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  1. I know I should be patient here, but I want to see Orion grow taller here.
  2. If you want to, I can publish a photo like this on my page. I run a page called Cedar Fair photo fanpage on facebook. You may have heard of it, but if not feel free to look around.
  3. Well wouldn't those large cranes be used just for Orion? Also I wonder If they'll send all three arrow trains of Vortex to other Cedar Fair properties. I'm still hoping for a B&M floorless someday down the road.
  4. Thank you SonofBaconator. I would love to see a B&M floorless come into play in that area. And who knows, maybe removing Vortex was part of their 5 year plan; but the announcement of it's demise maybe just falls on year 4. Who knows, maybe we'll start to see land clearing like we did this year for Orion. I'm not too worried about height. Heck, they could make it as tall as Dominator at Kings Dominion and I'd be ok with that. What I would love to see is somewhere along the layout, they have the back to back loops like Vortex has now. Also let those loops show up so well that it looks like Vortex in a way. Plus with the terrain they have from Vortex, they have a lot of possibilities to work with. I also would welcome the first floorless roller coaster to have the vest restraints that Banshee has already.
  5. Well I don't see them converting Vortex into a Floorless roller coaster, but I know where your going with this. I would be all for a B&M floorless roller coaster to come to Kings Island, but time will tell if that happens or not. My dream fantasy would be to see Vortex removed and put a B&M floorless roller coaster in it's spot. However, I would welcome the idea of maybe they're fixing certain areas of the ride and changing the route a little to make the ride a lot smoother than before. The one area where I sort of snap my neck around is the turn before the mid-course brake run. I can't stand that spot on Vortex. I was even thinking maybe they could change The Vortex track and layout like they did when they re-did Steel Phantom at Kennywood. However, somebody already shot that idea down as unlikely.
  6. I'm excited for Orion. I was hoping for Polaris, but hey I'm sure they'll use that on a future ride in the chain somewhere. I love that Kings Island is part of the Giga family now as far as top parks in the chain. The only question I have is what is the overall height for Orion? I know they're advertising a 300' foot drop, but what is the actual height?
  7. I saw the announcement and I'm excited for Orion in 2020. The only question I have is what is the overall height? The video just promotes a 300' foot drop.
  8. Aside from the petition talk everyone is talking about, I just want to thank the person who found this video so I can watch it several times at home before I hang out with my friends for the day. Lol
  9. Not to ask a question that might have already been asked and answered, but is there a rumored date for announcement yet?
  10. I love this song and think I'll go listen to it now.
  11. I could see Congo Falls being relocated in the park closer to the other two water rides If that's the case. I think you're onto something there as far as having a Floorless roller coaster in the future. I would welcome that because I love Rougarou at Cedar Point and could see Kings Island getting a floorless someday because of guest popularity.
  12. I like you're way of thinking. I wouldn't be able to think it up like you just did because of my A.D.D, but I like that way of thinking. Plus I think the Polaris name is a cooler name than Orion. I'm sure they'll be a story line to this ride just like there was for Mystic Timbers two years ago.
  13. I always assumed The Beast was a dude here. Just because of how tough and mean it is of a ride.
  14. The second one looks like the Jordan logo on shoes back in the early 2000s.
  15. That video gives me chills even almost 20 years after it debuted. Although it's not the new millennium anymore so they should consider renaming it to something more catchy. So maybe whatever ride name Kings Island goes with, maybe they could rename Millennium Force with the other name. I know that sounds un-realistic but hey it's a nice fantasy right?
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