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  1. I have not seen the parade yet, (I will do so next Saturday ), but as for the Opening Ceremonies, I really liked that they brought Cirque-style acts back to KI. Also, I was confused as to why the drumming went on for so long as I was under the impression there would be multiple acts (besides the drums and the acrobats). However, I did enjoy both acts. Also, why are there two Opening Ceremony shows (or there seems to be - one at 5:00 and one around 6:15)? On another note, I get why they centralized everything, but I miss having to "discover" new things once you get to each pavilion, like the drummers/dancers of India or the Cyr Ring for Germany. So far, though, I have enjoyed Carnivale. I think the parade will be really cool!
  2. I got a chance to walk through this today and it was actually really cool and unique. I got my picture with the surfboard set.
  3. 'Twas a good day in the park today. It was somewhat crowded, but still managed to ride Adventure Express, Orion (twice, once in the front- I love the front, even though the speed pretty much forces me to close my eyes), Xtreme Skyflier (hadn't done that since 2019), The Bat (had a bumpy ride in 3-1), Delirium (pretty relaxing; all I need is a small pillow lol), Beast (stapled myself and it felt like an earthquake lol), and Mystic Timbers. Also saw Busker Jam and saw some Carnivale stuff. I also messed up the scavenger hunt (I did it in the wrong order lol), but still had a ton of fun (I plan on seeing the parade next Saturday). On a final note, I ran into so many people today (mostly during Carnivale) and it was great catching up with old friends. -MDMC, who heard the fireworks from his bedroom as he typed this
  4. Here is a line update: Delirium is 2 switchbacks short of having a full queue open. Bat line was to the top of the stairs (the set of downward stairs closest to the exit) Earlier today, Orion’s line had no switchbacks open, but some were open during my second ride. Adventure Express was only a station wait, but only because I did it first thing (I was one of three people on the train lol) Drop Zone is closed. Xtreme Skyflyer was at $10 earlier.
  5. Speaking of contactless payments, I've really enjoyed using the Wendy's app on my phone as I can conveniently order on-the-go. I think another plus to this (for companies, at least) is that I feel like people tend to spend more money (impulse buy) when paying thru apps as they don't "see" the money - they just know they want the thing now.
  6. Funny you should mention Orion's music... I was wondering where the station music was (as I heard Orion would have a specific soundtrack)! I don't know that I've ever heard it (and if I did, I don't remember).
  7. Certainly! It's the wooded area in the second video around 3:47 (after showing Tim Horton's). And yes, I am referring to the path beyond the right side; the first time I saw the video, I thought that was a dead end near the seating area. I now see that that path leads to another area, as you had mentioned.
  8. Good stuff; really enjoyed the videos! I'd like to get up there someday, mostly for the cool flat rides and the coasters. It's interesting to see how three International Streets differ between KI, KD and CW, what with all the different shops and even different pathways (like how the pathway that would lead to KI's Action Zone is a dead end at CW - also, your Xtreme Skyflier is really close to the midway!). I also noticed that CW's International Street is more green and shaded than KI's (and on that subject, does that shaded area on the right side of Wonder Mountain lead anywhere?). Also, I would love to see more of the park (the castle entrance to Medieval Faire looks cool and Expo... er, Action Zone intrigues me (even though I've heard Flight Deck is uncomfortable).
  9. That would be a shame if it was a copyright issue with the shed's specific playlist.... When I rode Friday, I didn't hear the radio either, which I thought was odd... ...so I started singing parts of the songs myself!
  10. The last time I was at the park, I attended the Launch Party twice and loved it. I talked about it a bit in the KI 2021 thread but long story short, there was great music, I breakdanced and really enjoyed the dance party. Having a juggler (along with the MC, DJ and dancers) was cool as well
  11. I'd like to see a Beast Tour; that's one "behind-the-scenes" thing I have never done. Also, a walking tour under The Bat would be super cool.
  12. Sorry, it wasn't me (my Blastoise doesn't know it and my Kingdra is in a PC Box). Must be the local Ludicolo causing that rainstorm!
  13. And if ya'll want to learn more about Squishmellows, here's the official site: https://squishmallows.com/ From what I've read, they've been increasing in popularity over the past year and seem to appeal to both collectors (there are specific ones that people try to obtain) and those who just love stuffed animals. I didn't realize there were so many designs!
  14. What a great day in the park it was tonight! Spent a few hours with my friend and we had a blast! Rode Blue Racer, Orion (including an amazing front row night ride), WindSeeker, Diamondback, Mystic Timbers and Adventure Express. Also got to see Busker Jam and took part in the Area 72 dance party not once, but twice. Though I probably stayed for a total of 20 minutes, I really enjoyed the dance party and hope to attend longer next time as the time I did spend on the dance floor was amazing. Also, I breakdanced for the first time in forever. Also, that Orion night ride was epic. On the first drop, it looked like the orange lap bar disappeared (as it was so dark out) and that was crazy. Also, the speed of the ride kept me pinned to my seat as we blurred past every twist and turn. In a word, I was "shooketh"; it was most definitely worth the post-fireworks wait. Also ran into @malem, @pianoman, @Gannersdaddy and others enjoying Coasterstock today. Speaking of Coasterstock, my friend and I could see the Q&A from Diamondback's brake run, which was cool (it's also cool that they are using that theater again for something)
  15. I'm not sure how to feel about this. While I do use a card for most transactions, it is nice to be able to use cash when I have it. And even if you do have said cash, seems like it's being pushed to switch over to a card as those card machines charge a fee after a while. On a more positive note, those employees working the cash register (er, just "register" now) may have an easier time as there will just be credit/debit payments and this will eliminate any issues associated with handling cash (I know this as I've been on placed on register at times during my early days working in Food Service). EDIT: Ok, so I just read that cash card can be used outside the park as well. That's pretty cool - it basically functions as a Visa gift card of sorts! Also, a question with how this works- if you have, say , $10 on a card and spend it all, does the "92 days of inactivity" charge not apply because it was spent? Or, put another way, does the "92 days of inactivity" charge only apply to leftover funds on the card? Thanks for clarification.
  16. Not yet... lol Soon... EDIT: In all seriousness, haven't heard much about Haunt this year. However, Carnivale should be pretty cool.
  17. Agreed! I rode front row for the first time during my last KI trip and it was crazy awesome! The wind in my face reminded me of speedboat rides I took as a kid (except on Orion, it's at 91 mph!).
  18. That;'s cool how they converted the area under Dragster's bleachers into a Freestyle stand!
  19. I agree that arrangement had both its upsides and downsides. While it was nice that each country had its own area, getting to said areas and seeing the performances may have been difficult if you didn't know where to look. For example, in 2019, I pretty much knew about India and China's performances (India was probably my favorite pavilion - I went through a "Bollywood" music phase in High School and still enjoy that music from time to time), but had to find out about Germany's performance as it happened; I also didn't realize there was a performance by Graeter's (don't remember what country was being represented there) until some time into the event. But at the same time, being on the same stage means that performances won't necessarily overlap. We'll just have to see how things go.
  20. Good to know; thanks for posting the info. I'm looking forward to that new scavenger hunt with the QR codes.
  21. The last time I rode (June 20th), everything seemed to work, however, the front projector was obscured. The only reason I knew we got the tree was due to the sound effects.
  22. So apparently, some new theming has appeared concerning what may be Volcano and/or The Crypt's replacement: https://www.coaster101.com/2021/06/23/mysterious-crates-appear-at-kings-dominion/
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