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  1. Are they going to relay new footers where the old ones are currently sitting at the base of the second drop? I thought part of the second drop where it entered the helix was sinking over the years? I figured that was one of the reasons they took it apart right there?
  2. Now that we're in the New Year, does anyone think we'll have an update on The Beast soon? I need some kind of update here!
  3. I'm sure you're being sarcastic there, but I would care. Heck, it bothers me that Blue streak at Cedar Point doesn't have the plaque.
  4. The one reason I could see people wanting a Ferris wheel is because it would offer another ride that you can take in the views of the park along with being able to snap pictures. WindSeeker and Drop Tower are nice, but you're not allowed to have a camera up there on either ride. I think Planet Snoopy would be a good area for a medium sized ferris wheel. Something along the lines of what Kings Dominion has near Racer 75. I know that Ferris wheel came from the late Geauga Lake, but from my observation, the guests seem to love it there.
  5. ^ Sorry dude. I just thought any alterations of a roller coaster being the layout or trains, it would ruin the ACE status. Now would it be different if say they added a new hill in the layout?
  6. I never had a problem with roughness on The Beast. Some people said they thought the wheel seats were rough, but I never had an issue. My question is, with altering The Beast, will they lose their ACE landmark plaque?
  7. I had a dream where I saw The Beast in the off-season with the new construction progress. Kings Island also showed off new trains for The Beast. I believe they were timberliner trains like what GCI used for Mystic Timbers.
  8. I hope both families take their case to Cedar Fair to resolve this. That's just messed up. If the teens didn't do it, why punish them for it? I thought they had cameras on the park property?
  9. Well the only new roller coaster in the chain is going to Kings Dominion. I'm sure park updates don't cost as much as a brand new roller coaster does. Someone help me out here, does scrapping a roller coaster like Cedar Point is doing actually help them out financially? I'm sure they get some money back for the steel scrap.
  10. I'm confused what you mean by the nails? I know how the foot pedals work, but lost on the nails part.
  11. I wonder If they'll put in steel supports like they did the one year for the helix? Anyone remember that from a year or two ago?
  12. Actually, my friend took a photo from the ground. I wasn't planning on sharing his photo since I don't have his permission anyway.
  13. I don't know If this is being discussed on another page, but I have a friend share a photo with me about The Beast missing it's drop right now. It looks like they're having track work done to it.
  14. So out of curiosity, did they start from the top of the tower? It seemed like that a couple weeks ago.
  15. Was that announced today? That seems like an older article.
  16. I don't understand why some people hate on Orion at times. I might be the only one who applauds Kings Island and B&M for creating something different with the GIGA design. I love the fact that in height, it's almost 300 feet, but then you make up for it with the 300 foot drop. I love that! Both air hills provide a different sensation of airtime with the speed hill and floater air time hill. Yes, it could be a little longer, but the park did spend $25 million or so on Orion. The price of steel is on the rise, so it's easy for us fanboys to envision spending the parks money. I might also be the only one that says this on here, but I like Orion slightly a little more than Diamondback.
  17. I don't know if this idea makes any sense or not, but it's nice to have Congo falls on a nice hot day. However I don't think it's in a good spot there where it currently is. If tearing up concrete wasn't expensive, I'd say relocate Congo falls over where Vortex used to be. I know that would get pretty pricey to smash concrete and then relay concrete in a new spot, but Congo falls might get better ridership there. This would also open the door for a possible ferris wheel in the same plot of land.
  18. I know this topic was more popular back in February, but I want to bring it back. Last time I was at Kings Island back in July, they seemed like they had low inventory on T-shirts. It also seemed this way at Cedar Point on my last visit a couple weeks ago. Is this normal for Cedar Fair this time of year? Are they possibly generating new T-Shirt designs and/or getting more merchandise?
  19. I hope it stays for a long time. It's a great beginner roller coaster for kids in the family.
  20. When will more details be announced for the 50th anniversary? I know a lot of fans are hoping they repave the parking lot for Kings Island next year.
  21. ^ I see you guy's point there, but If you send it a smaller park like Michigan's Adventure, they might gain more fan base for a ride like Wicked Twister because it's something new to the fans up there. Yes, I get the maintenance cost issues part, but a park like them might not care and would welcome it just because it's a new roller coaster. Take Demon Drop for example.
  22. Tear it down and relocate Congo falls over there. Congo falls where it's at seems far away from the rest of the water rides. Yes I know this would involve pouring new concrete, but it would be worth it in my opinion.
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