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  1. Just curious did they just rip up the old Dinosaurs Alive paths? It kind of looks that way from the recent pictures posted on this page.
  2. I don't understand why they have left the Firehawk trains near the construction site? I figured they would have been shipped off by now.
  3. Anybody know If they're planning another Peanuts celebration week like they did last year?
  4. Plus the footers would have to be spread out more to accommodate the layout of Vortex.
  5. I would love love to see a floorless come to Kings Island. In my opinion, that's one coaster that's missing from the park. I feel like Cedar Point is more complete now with Rougarou since 2015. I know some people will argue that coaster sucks, but to me I love it! Maybe when Kings Island does decide to build one, they could build the first one with the vest restraints. Heck I think it would be awesome to have the first Floorless Giga, but the likelyhood of that happening is slim. There would be a lot of butterflies going down the first drop though.
  6. That looks like Mystic Timbers station? Can you confirm this thatguyfromohio? Also I wanted to ask If there's been any new digging in the land clearing photo?
  7. ^ Did you happen to take a photo? Not on the ride obviously, but maybe from Eiffel Tower?
  8. ^^Alright guys. My bad. I just thought with those numbers from the blueprints, they might try to tweak it in the actual announcement.
  9. Even though you guys are guessing 296' now, I think Kings Island will surprise us and this will actually be 305' feet with a 310 foot drop. I think that Polaris model is very much the real thing.
  10. Yeah I wanted to ask last week where Gary Walks was and why he didn't speak a little? He was the founder and still is the founder of Kings Island. I would have stayed for that.
  11. ^^ His girlfriend in that picture probably wants to smack the crap out him for looking at another girl. I know that's off-topic, but that meme makes it look obvious. Anyhow back on topic here. I don't understand blueprints that well, so could someone point out where you guys are getting 286' from?
  12. After catching up from page 121, some people are disappointed about the height. Let me just point out one thing here. Kennywood has a coaster known as Steel Phantom/Phantom's revenge. They're coaster has a shorter drop on the main lift hill while the biggest drop is the second hill that goes into the ravine. Maybe Kings Island took note of that but put it on the first hill. I don't think this will be 285 like some of you guys are calculating. I'm thinking it will be 305 feet with a 310 drop like that Polaris video suggests. That's just my opinion and I'm sticking to it.
  13. Awesome! I feel like sometimes my posts go not un-noticed so it's nice to know that you enjoy reading my posts. I'll be back to Kings Island in July just so you know.
  14. ^ Ok there was another guy on here named Jim but forgot his screen name. Could the guy named Jim please step forward on this thread?
  15. I just wanted to point out that I'm clearly visible in the train shot photo. I'm behind one guys head and waiving. Coaster Stock 2019 was the best one I've attended yet! The weather was perfect, I met some new friends, me and my friends enjoyed the ERT, the food was fantastic, and the behind the scenes tours were just as awesome. I re-met Malem aka Michael and then there was another guy with him named Brad. I forgot his screen name on here so If you see this, please quote me and say who you are. I also wanted to add, that I loved hearing the guests speakers that Don Helbig invited to the luncheon and dinner meets. The only thing that I wish would have happened is for me to run into Charlie Brown, but I'll catch that blockhead another day.
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