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  1. There's a finale this year? I'll have to check that out next time I go!
  2. I went last night and had a good time. Because I got there a bit later (8:45-ish), it was starting to get crowded. Hotel St. Michelle was my first maze of the night and first (non-Hallowtween) maze since 2018 (I had wanted to start with Chaos, but the line was super long). I really enjoyed the maze's location and theming (especially the jazz music playing out front). I was in the back of the group, which was fitting as this was my role when I was in Urgent Scare in 2019. I then did Slaughter House and while there were some changes from past years, it was still good to be back (as I've said today, it's still "comfort food" to me, pun sorta intended lol). "Chops" is great! I then did Killmart twice; the second time through was a lot scarier. Afterwards, I did Chaos and it was interesting. Booked it down to Cornered and saw a familiar face while walking through. The maze's location was sorta random imo, and I think the second half was better than the first half. That being said, I think I liked Field of Screams better (and not just because I worked there in 2019...). However, I then walked all the way to Madame Fatale's and that was alright (I was starting to get tired by this point), however . I then did Slaughter House and Hotel St. Michelle again before leaving. Like my trip through Slaughter House in 2018, I went into Hotel St. Michelle by myself and I'm pretty sure I was the last "group" of the night (not unlike that one night where I was one of the last inside Backwoods Bayou many years ago). Before summarizing, I want to talk about the new Scarezones. Alien X is awesome; the While it was strange walking through the old Pumpkin Eater pathway with no scareactors (I thought it would be a dead end for some reason...), I enjoyed the placement of the new Pumpkin Eater and thought it was well done. Overall, it was fun, but different from years past. I do plan on going a few more times during the season and I may even try to go on a Sunday night!
  3. Speaking of maps, I did not even know (or remember? I know it was at least one of those two that I thought did not have a name...) the "Riptide" and "Watusi" slides had names until I looked at the map!
  4. Same, in more ways than one (I was the last one through Hotel St. Michelle last night and the only one in my group lol)
  5. Yeah, I didn't see "Al" tonight...
  6. Oh, ok. That's random. I was wondering as I'm always seeing that part of The Beach when traveling I-71
  7. Really? I thought it was still there (on the same platform as that racing slide)! Did that racing slide end up taking its place?
  8. As I said in the other thread, I'm just looking forward to getting back to Haunt as I haven't been since 2018.
  9. Good stuff; super pumped for tomorrow night! And yes, the sliders in the background were great - I loved when one of them did a cartwheel! I haven't been to Haunt since 2018*, so I'm super excited to get back to the park! I'm planning on at least going through Chaos, Hotel St. Michelle and of course Slaughter House. I'd also like to check out the new location of Cornered if I get the chance. *In 2019 I was a Scareactor in Field of Screams
  10. For those feeling nostalgic, here's the ride list on the old website (courtesy of Internet Archive) with the original names. Enjoy! https://web.archive.org/web/20050308050704/http://www.thebeachwaterpark.com/rides/adults/ Also, according to the website, Volcanic Panic opened in 2004... EDIT: If you click "Park Map" on one of the web pages, it will automatically download a PDF of the 2004 Park Map!
  11. Can't read much of the article because of a paywall, but my two thoughts are finally!!! and That's sad. I've had some good times at Beach when I was younger including riding a lot of the slides and being excited for Volcanic Panic, which was new for 2005. Although my last experience at the Beach was lackluster (Beach Mountain was expensive for what you got, which was one sledding hill), it is sad that it is finally closing. That being said, I am glad that a decision has been made as it's been SBNO for years. I wonder if any of the slides will be going anywhere.
  12. So was the cake float in the parade automated (did it move on its own) or did it have someone driving it (in front of the float)? I am curious as in the above picture, it looks like it's moving down the road by itself lol
  13. That wording caught me off guard… I thought it would be leaving for good, but maybe not… If it were to be retired completely, I wouldn’t be surprised. However, it would be strange not seeing that huge structure at the park any longer. Also weird that their two back to back launch coasters would get the axe (?) within the same two years. Different circumstances, I know, but still…
  14. That's pretty cool. Also, I was wondering how the 90's/2000's pins would work as the park was owned by Paramount at that time (because the names of the rides have changed over the years).
  15. These pins are looking nice! So far, I'm interested in the Timberwolf and Racer (sign) pins. I cannot wait until they roll around to the 90's/2000's pins*! And was the "Where winter comes alive" slogan on the Winterfest the original tagline? If so, that's a nice touch! *Also, I wonder how that'll work as the park was owned by Paramount for a large part of the time period
  16. Perhaps they'll be turning it forwards again... I would love to see that since I've never ridden either Mr. Freeze. -MDMC, a nostalgic kinda guy...
  17. After the first show, I looked for a Larry plush in the shops on International Street. The closest thing I was referred to were those themed squishmellows (which, while I thought they were cleverly KI-themed, I did not buy). I would totally buy that Larry FunkoPop and I don't even collect those! EDIT: Sorry, that was a Maestro FunkoPop... In any case, I would love a Larry plush!
  18. @TombRaiderFTW, that was a great point made... the Scareactors really do make a maze come to life! That being said, in my experience (my last visit to Haunt was 2018; 2019 I became one of those scarecrows you mentioned...), Slaughterhouse is the most intense. Even though I felt pretty comfortable in there as I know Sam and other members of the family, I've gone through some nights where if I didn't have that connection to familiar faces, I would be freaking out every step of the way. Those guys (and gals) are good at what they do. And as for CHAOS, I find the scariest part to be the mirror maze part. IIRC, it was the combination of the loud noises and the constant screaming that was the worst. Scares aside, I think Chaos's theming is super cool! In fact, that is probably my most anticipated maze this year - I love all the sci-fi and technology theming! Finally, the Killmart staff does have good hiding spots at times. Watch out for that camping equipment...
  19. That would have been a good idea to keep Phantom around, at least during Tricks or Treats as I think it would have been perfect. Speaking of which, I think it would be a great idea to have Larry walk around during the day as a roaming character.
  20. I remember the Tower Gardens waterfall (or at least the mountain - I don't remember it being on much...)! I used to see it all the time coming into work (at It's Fried/Midway Treats and Eats) when I first started working at the park as a teen. Back then, I envisioned KI adding a water coaster (as in, a roller coaster -like Premier's Liquid Coaster, not a water slide); the station would be towards the top of Tower Gardens and it would meander a ways through some drops before reaching the lift. The lift would go up the back side of the mountain/waterfall and then plunge down and make a turn so that you go into the mountain (where the break is between the two mountain waterfalls) and then hit the breaks. While it would have been cool, I think it would have killed the look and atmosphere of the area. EDIT: Also, I don't remember the Coney waterfall, that seems random but cool. Does anyone (on here ) have pictures of the Adventure Village waterfall and the Rivertown waterfall (near Swan Lake)? I know there was once a fountain in King Cobra's helix as I've seen pictures, but I don't remember seeing where the waterfall was. TIA
  21. Good catch lol International Showplace will be a good venue as well. Though I definitely agree, a Haunt how in KIT would be amazing!
  22. The new scare zone and shows sound great! It's cool to see that they are doing a Haunt show in KIT as it's been a while! Also, Haunt should be interesting this year as this will be the first time in 3 years that I've attended (I was in Field of Screams in 2019, there was no Haunt in 2020 and I didn't go in '21 because COVID). Looking forward to Chaos and the Alien X area.
  23. They sold these at the concerts; I got a green one with all the concert schedule (the other option was having one side be the individual group performing that night, which in my case, it was Skillet). And in response to the post wondering if "this year is it for TW", if so, it's had a good run. I remember going to Spiritsong as a kid, teenager and young adult. The two concerts I saw this year (Berlin + one Flock of Seagulls song and Skillet/Jordan St. Cyr) were a lot of fun! If it lasts, it lasts. If not, it doesn't. It would sting a bit because it's part of the park's history and has held some big-name talent in the past, but I would understand why they would tear it down.
  24. See, I'm at the other end of the spectrum... I only saw it 4 times, and I wish I would have seen it a few more times. But, to each their own. My feelings on Phantom throughout this season reminds me of my typical Cirque cycle, but on a smaller scale (because I saw less showings)... some seasons I come out of the first show not "getting it", and the more I see it, the more I start to appreciate it. On my first PT:E showing, I didn't know what to think. But over time, I got attached as it was a very unique show and also Larry endeared himself to me.
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