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  1. Origins: a Cirque Experience 2017

    The last few shows were great. My total show count for this year was 43. For me personally, I think Cirque wrapped up nicely and those last goodbyes following the 5 PM show gave some closure. And yes, I cried (during the 3 PM show, once the "Dum, dum" music came on the signal the precursor to the Dual Cyr ring act)! But I like that we fans had 3 shows to let it settle in, that Cirque was in fact leaving. I handed out tissues during the 7 PM show as the people behind me couldn't stop crying - and that's ok. In a way, it was like the 3 PM show was the last show and the other 2 were encores. As I said in my letter(s) I gave to the cast, I wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.
  2. While Cirque had a fantastic run, I will now look forward towards Haunt and weekend operations.

  3. Haunt 2017

    I just found it on the site, it's called "Dance of the Macabre" and sounds pretty cool. Link: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/play/haunt/attractions/cemetery-drive
  4. RMC throughout Cedar Fair?

    I'd like to bump this thread in light of recent announcements...
  5. Kings Island Music

    Jump5 does the "Friends" cover (it plays on Planet Snoopy); did not know that was a Michael W. Smith song (I assumed it was an original).
  6. Haunt and Winterfest update with Don Helbig

    Yes, yes I can lol (though, naturally it would be randomized, so maybe there would be a clue that said event would happen, much like Also, even without evil Santa (not to be confused with the awesome Haunt character that roams Coney Mall at night...), it would be a really creepy atmosphere anyway with the warped disc. I feel like getting me to ride Mystic during Winterfest could turn into a challenge of some sort during the GWL Holiday Party...
  7. Haunt and Winterfest update with Don Helbig

    Yeah, no. This is actually what I was afraid of. I used to be terrified of Santa when I was a kid (but we're cool now! ) and I was wondering if something creepy would be in the shed come Winterfest.
  8. Sorry to double post, but I found another video about Time Traveler that I thought was worth sharing:
  9. Upon watching the teaser trailer for the coaster (which can be found on SDC's site and above), I think the trailer itself is cool and reminds me of a Disney movie trailer, especially those from the 90's where they had a featurette about the movie (or in this case, about Silver Dollar City) before the trailer. I'll see if I can find said trailer so you can see what I mean... EDIT: Here it is, enjoy! EDIT2: Actually, nevermind, I realized the trailer is posted above, so go check out Silver2005's opening post!
  10. Time Traveler looks great! Anyone on here know if this is the only spinning coaster with an inversion? Somehow, I feel like it is. EDIT: Nevermind, I found this: https://rcdb.com/6453.htm#p=40626 (credit to RCDB). However, it is the only spinning coaster with a loop.
  11. Oh. my. gosh. This looks amazing! I freaked when I saw that it would be a hyper! Also, thank you Cedar Point (and Cedar Fair) for calling it a hybrid and not a wooden coaster. Finally, this thing is long! Cannot wait to board in 2018! EDIT: POV for your viewing pleasure:
  12. What could 2018 bring KI

    Ok good. Hope it's back up by Sunday; I love that ride. And as of late, that's usually my go-to post-Cirque ride.
  13. What could 2018 bring KI

    Semi-off-topic, but Bat was closed today (I was at the park from 2:20-ish to close (after 8 PM)) with an new "this attraction is not open today" sign. I was told by a fellow guest that Bat has been closed for a month; Is this true? I only ask because someone else said that may mean they are getting rid of it. Yes, I know I should probably take it with a grain of salt, but I still wanted to run it by you all to see what your opinions are. EDIT: I also saw that Attitudes was closed today.
  14. Current wait times

    LOL! I am at the park, but I'm at Cirque I may give an update on wait times later. However, I saw that the app said No Wait for a lot of rides, but I'm not sure how accurate that is... EDIT: Don't know if this is a good crowd measure, but most of the center section of the KI Theatre is full. Stage right is 1/4 full and stage left is a little more than that.
  15. What could 2018 bring KI

    That's a good point, Goble; I didn't think of that. However, I do think Coney Mall would be an odd place for a smokehouse. I think a slightly better location may be near the new Coke station in Oktoberfest (possibly removing the rope ladder game so that the Coke station could connect to the restaurant*) or even turning Hank's into a BBQ smokehouse. However, we shall see what happens on Wednesday... *EDIT: Or, removing the rope ladder game may not have to happen, since there is that patch of grass behind the Coke station (see Rivertown Rider's above picture).