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  1. "Everyone knows whether night or day, find the light of dawn, you'll carry on" -Earthsuit, Said the Sun to the Shine

  2. Mystic Timbers on New Year's Eve 2019. I sat on the left side, which was different as I usually like sitting on the right*. *With some exceptions (such as Invertigo), I tend to sit on the side closest to the exit when riding a roller coaster.
  3. Here's a freaky Winterfest picture from X-Base (aka Area 72):
  4. This was hard to find as I either have pictures with at least some part of a ride in them or great scenery pictures from places not named Kings Island. Here goes though:
  5. This sounds like a great idea; but my attendance would depend on this pandemic situation. If things are looking all clear by Summer (or Fall) of this year, I'm in! Fun Fact: I've actually never been on a Beast walkback tour (even as an associate), so that would be something cool!
  6. Here's mine: And @Stitch, I found mine by going to my Profile, See My Activity, and then clicking the rightmost arrow and scrolling down.
  7. That's a tough question, but I'd have to guess the Mack Family Spinner, because it doesn't seem as intimidating as the other two options. ...but if you were asking me which of the three I would most like to ride, I'd say Sky Rocket II!
  8. I like that Tembo rendering; it looks really long and I like the pops of airtime you get before the first and second hills (following the first drop). Though I know that's an elephant head on the front of the train, it looks like a palm tree from afar lol
  9. @Hawaiian Coasters 325: I just watched that Manta queue video... oh my gosh; that is amazing! I thought I was walking through Jungle Trails at the (Cincinnati) zoo, except the enclosures were giant aquariums. I think unique themed buildings like that would be a cool idea for queue lines. It reminds me of when I queued in the old Tomb Raider building for Mystic Timbers' preview night. Besides that, the only local example I can think of is Flight of Fear, and that's mostly because the whole coaster is indoors.
  10. I went once in 2015 and I really like Hershey. It's got a great collection of coasters, plus a waterpark and mini-zoo. Lightning Racer is a really fun coaster and I enjoyed Storm Runner and Great Bear as well. Actually, most of their coasters are really good quality. The only ones I had issue with were Wildcat (it was just alright...), Skyrush (if it wasn't for those thigh-crushing restrains, I'm sure it would be an amazing coaster) and Trailblazer (it was meh). See my trip report here for my full experience (it's the first post in the thread):
  11. True! But, I mean, Son of Beast was a Behemoth, though! Also, Oblivion (or whatever that dive coaster is) can technically be considered intimidating...
  12. That would be cool! Blackout could even be a year-round Haunt attraction and/or they could do it similar to how they did it for HallowTween last year (no scare actors but ).
  13. What a great article; thanks for sharing! Though I knew about his work with Animal Kingdom, I never knew much about his personal life. Also, I'd really like to get to Animal Kingdom someday!
  14. First off, thanks for bumping this, whoever did. I totally forgot I made this lol! Also, in response to myself: Yes, Corkscrew's ride experience improves in 5-1. Yes, it's still a bit wonky due to the curvature of the seat (IIRC), but it makes the ride decent.
  15. Agreed, the idea of Casacabel 2.0 coming to a park near me is really cool! I've never ridden a shuttle loop, so that should be fun! If this ends up being true, Indiana Beach will be on my list of parks to visit in the near future.
  16. I got an e-mail about this development (via the park's newsletter) and it sounds pretty cool. Even though I live close to the park, I feel like I'd stay here for a night or two similar to how I've done in the past at Great Wolf Lodge for the KIC meetup.
  17. That is a nice ornament! I don't have any KI ornaments, but I do have quite a few KI pins!
  18. Which one of these is not like the other lol Though I did miss Haunt lot more this year, Winterfest was cool too. I've gone outside a few times and thought it was "Winterfest weather" - where it's cold, but not too cold, but you know that it'll get a bit chillier once the sun goes down. Good times! Also, that cookie I made one time lol: I showed some friends afterward and they thought it was funny! Finally, something I had never done before 2019 WF was go in the snowglobe. I remember it was like going into space or something as they had different chambers and (I
  19. That was really cool! Not sure if the video was sped up or the snowplow really moved that fast! Also, glad to see Wicked Twister is still alive (and I never knew the kids area got that close to Top Thrill Dragster!)! I'd love to get up there again at some point...
  20. That's really cool! I was looking at the box for the King Cobra Nanocoaster (as advertised/for sale on Kings Island Gear) and was wondering when that cover picture was taken- does anyone on here know? I'm guessing it had to be pre-Son of Beast as there were trees behind the lift instead of the coaster towering behind it. Thanks in advance.
  21. I'll go ahead and chime in. I think comparing Cedar Point and KI might be like comparing apples to oranges, however, each park has something different to offer. Overall, I think Kings Island has a better overall coaster collection, however, Cedar Point has some unique coasters that KI does not have* (Millennium Force, Wicked Twister, Steel Vengeance, Rougarou, Maverick and even Valravn come to mind). As for entertainment such as shows and the like, KI has the edge overall (I generally like most of the shows KI puts on, including the music reviews and Cirque), although CP has Forbidden Fro
  22. Personally, I would not count it. (Non-RMC) Wooden coasters usually get re-tracked often and if I counted each iteration as new credit, the list would be longer than it would need to be lol. More to the point, for rides that have have had significant changes (such as the removal of Son of Beast's loop, Mants' conversion into Rougarou or Recar turning forwards again), I would put a note next to the entry saying that I rode the coaster in both forms. It's just my two cents; but, remember, the beauty of counting coaster credits is it's all subjective!
  23. Sounds like fun! I remember seeing KIC Survivor posts (prior to bringing it up in this thread), but I've never participated.
  24. So, there are a lot of parks I would love to get to/get back to (Six Flags New England, Carowinds/KD), but here is my list as of now: Kings Island- Yes, it's my home park, but I feel like it is a great place for an enthusiast in the area to check out. We've got The Beast, Mystic Timbers, Diamondback, The Bat, Adventure Express, Flight of Fear and now Orion. Cedar Point- This may seem like an obvious choice, but Cedar Point has certainly earned its mass appeal. It's got some amazing and unique coasters (Steel Vengeance, Millennium Force, Top Thrill Dragster, Maverick, Rougarou, Wic
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