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  1. Wow. The fact that no one has chimed into this topic is remarkable. If Kings Island wanted to put a family roller coaster in, I think a B&M floorless would be beneficial to the park. If Kings Island doesn't put in a ground up RMC, I could see a B&M floorless going in with the elements that Vortex had. Maybe more gradual turns compared to how Vortex was set-up.
  2. I like that design the most. I'm not sure they could put the giant wheel there or not, but another option would be to remove the crypt building; which I doubt they'll do, but build it there.
  3. I rode The Beast last weekend during coaster stock and I'm loving it! The reviews for The Beast are right on in my opinion. Many people were claiming from the first weekend that the ride skimmed over the trims making it seem barely noticeable. I would have to agree with that. The first drop I barely felt the trims. The new turn that they rebuilt makes it feel like I'm on a new wooden roller coaster. I didn't feel the trims until that long straightaway; feels like normal in that area. The little hill before the concrete tunnel is just as smooth as the drop and the new turn that was rebuilt. Now fast forward to the second lift hill and helix. Ohh man....I normally brace myself for the helix because of past years, but I didn't really need to. I still did anyway because I'm used to it. Going through the tunnel in the helix felt like the turn after the first drop. Absolutely smooth! There's a little bounce going through the helix, but not rough at all by any means. I guess that's to be expected because The Beast picks up a lot of speed going through the helix. It doesn't even bother me that the trims were applied on the second lift hill. If they weren't there, I'd be more worried about the train derailing. Overall, I give Gravity group an A+ for their work on The Beast in the off-season. It was well worth the investment and the extra month needed to reopen it.
  4. Anyone know what happened to The Beast at around 5:30 this afternoon? Me and a friend were going to ride, but we saw someone in a stretcher at the exit. I should ask If the lady is alright too?
  5. Someone mentioned on facebook yesterday that they trimmed it down to the speed it was before the rehab work. Is that true? I was hoping for an out of control Beast! I wish I could have came down there sooner.
  6. The Bear is just out getting some honey.
  7. I wonder if that means Iron dragon will bite the dust first then. I would hate to see The Bat go. It's a great coaster! As far as Rougarou goes, I hope that goes to another Cedar Fair park like Michigan Adventure's instead of the scrap yard. I might be the only one on here, but I'm a fan of Rougarou!
  8. I brought back the dreams thread, but nobody responded to it. I guess nobody has dreams of the park anymore.
  9. With The Beast getting an overhaul this winter/spring, I had a dream that Kings Island was allowing people to come up to the platform on opening day to see the progress. Everyone was allowed to look at the center TV screen to see the construction photos and webcam of the progress, but not allowed to cross the loading area. Isn't that strange? I remember wanting to look beyond the lift hill, but the employees kept telling me to stay back. I guess I'm looking forward to the season starting.
  10. Hopefully, come opening day, they'll have an estimated date by the entrance.
  11. I hope the Fudge is made from scratch. I love getting some fresh Fudge when I go to Kings Island or Cedar Point
  12. I know people will probably skip over this topic, but do you ever hear the songs they play in the shed for Mystic Timbers at a grocery store? If not a grocery store, then where? I've heard Total eclipse of the heart several times in the Giant Eagle I used to work at. What's funny too is I'll randomly go home and re-listen to it to connect me to the moment of being on Mystic Timbers. Does anyone have these moments?
  13. Has anyone ever been so desperate to blow up their park map by taking it to Office max or staples? It cost me $25 plus tax. Not bad right?
  14. ^ Maybe I'm crazy here, but if they used part of the Crypt building for The Beast queue, wouldn't that seem like too much queue?
  15. Are they going to relay new footers where the old ones are currently sitting at the base of the second drop? I thought part of the second drop where it entered the helix was sinking over the years? I figured that was one of the reasons they took it apart right there?
  16. Now that we're in the New Year, does anyone think we'll have an update on The Beast soon? I need some kind of update here!
  17. I'm sure you're being sarcastic there, but I would care. Heck, it bothers me that Blue streak at Cedar Point doesn't have the plaque.
  18. The one reason I could see people wanting a Ferris wheel is because it would offer another ride that you can take in the views of the park along with being able to snap pictures. WindSeeker and Drop Tower are nice, but you're not allowed to have a camera up there on either ride. I think Planet Snoopy would be a good area for a medium sized ferris wheel. Something along the lines of what Kings Dominion has near Racer 75. I know that Ferris wheel came from the late Geauga Lake, but from my observation, the guests seem to love it there.
  19. ^ Sorry dude. I just thought any alterations of a roller coaster being the layout or trains, it would ruin the ACE status. Now would it be different if say they added a new hill in the layout?
  20. I never had a problem with roughness on The Beast. Some people said they thought the wheel seats were rough, but I never had an issue. My question is, with altering The Beast, will they lose their ACE landmark plaque?
  21. I had a dream where I saw The Beast in the off-season with the new construction progress. Kings Island also showed off new trains for The Beast. I believe they were timberliner trains like what GCI used for Mystic Timbers.
  22. I hope both families take their case to Cedar Fair to resolve this. That's just messed up. If the teens didn't do it, why punish them for it? I thought they had cameras on the park property?
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