagination) makes the ride themed enough for me! On the other hand, yeah, Diamondback is kinda just out there in a cleared field... more theming would be nice (maybe a themed queue). I do like @IndyGuy4KI's idea of lights giving the appearance of snake skin on the track - this effect could be used every time a train pulls out of the station (on that pre-lift straight track directly following the station) as the train could be "s
  3. It would be cool if Adventure Express got some love in the way of restoring all the effects. I know that over the years, more parts have been working (arrows in the second tunnel, "creaking" sound effects on the lift, etc.), but it would be cool to have all the old effects working.
  4. IF a closure like this were to happen, I would love to see some of their unique flats come to KI (Specifically, Sledge Hammer in Action Zone! Also, maybe Shockwave in Coney or Area 72.)
  5. Despite its aggressive nature, I really like Rougarou. I know it was an acquired taste for me as my first few rides were not the best - I blame this on going the second weekend of operations, as later that season it ran fantastic and quickly became one of my favorites. In fact, after driving 3.5 hours non-stop up to CP for my Labor Day 2019 trip, Rougarou was the first thing I rode (and it was worth the hour wait)! While I think it's a great coaster, I really would like to ride more (non-dive) Floorless coasters in the future (preferably with more inversions). ...but, to each their own...
  6. Though I don't remember specifically what I've done in past offseasons (other than think about & miss KI), I know that I typically devote more time to my other big interest outside of roller coasters, Pokemon. My extended off season from 2019-??? (hopefully it'll end in 2021 or '22) due to the pandemic has among other things, made me double down on my Pokemon obsession. Lately, I've been playing a lot of Pokemon HeartGold as well as Pokemon Battle Revolution. However, during this time, I have beat* HG, Pearl and White as well as bought some games/accessories and Pokemon cards. It seems lik
  7. I remember the cicadas from like 2003 (I think that was the year; I was in middle school) and there was an activity where someone ate a chocolate covered cicada.
  8. Last photo submission: Taken while walking through Dinosaurs Alive in 2017. It's interesting that there aren't a ton of places in the park that aren't secluded like this any more. The only ones I can think of are The Bat's exit and some parts of White Water Canyon's walkway.
  9. Nice! As of late (2019 and some years prior), I just treat it as a normal dark ride and don't shoot anything. Sure, the ride could be better, but it's nice in it's own way. Though I know most of the decorations are generic replacement of Scooby-themed ones, I do like that (what appears to be) an iPod is still there after all these years (in the bookshelf room; after the "Get away from me!" guy).
  10. Thanks for bumping the thread @VortexBFForever; it's interesting to see how peoples' predictions turned out! And on the last quote, Adventure Express very well may be the last Arrow (coaster) standing at the park; only time will tell...
  11. "Everyone knows whether night or day, find the light of dawn, you'll carry on" -Earthsuit, Said the Sun to the Shine

  12. Mystic Timbers on New Year's Eve 2019. I sat on the left side, which was different as I usually like sitting on the right*. *With some exceptions (such as Invertigo), I tend to sit on the side closest to the exit when riding a roller coaster.
  13. Here's a freaky Winterfest picture from X-Base (aka Area 72):
  14. This was hard to find as I either have pictures with at least some part of a ride in them or great scenery pictures from places not named Kings Island. Here goes though:
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