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  1. Here's some Pulled Pork from Island Smokehouse (2017):
  2. @ThrillKingsFitzy: I never noticed they used the same colors; however, there was another coaster I was thinking of that copies Mantis's color scheme exactly - I think it's a looping coaster in Asia. However, I can't seem to find it at the moment...
  3. I really like the orange track and turquoise supports (I'm a sucker for orange coasters!), however, I do think the old paint job was pretty unique. (...Well, not really... There is a coaster somewhere in the world that has (had?) that exact paint job, but I can't find it at the moment.)
  4. Though I've never ridden it, bring back Medusa's old color scheme to Bizarro (at NJFTP).
  5. The above "last hour" strategy also works great for mazes too... I remember getting through a bunch of mazes right at the end of the night when I would go in 2018 and prior - for example, I remember being able to do Killmart and Backwoods Bayou with no wait and then on one specific night, I did Field of Screams (minimal wait of about 10-20 minutes; it's usually an hour or more) and then booked it to Slaughter House for my final maze of the night. Do note that the park does close at Midnight for Haunt and not 1 AM as in previous seasons.
  6. I like that B&M Dive idea, @medford; I think that would be a much better place to put it than in Vortex's plot (cross-threading). Though it would be sad to see it go (like Vortex, Congo Falls has just "always been there" and also, it's one of the remnants of the old Adventure Village area - though back then, it was called Amazon Falls), it would be interesting to see that area revitalized.
  7. Flying Turns at Knoebels opened in 2013, but I think that was more of a one-off (https://rcdb.com/3458.htm). The last Mack bobsled (like Avalanche) opened in 2001 while the last Intamin bobsled opened in 1998 (info from RCDB).
  8. Your headcannon may be right; I've never thought of it that way... And I think a bobsled coaster revival would be cool. Of the two I've been on (Avalanche at KD and Disaster Transport at Cedar Point), I liked the latter more as it felt like going down the hill in a bascart (in the BEST way) - especially on the drops after a turn. However, my "better" memory of it may be because I was younger when I had my one ride on Avalanche (which I'm pretty sure I enjoyed; it was definitely different than anything I had been on before), whereas with Disaster Transport, I rode it multiple times and I was older.
  9. You are correct. Also, Delta Delta Die/Sorority House's last year was either 2015 or 2016 and Carnevil's last year was 2017.
  10. IIRC, Skylab was a HUSS Enterprise. Zodiac was the Ferris Wheel-like ride you are thinking of. I just realized we have a fact page for it (https://KICentral.com/parkhistory/past-attractions/skylab/)
  11. I saw the a Youtube video on the Poltergeist re-theme and it looks amazing. One of the cooler parts of the video occurred before the queue walkthrough was even shown: the camera focused on the house, which made it seem like it was the only thing around and that the house being filmed was most certainly not in a theme park (for some reason seeing that house from afar was really nostalgic to me), and after a few seconds, it followed down until it showed the lit-up spaghetti bowl of Poltergeist's track. It's like, here's this (ordinary) house... and here's this random roller coaster that just happens to be nearby. The queue walkthrough was cool too; I wonder if In summery, just another reason for me to get down to Six Flags Fiesta Texas! BTW, this is the video I was referring to:
  12. No, I also agree that Orion is better than Diamondback.
  13. Yeah, it was a pretty cool dream. Also, a random note, IIRC, both lift hills were on the right side of the (double) station in the dream, for some reason.
  14. I think the Firehawk one from the first set looks really cool; I really wish these were available individually. The Orion one from the new set looks super cool as well. EDIT: Or better yet, mix and match - like, buy any of the 4 of the 8 available cans for $X. I would totally get Orion/Firehawk/Racer/Bat
  15. BUMP! Last night/this morning, I dreamed I was riding The Racer at night (left side) and it was foggy. Even though the trains were facing forwards, I was able to sit backwards. As we went through the course, I could see Vortex in its entirety; however, it was not running. After riding, I went into Tower Gardens and there was at least one Haunt prop set up as well as a mini food stand.
  16. I think my favorites would be Beast's 1st lift hill (the view from top of the second is nice, but that smell of grease on the first hill is always nostalgic to me!), The Bat (@ KI- I love how the lift is a leisurely trip through/above the forest) and Adventure Express's first lift (AE's first lift may be short, but it's memorable due to the way it chugs along). Honorable mentions would be Mystic Timbers, Orion and Banshee. Outside of KI, Tennessee Tornado (Dollywood)'s lift is unique as it closely follows the terrain up a a hill (only to turn and drop into said terrain afterwards!). Honorable mention goes to The Voyage (Holiday World)'s massive lift.
  17. So, about those lights... did they hang those from Diamondback? I saw that the strand ended at the train station, but I can't see what the upper half of those lights is connected to. Also, I went to Big Bash at least twice when I worked at the park and very much enjoyed it! And @King Ding Dong, that Valravn throne makes me think of this music video (you'll see it mostly at the end):
  18. Good to hear! Before working the maze, I didn't go through Field of Screams a ton due to its insanely long line. As of 2018, my favorite mazes were Slaughter House and Chaos. I also went through Killmart a decent number of times that season.
  19. Yes,. However, wouldn't they have to limit capacity due to the number of tables up there? Maybe there could be a reservation system in place (like how a restaurant outside the park would operate).
  20. I saw that on a Youtube video of one of the mazes and thought that was pretty clever! Also, what night did you go through Urgent Scare in 2019? Though my regular maze was Field of Screams, I was in Urgent Scare the last night of Haunt due to the rain.
  21. From that sign listing all the rides, I also noticed Flying Ace (fka Rugrats Runaway Reptar) and Top Gun (now called The Bat) are missing from that list. EDIT: Also, really interesting signs...
  22. If B&M could do it, it would be cool to revive that concept. Anyone on here know how good/bad the capacity was for SFMM's Flashback?
  23. Interesting to see Field of Screams gone (or re-worked?) for this season. Oh well. Also, having less mazes reminds me of how the first few years of FearFest were as they had more rides than mazes (I never attended because I was too young and too scared, but I know there weren't a ton of mazes advertised at first). Should be an interesting Haunt season, though... EDIT: I see they brought all the Scare Zones back (minus Dance of the Macabre)
  24. This was a bit before my time (though I've been told I got to ride when I was a little kid, but I don't remember), but it seemed pretty cool. It was also cool to see Screamin' Demon in the background at the start/end of the course; did not know the monorail went under Screamin' Demon to get to the station.
  25. Thanks for sharing @Honorarius! Those Leviathan water bottles are cool - I had a Cincinnati Zoo (the major zoo around where I live) water bottle similar to that in that exact color a few years ago. Also, I love the timeline - it's interesting that Wonderland got similar additions to KI, but years later (ex: Fearfest in 2005 vs. 2000 for KI and Nick Central in 2003 vs. 2001 for KI)
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