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    In addition to riding roller coasters, I also like listening to music, collecting Pokemon cards and playing the Pokemon video games. I consider myself to be an Adventure Trainer, specializing in Grass, Water, and Flying types. See my signature for the team I'd have if Pokemon were real!

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  1. When I read your comment (and similar comments), I was thinking, Meteor (at Dorney) better be a 5! as it freaked me out the first time I rode as I didn't expect to be flung upside down backwards! More on topic, both Demon Drop and Dominator at Dorney are 5's, but oddly enough, DT at KD is a 4 (as are Carowinds, Great America's, and Canada's Wonderland versions)
  2. Essentially, I guess. I didn't realize Mako had similar colors until I looked at pics of it
  3. To me, that "sheep" on MT's sign looks like (and reminds me of) Son of Beast's old baby carriage that was used in the promos and on the cover of the 2000 (iirc) park map. Also, the sign looks cool and I get what they were going for by putting Kings Island on the sign; it's like a roadside attraction sign (in a good way). Also, that dangling vine looks like tinsel and I hope it is shaped up before it opens so we can read the sign. Speaking of the sign, I agree with Shaggy''s perspective about KI being indirectly advertised (thru selfies, etc.) by being on the sign. EDIT: Also, Don; thanks for taking the time to answer our questions about this fantastic new ride! 25 more days!
  4. When I first read the thread title, I immediately thought of S&S's Thrust Air Coasters. There were only 2 made, Hypersonic XLC (at KD- which is now gone) and Dodonpa (in Japan). I've heard that for 2017, Dodonpa is having some track work done and a giant loop is being constructed where the hill once stood. This means that there is no un-modified Thust Air Coaster standing (unless that prototype on S&S's property is still there). More to the topic, suspended coasters (the Arrow/Vekoma kind, not the Caripro single-rail kind...) are an endangered species that I'd like to see more of. I've enjoyed my rides on The Bat (1993) at KI as well as Iron Dragon at The Point. If we are talking non-coasters, I would love to see more S&S Sky Swats. There's only 1 in the world, and it's in the UK (Thorpe Park to be exact).
  5. 28 days until Kings Island opens for 2017! :D

  6. Sorry to double-post, but according to KI's site (https://www.visitkingsisland.com/things-to-do/live-entertainment), Cirque's off day is Wednesday and it starts May 27th!
  7. Guess what? According to the website, "Back to the 90's" starts Opening Day! Plus, they have all the show's schedules* online: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/things-to-do/live-entertainment *At least, the ones that have been announced so far Also, according to KI's Twitter, the 2017 map has been finalized! Looking forward to a great 2017 season in just 30 days!
  8. Not sure. CP hasn't announced anything (to my knowledge), but I'm guessing it'll open in 2018. EDIT: What I have seen so far of RMC Mean Streak looks incredible.
  9. Any news about DuoFannick returning? Or even Sam (one of the gnomes)?
  10. Great interview! That station reminds me of a cross between King Cobra/Adventure Express's station (as it's giving off that Jungle/Outpost vibe) and The Beast. 31 more days till we ride our very own GCI!
  11. I first saw the change on my phone and I practically squealed with delight! Now that I'm on my laptop, I like the desktop view as well! Great job/thanks to all involved.
  12. Hollywood Nights was a cool show, with that awesome However, The Boyz are Back was one of my favorite past "musical" shows they've done, along with Way Too Much TV.
  13. Oh, I didn't see the roof wasn't done yet lol
  14. Looks like the shed's done! 33 more days until we can ride!
  15. That looks pretty cool. I like the tropical theming (like that statue head halfway thru the ride) and the waterfalls throughout the ride. The parrot is also pretty cool. Did you know that there is some Atlantian writing on one of the props? I believe it's on the diving bell. Check out more facts about the slide here: http://www.themeparktourist.com/news/20170303/32528/walt-disney-world-s-newest-ride