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  1. I wonder If he still visits Kings Island? Not trying to dig into anything here, just saying that he holds the record for most rides on racer. I hope he keeps that going.
  2. I hope he gets to be a manager of that Buc-ees. I know Don would be happy as heck to do that.
  3. ^ I didn't hear either one of those guys talk in the video.
  4. Cargo Loco is a fun little family ride. I enjoyed riding it along with getting some great photos of it with Banshee. Sol Spin has a lot of intensity for being a solo ride wheel. I feel like it pulled some Gs for sure! Overall, I love these two new rides.
  5. I wonder what happened. I know the article says that he's pursuing something else in life, but that could be a cover up too. I hope Kings Island didn't let him go.
  6. Is this area accessible to guests right now? I know by Coke Free-style it's closed.
  7. Just walk up and introduce yourselves to me when you see me.
  8. Does Kings Dominion still have their amphitheater? I feel like they did, but I don't know for sure. I know it was rumored to be leaving.
  9. Anyone going to be at Coaster stock this weekend? I'll be there! Please let me know which one of you is coming so I can meet you.
  10. Anyone know If they fixed a couple of the sprinklers in the royal fountain area? I know everyone is talking about the new Grain and Grill that just opened, but I won't be down to Kings Island until middle of May so I was curious.
  11. ^ In my opinion, It's their own fault for removing their railroad.
  12. Hmm, the first one makes sense. The second one I'm going to say, "Are you crazy?" Mystic Timbers has been a hit with Kings Island since it debuted in 2017. But hey, that's what makes this topic fun, but I would never trade Mystic Timbers to Cedar Point. There was a rumor a couple years back of sending Rougarou to Valley Fair, but I don't think that's going to happen now with the Top Thrill Dragster work that's going on. But since a lot of people don't like it, here's my trade scenario. Trade Rougarou to Valley Fair for Excalibur. A lot of people say it would do so much better at a smaller Cedar Fair park and would probably become a hit there.
  13. I'm going to miss Skyline being there at the corner of International street. Maybe people don't care for Skyline as much anymore, I don't know. I'm just glad they kept the one in Coney Maul. I'll definitely give grain and grill a try.
  14. Maybe they could even put in another Coke Free-style building in that area? Just a thought since the one by the train is so small and hardly open.
  15. I like what the guy before you said. I quoted you though so I wouldn't get the picture in the quote. However, I want to see the new coaster be built where Vortex once was standing. If they take Congo Falls out down the road, I hope they put in something like Sea World Texas got this year. I know it was a water coaster of some sort.
  16. Hopefully, this means that Adventure Express will be open on opening day.
  17. Anyone know If they are laying pavement down yet for the area? I'm sure guests don't want to walk in gravel.
  18. I'm on fb too, but where did you find that? What channel?
  19. What time do they have the Christmas parade in the park?
  20. I'm glad I have pictures of the old sign of Adventure Express. Just in case it doesn't return.
  21. Couldn't agree more. Actually if a ground up floorless roller coaster was built, it would have the newer vest restraints on it. Now I know some people don't like the vest restraints, but for me they're comfortable. That's just me though. Anyway though, if the track was a little wider on Rougarou, they probably could have put the vest restraints on that ride. For me, I love Rougarou the way it is, but I'm crazy. Anyway I'm getting off topic here, but I think a floorless would be great in that spot.
  22. Anyone know what happened to the Ogre that is usually part of haunt?
  23. I don't see why there would be any need to remove Congo Falls? People like to ride it and gets people wet like it's supposed to do. It's also been there since I was a kid; I'm 37 years old now. You guys are right though, it would have been moved already If they had plans to move it in the park. I wish that it was over in The Vortex plot of land now, but I'm guessing the park has a 5 year plan for that area.
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