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  1. I actually experienced this on Adventure Express yesterday. I was assigned Row 15 and I then asked for Row 14 (my favorite row). He then said "Row 15 is open..." and so I went begrudgingly to Row 15. On the flip side, I did have excellent guest service on Delirium as I asked the driver if Bat was open (as I was curious as this was after the storm had blown through and allegedly knocked out power to Drop Tower and nearby rides- but somehow Banshee and Delirium were back up...) and he actually went ahead and called them to see if they were open(they weren't). I told him he went above and beyond and he said, that's what we do! Kudos to that guy (not sure what his name was!)
  2. MDMC01

    Decoding 2020

    I remember riding Beast on a rainy Haunt night; it was pretty insane as the rain was cold.
  3. MDMC01

    Decoding 2020

    Stay safe indeed. I actually came home a little earlier than planned due to the weather. As for The Beast design in one of the stores, the way the track looks reminds me of Cedar Creek Mine Ride- so it's basically Cedar Creek Mine Ride on steroids, lol. Speaking of The Point, Wicked Twister has some amazing station music as well.
  4. Oh my gosh, what a day! Along with Grand Carnivale (which I talk about in another thread), it was just a day full of fun and awesomeness. I started the day with 2 rounds of Vortex (one rainy, one not) and a spin on Antique Autos. Also rode Banshee, Delirium, Racer, Adventure Express, Diamondback and more. There was a giant storm that rolled in around 5ish, which cleared out the park a bit. This meant that after Carnivale's festivities (mostly) ended, the park was pretty dead. I ended the night with a rainy front seat night ride on Mystic Timbers.
  5. Yes, the parade was amazing! Like, it was so amazing that I almost wished I still worked there so I could be in the parade (well, you can join at the end, but you know what I mean...). Also, the dance party was amazing (and took so much out of me- of course I tore it up out there!), but only ran until 8:30ish (I thought it was supposed to be until park close, but... I think what was supposed to happen was the featured band (and/or Hot Rhythm Nights) was supposed to take over on the Bandstand, but due to weather, the featured band played in Festhaus). Speaking of weather, most of the countries' showcase acts either had shortened appearances or none at all. I saw France and Germany's mini-shows, but did not get to see India's, China's (they were there, but they didn't end up performing) or Italy's. All things considered, it was a fantastic event and I'm so excited to see it with much more favorable weather conditions as it seems like all the pieces would fit together more smoothly. But from what they had to work with weather-wise (and it being the first official night of the event), it blew me away!!!
  6. Wait, we can be IN the parade! Where do I sign up? Waiting for Cirque at the moment, but when I walked in a few hours ago, I was amazed and blown away by all the decorations and theming on I-Street. Tonight is gonna be awesome!
  7. MDMC01

    Decoding 2020

    Don’t they already have a Drop Tower ride in Mach Tower? It could be a Windswker type ride or perhaps a Slingshot upcharge ride. It could also be a really tall building for an indoor ride, who knows?
  8. So, I know I asked this in another thread, but... is it known what time(s) the daily parade will occur?
  9. Good stuff, Shaggy! Never knew the original (well, current) train colors were meant to resemble a fireball.
  10. Not to question a mod, but... my experience has been a bit different with Mystic (for Banshee, you absolutely need to get a locker!). Up until Winterfest, I would need to put my fanny pack in a locker. However, ever since that one night at Winterfest, I’ve been able to ride with my fanny pack on. Also, responding to an earlier idea posed, I wouldn’t like a fully pre-planned* day very much. Though I do have things I’d like to ride and shows I’d like to see while in the park, I can be spontaneous as well. Like, if I wanna marathon Vortex or Bat instead of choosing a different ride, I can. *I say fully pre-planned as I understand there are showtimes to abide by if I want to see the shows. Speaking of shows, when do Carnival’s parades happen? I know the dance party is at night, but I’m not sure when the parades start.
  11. MDMC01

    Decoding 2020

    Thanks for that info/explanation; I personally find it very fascinating! I just watched that X-Flight video and was amazed that there was no bar to lift the trains up (like Firehawk had)!
  12. MDMC01

    Decoding 2020

    Great info, befat! What is the difference between onboard hydraulics and off train hydraulics? I just watched a video of Stealth and it looks like it had a similar system to Firehawk (I’m not sure how to spot the differences between the two systems).
  13. MDMC01

    Decoding 2020

    I actually like Orange on a coaster, not sure why... Great orange coasters include The Bat, Valravn and Rougarou. Also Fahrenheit and Talon. That being said, that blue looks awesome. If I got to pick the support color, I’d probably go with white or black, just because I can’t think of any other color that work well with that blue track.
  14. And I can try to convince someone that eating a sleeve of Ritz Crackers with Peanut Butter and a glass of milk totally counts as a meal! Also, I second the whole directional sign thing. Yes, some of us probably know the park like the back of our hand, but it would be nice to add some themed signs that compliment the areas. For example, rustic signs in Rivertown, Classic Americana-esque signs in Coney, Safari-themed signage in... oh wait... You get the point, though. Themed signage would be great!
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