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  1. COVID-19 can shut everything down, but not spring!
  2. I hope they replant trees in new areas.
  3. I guess we're not supposed to have fun this year.
  4. I wonder If Kings Island and Cedar Point will just wait until mid May like they were originally to see if anything changes before they decide to make a move similar to Knotts berry farm.
  5. ^ Well that is a wild ride, but yeah since they just spent probably $30 million on Orion, I doubt they'll spend that much on something like that. But that ride packs a lot of punch! I love how much intensity it packs throughout the ride. Reminds me of Maverick. I also love how you picked Green!
  6. ^ I know right. They seem to be good at shutting everything down. Different topic though. The last time I dreamed about the blimp, it flew over Cedar Point.
  7. @SonofBaconator you're cool. My ideal roller coaster to take the spot of Vortex would be a Floorless. I don't know if you read my comment on another topic or not, but I mentioned how cool it would be to have a floorless similar to Dominator at Kings Dominion. It's in the topic, could KI get a Floorless topic.
  8. ^ I feel like Cedar Fair is trying to get rid of their stand up coasters. The only one they haven't terminated yet is Vortex at Carowinds. Just my opinion though. If they ever wanted to bring a classic roller coaster to Kings Island, I would say rebuild the classic Big Dipper(GCI style). Not sure where they would put it, but that's the only ride I can think of right now.
  9. ^^ Indyguy I was there last year and all I could think about was, God please stop the rain. It was an off and on rainy day last year on opening day.
  10. I don't know what the temperature is down at Kings Island, but I got that feeling in my head of how nice it would be to ride a roller coaster right now. I guess I'm using my imagination.
  11. I think I speak for my friends when they say they wish The Bat/Flight Deck/Top Gun was a little closer inland compared to how it's laid out now. Now hear me out, this is for they're sake not mine. I don't mind walking that far to ride it, but I understand where they're coming from with their argument.
  12. ^ Well I know about the track part. Just forgot what the abbreviation stood for.
  13. Looks like the actual ship was painted too.
  14. I'm bad with abbreviations here. What is CSF?
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