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  1. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    I had so much fun playing Air Hockey in the Coney Arcade on Closing Day (as in, the last night of Winterfest)! I distinctly remember thinking just when the game was over, more pucks spilled out onto the table. Good times! Also, I think I played more/different types of games during Winterfest than the normal season. Along with Air Hockey, I also played Center Ice (the soccer game that was converted for Winterfest) twice and that was a ton of fun. IIRC, I only went into the Arcade(s) once or twice during the Normal season; I'm usually at the park for the rides, shows, Haunt mazes and Pokemon Go.
  2. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    I have an intresting idea... since DA is being removed, why not make WindSeeker/Vortex's exit a complete dead end and make a new path to get to Urgent Scare/former Action Theatre area that starts near the old Dinos entrance (like, near the gift shop)
  3. Coasterstock 2018

    (re: the bold above)That's really cool, didn't know that. I guess that's one more reason I'm glad I signed up for Holiwood Nights. Looks like 2018 in going to be fantastic in general for me: Opening Day, Holiwood Nights, eventual Cedar Point Trip for Valravn/Steel Vengeance and Warped Tour. Also, Legendary Pokemon Distributions and Pokemon Go Community Days throughout the year; woo-hoo!
  4. That is great that Maverick is getting some love! Also, I'd love to see a campground again at KI. If the campground was near Bat and Banshee, maybe the new park entrance could be near where Wolf Pack is now.
  5. You Know It's the Off Season When...

    I got one from today: You know it's the Offseason when you have a fantastic day of Pokemon Hunting and wish to top it off with a trip to Kings Island (because of the amazing weather and overall feeling great), but can't. 35 days... In all seriousness, I really need to take a Saturday and do this once the season starts... Pokemon hunting in the morning, Kings Island from afternoon-close.
  6. Congo Falls

    Personally, I like Congo Falls and it would be great if it stayed. At the same time, I'd love to see what it would look like (as in, a 3D modeling of some sort) if Congo was moved to Rivertown. Also, RE: Timberwolf... I would love it if that amphitheater used more often for local bands (or they could even have a Kings Island-produced show there!). They could have local bands do Friday or Saturday night shows there (I'd go if it was a Saturday and either included with admission or even a $5 upcharge)! They could even rope off half of the stadium as these bands may attract much smaller crowds than the headliners for Spiritsong.
  7. 2018 cirque show

    Oh my gosh! This is amazing news! Wonder if we'll see any familiar faces? -MDMC, hoping to see Nael, Abresh or anyone else from last year's fantastic run of Cirque: Origins make a return. I'm also curious to see which (if any) music will be kept for this show. I'd still love to know the song used for Abresh's act this year/Ariel's ring act last year (I asked Abresh and he and Sam (I think?) didn't even know what the song was, but from what they told me, it can be inferred that the song was not under copyright).
  8. You Know It's the Off Season When...

    You know it's the Offseason when you dream about riding a roller coaster. So, in the dream (actually, it was a dream within my dream, I think..). I was riding what I thought was New Texas Giant, but it was actually the old one (as it was all wood). I was in the front seat, but facing reverse (and it was the only seat like that, as far as I knew). It was a great ride (and not rough at all like I braced myself for in the dream) up until some ghost guy appeared and started tickling me. I couldn't do anything as I was on the ride, but after I yelled something, it went away; right as we started to go back into the station. I was discussing my 100th coaster in the dream and this was it.
  9. You Know It's the Off Season When...

    Did not realize there are so many acronyms! You know it's the offseason when you miss Firehawk terribly and can't wait for Haunt to start again- 44 days! Also, with this shorter offseason, the I really miss Kings Island feelings that would have happened in like, January or early February are happening now, but the great thing is, we've only got a month and a half left to wait! Finally, as a side note- I love Firehawk like I love Millennium Force at Cedar Point- because they are both rides from the early 2000s'!
  10. Underutilized Plots of Land

    Yes, please. MDMC, who is both a) avoiding a 1 word post and b, loves Inverted Impulse Coasters In all seriousness, KI could put in WT as well as some flats in that area. If thst kind of trade ever happened, I'd hope CP would give it a fantastic theme (or perhaps we could trade with Six Flags Great America for V2; I feel like Backlot may be a better fit there as they don't have a single launch coaster.
  11. Harlem Globetrotters

    Interesting... I may have to check this out when I'm in the park. 59 days!
  12. Park Nitpicks

    Just thought of a nitpick while reading the KI hiring/employee thread... it seems the last few times I've been to Soak City, the left (blue) side of the slide formally knows as Sidewinder (sorry, I'm not terribly familliar with the new names... it's the tube slide that's blue and light green, next to the four slide body slide complex (formally known as Helix)) has been closed. When I've asked, the answers have been it's down or low staffing (or something to that effect), IIRC. It's always a bummer as I remember that being my favorite of the two slides. However, I do enjoy the other slide too, but it's still sorta frustrating. On a more positive note, I love thst Soak City has most of its old slides from back in the day- thanks for preserving those, KI!
  13. Although there is one down the street, I think it could be cool if Kings Island had a Wendy's in-park. Also, what happened to the Vanilla Dippin' Dots. Last time I went to one of the stands, I was told (and saw) that that flavor was gone. I remember getting Vanilla Dippin' Dots in the park a while back; wonder what happened to them?
  14. RMC throughout Cedar Fair?

    Not sure why it wouldn't let me post more outside of the quote (maybe because I was going to originally copy/paste the quote and my response after reading the rest of the thread, but that didn't work...), but what I was going to say was that if you look at the link in the quote, Energylandia will be possibly be receiving a Tilt Coaster... a tilt coaster! I love that these are still being made in 2018.
  15. RMC throughout Cedar Fair?