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  1. I am surprised the entrance gate does not get more hate. I am a nervous wreck every time I pull in. People are flying in not knowing which line to get in. Not looking trying to get their pass or cell phone ready. Getting out of line to find a shorter one (cutting me off). Then after the gate the way the cars are funneled is ridiculous, it's hard to see cars to left or right, and everyone thinks they have the right of way. I stopped going early during the summer because of it.
  2. Major disappointment with the Island Smokehouse offering. More greasy foods! Made my mind up of not getting the meal plan again this year. Even when I got a burger at RHOF 2 years ago with the meal plan it was a precooked dry piece of garbage. Made the $9 beer taste terrible.
  3. Island Smokehouse will be included on the meal plan per Facebook page. Nothing specific listed yet. I thought it was going to be a small shack. Sounds like it's going to be Festhaus type seating hall.
  4. I usually go Sun. and Mon. Labor Day weekend. I never found to be crazy crowded. I hang at Soak City early and head over to the main park for $1 food around noon. No line for hot dogs under tower and short line LaRosa's by The Beast. I only noticed long lines at International Street LaRosa's and for ice cream. I can't comment about later in the day, I leave around 3.
  5. Eating lunch in parking lot Friday around 1. Seen at least 5 cars enter in the exit within 15 minutes. Security chased down 1 car. They looked all confused to me other than trying to sneak in.
  6. Location of the Banshee Brew Festival this weekend!
  7. Biggest hold up I saw last year were those darn soda refill bottles, especially at Soak City. Sorry, but waiting 40 minutes plus in line and the person in front of you pulls out 5 from her bag. Come on man, I just want a burger! Also, with the addition of the meal plan adding thousands of people who would normally NOT eat at park. If you add food patrons you need to add additional food service stations. I decided 2 years of the meal plan was enough and going back to a nice relaxing healthy packed lunch and a cold one at the car. That's if I'm even able to enter and find a parking spot after reading about the new entrance and lot debacle.
  8. I am still a little confused on the exact location and orientation of the new entrance. It's my understanding the south entrance is closed which I always use coming from Cincinnati and the new entrance is located near the north. Have they added entrance lanes for people driving north on Kings Island Dr or would it be best to get off on the next exit and drive south? Also, how will they handle all the people like me who mostly park at the Soak City lot? Would be crazy having to wait in the parking lot traffic to get to the other end.
  9. I hope they bring back the Soak City web cam this year. It would give me an idea of how crowded it was going to be when seeing people start to placing towels on the lawn. Also curious if they are going to add a lounging area with chairs by the Tropical Plunge. Definitely needed.
  10. One was definitely KI Security and the other appeared to be KI Police, weapon belt. Don't think he was Mason Police.
  11. Last Sunday I witnessed the KI security writing tickets for parking in the Soak City what looks to be a drop off/pickup lane and idiots parking up front where it is clearly marked yellow. People always park in that lane and this is the second time in years I have seen tickets being issued. Does anyone know are these just warnings or do they have to pay a fine? I briefly looked at the front of the ticket and it had the VIN#, plate #, and violation. I did not pick it up to read the back. On the way out someone wrote a personal note on one of cars which I can’t repeat.
  12. Anyone know if they still have draft specials during the games like they did last year? They would always put out a chalkboard sign with time and special price. Only time I would purchase a brew at the park as prices are to high for me.
  13. It’s a beer tasting event! Breweries provide small samples of their finest brew. Probably about the size of the water cups in the park. Attendees have a maximum number of samples they can consume per event ticket. Nothing to worry about, responsible adults will handle this just fine. I’m sure security will take care of the 1 or 2 idiots.
  14. Lost You in the Canyon - Marc Cohn - Burning the Daze
  15. Has anyone last year tried to use their dining plan mistakenly twice within the 2 hour and got denied? I’m curious what happened especially at the restaurants that you get the food first. I assume they can’t force you to pay for it. So do you say sorry and walk away resulting in them throwing the food away? With the new rules and guests not knowing, that could result in a lot of food waste and money loss. If I didn't read this forum I wouldn't of known about the 4 hour time period wait for this year.
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