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  1. I don't understand why some people hate on Orion at times. I might be the only one who applauds Kings Island and B&M for creating something different with the GIGA design. I love the fact that in height, it's almost 300 feet, but then you make up for it with the 300 foot drop. I love that! Both air hills provide a different sensation of airtime with the speed hill and floater air time hill. Yes, it could be a little longer, but the park did spend $25 million or so on Orion. The price of steel is on the rise, so it's easy for us fanboys to envision spending the parks money. I might also be the only one that says this on here, but I like Orion slightly a little more than Diamondback.
  2. I don't know if this idea makes any sense or not, but it's nice to have Congo falls on a nice hot day. However I don't think it's in a good spot there where it currently is. If tearing up concrete wasn't expensive, I'd say relocate Congo falls over where Vortex used to be. I know that would get pretty pricey to smash concrete and then relay concrete in a new spot, but Congo falls might get better ridership there. This would also open the door for a possible ferris wheel in the same plot of land.
  3. I know this topic was more popular back in February, but I want to bring it back. Last time I was at Kings Island back in July, they seemed like they had low inventory on T-shirts. It also seemed this way at Cedar Point on my last visit a couple weeks ago. Is this normal for Cedar Fair this time of year? Are they possibly generating new T-Shirt designs and/or getting more merchandise?
  4. I hope it stays for a long time. It's a great beginner roller coaster for kids in the family.
  5. When will more details be announced for the 50th anniversary? I know a lot of fans are hoping they repave the parking lot for Kings Island next year.
  6. ^ I see you guy's point there, but If you send it a smaller park like Michigan's Adventure, they might gain more fan base for a ride like Wicked Twister because it's something new to the fans up there. Yes, I get the maintenance cost issues part, but a park like them might not care and would welcome it just because it's a new roller coaster. Take Demon Drop for example.
  7. Tear it down and relocate Congo falls over there. Congo falls where it's at seems far away from the rest of the water rides. Yes I know this would involve pouring new concrete, but it would be worth it in my opinion.
  8. ^ And If The Beast was created with his same layout, but created by GCI who knows how great a ride that would be! I'm not saying Kings Island should re-build The Beast, but just saying how cool that would be. Rest in peace Charles Dinn and God Bless you and your family!
  9. Anyone hear any rumors about Dorney still getting that Gravity Group wooden shuttle coaster?
  10. I had a question for anyone who might have worked Kings Island or knows the story behind this. On a busy day, you expect all three trains to be on the track for The Beast and all top roller coasters at Kings Island. Well this past Sunday, there wasn't that much of a crowd and a lot of rides were walk-on. My question is why run all three trains when you don't have to? The Beast ran 3 trains on Sunday, but they only really needed 2. I've seen Cedar Point run 2 trains on certain rides if the park is slow, but then there are certain rides they do run all three trains when they could save the wear and tear on the third train. I hope this question makes sense.
  11. Indyguy, I'm here in the park today.
  12. Who was the guest speaker today?
  13. It's good to see that the Rivertown freestyle is actually open. I know everyone is talking about other things right now, but to me that's a good sign. Hopefully, it's like that in two weeks when I go next.
  14. Just out of curiosity, do people still like The Beast? I seen a lot of people complaining on the facebook page - Kings Island season passholders, about how it needs re-tracked or RMC treatment. Please God don't let them RMC The Beast! It just celebrated 40 years a couple years ago too so I would hate to see it get RMC. If anything, have gravity group do some work to it like they did to Racer in the off-season.
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