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  1. From 2017 and 2018 I had the privilege of working as a Park Ambassador. It was a job that was a dream come true for me. I basically had the opportunity to do what was needed to make a guests day, get to explore the park and hope not just guests but associates were doing well and if they needed help with anything. In 2017, Our last day of the season, I was back by Dinosaurs Alive talking to some guests when a lady approached me asking if I was able to help her with something. I was delighted to help her and it was even more awesome was, her daughter just hit 48in height requirement.
  2. Slightly off topic but, are we the only park in the chain to have fireworks on 10pm or later closes? I know a lot of then do something for the 4th of July though.
  3. Kings Island's and Soak City's 2018 Operation Calendar is now live! Currently, as of 2:30 PM 1/8/17, it does not have the 2018 WinterFest hours. Kings Island Official Website
  4. But see, the way I see it, is assume always someone is watching you. Don't do it because the assumption of no one is looking. Also who knows maybe they were already having a bad day and they wanted there little girl to be able to enjoy the parade and they didn't know they did anything wrong and now they have a full blown issue of someone upset at them and basically screaming at them. I have people do some amazing things to help out one another. But ive also seen them do some terror... Here is an example, you have a friend that is suffering from severe depression and you know they are infli
  5. This is something I have witnessed first hand in my life several times. Ranging from recemt event (to be explained) to events when I didn't even know an issue was accruing... So as a family vacation to Disney World we had issues with watching the parade and it lead to unnecessary actions taken. A guests blocked my nephews views and because of that it made another family member mad and then the other guests getting mad and a trickle of bad events, Escalating to security coming and not believing are side of the story... Moral of the story that one bad event caused for a bad day at Disney. Peop
  6. Well let's see how it goes... Sometimes, not a thing changes really other times a lot changes either for the good or the worse.
  7. I know... And there ticket prices/pass prices now... Yikes! That happened right around 2010 didn't it?
  8. Comcast is like the bad version of Google... They just eat everything but instead don't give back and want more and more. "to watch the second half of your movie, please go to www.comcast.com/KungFuPanda12/giveusallthemoney/onlyanother99.99" Note: not a real website address (at least it better not be)!
  9. Well just coming back from a Florida vacation and going to Universal and Disney World, I can tell you security was HIGH!!! Disney World, bags were checked very through, security boats about 5 on stand by, by the ferry to Magic Kingdom, a security/police dog sniffing out a Disney World gift shop by Magic Kingdom Ticket and Transportation Center, police car sitting right by the entrance of the parking toll Plaza Universal, bags check very through, wand bags checked and wand boxes opened, everyone was checked by metal detectors before going even into CityWalk, valet didn't have a metal detector
  10. There's an Ace in the park and it is enforced well there.
  11. Universal's ticket prices are insane... I could justify a Disney season pass much more than a Universal season pass.... I loved Universal over Disney for a while now i'm starting to feel the opposite... We had to fight with Customer Service for an hour maybe more because we lost are season passes (I mean are pieces of paper....)
  12. Soarin kind of thing mixed with a Ferris Wheel? YES!!! 3D glasses? Maybe... Would be a great idea for any theme park really!
  13. I said something about this a while back and how video game charter based kids area/rides would be cool (for any amusement park, but I think it was aimed at KI...)! I'll see if I can find my post and update this... update: Can't find the post...
  14. I was wondering if anyone (setting up myself for a world famous Terpy post ) has picture(s) of KIC throughout the years? Like the look of the forums and the main website? Would be cool to see how it has changed over the years!!! If you have any pictures please do put the year next to the picture! If anyone has been keeping track of every update and has screenshots of each major update, that would be amazing (I would think an Admin might have been but maybe not lol)! I myself, have no pics of it over the years... Also thought this would be a good time to start this as the site got (or get
  15. When going to my profile and down to Likes, I can now like my own posts... Also what do the stars do? Way of rating how good the user is? Also noticed I can like them by going the post itself and like it. WHOOOO!!! Now there is reputation and not likes! And back to likes lol... But I can no longer like my posts on my profile and on the forums!
  16. Fun fact! Animal Kingdom does NOT use lids for its cups when you purchase a fountain pop (or free cup of water) beverage and the straws you get are a cardboard like straw!
  17. I do not know... but even although that's penny in the dollar, I still think they should make them hard plastic even at the cheapest pass option! Which is $215 and has blackout dates...
  18. one Premier pass is that price. Includes lots of benefits, if they are worth it, it is up to you... Also would you put them to use is another thing to think about. There cheapest pass is roughly the same price as a Platinum CF pass... You can also use Flexpay to pay installments on your Universal pass but must put half down first.
  19. They had hard plastic a few years ago... Heck are 2 years ago Premier passes, I went to see how easy they tear and they teared like regular paper... I tired to do the same to are Disney World 4-day ticket, couldn't tear it... Heck now Disney World's (at least 4-park 4 day tickets are) are now hard plastic! Another crazy thing is Universal wants half down front for there Flexpay and my brother said a Disney World pass is only like $100 down...
  20. So are Universal Studios Orlando Premier passes look like this: (not my picture) Yes you got that right! Are $434 Universal Orlando pass is merely a piece of cheap paper! It is about the same grade paper as a KI 1 or 2 day ticket.... After riding one water ride yesterday and having my piece of paper in my pocket all day it already has washed out spots and is bent quite a bit... And I was being quite gentle with my pass... I think this is honestly flat out ridiculous! Then to "protect" you investment you could buy a Universal lanyard for who knows how much... or if it becomes unreadable becau
  21. Completely off topic but how wide the track is on Magnum XL 200 is unexpected for a coaster that size! My mind is like boggled on that still... Its about as wide as those "wild mouse" coasters but it is a crazier ride than DB! (in a good way). Back on topic, I think AE just needs a nice overhaul on theming possibly even trying to change the back story to it and everything else... But keeping the Tiki heads pounding there arms at the end and what not there.
  22. If the price stayed the same as last year, I would say no drinks but since the season long dinning went up in price, include drinks.
  23. Found work for Mr.Kinzel! He likes his nickels... The more ads is fine by me as long as they don't block anything (which they don't). Glad Dane is here to keep this place in tip top shape!
  24. Maybe get a whole themed area around it! Start selling mystery loaf and molded old food at a discount, being locked in a jail cell for a week and who know maybe even a ride! Those cops will eventually catch those people who rode Backlot Stunt Coaster! Presented by. The Mason police department!
  25. "People spend all their time making nice things and then other people come along and break them!" - The 2nd Doctor, Patrick Troughton

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