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  1. Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    Well my friends let me ride that all by myself since nobody in my gang likes Vortex. I don't know, my feeling is Adventure Express is still smoother, but Vortex is much better this year compared to other years.
  2. Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    In my area of town, we have a place called Handels, Menchies, and Coldstone. I know coldstone and menchies people have heard of before, but probably not handel's.
  3. Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    Hey anyone know what the name of that ice cream place on International street is called? They're famous for the black raspberry chocolate chip ice cream if that helps any. I tried them on opening weekend for the first time in my life and loved them!
  4. Coney BBQ and 2018 Food Reviews

    I went to Coney's bbq on opening day and loved it so much, we decided to go there for lunch and dinner. The first time I had the pulled pork sandwich with the macaroni and cheese. I loved the sandwich so much that when me and my gang went back, I decided to get the pulled pork by itself with the fries. Those fries, I forget what they are, but they were amazing too. I was thinking about getting the beans, but I didn't want to keep farting all day. Next time I go this summer, I will get the beans. Overall I'd say this is a great addition for Kings Island. Now when I go, it's a toss up for me of where I want to go for food. I love the Reds HOF grille and always thought they had decent food for the money. I don't have a favorite in there, but I love everything that I've tried so far.
  5. Kings Island's next coaster predictions

    While I'm not sure I remember If I voted in this poll or not; If I could do it again, I would say bring in a Floorless as well. Maybe they could incorporate some twists from Dominator at Kings Dominion when they do add one. However, It's probably just me and you that think this way about a Floorless. The majority vote would go to the Giga vote.
  6. Future changes to the shed?

    I have no problem with the shed except that maybe they could adjust the timing so the whole train of riders can see the animation. It would be cool if they waited until the animation was almost done and then dispatch the train into the station. Also you have the tree, the snake, and the bats. It would be cool to see another animal or creature pop in at the end. Maybe you could add a bunch of sheep making it seem like they're going to charge people. I know that sounds corney but to me it sounds interesting.
  7. Kings Island Announces 2018 Changes

    I've never had a problem with the food service at Kings Island, except for the chicken stand over by Banshee. I wasn't big on their fries. Their chicken was really good though. I'm really looking forward to this since my main place that I go to is Reds HOF grille and the fact that I never went to that place over in Soak City last year.
  8. Coasterstock 2018

    I remember waiting in there last year. Me and my friends were bored out of our minds.
  9. What could 2018 bring KI

    Maybe they're making the shed better!
  10. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    I just wish they had more team prizes to win. I'd play the football game by Racer if they had an Indianapolis Colts pillow to try and win.
  11. The Beast Roughness/jerking

    ^ I'm with you on that with Voyage. During Holiwood Nights a few years ago, I rode that 5 straight times and had to sit out after a while because I thought it shook my brain around and gave me a headache. My one friend rode it like 25 straight times. I don't know how he did it. For me with The Beast, I don't mind that long straight track going into the brake tunnel or the long stretch of track before the second hill. In my opinion, it kind of prepares me for what's to come. I agree with another fan on here that it would be cool to add another hill in there for air time moments, but would they still have to add a brake somewhere along the way? That's my only question. I guess I'd have to experiment building The Beast in roller coaster tycoon to figure that out.
  12. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    I hope Kings Island never changes the Racer name because it makes sense to call it that. Plus someone mentioned a retrack might be done to Racer; could we possibly see new GCI trains go on Racer? I think that would be cool.
  13. What could 2018 bring KI

    When you tell your friends or co-workers to enjoy the rest of their day at work. Lol
  14. Blitz or RMC?

    If Kings Island ever retired Vortex like that long rumor that's been tossed about for years, I think an Intamin blitz would be perfect in that spot. However, If they wanted to put it somewhere else, Kings Island has plenty of land to play with to squeeze one in. Cedar Fair/Kings Island need a second park with a blitz coaster like Maverick.
  15. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    ^ My thought on that is maybe they want guests to feel like they're getting an early Christmas present.