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    In addition to riding roller coasters, I also like listening to music, collecting Pokemon cards and playing the Pokemon video games. My favorite type is Grass and my favorite Pokemon is Blastoise. See my signature to see my current team on Pokemon HeartGold!

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  1. Sometimes Invertigo is rough or intense for me, but I generally enjoy it. I prefer either the very back or very front as I think it’s awkward to face others while riding. My favorite seat is back row (as in, you go up the lift forward), seat closest to the entrance, though last time I rode, Invertigo was more intense than I expected (IIRC)
  2. Well, the paintjob was technically the same from when the ride was called Top Gun, so… Also, it’s hard to believe how fast time flies; people that grew up with things from the late 2000’s/2010s are now adults, and they have childhood nostalgia too (as I discovered today on Pokemon Twitter ) -MDMC, one of those people that called Flight Deck Top Gun at some point during its lifespan as both had the same paintjob
  3. That looks really cool and elegant Also, that’s clever how they translated the flag on the first i (where the dot would be) to the older style; really looks nice
  4. I, too am interested. Looks like someone (or someones) will have to ride WindSeeker or Skyride to see what’s going on at that construction site.
  5. Interesting development; I wonder if other Cedar Fair parks will follow suit (specifically, KI with Timberwolf; don’t know how useful the large amphitheaters are to other Cedar Fair parks).
  6. Agreed. It was fun and cool as Reptar as a kid, but yeah… Flying Ace’s trains are a little shaky. Though my last ride on it a few months ago (in honor of it’s 20th Anniversary!) wasn’t too terrible; I’ve had worse. As for the worst ride I’ve been on? Mean Streak, especially that one time it really jackhammered at the bottom of the first drop. If it wasn’t rough, it was mediocre as it just meandered around the course. It always had potential, but never lived up to what it could have been. Thankfully, Steel Vengeance far outclasses Mean Streak multiple times over and is a fantastic ride. Honorable mentions would be Dorney Park’s Wild Mouse (so rough and janky, even during a Zen Ride - and it’s not the coaster type as Hershey’s Wild Mouse (ridden on the same trip) was much better!) and Son of Beast (specifically the Rose Bowl and the nothingness that occurred where the loop used to be (I rode it both with and without the loop).
  7. There is a documentary on Youtube by Bright Sun Films chronicling the history of that project: I haven’t watched it in a while, but IIRC, the project had a lot of stops and starts by different interest groups and the current version of the mall is a hodgepodge of those half-built ideas.
  8. That's really cool, but I would pass as the whole unharnessed while being that up high thing would freak me out... but kudos to the men and women stepping up and doing that job! -MDMC, who gets nervous while watching Youtube videos of people playing at dangerous heights or the one where someone is giving a tour from the top of Kingda Ka....
  9. Here's some Pulled Pork from Island Smokehouse (2017):
  10. @ThrillKingsFitzy: I never noticed they used the same colors; however, there was another coaster I was thinking of that copies Mantis's color scheme exactly - I think it's a looping coaster in Asia. However, I can't seem to find it at the moment...
  11. I really like the orange track and turquoise supports (I'm a sucker for orange coasters!), however, I do think the old paint job was pretty unique. (...Well, not really... There is a coaster somewhere in the world that has (had?) that exact paint job, but I can't find it at the moment.)
  12. Though I've never ridden it, bring back Medusa's old color scheme to Bizarro (at NJFTP).
  13. The above "last hour" strategy also works great for mazes too... I remember getting through a bunch of mazes right at the end of the night when I would go in 2018 and prior - for example, I remember being able to do Killmart and Backwoods Bayou with no wait and then on one specific night, I did Field of Screams (minimal wait of about 10-20 minutes; it's usually an hour or more) and then booked it to Slaughter House for my final maze of the night. Do note that the park does close at Midnight for Haunt and not 1 AM as in previous seasons.
  14. I like that B&M Dive idea, @medford; I think that would be a much better place to put it than in Vortex's plot (cross-threading). Though it would be sad to see it go (like Vortex, Congo Falls has just "always been there" and also, it's one of the remnants of the old Adventure Village area - though back then, it was called Amazon Falls), it would be interesting to see that area revitalized.
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