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  1. I just wanted to point out that I'm clearly visible in the train shot photo. I'm behind one guys head and waiving. Coaster Stock 2019 was the best one I've attended yet! The weather was perfect, I met some new friends, me and my friends enjoyed the ERT, the food was fantastic, and the behind the scenes tours were just as awesome. I re-met Malem aka Michael and then there was another guy with him named Brad. I forgot his screen name on here so If you see this, please quote me and say who you are. I also wanted to add, that I loved hearing the guests speakers that Don Helbig invited to the luncheon and dinner meets. The only thing that I wish would have happened is for me to run into Charlie Brown, but I'll catch that blockhead another day.
  2. Alright forgive me. I was never good at math here. Lol
  3. I'll be there If you can pinpoint me through a thousand people at the park.
  4. I know this might sound stupid, but maybe this Giga coaster could be the first to feature a double chain lift? You know how in RCT, you might go up 50 feet with the lift hill, turn it a little and then go up another 50 feet. In this case the number could be higher like 150 feet, then another 160 feet. Like I said, that's just me talking for jokes and giggles here.
  5. I thought about something today. What if they trademarked those two names to rename Flight of Fear and then use the other name on the new ride? Could you imagine that everyone?
  6. I received a Beast shirt. When the line opened that day, I was standing by the Whitewater canyon sign. Sorry to hear about your luck that day. You almost had to run with everyone to have a chance.
  7. Kinda like Phantom's revenge at Kennywood right? I don't know about the orange trains part, but it could work. I love the idea of green track. I wanted to double quote on here but not sure how to do that. The guy on page 23 was pointing out using Riddler's revenge colors which I think is another great option to go with too! Also on page 25, someone else mentioned that it doesn't have to be a record breaker in height per say, but maybe the longest of it's type. I would be alright with copying the height of Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominion but throwing different features in there as well. Bottom line is, I'm happy the park is finally getting what all of us fans have been drooling over for over a decade now. In my opinion, it doesn't have to break 10 world records like Millennium Force did when it opened, but just be fun! By the way, this is irrelevant, but Millennium Force is having it's star wars day today. May the force be with you on the fourth. Lol
  8. ^ I was just saying that since people are crazy and are running into the trees already. Give them time, they might find a way to fall into the fountain area.
  9. I wonder how many people will accidentally fall into the fountain pool. Lol
  10. How we're these videos take on Sunday? The park was closed to the public for Easter? Also how did they find time to shoot this video with the sun out? Saturday(opening day) was cool and rainy.
  11. I was wondering the same thing. Sorry everyone skipped over your question there.
  12. Out of the photos you shared, I like these two the most. Can someone help me figure out what those red barns are used for during the season year in and year out? My theory is if they decide to keep those buildings, they could build the first Giga that makes a turn and then drops. I'm sure some of you on here have made a Giga in RCT that does something like that. I also feel like not all these trees will be removed and that they're trying to work around them like how Holiday World does. I can see the lift hill and station being built where Firehawk once stood. It would be nice to see it jump over the launch area of Flight of Fear, but I'm not sure how they would do that without interfering with Adventure Express. Also is just me or does it seem like there is a pattern that interwines around the red barns, turns right, does a straight away with hills, and then makes a turnaround by The Beast brake shed? As a closing remark, I see this being the same height as Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominion, although I liked the one guys post about this being 335 feet in height. That would be awesome! Thank you everyone for your time.
  13. My sister was just like a lot of people on here who aren't impressed with the look of the new fountains. I for one was impressed! I loved how everything looked updated and refreshed around International street. We were talking to the people who work on the train and they said they had to take the pedestals out due to rotted out and heavy corrosion. Yes I know I shouldn't trust sources coming from KI & MV railroad, but these people seemed to know what they were talking about. I'm sure the same thing could be said about Cedar Point and not trusting sources coming from the lemon chill guy. With that said, I believe they're still working on the fountains and we will be more impressed once Memorial Day weekend comes.
  14. Yeah I wish we could switch forecast days with yesterday in place of Saturday.
  15. I have a lot of bills so I would rather just wait until I get back in my town to buy alcohol. For one $10 beer, I could buy a six pack for less than that. I'd rather just enjoy a nice refreshing Coca-Cola beverage instead. Don't get me wrong, I love that they fixed up Festhause, but don't expect me to buy a beer in the park.
  16. Well now that I know that, the anticipation of what they look like is killing me. Uuugghh!
  17. Are you allowed to comment or say if the pedestals have been put back in or taken away? Yes I'm still holding hope.
  18. Is it possible with Firehawk not being around anymore that they'll re-open the photo booth at Flight of Fear? I miss that feature during the launch and seeing my face as the train launched from 0-54 in 3 seconds.
  19. I photoshopped this photo from the 2017 coaster stock. I felt like I had to since when our group was allowed to take pictures, it was getting ready to rain. But since I graduated from Stark State College with my associates degree in computer graphic design, I feel like I can accomplish anything now.
  20. I'm one of the few that will miss the trees. In my opinion, the big trees gave the fountains some charm. But like someone said earlier, in a few years they'll be an average tree height again.
  21. Not to be funny here, but that looks like a model of a city's steel mill factory.
  22. Just curious. Will these things return as part of the royal fountain?
  23. Why won't they show a live cam on international street yet? I want to see what it looks like for peeking purposes.
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