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  1. Yes plesse! I watched a video of Steel Taipan a few years ago and that back seat looks insane! However, like my idea/wish to add spinning cars to Backlot, that back car might be too intense for a lot of people.
  2. That wooden shuttle (in the works before Covid) would have cool and unique, but I’m glad (more specifically, I’m hoping) this addition isn’t talking down Possessed in the process (like the wooden shuttle would have).
  3. Perhaps the area where the concrete was removed will be usaged for signage or a small stage?
  4. On the note of local food, LaRosas's and Graeters are also popular favorties.
  5. So, I finally started reading the book tonight. Just finished the first chapter (and the two intro sections before this) and I already love it! It's well written, easy to read (as in, I'm not having to grab a dictionary every two seconds, unlike other books I've read) and the reading experience is both exciting and nostalgic. Great job @KIghostguy! Also, great integration of the interviews thus far (it reminds me a lot of a similar book I read called Slimed about the early days of Nickelodeon) I am looking forward to learning more as I go!
  6. Just finished reading the article @Gordon Bombay linked to above; seemed like a really cool and unique place to stay!
  7. Though the sign is still there, I completely forgot about the KI conference center (I knew it under this name) itself until finding this thread. I went there once for a church retreat in (I think?) Middle School; I don't remember if we stayed there, but I do remember there being sessions in the different rooms and one was about helping parents bridge the gap between Christian and secular music. At the end, I got a "Listen Louder" mix cd (from 1998; the retreat was in the 2000's), which I still have. It's actually a pretty cool CD with a good mix of hit songs from the time period (including some remixes) as well as some worship songs.
  8. While driving around, I noticed that "Kings Island" is still part of the Camp Cedar signage.
  9. Speaking of that, does anyone (on here ) know why that sign is still up when the hotel has been gone for years? ? I like seeing the sign, but was wondering why it’s still there after all these years. Perhaps there were plans to build a new hotel using that name, but plans fell through?
  10. That's really cool! I remember hearing about that repaint and thought the paint job theme was random, but now it all makes sense. And speaking of the paint job, I took a look at it on Reddit and it looks crazy cool. If it were to get relocated when CGA eventually closes, I really hope the next park keeps that color scheme as I would love to ride it looking like that! -MDMC, who has seen but has never ridden an early Intmain Drop Tower EDIT: Never mind, I saw that it was a picture taken when they were in between the old and new colors I think (it was lime green at the very top, green after that, and then orange to the bottom and it looked really cool!)
  11. Interesting concept, but I don't like the fact that Breaker's Bay would have to be removed for two of the additions. Instead, the kiddie wave pool could go where the slide wheel pic is, the slide wheel could go behind the surfing attraction (I don't remember its current name; I know it as "Wipeout Beach" ), and the play structure could be put near Tropical Plunge and volleyball courts.
  12. You should totally do that in 2023... it's the best time to ride as the lines aren't nearly as crazy as they are in the summer*. *Well, this year FoF seemed busier than usual during WF for some reason...
  13. If we are on the topic of a Winterfest entertainment wish list (and speaking of Swinging into Christmas), I would love to see a mostly instrumental show with dancing... the instrumental segment (where the singers/dancers took a break) and the song right before that one were the highlights of Swinging into Christmas. I would love to see a show with just (mostly) that, with maybe one or two songs with lyrics thrown in somewhere. I feel like Swinging into Christmas was trying to borrow too much from other shows like Cool Yule and Mistletones. However, that instrumental segment was awesome!
  14. That's pretty cool, and pretty expensive,.. Thank you for sharing!
  15. I hate those drop panels! lol They are so loud and sudden! I was (scaring) in Urgent Scare one night (as it was raining) and I had to learn how to pull one of those things... Also, what is the "living coat rack" you speak of? I saw the furnature at the beginning of the maze, but I don't remember seeing a coat rack
  16. Just finished looking at the book for the first time and the rest (Paramount/Cedar Fair era) was awesome! It was fascinating to see Flight of Fear construction photos and the amount of Italian Job early material was really cool to see. Also, Mike Koontz's Afterward was fun to read. This seems like a great setup for Kings Island: a Ride Through Time*, because now I want to know more about the theme park we all love! *Still haven't read it yet, but I will be sure to start it soon... Also, @Shaggy, do you or anyone else have other Top Gun construction pictures? Other than the one in the book (which was cool!), I have not seen many; TIA!
  17. Merry Christmas KIC! :D

  18. @KI Obsession: Runaway by Bruno Mars, but the lyrics have been changed. They sometimes do this song (like, the actual song) during the summer Bandstand show,
  19. I was thinking today if they could possibly "make that day up" (as in, make up for Friday's closing) somehow and add either Jan 1st or 2nd as an extra day of Winterfest. It would be regular Winterfest (with shows and food and everything, minus the rides of course (Except maybe Snow Works...). I completely understand the weather situation (tomorrow is going to be crazy!), but I was wondering if just maybe that could happen...
  20. Agreed! This, Tinkers and the parade are my favorite WF shows this year. Also, re: Drummers, I’ve seen a full show this year, but it was way different from previous years. Perhaps that show got shortened due to the cold?
  21. Saw this the other day, and my thoughts are that the video length is significant . Also, perhaps they are expanding the Barnyard, hence the inclusion of the alpaca. At least something Entertainment-wise could be coming as there were "plans" teased. Or, as Terpy used to say, it could all very well be a diversion...
  22. When I went Saturday, the parade didn't have any stops (other than for what I assume to be spacing of the floats so they don't crash into each other) as far as I could tell. I assumed this was for weather purposes as it was pretty cold on Saturday night and it snowed periodically throughout the evening.
  23. Got the book last night while at the park and I love it! I knew it was going to be good when my reaction to the very first picture I saw (the one of I-Street and the old Rotor) was "ohhh, so that's where it was...". I'm not even to the Paramount part yet (the part I was most anticipating because the 90's) and I am already loving all of the historical pictures!
  24. Ladies and Gentlemen, the book is back in stock online!!!
  25. Is it still available in the park? I was planning to purchase the book tomorrow
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