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  1. I had heard about this new footage... looking forward to seeing in in it's entirety whenever I get to ride Orion again. I didn't see any of the Quonset hut footage on Opening Day as (for the first ride) the TVs were silenced/playing FunTV and (for the second ride) shut off. I feel like this will add more to the theming.
  2. Ok, this makes sense! Also, good to know!
  3. Wow! I did not realize that the park still had (COVID) capacity limits.
  4. Where did you see this? I knew it was on the chopping block for a while, and (if true), I'm glad I got my last rides on it in 2019. I really enjoyed that ride! Also, if the Gravity Group coaster is still going to Dorney (and Wicked Twister is indeed closing), that means we'll be losing 2 Inverted Impulse Coasters at once! Also, side-note, there are some really cool pictures of the ride on RCDB. EDIT: Was going to add that Valleyfair's would be the last of it's kind (aside from Flash/V2 at Discovery Kingdom, but I totally forgot that Vertical Velocity existed at Six Flags Great America. EDIT2: Just saw the tweets you were referencing. Maybe Tony's just having fun - or maybe it is closing. Guess we'll never know until it happens...
  5. I think some of the songs from Skillet's album Alien Youth would be perfect for Area 72; specifically "Vapor" (for Flight of Fear) and "Eating me Away". Other songs that would be cool to hear from that album are "Kill Me Heal Me", and "Stronger". Vapor: Eating Me Away:
  6. Oh yeah, I remember seeing a similar sign at one point (when Delirium was down for extended maintenance). I very much enjoy Delirium as well; it's very relaxing at times!
  7. That's good to hear that it was testing at some point (it would be interesting to see it move without the disk spinning)! Everytime I went by on Saturday, Delirium was closed and not operating.
  8. When I did ride it (2019 and before), I did notice the roughness was hit or miss. Some rides were awesome and some rides the shaking/roughness was so bad it felt like it was going to derail (seriously!). I also think it depends on where you sit; IIRC, the odd numbered seats do not have that much of a "rattle". I didn't ride Saturday as they still have the mask policy for indoor attractions and also the line was insanely long (as always!).
  9. When walking by the site Saturday, it definitely felt like something was missing (in a logical way, not in a nostalgic/me missing the ride way, if that makes sense).
  10. Ok, so after riding Orion yesterday, my answer is now a toss-up between Mystic and Orion. I don't know which one to pick as both give good ride experiences and have decent themes (it comes down to Mystic Timbers' quality of the theme vs. the Orion references and details; especially the Quonset hut!). After a few more laps on Orion (hopefully within the next few weeks) and after riding more rides at the park (only rode 3 yesterday due to crowds), I should have a more definitive answer.
  11. Yeah, I was wondering that too.; that explains why the line was so long! Though I ended up getting out of line, I did see the new front car logo and it looked pretty cool.
  12. I was not able to get a paper map (I was told someone had them at the front), however, I wanted to talk about a related thing - it seemed the wayfinder boards were off (probably because COVID), but there were really neat little directional signs attached to the boards that point to nearby rides/attractions. I thought this was pretty cool and creative.
  13. I went today and had a great (but long, and at some points, tiring) day! It was the first time I had been back since NYE 2019 and Orion was certainly worth the wait. Despite the crowds (or, due to the crowds, rather), I also got 4 rides on The Bat (still the best, IMO - more thoughts on Orion in a bit) and 2 on Adventure Express. Food lines were crazy, so I went to Coney BBQ as the wait didn't seem as bad compared to the others. As I alluded to, I rode Orion for the first time today* and thought it was a really "fun" coaster. Yes, there are some thrills (like the floatjector air towards the end, which seems more pronounced at night), but overall it's a lot of fun (like Lightning Racer at Hersheypark). Unfortunately, it still does not beat out The Bat as the best coaster in the park. The location, nostalgia and thrill level (my rule of thumb is the further back you sit, the more intense/thrilling The Bat becomes) puts it above the rest IMO. Also, though the night ride on Orion was enjoyable (especially the hype leading up to it from those in line), other than the more pronounced airtime I mentioned earlier, I think it's better during the day. Finally, there were a lot of rides I did not get to due to the crowds that I would love to ride next time like Invertigo, Drop Zone, Racer and Beast. Also, Delirium was down all day, which was a bit of a bummer, but these things happen. Overall, it was packed, but it was so good to be back. Also, got to catch up with friends including @IndyGuy4KI, @electricsun, @Magenta Lizard and others. It's great to be back in the park again! *Specifically, I rode during the day in Row 6 (I think?) and at night in Row 4, both times in the seat closest to the exit. EDIT: I also wanted to say I noticed the new music playing over the speakers. Though it appears to be the same 10 or so songs, I liked the inclusion of BTS's "Dynamite" and that one weird sea shanty song that apparently was popular on TikTok (the song is called "Wellerman")? Other notable tracks include "Dance Monkey" (played right before said sea shanty tune), "Levitating" by Dua Lipa, "The Man" by Taylor Swift and "Blinding Lights" by The Weeknd. EDIT2: Correction: The "sea shanty" song is called Wellerman (I originally said the song was by Wallerman, which is incorrect)
  14. It looks like Forbidden Frontier is making a comeback this season: https://www.cedarpoint.com/rides-experiences/forbidden-frontier-on-adventure-island
  15. Here is an article I found talking about how theme parks around the world are handling operations during this pandemic: https://blooloop.com/theme-park/in-depth/guest-experience-post-covid/
  16. Great write-up/explanation of how things work! (in bold) I think the only exception to the "static" performers at Spritsong would be Skillet (and maybe Red) as they use (or at least used to use) pyrotechnics. And some groups do have other cool effects such as For King and Country's
  17. Awesome! I did not go to the park in 2020, so I may have to get one when I go!
  18. I'm glad the French Corner from last year's Tricks and Treats stuck around! I hope they have baguettes.
  19. Oh, wow! Good find @Oldschool75! However, it appears Timberwolf is still on the park map (the online version, that is).
  20. I voted for Mystic Timbers, with Firehawk as a close second (yes, I liked Firehawk that much! ). Do note that I have not ridden Orion yet, so my answer might change after next Sunday. Mystic has a great ride experience and a great theme (the shed contributes to this theme). Firehawk is second in my book as it was just so cool and unique. Also, it was a relic from the early 2000's and one of the only coasters of its type ever made. EDIT: Also, Banshee would probably be third, and this makes Diamondback last. Not a big fan of Diamondback, but reading the above reasons why some voted for it, I understand the ride's significance (IIRC, it was KI's first B&M).
  21. I am loving seeing all these updates in this thread and the "Current Wait times" thread. While driving by today, the parking lot looked packed (which is a VERY good sign) and I could see Drop Zone, The Bat and WindSeeker running. This is getting me really excited for next Sunday! I am just so ready to come back to the park after being gone for a year due to the pandemic.
  22. Here's an article about Cedar Fair investing in the parks this year: https://blooloop.com/theme-park/news/cedar-fair-theme-park-investments/?source=newsletter
  23. I'm confused @BoddaH1994; what do you mean by backfilling? Is that when some shows are pre-shows to the actual show (like how The Mistletones "opened" for the Charlie Brown Christmas Spectacular when it was moved indoors during the 2017 Winterfest)?
  24. I'm excited about the Area 72 dance party; looks like we're going to have our own version of Luminosity!!! Also, I'm curious what stage "Busker Jam" will be performing at in Rivertown? The only stage I can think of is the LaRosas's stage. And, Brew Beats pretty sounds cool! Finally, I wonder if Stick(y) Paint will be replacing the Petting Farm? Definitely will be checking most of these shows out at some point during the season
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