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  1. I think a highly themed S&S Free Spin with show scenes and a custom layout (kind of like Tomb Raider-eque theming/ride experience, but as a roller coaster) would go great in the Crypt's old building. However, Madame Fatale may not be too fond of a (working) roller coaster being the latest piece in her (wax) museum...
  2. Looks like they got the helix done! The helix looks really cool and I love how it dives down into that headchopper! Only 78 more days; yeet!
  3. I've given Shake, Rattle and Roll that nickname at times due to its new color scheme. Also, I would be fan of the Adventure Village theme coming back to KI. Here's that area's website from back in the day: https://web.archive.org/web/19970129110734/http://www.pki.com/cgi-bin/ParkPages/Advent/Advent.pl Finally, I am looking forward to KD's future!
  4. Paradise Island has a picnic table to the right of the stand, but I'm not even sure if it's for public use (or if that table is even there anymore...). Also, that helix is so close to the drop!
  5. What is this piping I'm seeing (in the picture on the last page); is that part of the track (the bottom rail)? Also, Orion snuck in there in the top right lol
  6. While this is sad news, I love the teaser at the end (and the video)... I really hope KD gets something awesome!
  7. But I guess what I'm getting at is will fans of Diamondback still think it is #1 in the park after getting off Orion? Only 79 more days until we'll know for sure...
  8. Not sure, probably because it is the latest B&M (apart from Orion). Mystic would be interesting to test though, considering it was our most recent coaster. Diamondback may be another curious wait time comparison as some may say that at first glance, Orion is just a taller version of Diamondback*. We shall see... 80 more days!!! *On another note, I'm curious about peoples' opinion of Diamondback once they have ridden Orion and comparisons between the two.
  9. I've seen this in recent years as well; one may want to contact the park to see how to get involved if interested.
  10. This makes me sad*! I was really looking forward to riding this whenever I get back there (my only trip was in 2001). At least there is still Dominator, Ricochet and their unique Delirium flat. So much has changed between now and then: removals of Hypersonic, Shockwave and Volcano and additions of flats and Twisted Timbers. I really hope KD gets some love soon, because things don't seem good if more is being removed that being added... *Though I do understand the reason for removal, if it happens, due to the reasons @McSalsa posted.
  11. Shouldn't the belt be set to Wumbo, @King Ding Dong? Other than that, I got nothin'. Also, that turnaround is gonna be crazy!
  12. Wait 'till she hears about the insane acceleration of some coasters (see Do-Dodonpa)! Also, that was a cool fact about the helix being as tall as Dueling Dragons. I never got to ride it back in the day as when I went to IOA in '02 (?), I was going through this weird phase where I didn't ride coasters with lift hills (yes, I'm serious! ) as I got "stuck" on The Beast's first lift (looking back, it was probably a block brake or something routine) and it traumatized me. In other news, I did ride Hulk and that was amazing; I always remember seeing it advertised in magazines back in the day. Finally, guess they still haven't taken Winterfest stuff down lol! (Re: the webcam)
  13. Only 84 more days! However, i have a question: Why for the past few seasons (specifically this year and last year) has the park chosen to open on Easter weekend? Is there a specific reason behind that? I am genuinely curious as last year specifically, I know I almost didn't make Opening Day due to family get-togethers (and I'm aware that if that happens this year, I most likely will still make it to breakfast and I can just go the next weekend). Also, I'm really curious how Orion will affect other rides' wait times. Like, on my first trip of the 2020 season (not counting NYE lol), I almost want to ride Banshee or Invertigo first before making my way to Area 72, just purely because I believe those ride lines will be dead. Thoughts?
  14. That airtime hill is huge! They're making a lot of progress on this thing!
  15. Great poll idea! I didn't get it when I read the title, but once I saw the poll, I understood the question. Here are my answers: 1. The Bat (at KI). In the words of Billie Eilish, "Duh". I love this coaster so much, though I'm ok with Orion overtaking it for my favorite coaster in the park. Also, Gemini and Magnum are good too (The latter of which I got two great rides on over Labor Day Weekend). 2. Other because I'm torn between Banshee and Rougarou. Both are really cool coasters. Valravn is good too. 3. Millennium Force. Though I love Wicked Twister and Maverick is fun, Millennium Force is a great coaster (and it will be celebrating it's 20th year of operation; yeet!) 4. Other- not really sure as there are some good wooden coasters in the CF chain like Thunderhawk (Dorney), The Beast and Mystic Timbers. Honorable mentions to Shivering Timbers and Hurler at Carowinds as I remember enjoying both, but I rode them some time ago (2005 and 2001 (or maybe I rode it again in '03) respectively). 5. I voted for the boomerangs, specifically Invertigo. Firehawk was great and innovative, but at least I can still ride Invertigo (I'm not talking literally; in it's last days, I had to stop riding Firehawk due to the vertical loop's forces on my lungs).
  16. I wanted to bump this thread as it has some great tips! Even though it is the offseason, give it a read! Also, I've been doing the "pulling the other restraint down" instinctively for a while now as I'm a single rider most of the time (though it's hard on Invertigo and The Bat lol). And a question: how does it impact operations when someone is waiting for a specific train (for example, on Mystic my favorite train is the Orange train (Butterscotch) and on Banshee I like the Teal train)? Finally, glad to see some of the Wild Animal Safari feel is preserved with those groundhogs near The Bat @Arrow lol
  17. I went to the park exactly 30 times; two of which were just for concerts (Crowder at Spritsong and HiFi Honey at the waterpark). During these two trips, I didn't ride any rides.
  18. I forgot to mention that! I love this show as well; it reminds me of listening to concerts at the Towne Square when I was a kid. Also, there are usually some good songs in the lineup.
  19. That bobblehead is cool! And yes, this could definitely be an offseason meetup idea.
  20. What a good read! Over the years, I've morphed from just a rides guy to a rides, shows, Haunt mazes (and occasionally) games guy. My favorite shows are/were as follows: The Boyz are Back (2014) Having grown up enjoying groups like Nsync, Backstreet Boys and Hanson, I loved this show and saw it countless times! I loved the second act as it was all Nsync and Backstreet Boys songs. After the last show, I had the guys sign a shirt I made celebrating the show. Cirque (includes Imagine, Origins and Gravity) (2014-2019, for now) Coming out around the same time were the Cirque shows, produced by Les Productions Haut-Vol. While all were cool in their own way, my personal favorite show/season was the second season of Origins (2017). That year, I saw the show at least 40+ times and even cried on the last day. I thought that year had the best cast as the elves were great (though I did miss Yannick when he left midway through the first season of Origins), Nico was an amazing slack rope guy and I loved the contrasting characters of Nael and Abresh (Nael being shy and graceful and Abresh being wild and dangerous). BTW, I still do not know the song for Abresh's original routine- if that could be found, that would be fantastic! Also, we can't leave out Paco and Jocko... "I'm not sorry!" Back to the 90's (2017) If you know me, you know I love my 90s and early 2000's! This show was a tribute to all the great music and culture from that time period! They even included "Larger than Life" from "The Boyz are Back". Though the cast kept changing, the show was always awesome! Blood Drums/Drums of the Dead When you think Haunt, you usually think Blood Drums! I've being seeing this show since I started going to Haunt regularly (2013) and I've thoroughly enjoyed the many interations of it. I really enjoyed the 2018 show as I felt it was a "best of" from all their years at KI, along with the some new stuff. In hindsight, that last season was a great send-off as we now have Drums of the Dead. Though I haven't seen it in person (I was looking for a friend of mine out in a cornfield ), I did see it on YouTube over the Winterfest season and really enjoyed it. Winterfest Speaking of Winterfest (the 2016 revival, that is...), it brought us a ton of shows. Of the three years of Winterfest, here are/were my favorites: Tinker's Toy Factory (the first one; the second one is good, but the 2016/17 version is a classic), The Plight Before Christmas, 4 Drummers Drumming (all 3 seasons) and What the Dickens. I've also enjoyed the first two seasons of Jingle Jazz as well as the Mistletones since they moved over to Coney. Misc. Shows There were some Festhaus shows that I saw while working in Food that I'd like to mention. Way Too Much TV was great and whoever sang the lead on the "Fame" theme song did an EPIC job! I remember being amazed by her voice every time. Also, the country shows every few years weren't too bad. Girls Night Out was... interesting. And speaking of country shows, though I was not a fan of 2018's tribute to new (pop)-country music, I really liked 2019's Flashback Country show. And finally, I think last year was the best year for the 80's show as there was some great singing talent! EDIT: Also, I guess I should include Carnivale, which included the nightly parade and the mini-shows. Though a lot of people loved the China show (at one point, the show moved from its normal location near Showplace to the bandstand as it was that popular), I really enjoyed the India pavilion with the drumming (which included breakdancing for a short time) and the Bollywood dance lessons.
  21. I learned a lot from that article! Though I haven't met him personally, I wish him the best in his future endeavors.
  22. Without reading the article, I'd like the say that this (last) decade was the decade I really started going to the park more (especially 2012 onward) as I could (finally!) drive myself there and back. Also, the 2010's was the decade I joined KIC and met all of you fine people! KIC has been a great outlet to share my love for coasters and theme parks as well as place to make great friends (like @Magenta Lizard, @XGatorHead 8904, @malem, Brad, and a bunch of other people I may have never met if it wasn't for KIC). EDIT: Upon reading the article... Great Timeline; so much good stuff in there like Mystic, Banshee and Tropical Plunge! I totally forgot Coasterstock started in 2015; I feel like I need to go to that at some point. Also, I feel like a lot has changed in the last decade and not in just at KI: smartphones are basically a staple in people's lives (not mine, though!) and streaming on services like Netflix and Spotify are the norm as well. Pokémon HeartGold was released in 2010, and now we have Sword and Shield on the Switch (ok, the impact is debatable lol, but we did get Black and White/2 as well as the advent of 3D games like X and Y and Sun and Moon). Also, social media has really taken off in the form of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (remember Vine?)- and livestreaming services like Facebook Live, Periscope and Meerkat. Finally, let's not forget the rise of big companies like Google. Amazon and even Disney (with theme parks, Disney+, and the acquisition of Marvel and Star Wars). Personally, the 2010's is the decade I graduated from college (6 years in the making lol), got my driver's license and had a lot of full time jobs- the most recent of which is within my college major.
  23. It was a slow burn season for me, but it ended beautifully! Let me explain... On Kings Island's Opening Day, the three Arrows (now 2) were unable to operate due to the cold. IIRC, I rode Diamondback and FOF a lot. Throughout the main season, I went to KI, but didn't go as much as I had planned. I really enjoyed Carnivale and it was great to take my step-dad to see Crowder at Spiritsong as Kings Island is my happy place and it was cool to share it with someone, especially someone who doesn't normally visit theme parks like I do (also, getting to watch Skillet perform from the Effiel tower on that Saturday Night was super cool as well). Also, the two fireworks shows (Greatest Showman/Footprints) were pretty cool as well. And we can't forget Orion's announcement as well as Gravity, season two (that sensory-friendly show was epic!)! So, next comes Haunt. I had wanted to be Scareactor for years, but finally pulled the trigger this year and I loved it! You all already know about some of my amazing experiences (And I know least one KICer guest saw me in action), but you may not know that my first big scare routine that worked was inspired by Cedar Point's Forbidden Frontier. That Cedar Point trip took place on Labor Day weekend and though it was extremely crowded, I had a blast! My main reason for going was for experiencing Forbidden Frontier (it was awesome!) but I was also able to get two decent rides on Magnum as well as go back to some old favorites like Rougarou, Valravn and Wicked Twister (RIP?). Switching gears a bit, Vortex Closing Day was probably one of the single best days at the park. I did all the things: Ate breakfast with friends, went to church, rode some rides, got to see one of the my best friends and rode more rides, said goodbye to Vortex, and partied with my Haunt Fam afterward! After that great end to the main season, Winterfest rolled around. Though I went as a guest, I had a blast seeing Haunt people and seeing the shows. The two standout shows this year (IMO) were What the Dickens and Four Drummers Drumming. I saw Dickens six times and I love how it is so funny. Four Drummers Drumming is always awesome, no matter who is in the band! And I can't forget about NYE and the party on I-Street; what a great way to end the season! EDIT: In addition to Haunt, HalloTween was a thing this year! I overcame my fears in Blackout and really enjoyed walking through CHAOS once again. Shipwrecked looked and sounded awesome, and turning Madame's into a whodunit experience was a cool concept.
  24. I just want to say that I had a fantastic time last night! In addition to attending TWO NYE parties in the park, I saw the 6 PM Drummers, rode Mystic and went into Peanuts Playhouse to see what that was all about (it was pretty cool; Charlie Brown and Lucy were playing Connect 4 and there were kid-friendly versions of "Boy With Love" (BTS) and "High Hopes" (Panic! at the Disco) playing). Both of the NYE parties (the elf party in the Festhaus and the dance party in front of the tower*) were fantastic in their own ways. It was so great to see all my friends one last time before the off season officially begins. *The Elf Party in Festhaus followed a showing of Tinker's Toy Factory and had kids up on stage to participate in a snowball fight and Hot Potato (but with a snowball), all with a dance party as well. That was really fun and I ran into some of my Haunt Fam as well as people I used to work in Park Services with. While that was super awesome, the I-Street party followed right afterwards. It was basically a dance party with the characters (such as Mr. Tannenbaum, some of the elves (the group of four that come out before most showing of Tinker's Toy Factory), Jack Frost, the ghost of Christmas Present and a few more) and it was fantastic. They let some people on stage to dance up until about some time before Midnight, and it was fantastic. Of course I breakdanced a few times and ended up taking myself to First Aid not once, but twice. The first injury was from bleeding after playing Guitar Hero in Rivertown (I think my hands were just getting dry because of the cold) and the second one was breakdancing without wearing gloves ("Safety First!" As I told Mr. T once I put my gloves on). The party kept going right into 2020 with the elves dancing with the people in the crowd, which was cool to see. BTW, the fireworks were really cool and also two were very close to the stage (and bringing back "The Greatest Showman" one last time was great!). Before leaving, I made sure to say goodbye to some of the indoor elves that were still around (including someone I didn't know was an elf!) Like I said, it was a fantastic evening and I enjoyed ringing in 2020 at the park! To all my friends/Haunt Fam, it was great to see you all and I wish you all a great (and restful) offseason. 2020 is gonna be FUN!!! Also, as for the aforementioned question about the dining plan/alcohol; I don't know. What I do know is my drink plan did work after midnight, so there's that (then again, my pass was already renewed for next season). EDIT: Also, crowd-wise, it wasn't the normal crowdedness I've come to know about Winterfest, but there were a decent amount of people there, especially in front of the tower. When I got there, I was shocked to see so few people (and no characters at first), but I think it may have gotten busier as the night went on - or everyone was just ice skating when I got there!).
  25. Good stuff! It's pretty cool that they dressed their Boo Blasters building up for Winterfest! Also, were you able to catch that parade? And it's really cool you got to ride Afterburn in December. I rode it in 2001 (as Top Gun: The Jet Coaster) and I remember it being really fun!
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