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  1. It's also crazy how big those footers were for Vortex. I seen pictures of them digging them out and they just seem huge.
  2. I know the last two posters yesterday probably rolled their eyes at this, but I like this idea! I don't know If they would have to go out and remove Backlot Stunt Coaster, but I imagine they could still get creative. They're already removing footers in The Vortex site so I imagine they'll level the land in the off-season and maybe start building next season. This way we could start guessing like we did last year for Orion. I believe we'll see something new there in 2022-2023.
  3. Anyone remember how Adventure Express used to have the fog, special lights along the course, and sound effects? I remember riding Adventure Express as a kid and having those features really made Adventure Express really fun! I love how they kept the theme going in the last tunnel. It's not a let down to me at all. As a kid when you're riding it, you're scared. When you're an adult, I can see where some people feel that last tunnel is a let down. It still doesn't bother me any.
  4. Are there any parks in the United States that have a motor cycle style train on them? If so, what type of roller coaster is that?
  5. Question. Do you think Kings Island will sell masks this year with ride logos on them? I think this would make wearing a mask fun.
  6. Question. Do you think Kings Island will sell masks this year with ride logos on them? I think this would make wearing a mask fun.
  7. I feel like they would stop the ride more for a phone than a mask, but that's just my opinion. Once the train crests over the top, and somebody lowers their mask they can't do much.
  8. I hate to be that guy, but I'm just not sure. I'm a little slow I guess.
  9. ^ So is there still a lawsuit being filed anyway?
  10. ^ Where was that taken at? Also what is Cedar Point and Kings Island hoping the gain by sueing Amy Acton when DeWine announced today that Amusement parks could open in two weeks?
  11. I said this in another topic, but it would be nice if they had the giant park maps like what Cedar Point sells for $2.00. I hope the GM of Kings Island reads this or these forums for ideas.
  12. I loved that picture of Orion(K9). He looked like a happy dog there.
  13. ^ Sorry guys. My brain doesn't always click right away. I don't know much about american dream mall, but hey they could put that in at Dorney Park too and still keep it in the Cedar Fair chain.
  14. I had a dream a few times where Kings Island was open to the public, but people we're in awe when they saw how big of trench there was for the former Vortex site. The whole area must have been dug up at least 10 feet below the coney mall midway area. There was also a sign showing how they wanted to rebuild Vortex in a new way. Different manufacturer of course; and I believe it was a ground up rmc like everyone wants.
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