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  1. Who was the guest speaker today?
  2. It's good to see that the Rivertown freestyle is actually open. I know everyone is talking about other things right now, but to me that's a good sign. Hopefully, it's like that in two weeks when I go next.
  3. Just out of curiosity, do people still like The Beast? I seen a lot of people complaining on the facebook page - Kings Island season passholders, about how it needs re-tracked or RMC treatment. Please God don't let them RMC The Beast! It just celebrated 40 years a couple years ago too so I would hate to see it get RMC. If anything, have gravity group do some work to it like they did to Racer in the off-season.
  4. ^ They should have kept those. That is a staple now for Kings Island and The Beast. Boo!
  5. Anyone see my comment above? I made great points.
  6. My sister thinks Kings Island should add a couple flat rides in between years that they decide to build a roller coaster. I agree a little and here's why. Yes, we need a new roller coaster to replace Vortex down the road. However, it might not be in the park's budget right now so adding a smaller flat ride the whole family could enjoy would work well. The other part of me that agrees with my sister is, when paramount owned Kings Island there was more charm and excitement in the line-up they already had. Back when we were kids, we didn't care about record breaking rides because the collection Kings Island had was fun for the whole family. I could write an essay on how much I loved Kings Island as a kid to now, but I won't do that on here.
  7. Is it possible that Kings Island could work with Mason police to patrol that particular area? That might scare the teens off. Also this is a dumb suggestion for the teens. If I was a teenager, and I saw these warnings around the park and parking lot, wouldn't it be best to pick a fight somewhere off property? If it were me, I'd find an abandoned property and fight there. But since I'm older now, I would suggest they install a couple cameras; maybe have extra security to patrol certain areas such as the drop off area.
  8. I have a math question for someone who is good at math here. I'm 36 years of age now, but have been going to the park for 21 years of my life. I've never counted how many laps on The Beast that I have since I was a kid, but trying to make an estimated guess. I have been keeping track of how many laps I have on Banshee though. I have 116 laps on Banshee since she debuted in 2014(7 years). If I have that many laps on Banshee in 7 years, how many probable laps do you think I may have on The Beast?
  9. Overheard a lady talking to her kids after a ride on Diamondback saying how Backlot Stunt Coaster has been around since 1989. I think she has the wrong park and ride lol
  10. They should fix the parking lot for 2022. At least paint new lines on the pavement.
  11. ^ I mentioned that to a friend last weekend. They ought to build a gerstlauer at a smaller park like Michigan's Adventure just to see how well it does. If it goes well, they could start building more of them on their properties. I'm still on board for wanting a B&M floorless roller coaster someday at Kings Island.
  12. I couldn't have said it better myself. I was never a fan of Son of Beast; sorry to to those I offended on here. Banshee just provides that unique thrill factor that had been lacking in that area of the park since SOB closed down in 2009 and ultimately being demolished later. Plus I love those restraints that B&M provides now in days. I wish Rougarou could have had that same style, but that's another topic and longs story.
  13. I guess I need to get the vaccine soon.
  14. Congo falls is safe right now. I heard they spent some money on it recently to keep it up to date. However, this is a dream thought, but I would love it If they moved it to The Vortex land. It just seems like it's in the middle of nowhere in Action Zone. Just a thought.
  15. So question for whoever answers this. Since people weren't maintaining social distancing and/or wearing face coverings when they were supposed to, will Kings Island get fined by the state of Ohio? Also will they have to go back to having employees in the lines like last year?
  16. I know this is random, but I will be there both Saturday and Sunday. If you see me, stop by and say hello.
  17. ^ Maybe something from Queen would be good! Can you imagine hearing we Will Rock You while waiting for The Beast?
  18. Hawaiian Coasters, how far off the ground is your proposed station for Mustang? I was just trying to figure that out in your renderings.
  19. Just curious, are they still working on re-track work on The Racer?
  20. I wouldn't say it's a stupid ride. I see a lot of kids run back to the ride afterwards. Yes the final hill is a let down after the forbidden temple, but If you take out Adventure Express, you lose your mine ride and a piece of history. I don't think Mine ride roller coasters are made anymore. Someone please correct me If I'm wrong.
  21. I don't know about that. I guess it depends on where you sit. I don't mind taking a beating from it. I believe The Beast is more tolerable than what Mean Streak was.
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