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  1. I stumbled upon this by accident today! I do wonder how much longer is left for the ride... Will Phantom Theater return? Will CF change the attraction to something new altogether? I know some of the sister parks have this ride as well, so maybe a blanket retheme of all BBBH one day?
  2. Based on the information I see on Kings Island's website, it looks like just an expansion (at least for now) of Planet Snoopy. Super excited for this nonetheless!
  3. From 2017 and 2018 I had the privilege of working as a Park Ambassador. It was a job that was a dream come true for me. I basically had the opportunity to do what was needed to make a guests day, get to explore the park and hope not just guests but associates were doing well and if they needed help with anything. In 2017, Our last day of the season, I was back by Dinosaurs Alive talking to some guests when a lady approached me asking if I was able to help her with something. I was delighted to help her and it was even more awesome was, her daughter just hit 48in height requirement. However, her mom was scared/not a fan of rollercoasters. She wanted someone to ride with her daughter, which at the time I was able to. I tried to help make it one of the best memories they ever had. I told the mom and the girl that they could choose up to 3 rides, and ill take her to the front of the line and she can choose any row to sit in (granted the park was dead to begin with so not much benefit in skipping lines) she decided on doing Adventure Express, Mystic Timbers and The Beast to ride. She really liked Adventure Express and at the time she did not like Mystic Timbers as unfortunately it was rather chilly and the cool air kinda took her breath away and it scared her a bit (although I her she loves riding it now) The Beast she really liked too. Well as we got off Mystic Timbers her mom was so ecstatic and happy, she wanted a picture of me and her daughter together (both with her phone and from the ride) well I went ahead and got the photo taken care for her and she was almost in tears with just joy and excitement. Actually as we went towards The Beast, she had to Facetime a family member and had to tell them how much of a great time she was having and told me to say hi. Everytime I worked and they saw me out in the park, the girl always had to run up and give me a hug. I loved getting the privilege of doing stuff like that. The excitment kids got from a gesture like that all way down to just a "I love Kings Island" sticker always helped me feel better knowing they are enjoying there visit. Granted not everyone did, but I would try as hard as possible to make sure they did.
  4. Slightly off topic but, are we the only park in the chain to have fireworks on 10pm or later closes? I know a lot of then do something for the 4th of July though.
  5. Kings Island's and Soak City's 2018 Operation Calendar is now live! Currently, as of 2:30 PM 1/8/17, it does not have the 2018 WinterFest hours. Kings Island Official Website
  6. But see, the way I see it, is assume always someone is watching you. Don't do it because the assumption of no one is looking. Also who knows maybe they were already having a bad day and they wanted there little girl to be able to enjoy the parade and they didn't know they did anything wrong and now they have a full blown issue of someone upset at them and basically screaming at them. I have people do some amazing things to help out one another. But ive also seen them do some terror... Here is an example, you have a friend that is suffering from severe depression and you know they are inflicting self harm... Some people may just wanna get mad at them and say "why would you do that?!" or "Oh you juat want the attention!" instead try talking to them and seeing whats wrong. Yelling and getting mad at them isn't gonna make it any better for you and it is definitely gonna make things worse for them. If you talking and being nice to them doesn't work, try telling some of there family there going though a rough time and they need some help or something along those lines. Try and make a persons day, not make matters worse. Kill them with kindness (for a lack of better wording).
  7. This is something I have witnessed first hand in my life several times. Ranging from recemt event (to be explained) to events when I didn't even know an issue was accruing... So as a family vacation to Disney World we had issues with watching the parade and it lead to unnecessary actions taken. A guests blocked my nephews views and because of that it made another family member mad and then the other guests getting mad and a trickle of bad events, Escalating to security coming and not believing are side of the story... Moral of the story that one bad event caused for a bad day at Disney. People remember the bad things that happen to them more so than the good. It can take a lot of good to make a bad day good but it can be one bad thing that can make a good day bad. Its not always guests than can cause others to have a bad day is can be a cast member, could be management or can even be the person's own doing. This my territory to say this? Maybe not, but think about what you are about to say before saying it or acting upon it. Most matters can almost always be handled better. Either by a guests or an employee of a company. The way my family addressed the matter at first was maybe a bit to strong but the way the cast members/ other guests handled it wasn't very well either. Sure not everyone will always ne happy or have your views or something but try discussing the matter before judging one another or getting mad. We will all be mad at someone at some point but how it can be addressed can make the outcome completely different for the end circumstance. Talk your problem out with each other. If things don't go well then take the correct actions, but don't involve screaming at wach other or violence. Also avoid swearing... It may be easy to say a swear but those words have power and thats quite negative and they can ignite a powder keg... Treat others the way you would want to be treated. An easy principal to say, but rarely feels used. I have had my past of even on here disagreeing and getting mad at a poster and it didn't end well... Try looking at the world with a positive attitude and look past a persons anger. Hope everyone has a wonderful life ahead of them filled with more happiness than anger or sadness.
  8. Well let's see how it goes... Sometimes, not a thing changes really other times a lot changes either for the good or the worse.
  9. I know... And there ticket prices/pass prices now... Yikes! That happened right around 2010 didn't it?
  10. Comcast is like the bad version of Google... They just eat everything but instead don't give back and want more and more. "to watch the second half of your movie, please go to www.comcast.com/KungFuPanda12/giveusallthemoney/onlyanother99.99" Note: not a real website address (at least it better not be)!
  11. Well just coming back from a Florida vacation and going to Universal and Disney World, I can tell you security was HIGH!!! Disney World, bags were checked very through, security boats about 5 on stand by, by the ferry to Magic Kingdom, a security/police dog sniffing out a Disney World gift shop by Magic Kingdom Ticket and Transportation Center, police car sitting right by the entrance of the parking toll Plaza Universal, bags check very through, wand bags checked and wand boxes opened, everyone was checked by metal detectors before going even into CityWalk, valet didn't have a metal detector but a security guard "wanding" everyone. Then Park security seen heavy throughout the park and same also goes for Disney World, with an occasional police officer seen at Disney World. Security was up but id rather risk the higher "privacy invasion (as some may call it...)" than risk a slip up of something really bad getting in... Not that its impossible just gonna be a lot harder...
  12. There's an Ace in the park and it is enforced well there.
  13. Universal's ticket prices are insane... I could justify a Disney season pass much more than a Universal season pass.... I loved Universal over Disney for a while now i'm starting to feel the opposite... We had to fight with Customer Service for an hour maybe more because we lost are season passes (I mean are pieces of paper....)
  14. Soarin kind of thing mixed with a Ferris Wheel? YES!!! 3D glasses? Maybe... Would be a great idea for any theme park really!
  15. I said something about this a while back and how video game charter based kids area/rides would be cool (for any amusement park, but I think it was aimed at KI...)! I'll see if I can find my post and update this... update: Can't find the post...
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