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  1. ^ Good point there King Ding Dong. I should have mentioned that I think a new roller coaster will make it's debut in 2022 in the spot of Vortex.
  2. In my opinion, they are removing the station and ride because they have plans that involve not only widening the midway, but also for adding a new ride/roller coaster in a year or two. Just my opinion here, but they will probably put in a new roller coaster and we'll all be shocked when it debuts.
  3. Not all rmc rollercoasters are as loud as Steel Vengeance.
  4. Yeah I think there's something in the works honestly. KI is just messing with us so we don't see anything leaked like we did with Orion. Don't let that picture above fool you, there's something in the works. We're just not supposed to know right now.
  5. It's cool how they left up some Christmas lights for the month of January. If I had my own house, I would keep Christmas lights up outside from December thru February.
  6. I mentioned this in another topic, but I would love for Kings Island to get an rmc to fill the empty space of Vortex. As far as updating the Planet Snoopy area, I'm not sure what you would throw in there to make it better. Maybe throw in another kid friendly roller coaster? As far as an old attraction, I would love if they brought something back that was part of Coney Island history way back when.
  7. I highly doubt there's nothing in the works for replacement of Vortex. The park just isn't going to say what's in plan this early. That defeats the purpose of future marketing for whatever is to come 1-2 years down the road for whatever that ride might be.
  8. I know this might be irrelevant to the topic, but has anyone heard when Opening day might be in 2020?
  9. Doesn't look like the construction workers are working today. Maybe they have black friday off. Good for them.
  10. Are you talking where guests actually boarded the trains?
  11. Hey I know everyone doesn't know the future for the land that Vortex currently sits on, but just curious here. Does anyone think they'll try to re-use the station a third time? It would be interesting to me, but they would have to open up a whole new queue house and connect it like they did with Maverick at Cedar Point to make it work. If we get that RMC ground up wooden roller coaster in a couple years, it would be really special to a lot of people If the station was re-used a third time. Just a thought everyone.
  12. That lead car looks so shiny that I'm glad it's not on the track right now. There's something about it being on the showroom floor that makes me want to go to a car show. Everyone know what I mean by this statement?
  13. It's really cool how they built Orion around the maintenance sheds in the area. That's what I'm most impressed about. I figured one of those would've been removed to make way for Orion.
  14. ^ I'm over Shoot the rapids loss at Cedar Point. Since they removed it, they've cleaned up the area really well. I love how they put frontier fling in it's spot and in 2019 added Forbidden Frontier on the other half of the rides former concrete space. Since 2015, I've been a huge Rougarou fan at Cedar Point.
  15. ^ I said this on page 7, but nobody saw it or skipped over me. I'd be all in for having a topper track model like Outlaw run in the former spot of Vortex. Either way, I want to see RMC pull off an actual loop and have them go back to back to pay tribute to Vortex.
  16. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? I'm thinking a ground up RMC like Twisted Timbers at Kings Dominion, but longer to accommodate 3 trains. Have the back to back loops like Vortex had to pay tribute to Vortex. That's my vote.
  17. Well if any pilot flying a plane hits a roller coaster, they're really clumsy .
  18. This is a dumb question, but are the crews working today with it being a weekend? Anyone at the park today?
  19. I know I should be patient here, but I want to see Orion grow taller here.
  20. If you want to, I can publish a photo like this on my page. I run a page called Cedar Fair photo fanpage on facebook. You may have heard of it, but if not feel free to look around.
  21. Well wouldn't those large cranes be used just for Orion? Also I wonder If they'll send all three arrow trains of Vortex to other Cedar Fair properties. I'm still hoping for a B&M floorless someday down the road.
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