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  1. The Blackout building would be perfect for a year-round Haunt! The theming might have to be updated to fit the AZ retheme, though... On that note, I really like AZ as is, but I agree the theming is a little mish-mashed. You have the spooky elements (Bat/Banshee) along with remnants of the Adventure Village and (Paramount) Action Zone days (Xtreme Skylflier/Congo and Drop Tower/Delirium). If it had be re themed (as eventually it will), I say go retro and do an Adventure Village 2.0. Drop Tower, Delirium and Invertigo (if it makes the cut) can be re-themed to fit this jungle aesthetic (Bat
  2. Good stuff; thank you for posting! I never realized how far back the ride went (like, as you look over going down into the Rose Bowl, you can see FoF in the distance- that's mind blowing). That thing was truly massive. The Rose Bowl was (IMO) easily the roughest part of the ride, especially the bottom part when you first go into it. I remember enjoying the drop, loop and the twisty sections after the loop before the brake run. I also remember riding after the loop was removed and being disappointed when we came to that part and there it wasn't there.
  3. That new Pipeline Peak paint job looks really nice!
  4. So, unfortunately, I don't have a better picture of this sign, but here it is... The Adventure Express sign has always been awesome and nostalgic to me. It did get a refresh some years ago (see above), which looks nice, but I remember the older sign the best (link: https://rcdb.com/70.htm#p=8650). Also, once upon a time, I took a picture of the old exit sign with the plain-looking, 90's-esque font. As for newer KI signs, we can't forget about this... (And yes, that is a Crobat posing with the sign). Not only do I love this ride, but this sign is really cool as w
  5. I think another reason they could be doing this is to keep Kings Island in people's minds. Even though the ads are another way to make money (which some may or may not like - personally, I think it is kind-of weird that it's not ads directly related to the park, but whatever...), I think it's also the park saying "Hey, don't forget about us!" as one gets these e-mails every so often and therefore, it keeps Kings Island (or [insert Cedar Fair park here]) on people's minds. This keeps those who can't/won't go to the parks right now due to the current situation still thinking about the park as a
  6. I think it would interesting to see more indoor theme parks pop up. While not exactly the same thing, I seem to remember family fun centers being more common when In was a kid. In fact, there was one of those that was closer to my house than KI (I didn't drive at the time, but still). Also, as for the ride selection of an indoor park being near a major theme park, if done right, it could complement said theme park. For example, Zamperla Hawk 48's are fun (and slightly terrifying) outside, but what if there was one inside with just a low enough ceiling that it feels like you'll hit your le
  7. That construction looks great! Even though it's for the kids, I'm sure those fans of MiA are really excited. As for me, I've been to Michigan's Adventure once in 2005. Shivering Timbers was fun and when I got back from the trip, I recreated it from memory in RCT2. I also rode all the other coasters, including Big Dipper. The one reason for me to go back there would be to ride Thunderhawk as it used to be at Geagua Lake/SFWOA. Though I never went there when it operated, GL/Six Flags Worlds of Adventure seemed like a really cool place and I'd love to ride some more relocated coasters from t
  8. According to the website, the webcams are currently down.
  9. I forgot to mention that Adventure Express at night is amazing! I know you may not get to that this trip @grsupercity, but I recommend a Night Ride on AE sometime in the future! And of course, Beast night rides are one of the things KI is famous for.
  10. Just watched this and it was really cool! Almost makes me wanna go ride it again... Also, did not know that Dave Cobb was the voiceover guy! Although this is super cool, is this still the case, though? The voice I remember while riding didn't sound like the voiceover audio featured in the video. Maybe I wasn't hearing correctly; I'll certainly be paying more attention next time I ride.
  11. Good stuff! Banshee has a very unique layout and Mystic is really fun. My favorite coaster at the park is The Bat (an Arrow Suspended that is tucked away near Banshee); I've been riding that since I was a kid! Also, Invertigo is fun too! Though you can choose to face another rider (or an empty seat), I prefer riding on the ends (my favorite seat is the very back (going up the first lift forwards), seat closest to the entrance). If you find you enjoy your first ride on Invertigo, try riding facing the other direction!
  12. I know that these are not being made anymore, but it would love to see an S&S Sky Swat come to Kings Island. As for the location, I'm thinking Action Zone, Rivertown, or even Area 72. I've said this before, but a Zamperla Hawk 48 Meteor @ Dorney Park) would be a cool addition to the park; especially now with the addition Area 72.
  13. Welcome to KIC! Which ride/rides are you most looking forward to when you visit KI? Also, I'm curious to know what coaster is in your profile picture/avatar.
  14. Very, very cool! -MDMC, avoiding a one-word post...
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