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  1. MDMC01

    Coney BBQ and 2018 Food Reviews

    Good to know
  2. MDMC01

    Haunt 2018

    I had a blast last night at Haunt! I saw Sam 4 times, went through Chaos 3 times (the first of which resulting in me making it out the correct exit alone as everyone else got lost and exited the maze incorrectly) and got lots of pictures with my Haunt friends. I also managed to do Field of Screams (which I usually avoid because of the massive line) as it was only a 15 minute wait. It was pretty cool, but I still enjoy Chaos and Slaughterhouse more. EDIT: Oh yeah, there's also a pop-up T-Mobile stand in Action Zone where you can win a Front of the Line pass; not sure if it's good for a Haunt maze or a ride, though...
  3. So, I did ride WindSeeker yesterday afternoon and (IMO), it looks like a decent-sized chunk of land for the Antique Cars (and it looks like they are saving some greenery too). Also, when riding, be sure to look at the land beyond that plot all the way to where the dorms are going to be built (I think?)… that's a huge chunk of land for something big.
  4. MDMC01

    Coney BBQ and 2018 Food Reviews

    So, I finally tried the Tri-Tip last night before Haunt started and it seemed really tough; is this how it's supposed to be? Also, it seemed super expensive compared to what I normally get (Pulled Pork sandwich and Mac and Cheese), but maybe the guy rang in up weird.
  5. MDMC01

    Phone Charging

    I would bring your own, only because the park chargers are abysmally slow... Note I have never used a phone charging locker, so I'm not sure how those charging speeds are.
  6. Anyone think the focus on seasonal events is due to the number of individuals who are season passholders rather than buying day tickets for the park? I think it's been said on here that KI specifically has a large season passholder base, but I wonder if that's true for any of the other Cedar Fair parks. However, I do think the emphasis on seasonal events will increase attendance, if only because people don't want to miss out on what's going on.
  7. I believe @MaxxForce is asking about the Firehawk Final ride Blog Meetup event.
  8. MDMC01

    How is the Haunt conducted at KI?

    This is why I don't like going to Haunt on Saturdays (but I do because I normally work on Friday nights). I also give kudos to and worry about the scareactors, who at best could get messed with by teens and at worst, get attacked by stupid people. Thanks to you all who are Scareactors and brave the crowds to give people a fright.
  9. MDMC01

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    I'd be ok with a Dive coaster or floorless. However, I just built a Giga in RCT2 and I'm starting to get super hyped about the possibilty of a Giga coming to KI. EDIT: Here is said Giga... It's called Diver (it's the blue and white coaster) and has a 15 mph lift like Millennium Force. It goes 101 MPH, is 6,483 ft/300 ft tall and includes a vertical twist drop at the far end. Also, there is no MCBR.
  10. MDMC01

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Forgot to talk about this, but... Can Chaos Laboratories please be involved in the Giga's backstory somehow? Besides the first few rooms, I think my favorite part of Chaos (the new Haunt maze) is that epic voiceover whike waiting in line. Whike waiting for it to open on Saturday, that voiceover got me pumped and gave me major Millennium Force vibes (the voiceover lady sounds like the Millennium Force commercial lady). If you need a refresher on that epic commercial, here it is...
  11. MDMC01

    The Firehawk back-story...

    I just want to say this thread is awesome and has been a great read. Thanks to the many contributors for giving us a behind the scenes look at Firehawk's past.
  12. Part of me hopes this is a photoshopped joke, but at the same time, it would be cool if Firehawk got moved to Dorney. However, I don't like the Desert Hawk name and I'm not sure how said name would work (as it doesn't seem to fit the park).
  13. I like the Wendy's idea, but I think they should bring back UDF ice cream. I know we have Greaters, but like that commercial/meme says, "Why not both?". -MDMC, who has been craving UDF since about 2 weeks ago
  14. MDMC01

    The Firehawk back-story...

    I think this is one of the reasons why Nighthawk would be staying- it was the first. Which I why I hope to ride it someday