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  1. The Beast for sure is number one for me. I know this topic is about The Racer and The Beast, but Mystic Timbers would be second, followed by The Racer.
  2. Banshee has the best ride sign.
  3. I've been seeing online from different Facebook pages, that Banshee was down over the weekend and probably done for the season. Anybody know what's wrong with Banshee?
  4. Now let's say GCI modifies certain sections of The Beast every year. By year five of GCI retracting, would it be as smooth as Mystic Timbers?
  5. Is Cedar Fair in the hole debt wise because of Covid-19?
  6. ^ For both you guys here. I don't think Planet Snoopy needs an overhaul except in the area where the Ice cream stand is. It really bottles up right in that area when they have lines. The rest of the area is fine in my opinion.
  7. I would love it If Cedar Fair owned Lake Compounce in Bristol Connecticut.
  8. Anyone read my thought on moving Congo Falls within the park?
  9. If we could move a ride within the park, I would choose to move Congo Falls closer to the other water rides. This would involve demolition of the Tomb raider building. I'm not sure if they want to do that just yet or not.
  10. We don't have a mouse because we're not Disney lol. We have Charlie Brown though
  11. And speaking of which, Pantheon looks like a great coaster, but I don't think that amount of land where Vortex sat is enough room in that area. You're more likely able to put in a ground up rmc the size of Twisted Timbers in that plot of land. I still believe that's what we'll get there in a couple years. Kings Island will have to have a bounce back year next year though.
  12. I hear you. I always thought that Congo Falls should be moved over closer to the other water rides. If they were able to tear down the old crypt building or part of it and re-theme Congo falls with more of that jungle theme, I think it would fit in nicely there.
  13. ^ Maybe they're moving the old structure somewhere else in the park. Maybe they want the station for the next new roller coaster someday.
  14. Yogi bears jellystone campgrounds owned it first, then Kings Island bought it and it ran until 2004. Yes the campground did have a shuttle. I believe from both Jellystone and Kings Island both operated the shuttle, but you had to be staying at the campground.
  15. I know Cedar Fair doesn't clone their rides like Paramount did and Six Flags does today, but I would love it If Kings Island built a similar Floorless model similar to Dominator at Kings Dominion. As I've said in another thread, I would love it if the route was slightly different from Dominator. I would imagine the drop would be like how Vortex used to be after the first hill, then it could make a right turn all the way around, then do a curving up hill that would turn left and then go into two loops similar to how Vortex was layed out. I know Kings Island never had a Floorless, but hey the ro
  16. I see why a lot of people don't like Backlot Stunt Coaster, but I actually like that ride. Please don't remove that ride. I'd rather them do something with the old Vortex plot of land than get rid of Backlot Stunt Coaster.
  17. I'm not breathing too much into this because Kings Island just installed Orion this year and are still trying to get their return on investment from it. I highly doubt we'll see a new coaster next year. I could see them possibly relocating a ride somewhere else in the park to make room for future expansion. Just a thought there.
  18. Those are the new trees that are guarding The Beast. Vortex used to be that fence that body guarded The Beast, but for now, Kings Island decided to plant some happy little trees there.
  19. I always thought as a crazy idea was to move Congo falls over where Vortex used to be along with Drop zone. Then you have room to add a ferris wheel in coney maul. Also you could probably build a new roller coaster in Action Zone that way. I'm sure Invertigo will be retired soon within a few years so that also opens up land.
  20. Well that ride is part of Planet Snoopy and I think the kids would be upset if that ride was removed.
  21. I have to disagree with the guy talking in the video. Yes you have competition between Kentucky Kingdom and Cedar Point, but that doesn't mean you have to one up either of those rides to build a ground up rmc. For example, when Maverick was built, they didn't care about height for a year, they cared about quality. Yes I know Maverick has downtime, but when it's running it's a top five roller coaster for the adrenaline junkies! Now moving on to my point, Cedar Fair and Kings Island can still build a ground up rmc, but make it similar in height like Vortex was. Maybe instead of 148 feet, they co
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