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  1. I still would like so see the Adventure Village area resurrected. We have the beautiful trees, now we just need slight rethemes. Delirium would likely stay the same, but could be painted tan or green. Invertigo could become Hurricane and be painted more turquoise. I'd like Drop Zone to stay the same; I think everything else could fit as is (or Banshee and Bat could have their own *spooky* sub-section?) EDIT: Just like back in the day, Adventure Village would encompass what is now Action Zone and parts of Oktoberfest (specifically the former Slingshot path and Adventure Express; the Coke freestyle stand could be slightly rethemed to match the area).
  2. Good to know! Does the Tomb Raider drum music currently play in line/station of Adventure Express? I thought I heard it was old Tomb Raider music, but I wasn't sure.
  3. Thanks for adding these @IndyGuy4KI! I've heard the FoF saucer and ride audio before; I wonder why they are not played anymore...?
  4. That looks really cool; I wonder if there will ever be a King Cobra poster... -MDMC, who has the Son of Beast poster and has been eyeing the FoF one for a while...
  5. I know the above video is technically a fail, but that 60 second fireworks show looks pretty cool! Also, those lights they installed around the tower look like lights you'd see at a concert!
  6. When you said laser, I thought of this... In all seriousness, this all sounds pretty cool; I'll try to make it to the park that day!
  7. Sounds cool! I saw the circus as a kid (and was afraid of the elephants lol - when I was a kid, elephants were my favorite animal, but I was afraid of them as their trumpeting was very loud) as well as one of the last shows as an adult. I wonder if they will go the "Cirque"-act route or if it will be traditional circus acts (tightrope, cannonball, etc.), but minus the animals.
  8. Once they take the gate down, that view is going to look beautiful with the trees/foliage and Banshee in the background!
  9. (In reference to the Slingshot-less skyline picture by Buckeye Coasters): I think the new skyline looks refreshing. It reminds me of the olden days when I would go to KI as a kid, except instead of Banshee and Diamondback, there was King Cobra and Son of Beast.
  10. Well, that explains why the ball has been missing for a few weeks... RIP Sling Shot. The few times I've ridden it throughout the years, it's been fun and interesting. My personal ridership on it declined when they instituted the "No Single Riders" rule (as I would usually ride alone). In fact, IIRC, my last ride was with a ride-op as I had just found out about the rule before boarding and I was by myself. I also remember wait times being ridiculously long because the ball could only hold two riders. According to my ride count spreadsheet, my last ride was in 2015. While I was typing this, more posts came in, and I agree with Specialk141's post that SlingShot could possibly be relocated to another area of the park. The location worked well enough, but as another poster said, it didn't fit with the Oktoberfest theme at all.
  11. When driving past the park, Diamondback appeared to be stuck near the top of the lift. Anyone know what's going on?
  12. I was wondering what was going on! That blew my mind today when I got in line (and I kept trying to figure out what was going on...) - I knew the line got changed somehow... The rest of my after-work visit was good; the park was crowded, but I managed 4 rides (Banshee, Flight of Fear, Red Racer, and Delirium) and some dinner at Coney BBQ (also got a Flight of Fear t-shirt from KI Collections). Though each ride had its high points, Delirium was probably the highlight of my visit and was a relaxing way to end the day.
  13. I actually go way back with the waterpark, and call most of them by their WaterWorks names (if I can remember them, that is...). Also, yeah. I do call Woodstock Express Beastie (at least when speaking in past tense). EDIT: And about Orion @Orion742... it was actually down when I got there yesterday.... However, it did open back up about 15-30 minutes later and was operating the rest of the evening.
  14. Spent a few hours in the park today and ended up being a great trip. Rode Orion 4 times (still my favorite ride in the park!) and the "new" Beast (see my review in the appropriate thread) as well as Mystic Timbers, Banshee and Bat. My two rides on Banshee were great and I feel like I have a new appreciation for this coaster. Even though we don't have a B&M sit-down looper, I feel like Banshee filled that role well today. In fact, on my first ride, I sat in 8-3, which is my favorite seat on Rougarou (I sat in the front the second ride). Bat was also fun as I got a great ride in the front, and I got last train of the night on Orion. EDIT: Also, Drop Zone got stuck halfway up the tower today, so that was a sight to see...
  15. So, I don't really know how to feel... I did like that the ride felt faster, however, I was expecting the helix to be a little more out of control than it was... I think the ride lost some of its bite! That being said, some of the laterals I experienced did remind me of The Legend, which was cool. Another positive is that the new track itself looks aesthetically pleasing. Final conclusion: While it is nice that Beast got rehabbed, I think I prefer pre-COVID Beast - out of control, but not so rough that the ride was unenjoyable. As a note, I did not got to the park in 2020, but last year, the ride was extremely rough!
  16. Speaking of Backlot, I still say it should have spinning trains. IMO, it would be a lot more fun. The only issue I see is the (possible) intensity of the helix with spinning cars (unless the spinning was controlled through the helix, and then the trains could freely spin afterward).
  17. Cool pictures Brad! And thanks again for recording the ceremonies! Did not catch much of the shows Friday, but while walking to LROTNO (last ride of the night on Orion ), I did see a familiar face on stage!
  18. I heard the loud chain lift when I rode yesterday evening.
  19. Was that guy perhaps me @DoomPlague? I had a King Cobra shirt on as well as a tan button up shirt over that. Also, I had a great day! Started the day getting my book signed by Mike and Evan as well as getting to meet Dennis Speigal. Rode a ton including every coaster except Adventure Express, Flight of Fear, Mystic Timbers and Woodstock Express (and if we are getting technical, Red Racer) as well as Drop Zone, Delirium, Surf Dog and Linus Launchers. Got to see some KICers as well as a friend who came in for the special day. It was a fun, but long day and I loved the fact that it wasn't terribly crowded. As a note, Flying Ace runs much better thanks to the new paint job - it feels more like an Inverted version of a Wild Mouse coaster as opposed to feeling super sketchy and rough. On the same (Vekoma) track, I got a rare ride on Invertigo (as it's either down or the line is long) and it was pretty good.
  20. What does IOE stand for? Also, that is great news that Orion is testing with three trains! Looking forward to getting some laps on it Friday!
  21. I think you are right. It's also cool that they are bringing back bands that may have done shows at the park in the past (A Flock of Seagulls, 3 Doors Down); it's like they are honoring Timberwolf's history at the park in that way.
  22. This is great news! I'm very interested in seeing Skillet! While I'm sure they won't be playing any of their older stuff (I love a lot of their older stuff, especially what I call their "Industrial Trilogy" of albums from 1998-2001), they always put on a great show! And somehow I need a password to gain access to seeing how much tickets are?
  23. While I have been enjoying all the historical photos in the park (I especially love the concept art of Flight of Fear on the photo board mentioned above), I am wondering when/if these boards will be rolled out to the entire park. I would really love to see one for Action Zone.
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