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  1. Just curious. Will these things return as part of the royal fountain?
  2. Why won't they show a live cam on international street yet? I want to see what it looks like for peeking purposes.
  3. I think the kids that visit Planet Snoopy might be upset that the Peanuts gang being gone.
  4. ^^ Will new smaller trees be planted?
  5. As much as I keep seeing posts online about the International street makeover, I keep thinking what's going to happen to the trees there? I know I'm a tree lover here.
  6. Not to break the excitement of the testing that has begun, but I had a question. Does anyone know If I can upgrade an E-ticket to season pass? My dad bought me an e-ticket for Kings Island on opening day but I want to upgrade it to a season pass. I'm a normal season pass holder every year, but since my dad helped me get the car that I'm driving now, he said I was on my own this year. So anyone who can help with this would be awesome.
  7. I'm on board for a B&M Giga or Floorless roller coaster. People will think I'm weird for saying this, but I really enjoy Rougarou a lot at Cedar Point. Would love for something like that to come to Kings Island one of these years.
  8. I've been away from KI central lately. Has there been anything new in construction for KI antique cars?
  9. Plus all the trees are leaf-less right now which makes an area seem smaller than it really should be this time of year.
  10. That was back in July before the announcement. Now my hope is that the rumored GIGA coaster is green. Time will tell come 2020-2021.
  11. I'm with you all the way for that.
  12. Maybe the scrap metal will be turned into new track for project 2020 GIGA.
  13. Any chance that Kings Island could start selling those big giant fun size park maps that Cedar Point sells for $1.99? I asked this back in May but want to see If Kings Island has considered it since.
  14. I plan to be there for Coaster stock. I missed it this year because I graduated college the same weekend coaster stock was going on. Maybe they'll have a behind the scenes tour of 2020! Please note, I'm being optimistic here!
  15. Hey everyone, If you recognize me I'll be at Kings Island winterfest tonight.
  16. ^ I agree with you about how they are both special in their own way, but I have to give the nod to The Beast. I grew up riding The Beast with my family since the early 90s to 2001. I still went after that year, but we all grew up in the family and it was hard to get us all together. Long story short, I love going to Kings Island now with my good friends now and days. Mystic Timbers is an awesome ride and like others have said, it would be cool to see what The Beast would be like today if it was built by GCI in today's world. The only thing I would change about The Beast is that they don't trim it half to death. I remember when they used to let The Beast go crazy without the trims. Getting back to Mystic Timbers though, I love how they incorporated a story behind the ride along with a theme. You can say what you want to about the Shed, but to me it's fun to listen to the music in the dark before you find out what's going to greet you before getting back to the station. I personally love the Bats coming at me the most. The song I love the most is Man eater, hence my signature.
  17. Why did they remove the wooden fence with winterfest going on? People might try to go over there and walk around in that.
  18. I hope Kings Island gets a Floorless roller coaster someday.
  19. This is going to sound dumb, but I hope the cars aren't Zebra colored like that one picture showed up above.
  20. ^ That Giga looks like it has a 90 degree drop. That would be awesome!
  21. Even though that station was built specifically for Firehawk, they could still use it for a possible B&M Giga, Floorless, or winged models. I doubt they let it go unused like they did for years with the flight commander pad.
  22. Has any demolishing started taking place on Firehawk yet?
  23. If they ever did reprise the SOB, I would like to see them use topper track and then incorporate the loop. After riding lightning rod, I believe they can bring a loop to life.
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