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  1. Haunt 2017

    Last night was really fun! For the first few mazes, it seems like the scares were just a bit more plentiful (to quote myself, I said that you're never too brave to get scared) ! Bored to Death was super dark (lighting-wise), Madame Fatale's was on their A-game, and even someone from Slaughter House got me good! Also, roaming the park after midnight was quite fun; after dinner, I caught some Pokemon and then sauntered into Killmart (the greeter was just telling people to go on in!). I also enjoyed interacting with the scareactors as well as catching up with people I know. Honestly, though, the scariest thing for me was when @Magenta Lizard and I were roaming Freak Street and there was this guest who looked like Santa and had a hat that said "Yes, it's me"; it was just too real for me... . Evil Santa and KI Santa are cool, but "real" Santa... nope! EDIT: Also had a really nice dusk Beast ride with some guy.
  2. The only parks I've been to on your itinerary are Hershey and Dorney. Dorney is a smaller park with a considerably sized water park. The day I went, we (my cousin and I) were able to fit in all the coasters, minus Stinger and the kids coaster. Make sure to do Thunderhawk and Possessed; those two are amazing (and pieces of history!). Talon and Steel Force were fun too and Hydra was my first floorless. Also, Talon reminded me a little bit of Banshee. Finally, don't forget about the flats like The Whip, Demon Drop, Revolution (which I did not ride, but rode The Claw at Hershey, which was the same thing), Dominator, and Meteor. As for your 100th, I would go with Nitro or Hydra (I think Skyrush is painful on the thighs), but ultimately, it's all up to you as it's your milestone. Enjoy!
  3. Flat Ride at KI

    Hmmm... I think I have a few options... #1: Zamperla Hawk 48- these things are really cool as well as terrifying if you don't know you're going backwards! (Location: Action Zone or Coney Mall) #2: S&S Sky Swat- If S&S ever resurrected this concept, I would love it to come to a park near me. (Location: Action Zone) #3: HUSS Jump2- Sledge Hammer at Canada's Wonderland looks cool, so why not? (Location: Action Zone) #4: HUSS Top Spin- Because oddly enough, Tomb Raider was the only Top Spin I've ridden (Location: Coney Mall or Oktoberfest) #5: S&S Screamin' Swing: I always thought one would fit well in Rivertown by what is now the new Funnel Cake shop. (Location: Rivertown or X-Base) EDIT: Oh yeah, I'd also have a Tilt-a-Whirl (Coney Mall) and spinning Teacups (Oktoberfest or Coney).
  4. Blood Drums Facebook Interview on 10/8/17

    Just watched the interview and really enjoyed it! Thanks to @IndyGuy4KI for making it happen!
  5. Blood Drums Facebook Interview on 10/8/17

    Awesome! Very much looking forward to it.
  6. Haunt 2017

    Correct. Sam is the main guy talking, behind the table.
  7. Haunt 2017

    Just so you know, I liked your post because of your review (and that you think Slaughterhouse was awesome - I take it you met Sam?). On another note, It's sad that people disrespect the Scareactors, some of which are my (and others) friends both in and out of costume. For all you out there, please be respectful (or at least try, some people have interesting reactions when scared...) of the Scareactors, they're just trying to have a little fun...
  8. Current wait times

    Just by seeing these extreme wait times, I'm really glad I left when I did (I left a little after 2). After Backlot (which was longer than I cared to wait (one switchback in the back part of the queue plus the rest of the line to the station...), but I stuck it out!), I determined that Beast's and Diamondback's lines were too long for my liking and ended up doing a Raid Battle (Pokémon Go) at the Effial Tower and heading home.
  9. Current wait times

    Wait times aren't too terrible today. Delirium was a cycle wait, Bat's waits (I rode twice) were never more than 2-3 trains (station wait) and Zephyr was less than a cycle wait. However, Firehawk's wait is an hour (according to the ride op out front). I think this may be like 2 Saturdays ago, where waits weren't bad during the day, but the park will get busy around Haunt-time. Also, Al (the troll) is working today!
  10. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    Yep. Walked by like 10 minutes ago and from the midway, I can only see the frame of the building.
  11. Haunt 2017

    Because zombies ? Still though, hmmm...
  12. Haunt 2017

    I'll be there later on tonight after work. There's actually a group of people meeting up tonight, so feel free to join in: KIC members typically meet at the rightmost turnstile (there should be a trashcan there) before open.
  13. Haunt 2017

    I don't know that there's a beginner's maze per se (like the toned down version of Hexed at Cedar Point*), but I guess the least intense maze that I can think of would be Bored to Death. Previously, I would have said Carnevil, but . Also, don't go thru Blackout, it's the worst (seriously!). Honestly, I think it's about exposure to the environment. I used to work for the park, and the first night I worked Haunt (as a Sweep), I was terrified. Now, I love going to Haunt and enjoy seeing my Scareactor friends (especially Sam and a certain Rivertown Roamer) and making new ones, even if I do get a little startled/scared in the process! And if you're up to it, try Slaughterhouse. It may be a bit intense and gorey at points, but I love hanging out with my favorite family of butchers! *Note: I have never been to Halloweekends, I'm just giving that example based on what I've heard*
  14. Improving Que Lines

    Thanks for sharing the Firehawk news montage SonofBaconator! Fun Fact: I believe that video seen is actually animation for Stealth, a very similar coaster that is now Nighthawk at Carowinds. I actually went to the announcement back in the day and I remember questioning if it was going to have barrel rolls or corkscrews (as the video showed corkscrews while I heard it would have barrel rolls).
  15. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    Thanks for getting my attention, @SonofBaconator ! In reference to gforce's comment about The Bat queue, I'm not sure what could realistically be put back there as The Bat has such a unique layout. The only thing I could see is an attraction to the left of The Bat's station, near that maintenance road that the ride swoops around. the line could either start at The Bat's current exit or the path (current Bat's queue) that crosses high above the maintence road and ends with that FunTV/ old overflow queue was. Another option could be that a "lower level" could be build for attractions under The Bat, though that may destroy the beauty/serenity of the area. A third option I just thought of would be to severely shrink SOB's old queue (now Wolf Pack's overflow queue) and put a flat in that space. Specifically, I was thinking something like Crows' Nest at Holiday World (and how it complements Thunderbird), but any compact flat (such as an Enterprise or something to that degree) could be put there. However, I think the area would be ok to be left as is and any expansion should be as unobtrusive as possible. EDIT: Also, @gforce1994, I think the area behind Mondo would be a fantastic place to expand Soak City. I don't know how the terrain is out there, but that would be amazing to have a few slides out there and then have that area connect with the Lazy River area (or even by Zoom Flume, fka Rushing River).