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  1. I agree that Flight of Fear is rough quite a bit of the time. However, when it runs great (by this, I mean when it runs smoothly*), it's one of my favorite coasters at the park. Though my attitude towards FoF varies depending on the ride experince, I do think it should stay at the park, (only because it's a unique coaster from the 90's and it's just a fun ride (when it runs well)! If the park is going to keep it around, I do suggest giving the ride some TLC. *IIRC, I've heard/experiences that one needs to sit in an odd row to get a smoother ride.
  2. It's interesting that you mention that @PatchesC... one of (few) problems i have with wearing masks is that a lot of people's voices sound muffled (especially behind that plexiglass).I have hearing loss in my right ear and wear a hearing aid most of the time (one of the exceptions being at Kings Island). I specifically remember going to get my car worked on a month or two ago and I couldn't really hear the guy who was processing my order once my car was ready. It was weird as I couldn't move closer because of the glass and social distancing, so I only half-heard what he was saying. I got the transaction done no problem, but still. Also, I've noticed that as a whole, smaller stores (small as in size, not whether they are a chain or not) are doing better at this mask/social distancing than others. I know this new normal is going to take some getting used to for businesses and the general public, but from my limited experince (I try not to go out much), the places i've felt most comfortable in so far are Big League Haircuts, Half Price Books, Whole Foods, and Fresh Market. As they say, we're all in this together! Also, Happy 4th!
  3. Thanks for all the first day updates, everyone! The former Vortex plot looks like an impressive canyon! I hope to (eventually) see it in person. Also, how is The Bat doing (as in, lines/cleaning/social distancing markers, etc- pictures would be appriciated)? Thanks again and stay safe!
  4. I think the very back row (as in, going up the lift facing forward) on the seat closest to the entrance gives the best ride. I quite like Invertigo, but I could see it being removed in the next few years. At the same time, it is the only one of its kind in the US, so there is that...
  5. Oh no! When I went to Hershey in 2015, it was among my Top 3 favorite coasters there (the others being Lightning Racer and Great Bear). It's a great ride and like @silver2005 said, I hope it's not a long-term issue. Side note: Even before riding, I remember being blown away by the teaser for this ride as a kid as I didn't know a coaster could perform such insane manuvers (and I had a similar reaction to the reveal of Steel Vengeance).
  6. Wow! Good stuff! All these pictures are getting me hyped to ride. Orion is going to be a great addition to the park. Though it may not seem like a big deal to a lot of people, I'm really excited about those 4-across trains. Though it's technically a giga, it looks like a giant B&M hyper to me (that turnaround has me thinking of Raging Bull, which is the only B&M hyper I've ridden) ,and that's quite alright! Also, ohmygosh, we are finally getting bathrooms in Area 72!!!
  7. Thanks to @chibul for posting the WOF info; it looks like the park wasn''t too crowded! I wonder if there is a possiblity that Invertigo may not be open as Boomerang appears to be closed. Also, I'm eagerly anticipating reports from those of us who are going to KI's Passholder week to let the rest of us know how it went. Finally, I agree about doing timed tickets or something like that with Orion, at least for the first month or two (because popularity coupled with social distancing) It reminds me of when I got a hand stamp to ride Dragster when it was new (I ended up not riding, though). However, If they do have an actual line, I still thnk it would be cool to have the line snake through Chaos, like Mystic Timbers line took us through Madame Fatale's.
  8. The one year I went to Holiwood Nights comes to mind... @malem driving us through the night to get to the hotels after park close; that was pretty epic!
  9. One time I thought about stopping at KI to ride something before heading up to Cedar Point for a weekend (It never ended up happening, though). I was inspired by a Coaster Studios video where Taylor went to KD and Knott's in the same day. I think the rule was you had to ride at least one thing (Dominator at KD and Ghostrider and KBF) and (I think?) get a meal there. He was successful! Also, this talk of challenges reminds me of something I did a couple of years ago. I did this interesting challenge where I rode every ride in what I called "The Core" (these were rides that (IMO) hadn't changed significantly since 2001). When I first did it in 2012, it was 22 rides and I was exhausted by the time I was done (the other successful attempt was in 2014 and that was just 15 rides). The whole concept of "The Core" was a big deal to me back then, but now I don't care as much (though I still do like my 90's/early 2000's rides!) Finally, I wish you the best on your challenge @CoasterDan!
  10. I watched TheTimTracker on Youtube over the weekend and I really appreciated him going into the parks (Sea World, Universal and BGT) and assessing the social distancing situation. These videos further solidified why I'll mostly be on the sidelines this year (as in, probably won't be going to KI or CP for 2020, as much as I'd like to). In the Sea World video, he even said something to the effect of "now is not the time to go to the parks". Also, even if I did go, the logistics of avoiding crowds, even to get one ride on The Bat, would be insane as there are so many places that could be potentially crowded. As a final note, I really hope someone does a video guide like this for Kings Island so people know what to expect.
  11. That is such a cool poster! Time flies... three of these coasters are no longer at the park and three got rethemed.
  12. Here's an article about Sea World's reopening: https://themeparkuniversity.com/theme-parks-101/seaworld-orlando-fumbles-reopening/
  13. Interesting... since I do not have a smartphone, I was planning on reserving online and then printing said reservation out to be scanned at the front gate (like one would a concert ticket). And @lifetimecoaster, I agree about there being too much technology in today's world. By choice, I don't have a smartphone or any paid streaming services. However, I do have a tablet (and before that, and iPod Touch) because I know that total independence from today's app-centered technology is (nearly) impossible. This way, I can enjoy the best of both worlds.
  14. This is great news! When I am able to, I'm very much looking forward to getting back in the park again. I'll probably wait a week or two before my first 2020 visit just to see how all of this will work in practice. I can't wait to ride The Bat again!
  15. That Scooby Doo picture is awesome! If this were an earlier time (like the 70's or the 90's), I could totally picture a Scooby Doo themed PSA with lines like this: "Like, social distancing, man" -Shaggy "Rah, Rocial Distancing!" (Yeah, Social Distancing!) - Scooby "Hey gang, we need to split up; remember to keep 6 feet apart!" -Fred "Social Distancing helps limit the spread of Covid-19. Jenkies!" Velma -MDMC, who is having way too much fun with this idea!
  16. A view of Kings Island, including an RMC Son of Beast appeared towards the end of my dream. Also, Britney Spears was giving a work presentation to the company I was at It's weird; these days my dreams are either about the effects of the pandemic (like social distancing) or celebrities make appearances in them (usually not both). For example, BTS and Bowling for Soup were in a dream a few nights ago.
  17. ...but Orion looks amazing; that thing is HUGE!!! If I didn't know any better, I'd think it was closer to the front of the park!
  18. Not related to Kings Island, but... Last night I dreamed that Wicked Twister was "practicing social distancing" as the train only had 4 rows (it usually has around 16). I was in line* and wondered aloud "How fast does this go?" (as it didn't seem to go very fast due to only having four rows). Also, the entrance was in a cave for some reason (like how Volcano's station was inside the volcano). *Interestingly enough, the queue line was not promoting social distancing as people spacing was as a regular line would be.
  19. I think that would be pretty cool! However, at one point in time, I thought it would be cool if Backlot had spinning cars. The only problem is that helix would be way too intense! Perhaps the spinning could start when you reach the top of the helix? EDIT: If KI did get a spinning coaster, I think it should go in Area 72, to balance out the thrills of Orion and FoF. As for the next big coaster, I would love a multi-looper in Vortex's spot (my top choices would be an Intamin 10 inversion coaster or a (standard, non-Dive) floorless coaster). However, I could see a Dive coaster going in that spot eventually.
  20. It doesn't look like OTSR's to me, but then again, we don't have all of the image. That would be so cool if Millennium Force got some 20th anniversary love! If I do get up there this year (less likely because of this pandemic), MF will be the first thing I'm riding in honor of its 20th. I really hope there's some 20th anniversary merch because I would totally buy something #shutupandtakemymoney lol
  21. With reduced capacity in the parks and more frequent sanitation, will fastlane be available and it so, will it even be worth it (as those in the FastLane line will still be subject to delays)?
  22. Thanks for posting that link to information on the zoo, @disco2000! I think it is interesting to see the different safety measures different businesses are implementing in order to reopen. Also, I thought the "reduced capacity" section was funny as I was remembering going to the zoo at times where it is super dead and I'm one of the only people walking around (the perks of having a pass; the only reason I didn't renew is that it's too far of a drive to make on a regular basis). In fact, I've gotten a Zen Ride on their Carousel and 4D theatre (not in the same day, and I don't remember what time of the year it was). However, I have been there on days where it is crowded; I specifically remember the mass of people crammed in to look at the elephants. Finally, while I understand reopenings take time, it is a shame that the indoor exhibits (like Wings of the World, Discovery Forest (aka the biodome), Manatee Springs and possibly indoor portions of Jungle Trails) likely won't be opening for a while.
  23. And The Bat's exit path could be a secret area, not unlike stumbling upon Peach's Castle (from Super Mario 64) on one of the older games
  24. That is a really good point; I didn't think about all the things that would have to be monitored and sanitized.
  25. More anniversary info possibly (as the big celebration got pushed back a year due to the pandemic)? Or a second season of Forbidden Frontier? Or it could be a ride removal.... Who knows, but that teaser is sounding a little nostalgic
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