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  1. Thanks for posting the answers! I thought “Welcome to the Theatre” was the only song from the ride that made into the show (based on that Halloween video KI posted that had the tune in the background)
  2. Very nice! IIRC, the front cars did have some wear and tear on them…
  3. Hey all, I found some info online about HoliWood Nights 2023. I don't plan to go, but I wanted to post the info for those who are interested. Event Page: HoliWood Nights Exclusive Coaster Club Event, Holiday World Blog Post: HoliWood Nights 2023 Updates | Holiday World
  4. I really like the Mystic Timbers one; that would be cool if there was one for The Bat (1993).
  5. Funny video! I love how the characters think the Belsnickles are from "O...h...i..o" Also, while the above picture of Krampus does not creep me out (I've seen worse by doing a Google search), I would very much not like to see one at Winterfest.
  6. When will the answers be revealed?
  7. I like most of the layout and the inversion fly-by, but I feel like those last two inversions as is kill the pacing as the ride ends shortly after that. Perhaps have some more track (maybe a helix or something) between the two barrel rolls or just have the slow station fly by, a turn and maybe a dip and before the final brakes. The ride is pretty strong up until that point, imo. EDIT: Another idea is after that last inversion, have some low to the ground turns as a homage/reference to the original Bat.
  8. Although it would be tempting to choose one of the more intense/bigger coasters like Invertigo or Banshee, I voted for The Bat. The past few Winterfests I've walked back there (well, as far as I can go without trespassing - which is to say, a little past the Action Zone bathrooms) and was sad to see The Bat closed during the event. Though I understand that The Bat (and my second choice, Adventure Express) are Arrows and therefore, they can't run below a certain temperature, it would be great to have it open during this time (and on that note, I wonder if Adventure Express will be "winterized" during the offseason so that it could perhaps run during next year's WF). They could even have lights on some of the trees and festive signs in the area. Also, like I said, my second (and more realistic choice) would be Adventure Express... perhaps this will happen with the opening of Adventure Port... EDIT: I saw someone voted for Beast... that could be interesting during WF... it could even be rethemed to an abominable snowman like monster
  9. It did? And speaking of signs, I wonder whatever happened to the big Nickelodeon sign that was in Nick Central years ago?
  10. I like this idea. There is quite a lot of space back there (mostly thinking about the midway that was used by Cornered this year) for the space only being used a handful of times this season. Perhaps they make enough on merch, food and beverages to justify its existence? In any case, I’ve enjoyed the concerts at Timberwolf, so this is a great compromise.
  11. I noticed it was missing and wondered about that. If it does come back at some point, I hope it is moved to a trail in the woods rather than a midway. I think that would make a great setting and also people wouldn’t have to constantly be on guard to ensure that they don’t get run over by a horse!
  12. Agreed, it looks super cool; reminds me of Orion's (Haunt) light package! Here's a picture I took from the train:
  13. I saw they had a display in Emporium (or whatever it is called during WF) last night
  14. I had a great time tonight! After observing the Adventure Port construction, I rode Flight of Fear and the wait was longer than I expected. Saw What the Dickens, Tinkers and the Parade. What the Diskens was funny and a good way to start the Wintetfest season, but the other two were definitely highlights of the evening. Moving Tinkers from Festhaus to Kings Island theatre really improved the experience, IMO. The set was bigger with more detail, and people could (for the most part) focus on the show instead of other things. Though there was a malfunction towards the end (show ended early for some reason...), I was impressed and enjoyed the show (and I prefer the 2017 version of Tinkers to the fka "The Christmas Fever"... except ). The parade was fun and way better than last year. Had way more floats and performers this year, so that was good. Of course, I always run into people I know in the park and that's always good.
  15. Happy Thanksgiving as well! It's hard to believe I've been a part of KIC for a decade now. Time flies...
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