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  1. Good stuff! Looking forward to seeing (and possibly buying?) the retro T-Shirts when I stop there on the way back from Holiwood Nights. Kentucky Flyer looks nice as well; didn't realize there was a small turn before the first drop.
  2. MDMC01

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    With the exception of the continously hanging upside down part and the barrel roll into the water, it looks like a cool coaster!
  3. MDMC01

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    I love Rougarou's roar; it really adds to the theme of a beast on the bayou. On the other hand, Raptor's roar is way too loud!
  4. Good write-up of the history of the Volcano, Shaggy! Time Warp sounded really cool.
  5. Dang. Volcano was always a cool ride and my first launch coaster. The one time I went to Kings Dominion was 2001 and I only rode it once. I remember being talked into riding it (as it looked terrifying to younger me), but it ended up being awesome. I remember they added another train right when I was in line, therefore when I boarded, we stopped before hitting the first launch. I said the launch felt like a "giant was pushing us" and those barrel rolls at the top were crazy (that may have been my first barrel roll too)- it felt like the world was spinning! Sad to see it go, but great things may be on the way. I wonder if they'll still keep that giant Volcano...
  6. My best of the worst include Iron Wolf (Six Flags Great America), Dorney Park's Wild Mouse and Mean Streak. Iron Wolf banged your head around with its quick transitions while Wild Mouse was really rough and tumble. Mean Streak makes the cut due to the jackhammering at the bottom of/pulling up from the first drop.
  7. MDMC01


    Looks like it's gone from the website too. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Also, turns out I'll be making a trip down there in June as well. I'm really excited to ride Nighthawk, Fury, Drop Zone (yes, I know it's technically called Drop Tower ), Vortex, Scream Weaver and Electro Spin. I do have a question, though- do they have the special All-Day Lockers like Cedar Point (the ones that travel with you) or just regular ones? Also, are there more than 2 locker locations? Looking at the 2018 map, the only lockers I saw were at the Front Gate and near Fury. Just wondering as I've counted at least 5 rides I'll know I'll need a locker for and 3 that I might. Thanks in advance! As a final note, the last time I went to Carowinds was 2003 (The year Reptar- now known as Kiddy Hawk- opened). I'm ready to fly the friendly skies on Nighthawk and possibly get a taste of the future on Fury!
  8. Opening Day is April 20th!!!!!!!!!

  9. So, if the giga is themed to deer, who would be the sponsor- Mossy Oak? Realtree? The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation? In all seriousness, it was sorta sad to see that loop come down, but on the other hand, that was the element that forced me to stop riding Firehawk. So I guess I'll say good riddance. #imnotsorry EDIT: Also, re: the deer theme.. as long as there's no scary Santa in the shed*. we're good! *For the record, Evil Santa from Haunt is cool!
  10. Great job, guys! I love how knowledgeable you are about the fountains, Eric. Also, hearing about the stage makes me think of a bigger style show like Vertical Impact at Cedar Point. Wonder how this will affect (improve?) the Stunt Show and/or Winterfest. They could even do an outdoor Cirque show; the possibilities are endless! Also, re: the tables that were near Sweet Spot, I feel like those were removed due to possible congestion. I really do like how there is so much work being put into I-Street in addition to KMAA (aka the Antique Cars).
  11. MDMC01

    CGA hinting at something big?

    With a clue like that, it sounds to me it'll be either a Dive coaster or a slide complex like Tropical Plunge. We shall see...
  12. Yes, nightly fireorks are unique to us. I remeber going to Hersheypark (Not a Cedar Fair park, I know) in 2015 and being surprised that there was no fireworks show around closing time.
  13. MDMC01

    Kings Island 2019 Discussion

    Speaking of burgers, anyone remember the Pigpen Burger during the Peanuts Celebration? I didn't try it, but it looked rather interesting...
  14. MDMC01

    Face Your Fears (Flight of Fear 1996 commercial)

    I remember the first time I saw FOF and the first time I rode it. My step dad rode it with the OSTRs back in the day and I remember waiting in line and being too short (and too scared) to ride. I got really freaked out when that empty train rolled into the station! The first time I rode was with the lap bars. I remember being nervous to ride as I'd never been on an indoor coaster before and because it was a limited operation day, I didn't have much choice lol. I must have enjoyed it as I still ride it to this day. I rode it several times during Winterfest and loved the whole "Flight of Cheer" overlay. My only complaint is that it seems rough at times, and I wonder when it has been painted last.
  15. MDMC01

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    I remember that night. I went after work and it was the most crowded I had ever seen the park. I waited about two and a half hours for Mystic and it was (mostly) worth it.