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  1. Shawn Meyer


    I love the animation that you made here. Just curious, is your design using Topper track?
  2. Shawn Meyer

    Possible clues for 2019 ?

    ^ I just hope they keep the theme of the drummer guys on the last lift hill. That's been there since I was a kid. I would love it if they brought back the fog that interacted with certain parts of the ride.
  3. Shawn Meyer

    Adventure Express CONSTRUCTION

    Wow! This is something we'll really have to dig for.
  4. Shawn Meyer

    First aid station by Mercy Health

    Mercy health is based out of Canton, Ohio. Awesome they went with a hospital chain close to me.
  5. Shawn Meyer

    Dinos Alive and Xbase

    I'd be happy if they repainted Firehawk because it's showing a little bit of green paint from the Geauga lake days. That should be part of their focus for 2019.
  6. Shawn Meyer

    What will replace Dinos Alive?

    ^ Yeah you're right. Ok let's put the Giga in the dinos land and add a Floorless somewhere in the park. I just want Kings Island to get a B&M Floorless someday.
  7. Shawn Meyer

    Racer 2019?

    If Racer is indeed converted to topper track, please God don't let them do anything to ruin the ride experience. What I mean is they don't need to put in corkscrews like they did with Colossus at Six Flags magic mountain. it's a classic so it needs to keep that classic feel to it so keep the layout the same, but if they want to go ahead and add the topper track to it so be it.
  8. Shawn Meyer

    What will replace Dinos Alive?

    To answer the question of this thread, hopefully a B&M Floorless roller coaster.
  9. Shawn Meyer

    Kings Island wants to add dorms

    I'm still not sure where I'm looking.
  10. Shawn Meyer

    Kings Island wants to add dorms

    What spot?
  11. I hope people start coming to Kings Island soon. I would hate to see Cedar Fair go bankrupt because of the low attendance season we're having right now.
  12. ^ I don't know. I feel like they would go after the Reds rather than the Bengals being that they already have a Reds themed restaurant in rivertown. That's my opinion though. By the way, I'm sure you read my posts before, but I'm also a Colts fan and I live here in Akron, Ohio, which is browns territory.
  13. Wow! It's like they're taunting Kings Island.
  14. Shawn Meyer

    My Thoughts on Cedar Point vs Kings Island

    I saw this discussed on a thread on Pointbuzz.com in a similar topic. One guy said that why not reconfigure the trains on Rougarou and make them 3 seats across so that way you could use the vest style system on that particular ride. Another topic I mentioned was that they could spend the money again and fix the parts of the layout that cause head banging. Maybe take out the corkscrew at the end of the ride. Maybe take out the mid-course brake run because the trains fly right through it anyway. Yes If Kings Island gets a B&M Floorless coaster someday, maybe they could make a layout similar to Dominator at Kings Dominion. The trains on Dominator are similar to Rougarou, but there's no head banging because the curves and dimensions of the ride are more spread out than Rougarou. I know Kings Island has room to work with so they could make it happen. Plus I can see them breaking world records if they wanted to too.
  15. Shawn Meyer

    My Thoughts on Cedar Point vs Kings Island

    I hope one day that Kings Island gets a B&M Floorless coaster. That's the only thing I feel is missing between the Cedar Point and Kings Island. Cedar Point converted Mantis to Rougarou and now I'm hoping that one day Kings Island gets one next.