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  1. There were other additions as well that added up to the $5 million.


    And yes, the ride had, to my knowledge, 2 different color schemes while at the park. However, I'm not quite sure if the ride was painted before installation or after.


    Also a fun tidbit is that the ride was very commonly referred to, even by the park, as just "The Demon".

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  2. ^ That doesn't really answer the question that was asked. Obviously almost all wood coasters get some form of work done in the off-season. 


    To answer your question @FUN&ONLY! , don't quote me on this but I believe that GCI was listed on one of the work commencement documents, which could potentially mean that they're being contracted for some of that work. There have also been plastic tunnels over sections of Racer lately for crews to stay warm during some of their jobs, however I'm not sure whether those are KI crews or GCI crews. 

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  3. I'm pretty sure that the Diamondback cam of today is a completely different camera than the original one that was installed. If I recall correctly, the Diamondback construction cam was not a live camera and was a cam that only updated every few minutes or so. 

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  4. 21 minutes ago, KIghostguy said:

    A lot of what The Interpreter peddled was erroneous/blatantly false. I would not trust a fair number of what he said, especially this fact.

    This is where we draw a line, sir. 

    Terp was one of the most well-informed, if not the most, members of our forums. He never claimed to necessarily have inside knowledge or anything but his knowings of the inside of the industry were deep. A truly missed part of the action here on KICentral! 

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  5. 1 minute ago, silver2005 said:

    Based entirely off of how they're handling the webcams?  You're kidding, right?   There are many other areas that the park could screw up which that would be true.  The webcams aren't one of those issues.  

    I think most of you are stuck in the enthusiast social bubble.  

    While enthusiasts make up a very very tiny percent of customers, they are a very vocal set of customers, a set that it is usually not wise to mishandle. 

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  6. Not that Kings Island or Cedar Fair particularly care about preservation and historical legacies of rides when making decisions but....


    You guys should take a look at how Efteling retracked most of Python, their Arrow looper, a few years back. KI could've done something similar to the Python transformation with leaving the lift, drop, and brake run while retracking the rest of the ride. By all accounts, Python's retrack was a success and the ride is much smoother now. 




    The park went with a company called CSM Manufacturing, but I've also heard that Vekoma was willing to do the job (presumably with their new track design) but at a much higher cost. 



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  7. I know many of you are new here, but as CoastersRZ mentioned above, The Interpreter often mentioned this merger / acquisition, and told us that it was on the horizon for sooner than later. He predicted this long ago, and as for his reasoning, it all makes sense now. 


    Just a side note here, but if any of you think this wont happen, you may be right. For now. But it will come back up, and eventually, chances are that this will be a thing. 

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  8. 1 hour ago, teenageninja said:

    Kings Island is in Ohio, stupid tweet.


    What are you talking about?? Cincinnati is in the tri-state area. If you aren't familiar with the Cincinnati area, it borders both Kentucky, and Indiana, and is split by the Ohio River. 


    There is nothing "stupid" about the tweet. As anyone familiar with Cincinnati would understand, the connections between Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio run very deep in the area. 

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  9. Have had information passed along to me about this piece years ago. Can’t remember much though.


    If I recall correctly, someone else on this site actually managed to get ahold of one of these many years ago and also had a story to go with it. Finding that thread could be a shot in the dark, as it may have been tucked into another thread and not in its own. 


    Great to see another one of these floating around! 

  10. 2 hours ago, BoddaH1994 said:

    Imagine what it feels like to have a Six Flags park as your home park.  Many have gotten sub-$5 million investments over the past five years.  Now they are building their biggest and best in a country you'll never visit.

    I’d say it’s much better to get a sub-$5 million investment than to get absolutely nothing, as Cedar Fair seems to think is appropriate for their “smaller” parks. 

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  11. 11 hours ago, KIghostguy said:

    For some reason, they posted it over in the other thread.

    Can these two threads just be merged already? People keep on posting thoughts on the ride in the construction thread and construction photos on the thoughts thread. It’s so much more streamlined if it’s just one thread. Nobody is respecting that there are two separate threads anyway.

    Exactly my thoughts. 


    Really there should be one general thread for all of the Orion construction, updates, and discussion. Trying to sift through so many threads is quite difficult.  


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  12. 19 minutes ago, ldhudsonjr said:

    Seriously?! That would be awesome. By topped off you mean the final piece of track? Or am I misinterpreting that?

    Traditionally, the “topping off” of a roller coaster refers to the installation of the highest piece of track. So in this case it would refer to the peak of the lift hill. 

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  13. 58 minutes ago, LuckyluvsKI said:

    CF should have just taken tomb raider out of its shell as the ride itself fit very well in cfs record breaking theme as it was the world's only giant top spin in existence. Had they just taken out the liscensed stuff and the building it would have stayed. But as the crypt it just no longer made sense and it lost its ridership and therefore no longer worth keeping. 

    A lack of ridership was not the reason for the ultimate demise of The Crypt. The ride was plagued with downtime and many other issues that stem from being an “oversized” prototype. And that’s just skimming the surface. To put it lightly, from my knowledge over the years, that ride was tearing itself up. It was going to have a limited lifespan no matter what. 


    For more information on the demise of The Crypt, I’d recommend reading older forum posts and searching for a bit. These forums contain quite a hefty amount of first-hand knowledge about that ride. 

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