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  1. MDMC01

    WinterFest Tips And Advice?

    First off @kingsislandfan1972, congrats on winning that contest! In terms of what to do, there is lots to do, so these are my suggestions... - Ride at least one of the two coasters open... it's surreal to be riding a coaster in December and they are both good rides (and if you do ride Flight of Cheer, pay special attention to the queue line theming). -Play some games if you want- both Arcades are open as well as some of the themed midway games (Center Ice was a blast when I played last year) -See the shows- You won't see them all in one night, but if you only have one visit, I'd reccomend Tinker's Toy Factory, Four Drummers Drumming, The Mistletones, and Charlie Brown's Christmas Spectacular (while that last one is not my personal favorite, it is a nice Broadway-style show and it's a heated building). What the Dickens is another good choice too! On a final note, the Petting Farm is now "Sounds of the Nativity", where singers intermittently sing Christmas songs. -Interact with the characters- there will be plenty of roaming characters throughout the park and you may see a familiar face or two! -Go Ice Skating- I did it last year and it was really cool. -Finally, have fun and make sure to pick up an Experience Guide at the entrance! EDIT: Also, make sure to take in all of the light displays.
  2. MDMC01

    Things KI Can Do For Money

    I second this! If they had a KI coaster shirt series similar to CP’s, I would totally buy Bat and Flight of Fear* shirts! *On a related note, can we have some Flight of CHEER merch? I feel like this is a missed opportunity; I would gladly buy a Flight of Cheer shirt if it was available.
  3. Steel Vengeance (4) vs. Maverick (1) The Beast (2) Vs. Banshee (3)
  4. MDMC01

    Winterfest 2018 Discussion Thread

    I had heard about the ice on the track as well, but yeah, it could most likely be due to Mystic's startup temp. I was also there last night and had fun despite being tired from walking around at the zoo earlier that day. I really enjoyed seeing The Mistletones, who really benefitted from having a seperate stage as opposed to last year, where they shared the stage with Jingle Jazz (each group rotated out on the half hour). This really gave them a chance to shine and because of that, I enjoyed their show a lot more this year. I also saw the Charlie Brown Christmas Spectacular, was slightly better than last year (still not my cup of tea, though...). In addition, I got my picture with Schroader (finally!) and said hi to Mr. and Mrs. T. EDIT:Also, Everest may want to see an optometrist...
  5. MDMC01

    My photos of WinterFest 2018 (and some past ones as well)

    RE: The Star, when driving towards the park the other night, I could see the lights from miles away, while the star wasn't as visible. I agree with the idea that the star should be brighter.
  6. Oh dang, down to 8 now... sadly Valravn took his bow a while ago... Millennium Force (1) vs. Maverick (2) Top Thrill Dragster (1) vs. Banshee (2) Steel Vengeance (2) vs. Magnum XL-200 (1) Diamondback (1) vs. The Beast (2)
  7. MDMC01

    Kings Island Music

    I actually think that whole album (Alien Youth) would work, with the exception of the last song (“Come my Way” doesn’t fit the rest of the album’s industrial rock style). EDIT: Another good coaster song (that makes me think of Cedar Point specifically) is “Fad of the Land” by Newsboys
  8. MDMC01

    Kings Island Music

    I think Flight of Fear’s theme song should be “Vapor” by Skillet.
  9. MDMC01

    Winterfest 2018 Discussion Thread

    Agreed, Sam; ham is delicious. Let's just agree to disagree on that whole bacon thing lol -MDMC, not a fan of bacon
  10. MDMC01

    Winterfest 2018 Discussion Thread

    I went for a few hours again tonight and had a blast! I rode Flight of Cheer twice (the last ride ended up being a lights on ride on the last train on the night- thanks to @harmony29 and her husband who encouraged me to wait as it was worth it!), saw 4 Drummers Drumming, Mr. and Mrs. T, and even ran into Chef Major and Woodstock! I also rode the train and Mystic Timbers. My next trip will be Friday.
  11. MDMC01

    Does it make you Less of a KI Fan..

    Though I mostly eat one meal in the park, that’s not always the case. There have been one or two visits where I’ve packed a lunch and went out to my car to eat. Also, Saturday night, I didn’t even eat at the park! It doesn’t make you any less of a patron if you choose to eat outside the park; just being there is enough (though buying food and merch does help the park’s bottom line, so...)
  12. MDMC01

    What do you think KI would get in 2020?

    Thunderbird is the best Wing coaster I've been on, it actually feels like you are flying, unlike Wild Eagle and GateKeeper, where the car just happens to be on the side of the track. Not saying they are not fun (GateKeeper was fun when I rode in July), but I like T-Bird more). One reason I'm excited for Holiwood Nights next year is I plan on getting more ERT on T-Bird than I did this past year (being my first one, the focus was on Voyage and Legend). Plus, I'll get to feel like Porco Rosso* in his seaplane during that launch out of the shed! *Porco Rosso is a movie I recently saw that I'm sort of obessessed with at the moment lol. You can see my review in the movie thread, but basically it's about a seaplane pilot bounty hunter who had his face turned into a pig.
  13. Millennium Force (5) vs. Adventure Express (3)Top Thrill Dragster (5) vs. Blue Streak (3)Steel Vengeance (7) vs. Flight of Fear (1)Diamondback (5) vs. The Racer (3)The Beast (4) vs. Mystic Timbers (4)Magnum XL-200 (5) vs. Rougarou (3)Banshee (8) vs. Raptor (0)Vortex (2) vs. Maverick (6)
  14. MDMC01

    Next NEW Coaster

    Personally, I would consider Mystic Timbers to be a “family thrill coaster”. The height requirement allows it to be accessible to most, and the ejector air is also pretty awesome. All in all, it’s a good ride; but at the same time, I’ve ridden Flight of Cheer more than Mystic (6 vs. 1) this Winterfest season, so there’s that...
  15. MDMC01

    Next NEW Coaster

    They look ok, it's just that I don't know that (or how) I can consider them coasters.