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  1. Speaking of fountains, I didn’t see the Royal Fountains go at all during the fireworks show Friday Night (IIRC, they were working earlier in the day).
  2. Could be, but I’m not sure. Sounds like I’ve heard that music somewhere before, like generic music for a YouTube video or something. Also sounds like “Fireflies” by Owl City. Also, that train looks super cool (and long!).
  3. When I saw the "I've been in line for 4 hours" post on the side of the main forums page, I assumed the OP was talking about Steel Vengeance; then I would have said ride it out. How far are you in line though and is this your first ride on it? Those factors should determine whether 4 hours of waiting is justified. Also, how many people are getting out of line? If it's a significant amount, your wait when it comes back up may be shorter than you thought! Just my $.02 on the subject. Update since he posted he got out of line: This post is mostly irrelevant now, but these are good probing questions for any enthusiast to ask in the future when waiting in line for a ride that is 2-9 (also, how bad do you want to ride?)
  4. Sorry to double post, but I just figured it out... you text “HeyFunTV” to the number and get sent to link to an online survey where you can give feedback on FunTV.
  5. The discussion of texting security re: smoking outside the designated smoking areas prompted me to think of this: While in line for DT one time, I tried to text the “HeyFunTV” number (54040) with my suggestion and it came back with a message that said “The keyword you’re trying to use is not available on our short code 54040”. Perhaps this is because I have a flip phone? EDIT: Or maybe I should have just texted “HeyFunTV” and waited for a prompt?
  6. I’m going up Labor Day weekend and this is one of the things I’m most excited about! Also Rougarou; I miss it so much!
  7. I heard they are bringing Paddlewheel back; I actually discussed that with someone while in line for Backlot yesterday. As far as what I think CP needs, I think they are missing a B&M Flyer (and maybe a GCI, but KI does have Mystic Timbers). I really like how they’ve concentrated on non-coaster additions this year to make CP a more well-rounded Park.
  8. Raptor is way louder and it's super annoying (at least, as of last season it was... I'll find out in two weeks...). On the other hand, Rougarou's roar is awesome and fits with the theme (a beast on the bayou). I would love for Orion to have that B&M roar, but I also understand the implications.
  9. I rode Phantom Flyer... er, I mean Linus Launcher last Sunday and that was interesting... I can only imagine what Time Warp feels like...
  10. I'm not sure why, but all I can say is that I was told they were working on it last night and hoping to get it running today (Source: I had a cool conversation with a ride op who was "guarding" Diamondback's entrance telling guests that it was closed for the rest of the night; we talked about Diamondback and Haunt! ).
  11. In honor of National Roller Coaster Day, I made it up to the park for a few hours and managed to ride every coaster, minus Red Racer and Diamondback (the former because to me, Blue counted as "riding The Racer" and Diamondback was down, which I was totally ok with!*). Though a few of the rides were bumpy/jerky, I'd have to say the highlights were Invertigo (had NO WAIT and the ride experience was pretty decent), Adventure Express (jerky, but that's to be expected; also there was this kid who had pretty much memorized the AE spiel and was doing it continually, which was cool- he wasn't making fun of the ride ops, he was 100% legit!), Mystic Timbers (very crazy/fast and fun) and The Bat (first ride was intense, second ride was nice). The lines weren't terrible with the worst probably being Mystic Timbers (probably 30 minutes-ish). Also, got to see a piece of Orion track from Blue Racer, so that was awesome. Speaking of Area 72 (gonna have to get used to calling X-Base that now lol), Chaos's sign was up and I couldn't be happier! Also, I loved seeing the giant Orion posters cover the fence and the ride itself being advertised (with Gold Passes) everywhere I looked! On the flip side, Flight of Fear was pretty harrowing; I was in Row 2 and it was a very rough ride! Overall, it was a good time and I'm glad I got that many coasters in in such a short amount of time. I'll be back in the park Sunday for two showings of Gravity and it'll likely be the last time I make it to KI before Haunt. *Though I am bummed for the people who want to see it running as I know a lot of people (enthusiasts and GP alike) love Diamondback. But also Rivertown was a lot quieter, so there's that. EDIT: Also ran into @VortexBFForever and Brenden (the guy who loves Banshee) during my trip. Also-also, I feel like somehow the park (or some entity) should keep track of people who are "superfans" of a ride and have ridden a particular coaster an insane amount of times (like on a leaderboard or something...)- for example, we have Carl Eichmann for Beast, Brendan for Banshee, me for The Bat, Gary Coleman for Diamonback and Carolyn for Vortex (let me know if there are others I'm missing).
  12. Interesting that the shirt says Orion: The Ride... is there another Orion? Also, Tomb Raider: The Ride...
  13. Guys I just realized the station matches the repaint of Chaos’s building (or vice versa).
  14. Thanks for posting the link, @FUN&ONLY!! I saw all the videos on the site, and while it could be a bit longer, oh my gosh does it look amazing! That turnaround looks like a non-inverted dive loop and that first hill after the drop takes you sideways! That’s like a Steel Vengeance move! I think Orion is going to be a big hit and I like the theme/backstory as well. I wonder if any of this will be incorporated into Chaos?
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