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  1. If they decide to put a Floorless roller coaster in the former vacancy of Vortex, they could use the terrain to their advantage. An example would be similar to how they built Orion with the first drop. The first hill could climb up the same way Vortex did; then turn and drop! The rest of the layout would be up to Kings Island.
  2. ^ I'm sure The Beast will get some TLC this winter too! They just didn't mention it yet. Supposedly they had steel for the helix, but I never saw that over the summer. My experience on The Beast this summer was great! I didn't have any issues.
  3. ^ What type of roller coaster are you digging at in this picture? That track reminds me of Valravn.
  4. The Beast for sure is number one for me. I know this topic is about The Racer and The Beast, but Mystic Timbers would be second, followed by The Racer.
  5. Banshee has the best ride sign.
  6. I've been seeing online from different Facebook pages, that Banshee was down over the weekend and probably done for the season. Anybody know what's wrong with Banshee?
  7. Now let's say GCI modifies certain sections of The Beast every year. By year five of GCI retracting, would it be as smooth as Mystic Timbers?
  8. Is Cedar Fair in the hole debt wise because of Covid-19?
  9. ^ For both you guys here. I don't think Planet Snoopy needs an overhaul except in the area where the Ice cream stand is. It really bottles up right in that area when they have lines. The rest of the area is fine in my opinion.
  10. I would love it If Cedar Fair owned Lake Compounce in Bristol Connecticut.
  11. Anyone read my thought on moving Congo Falls within the park?
  12. If we could move a ride within the park, I would choose to move Congo Falls closer to the other water rides. This would involve demolition of the Tomb raider building. I'm not sure if they want to do that just yet or not.
  13. We don't have a mouse because we're not Disney lol. We have Charlie Brown though
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