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  1. Shawn Meyer

    Winterfest 2018 Discussion Thread

    Hey everyone, If you recognize me I'll be at Kings Island winterfest tonight.
  2. Shawn Meyer

    The Beast vs Mystic Timbers

    ^ I agree with you about how they are both special in their own way, but I have to give the nod to The Beast. I grew up riding The Beast with my family since the early 90s to 2001. I still went after that year, but we all grew up in the family and it was hard to get us all together. Long story short, I love going to Kings Island now with my good friends now and days. Mystic Timbers is an awesome ride and like others have said, it would be cool to see what The Beast would be like today if it was built by GCI in today's world. The only thing I would change about The Beast is that they don't trim it half to death. I remember when they used to let The Beast go crazy without the trims. Getting back to Mystic Timbers though, I love how they incorporated a story behind the ride along with a theme. You can say what you want to about the Shed, but to me it's fun to listen to the music in the dark before you find out what's going to greet you before getting back to the station. I personally love the Bats coming at me the most. The song I love the most is Man eater, hence my signature.
  3. Shawn Meyer

    The Giga Speculation Thread

  4. Why did they remove the wooden fence with winterfest going on? People might try to go over there and walk around in that.
  5. Shawn Meyer

    Innovations for the future

    I hope Kings Island gets a Floorless roller coaster someday.
  6. This is going to sound dumb, but I hope the cars aren't Zebra colored like that one picture showed up above.
  7. Shawn Meyer

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    ^ That Giga looks like it has a 90 degree drop. That would be awesome!
  8. Shawn Meyer

    Future plans for Firehawk's station discussion

    Even though that station was built specifically for Firehawk, they could still use it for a possible B&M Giga, Floorless, or winged models. I doubt they let it go unused like they did for years with the flight commander pad.
  9. Shawn Meyer

    Ask Kings Island a Question

    Has any demolishing started taking place on Firehawk yet?
  10. Shawn Meyer

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    If they ever did reprise the SOB, I would like to see them use topper track and then incorporate the loop. After riding lightning rod, I believe they can bring a loop to life.
  11. ^ I was confused by AK too.
  12. Shawn Meyer

    Firehawk Leaving Kings Island 10/28/18

    This is another topic, but wouldn't it be cool to see a roller-coaster go over part of Flight of Fear in the future? Hopefully it's that proposed GIGA everyone is raving about.
  13. Shawn Meyer

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Not to be funny here, but what if they decided to go back before Fury and just make it 307 feet? If you make it just as thrilling as Intimidator 305 but two feet taller, the average guest isn't going to care as long as it's fun! The only people that might care or notice are the fanboys or enthusiasts.
  14. It's okay. This year when Cedar Point opened that new country stage in the back of the park by Maverick, that made that path really tight too. I'm sure Cedar Fair will make sure Kings Island has plenty of space over there.
  15. I guess for now, let's admire how nice the fresh dirt looks.