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  1. Just visited the website again thanks to this thread and there are a LOT more items for sale than the last time I visited. Above the pins above- I bought The Bat ones at the park a while back. Also, I love that the posters are now available to purchase online. I bought the Son of Beast one at the park and it looks pretty cool in my room; I also think the Flight of Fear poster looks cool as well. If you do get the posters, I will warn you that the posters come wrapped up in tube, which I was not expecting. This is important as I I learned the hard way that I had to flatten mine before hanging it up to prevent it from curling up and falling off of the wall.
  2. Thank you for taking pictures of the ship; those were way better than the one I took of it lol
  3. Yes. Hallotween was really cool in 2019 - I enjoyed going through Chaos a few times and a less-intense version of Blackout helped me face my fears. And though not part of that specific event, That big pirate ship in Action Zone was awesome and I loved the (friendly) sea shanties they played during the day.
  4. I have a strong opinion one way or another, but... I do remember back in the (probably) early 2000's where (P)KI had some limited operation days. In fact, one of those days was when I got my first ride on Flight of Fear (as, IIRC, it was one of the major coasters open).
  5. While seeing reveals for other parks' haunted events on Screamscape (specifically, some Sea World Florida's Howl-O-Scream mazes both terrify me (an Arctic expedition maze/scare zone) and intrigue me (a jungle themed one)), I was wondering when this year's mazes will be revealed? According to the site*, Haunt tickets go on sale next Monday. *https://www.visitkingsisland.com/events/haunt
  6. Good stuff! Also it took me reading your Trip Report to realized that the old Reds Hall of Fame Grille was renamed the Miami River Brewhouse to match the Miami River Lumber Company theme of Mystic Timbers across the way (yeah, I'm slow like that sometimes... ).
  7. It was a busy, but good day in the park today. I spaced my coaster riding out (mostly due to the crowds and the heat - I just wanted to chill!), but I got in rides on Orion, Flying Ace Aerial Chase (for its 20th anniversary!), Flight of Fear (best ride this season, also an entertaining conversation with folks in line! ), Blue Racer (the airtime literally felt like I was on a cushion of air) and Bat (a surprisingly intense ride in the front; also saw @Oldiesmann once back in Action Zone proper). Also rode the Carousel, Delirium and saw Busker Jam twice. Since it was crowded during the earlier part of my day, I took some time to explore and enjoy the nooks and crannies of the park, such as Tower Gardens, and the White Water Canyon path. Speaking of said path, I really enjoyed my time out there as the vines have grown in nicely and I had so much fun soaking people with the geysers (which now takes cards as well as cash). Also, the tokens they give out to put in the machines are really cool - on one side, it says "Souvenir of Kings Island Arcades" and on the other side is an older-looking park logo (but with "Kings Island" engraved in the seemingly current font style). There was also a tiny little alcove that was Tomb Raider's entrance and is used for Madame Fatale's entrance during Haunt where I sat down and later ate dinner (Subway was really good!). Finally, as a PSA, Busker Jam's last show is next Sunday, so if anyone wants to see it (or see it again - I've already seen it 10 times, but I still love it!), next weekend will be your last chance. Also, next weekend is the last weekend for all the shows (including the Area 72 dance party) with the exception of the Peanuts Gallery and the Fireworks (that ends Sept. 6). EDIT: According to my Pokewalker, I got about 25.423 steps today, mostly from my time spent at the park.
  8. I disagree. For me, that would be a 1-2 punch ... we'll see what happens... But yeah, seeing Mantis in that video did make me of the Surf Coaster. Though they wouldn't do that after having Mantis converted, right? -MDMC, a fan of Rougarou
  9. It would be great if Wicked Twister came to KI. Though I got my "last rides" in 2019, I'm contemplating going up that weekend to say goodbye. I think it's a very cool coaster and it's got an awesome soundtrack! ...And here's a similar sounding song: RIP.
  10. Last night, I had a dream that I was riding a partially RMC'd Son of Beast. Sections of the ride had green single rail track mixed in with the regular wooden track and did not have the loop. Also, some of the hills were weirdly shaped (almost like a double-up), including the lift.
  11. Thanks for all the updates everyone; I look forward to riding Saturday!
  12. One night I had a dream there was a ride whose vehicles (that IIRC, were either like the single bobsled cars found on Intamin bobsled coasters - https://rcdb.com/99.htm - or a ball like Slingshot) bounced from metal corner to metal corner in the air. The "corner" looked like a rounded metal holder (hard to describe). That would be cool, but very impractical unless there was "invisible" track between the corners.
  13. As a note I'm pretty sure I was riding in Row 10 for that ride (it was in the yellow part of the train and I know it was not a wheel seat as I specifically asked if I could sit in the next row over as I didn't want to sit in the wheel seat that I was originally assigned to).
  14. I can confirm. I rode on the 17th of last month and the bottom of one of the drops (the drop after the first tunnel) felt like an earthquake and it reminded me of Mean Streak. I was surprised as this usually is a fun part of the ride and is the one part where I put my hands up.
  15. I would agree with the above, however, I would swap out Orion for Millennium Force and possibly Dragster for something representative of the old Geagua Lake (Six Flags Worlds of Adventure) - Big Dipper, perhaps? I never went when it was open, so I don't know that their most memorable coaster would be. So, again, here are my picks: Steel Vengeance Millennium Force The Beast Big Dipper [or insert something memorable from Geagua Lake here]/Top Thrill Dragster
  16. Yeah, the few times I have been in Planet Snoopy, I have not been a fan of this. In 2019 and years before, I recall them playing Disney-eque hits with other classic kids songs (like 2 Veggietales songs, "The Ants Go Marching", "Polly wally doodle", etc. They also had this Pokemon song with an epic guitar solo on the rotation for a few years, but IIRC, that was before I got back into it again) with a few Kidz Bop covers*, but now it's all I've heard this year. I have such a problem with it as I feel some of those songs are not appropriate for children (Senorita (Shawn Mendes/Camilla Cabello comes to mind; I don't remember the other one(s), but I know I felt that way about a few).
  17. Yes, they do! I remember walking through Backwoods Bayou prior to Winterfest one year and yelling "Merry Christmas" to everyone who tried to scare me lol
  18. Yeah, I was confused about that too... during the POV, I was checking to see if it "dived" off of the quarry wall, but nope... In any case, it looks like a cool addition; I would love to get to Fiesta Texas someday and this is one more (small) reason to do so (besides Superman, Iron Rattler, Wonder Woman and Batman)
  19. Attended the dance party again tonight, and while I had a great time (I breakdanced to "Hit me baby one more time" once the bass dropped), I was wondering if/why the same music is played every time. Yes, the songs played are so hype and (hopefully) get people dancing, but I guess I expected the DJ to switch it up every time. Also, although I loved "Bye, Bye, Bye" (by *Nsync), I really think "The Game is Over" would be a better choice thematically as it references video games and seems to fit Area 72 more as it sounds more "electronic" than "Bye, Bye, Bye". Here is "The Game is Over" for your listening pleasure:
  20. Watched (and participated in) the parade tonight and it was awesome. From where I stood (on the corner of Coney Mall in front of those games at the intersection of Coney and Area 72), the audio seemed a little softer, but I had a great time. After it passed by, the guy at the end appreciated my enthusiasm so much, he let me join in and follow them 'till the end. During the parade run, I saw a ton of people I knew and that was so much fun. On an unrelated note, tonight was more of a "party" night than a ride night, so instead of riding rides, I saw Busker Jam before the parade and participated in the Area 72 dance party afterwards. It was a fun night!!!
  21. I like it; it’s like an achievement system in a video game. I am curious as to what all the rank icons are (since some won’t show up).
  22. Slight change of topic, but still related to Haunt... I recently found this older Haunt shirt, but I can't remember what year it is from. I know it is at least from 2014 as Banshee is in the background. Does anyone (on here ) know what year this shirt is from? I've previously searched on KIC for info (as I know I found out about it on here many moons ago), but no avail. Thanks in advance for letting me know.
  23. Where is this flat bread you speak of? And do they have flat bread pizzas? If so, I might have to try it... -MDMC, one of those "more finicky guests" (I'm a picky eater) mentioned earlier in the thread (re: unique dining offerings) EDIT: Ok, so I just realized from the picture if these are available at Brewhouse. Wonder if they have fflatbread cheese pizzas...
  24. That's a really cool picture, not just because it is showcasing an unpainted King Cobra, but because the Ferris Wheel is there. Other pictures I've seen don't give a good indication of where exactly it was in the park; now we know*! *I think its location now contains one of the caricature booths (also, where you could win an ATV at some point). And as for whether coasters were painted on site back in the day, I think @Shaggy might be a good person to ask about that!
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