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  1. Cedar Point always has to try to be better than Kings Island. In this case, their trying to beat Firehawk. (I think)
  2. Maybe there was too much wind and the cables got tangeld or stuck.
  3. Kings Island is my hometown park and so I had never riden a "big" roller coaster like Diamondback. My first time I just held on didn't scream nor was scared. It was a lot of fun.
  4. I agree the upgrades to Soak City are nice but if their going to have two wavepools then, No you can't two wavepools. Just tear down the old one and put in two or three new slides!
  5. I saw people throw runts on Dimondback's first hill
  6. Im just making this up but when I was in line for Vortex I heard someone say that it is 487ft tall but the tallest roller coaster is 504ft.
  7. It is a very fun haunted house.
  8. huh usually hit the es button just send the ride back to the starting position it shouldn't of broke down
  9. I think it was routine maitnence. I went on it yesterday and everything seemed fine.
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