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  1. What are you talking about?? Cincinnati is in the tri-state area. If you aren't familiar with the Cincinnati area, it borders both Kentucky, and Indiana, and is split by the Ohio River. There is nothing "stupid" about the tweet. As anyone familiar with Cincinnati would understand, the connections between Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio run very deep in the area.
  2. Jersey Devil looks like an outstanding addition for NJFTP. Maybe we could call up Great Adventure and ask them to trade 2020 coasters with us.....
  3. Have had information passed along to me about this piece years ago. Can’t remember much though. If I recall correctly, someone else on this site actually managed to get ahold of one of these many years ago and also had a story to go with it. Finding that thread could be a shot in the dark, as it may have been tucked into another thread and not in its own. Great to see another one of these floating around!
  4. I’d say it’s much better to get a sub-$5 million investment than to get absolutely nothing, as Cedar Fair seems to think is appropriate for their “smaller” parks.
  5. Exactly my thoughts. Really there should be one general thread for all of the Orion construction, updates, and discussion. Trying to sift through so many threads is quite difficult.
  6. Traditionally, the “topping off” of a roller coaster refers to the installation of the highest piece of track. So in this case it would refer to the peak of the lift hill.
  7. A lack of ridership was not the reason for the ultimate demise of The Crypt. The ride was plagued with downtime and many other issues that stem from being an “oversized” prototype. And that’s just skimming the surface. To put it lightly, from my knowledge over the years, that ride was tearing itself up. It was going to have a limited lifespan no matter what. For more information on the demise of The Crypt, I’d recommend reading older forum posts and searching for a bit. These forums contain quite a hefty amount of first-hand knowledge about that ride.
  8. So, just to confirm with everyone. There is only enough room for one more sign on the fence?
  9. I wouldn’t count out the possibility of seeing SOB show up.
  10. As is the case often with parks dealing with Intamin, I know that the park has had trouble in the past getting parts from Intamin in a timely manner for the ride. That could be the delay right now, although I have no idea.
  11. The rattle on Diamondback is sometimes intolerable. It has given me headaches numerous times. On the other hand, Banshee’s rattle that it has developed is just plain uncomfortable. Going through that many inversions, coupled with that type of rattling, is just not a good time sometimes. Really wish the park would do something about this. Worries me that they may let Project X get the same way in the future and not do anything about it. Maybe someone more knowledgeable on this topic could chime in, but isn’t the rattle caused by worn-out wheels?
  12. Couldn’t agree more! I’ve actually always been one for the idea of bringing the Gemini Midway lights overhead and overall feel to Coney Mall but on a grander scale. Would really be a great area for it.
  13. This entire forum is becoming disgustingly negative, and it seems to be no matter what thread is opened. No wonder you don’t see the old familiar faces around here much anymore. Somebody help. Where’s the old KICentral?
  14. Word on the street is that a support of some kind (I’m guessing transfer?) went up last night. Anyone at the park to confirm? Someone may need a good camera lol. But again this is just what I’ve heard. Have not been to the park.
  15. I think some folks here just need to cool down. No reason for all your posts to be so heated. We’re all just trying to decode and have fun here. It’s OKAY to relax lol
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