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  1. No that is not her ride but she has been sent there before.
  2. My sister works in Action Zone.
  3. Drop Tower kept overheating because of the lovely weather we have had.
  4. Just thought it was interesting, I've never seen people evacuated.
  5. @MDMC01 I think about it on every ride, it's all I think about on every lift hill
  6. It made me nervous just to watch. I would have a death grip on that railing.
  7. My head hurt really bad after riding it last year. It felt almost like when you stand up to fast and you get a headrush but it stayed for several minutes. I also had trouble keeping my head up. Haven't ridden it since.
  8. Hi, just got back from KI. Had a good time. Anyway, while in line for WindSeeker we noticed a train on Vortex was stuck on the lift hill. When we got on WindSeeker we could see someone climbing up the stairs. After WindSeeker we went to Shake Rattle And Roll and we saw security go up to evacuate the train. Aren't supervisors supposed to do that? Anyway I was just wondering if anyone had any theories, I know Vortex got a new chain last year, so I doubt that it's that.
  9. Yeah, asked my sister about it again, it's the footer.
  10. At the risk of sounding like a complete noob, can someone please explain to me what ERT stands for? Early Ride Time?
  11. That's awesome! I say get one in Coney Mall!
  12. FOF1996- Oh that makes sense! ( I'm sorry I keep bringing this up, I'll let it drop after this ) but since it's computer programmed, couldn't the computers be telling ride-ops the trains are out of a certain block when they're really not? Seeing as several people have seen people examining footers and pouring concrete it is most likely that.
  13. Hmm....I'll ask my sister about it later, see if she knows anything else that might be more realistic.
  14. Yeah, I'm not sure who she heard it from or what their credibility is. I mean is it possible that they were dispatched to early, and two trains were in the same block? I have no idea though, so you're probably right. Sucks that its down though.
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