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  1. Well now that I know that, the anticipation of what they look like is killing me. Uuugghh!
  2. Are you allowed to comment or say if the pedestals have been put back in or taken away? Yes I'm still holding hope.
  3. Is it possible with Firehawk not being around anymore that they'll re-open the photo booth at Flight of Fear? I miss that feature during the launch and seeing my face as the train launched from 0-54 in 3 seconds.
  4. I photoshopped this photo from the 2017 coaster stock. I felt like I had to since when our group was allowed to take pictures, it was getting ready to rain. But since I graduated from Stark State College with my associates degree in computer graphic design, I feel like I can accomplish anything now.
  5. I'm one of the few that will miss the trees. In my opinion, the big trees gave the fountains some charm. But like someone said earlier, in a few years they'll be an average tree height again.
  6. Not to be funny here, but that looks like a model of a city's steel mill factory.
  7. Just curious. Will these things return as part of the royal fountain?
  8. Why won't they show a live cam on international street yet? I want to see what it looks like for peeking purposes.
  9. I think the kids that visit Planet Snoopy might be upset that the Peanuts gang being gone.
  10. ^^ Will new smaller trees be planted?
  11. As much as I keep seeing posts online about the International street makeover, I keep thinking what's going to happen to the trees there? I know I'm a tree lover here.
  12. Not to break the excitement of the testing that has begun, but I had a question. Does anyone know If I can upgrade an E-ticket to season pass? My dad bought me an e-ticket for Kings Island on opening day but I want to upgrade it to a season pass. I'm a normal season pass holder every year, but since my dad helped me get the car that I'm driving now, he said I was on my own this year. So anyone who can help with this would be awesome.
  13. I'm on board for a B&M Giga or Floorless roller coaster. People will think I'm weird for saying this, but I really enjoy Rougarou a lot at Cedar Point. Would love for something like that to come to Kings Island one of these years.
  14. I've been away from KI central lately. Has there been anything new in construction for KI antique cars?
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