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  1. TheBEASTunchained

    Knotts announces "new" Calico River Rapids!

    It's additions like these, even more so than HangTime, that really show the type of love that Cedar Fair actually puts into Knotts. Always stepping it up in the "little" ways.
  2. TheBEASTunchained

    Firehawk Leaving Kings Island 10/28/18

    ^ Thank you!
  3. TheBEASTunchained

    Firehawk Leaving Kings Island 10/28/18

    ^ I haven’t even heard of this. Where are the details for this event? I don’t see them in any of the blog posts...? Would love to attend, though!
  4. TheBEASTunchained

    Just for fun: FINAL 2019 announcement predictions

    Well, I suppose it's that time of year again. As far as what I predict will be coming, I'd have to start with The Racer. I don't think that the "activity" going on near the ride, and the people supposedly seen near the ride this season are a coincidence. Some type of refurb, in some form or another is likely to be announced. Also, based on the teasers, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see the Antique Cars return. If I recall correctly, Cedar Point removed one of their antique car attractions not too long ago, so I suppose that CF could already have cars in their possession. The biggest question is where they would put them. The DA location seems reasonable, but also seems flat enough that it would be better suited for...... Something else in the future. Now onto what I'd like to see announced tomorrow 1.) Racer gets topper track retrack and Millennium Flyer trains, and yes, I know that's an odd combination, but just think of how awesome that would be! If not topper track, a GCI retrack would be appreciated equally. 2.) Coney Mall gets its sign back. This is something I've been talking about quite adamantly here, for quite some time. 3.) Entire Coney Mall refresh, possibly return of Ginkgo trees, and possibly a Gerstlauer Sky Roller (like SkyHawk at Canada's Wonderland) on the old Flight Commander pad. 4.) This last one's a bit far-fetched but I'll throw the bone anyway. Vortex gets the newer style Vekoma vest restraint trains (as were retro-fitted on Blue Hawk at SFoG a couple seasons back) and a station refurb.
  5. TheBEASTunchained

    KIC Podcast: Episode 1 - 2017 Year in Review

    Thanks for the clarification, guys! Didn’t mean to be a downer or anything, just trying to throw in some constructive criticism! Keep up the good work.
  6. TheBEASTunchained

    KIC Podcast: Episode 1 - 2017 Year in Review

    Really like the podcast! Definitely can’t wait to hear more! However, not a big fan at all of how there is a lack of involvement from the rest of the KICentral community. When this is a community built / based site, it’s somewhat strange that members can’t be a part of the show, but rather only the mods. Just my thoughts, but great work so far.
  7. TheBEASTunchained

    Current wait times

    Mystic Timbers is currently at about 25 minutes. Banshee is around 15 -20 minutes.
  8. TheBEASTunchained

    Early admission with a friend

    I agree that folks should abide by the rules that are set, but isn't that the case everywhere in life? Only letting in Pass-holders through the gate would not be comforting to those who use bring-a-friend tickets. These tickets are available as "Bring-A-Friend Any Day Ticket" on the Kings Island website. These tickets are used more than one might assume. The introduction of a pass-holder only early entry system would practically eliminate any sales they make on those tickets. Just my thoughts.
  9. TheBEASTunchained

    Wooden Coaster Capital

    The very last paragraph almost comes off as quite rude to Cedar Point..... Not the biggest fan of the wording used throughout the article.
  10. TheBEASTunchained

    Mystic Timbers Shed aging (Warning Shed Spoiler)

    The tree (Oakley) seems to be a rare occurance for some reason..... I only saw it once out of 20 rides on Thursday. Strange.
  11. TheBEASTunchained

    Kings Island 2017 Discussion Thread

    Looks like RFYLCB is going through test cycles right now. (Good view of the splash from the Diamondback Cam) We're almost there guys!
  12. TheBEASTunchained

    Mystic Timbers First Riders Auction

  13. TheBEASTunchained

    Mystic Timbers First Riders Auction

    EDIT: Park got everything fixed.
  14. TheBEASTunchained

    Mystic Timbers Construction Progress

    Nice that we're getting a glimpse into the creation of the theming elements. Oh, and hey there again Mystc Timrers at Kngs Island......... .....TheBEASTunchained, who just can't leave this sign alone...
  15. TheBEASTunchained

    Mystic Timbers Construction Progress

    Very interested in the speakers on the oustide of the shed. Curious as to what they'll be used for.....