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  1. I wouldn’t count out the possibility of seeing SOB show up.
  2. As is the case often with parks dealing with Intamin, I know that the park has had trouble in the past getting parts from Intamin in a timely manner for the ride. That could be the delay right now, although I have no idea.
  3. The rattle on Diamondback is sometimes intolerable. It has given me headaches numerous times. On the other hand, Banshee’s rattle that it has developed is just plain uncomfortable. Going through that many inversions, coupled with that type of rattling, is just not a good time sometimes. Really wish the park would do something about this. Worries me that they may let Project X get the same way in the future and not do anything about it. Maybe someone more knowledgeable on this topic could chime in, but isn’t the rattle caused by worn-out wheels?
  4. Couldn’t agree more! I’ve actually always been one for the idea of bringing the Gemini Midway lights overhead and overall feel to Coney Mall but on a grander scale. Would really be a great area for it.
  5. This entire forum is becoming disgustingly negative, and it seems to be no matter what thread is opened. No wonder you don’t see the old familiar faces around here much anymore. Somebody help. Where’s the old KICentral?
  6. Word on the street is that a support of some kind (I’m guessing transfer?) went up last night. Anyone at the park to confirm? Someone may need a good camera lol. But again this is just what I’ve heard. Have not been to the park.
  7. I think some folks here just need to cool down. No reason for all your posts to be so heated. We’re all just trying to decode and have fun here. It’s OKAY to relax lol
  8. ^ Good ole George Jones. RIP Possum! Happy Friday Decoding Friends.
  9. Not really sure where they came to the conclusion that BGW would be getting a 355 ft tall coaster ?.... As @Logan Goddard said above, an Intamin Multi-Launch coaster has been all-but confirmed (the blueprints are out there) for next year. The likely outcome of this 2021 project would be a Drop Tower. For those curious, the link below provides some insight into the 2021 project and the 2020 Intamin multilaunch, both for Busch Gardens Williamsburg: BGWFans
  10. Actually, Don posted pictures of a Splintercat on his Twitter, which added fuel to the fan-led fire for the name.
  11. Honestly those look quite a bit like the steel parts of the ceiling seen in the blueprints of the Project X station.
  12. Well... I guess that’s that.
  13. I may be a lone ranger here, but I'm still pretty firmly on the ground of the full-layout blueprint being a fake. Upon listening to the most recent In The Loop Podcast, I'm even more inclined at this point to not believe the alleged layout, even if it does happen to line up with the footings for the station and lift area. I'll let you guys listen at the link below, but to sum it up, one of the hosts on the podcast claims that the blueprint of the full-layout was intentionally posted in the ride-operator's clock-in area and left for the ride-hosts / seasonal employees to do the dirty work of "leaking" it. Not sure of the accuracy of the statement, but it's compelling, to say the least. Episode can be found Here. Even if the above statements are untrue, I think the timing and curious nature of the full-layout "leak" should not be overlooked. Kings Island's marketing department has been known in the past for its......diversions.
  14. My personal favorite place to sit is the last car. Much like sitting in the back car of Vortex, or some other Arrow coasters, the airtime on the first drop is phenomenal. And underrated.
  15. Very unique model of The Beast. I saw those sets (of course without "Beast" branding on the box) at Cedar Point last season. My only complaint is the same one I usually have with CoasterDynamix products and that's the price. Another example of something that they're charging too much for. The nano-coasters are also fairly overpriced at $30 apiece. For the nano-coasters I could see paying $20, but $30 is a bit ridiculous. There is a reason why CoasterDynamix products generally don't appear to leave the shelves very quickly....
  16. This is good to hear. For those of us that live further away, you guys getting these pictures is more appreciated than you know!
  17. Are any of you guys planning on going to the park tomorrow to possibly get some shots from the tower? Just curious. ....Not that we necessarily need more fuel to this fire . But on the other hand, it would definitely help to confirm or deny the "layout". However that would obviously depend on whether anything else has been cleared yet (or is even going to be cleared)
  18. That could be true, but would it really make people upset as much as it would simply be throwing people off track? I mean, the park has known that this information would be found out, so who's to say that they didn't have this ready to go? If anyone's teasing campaigns and trolling has ever went to the next level, it's Kings Island, and I would expect nothing less from them. The topography map has been seen on this site before, or old ones have anyway. Due to them needing updated versions for Antique Autos, it's not out of the realm of possibility that they just threw this overlay on top of a map. Kings Island's marketing department is made up of some clever folks. Did someone say, a..... Diversion? This theory is the most believable I've heard. It's been a floating rumor for a bit now, so I suppose we shouldn't necessarily be surprised by this short layout if this rumor is true.
  19. In the chance that this layout isn't entirely accurate or complete, I think seeing if there is more land cleared at the park tomorrow could really tell the tale.
  20. I hate to be someone to say this, but if this is actually the real legit layout of the giga coaster, it is truly disappointing. For a park of Kings Island's scale and prominence, such a small giga coaster would be a complete disappointment to many. The last few coaster additions were things that the park needed, and the fans had been asking for. To which I would say KI completely delivered with Banshee and Mystic Timbers. But this wouldn't be following in the same suit. It would be a backtrack from all other Giga installations before it. A shadow of the rest. Which seems to be the wrong move for the park. I haven't disagreed with many moves made by the park as of late, but that layout would be a bad choice. Another thing to possibly consider are the rumors that Great America's B&M Hyper was temporarily shelved for Kings Island to get a giga. If this is the case, could we be seeing CF try to stick with the same price-point that they were going to pay for the hyper at Great America? Leaving us with a "budget" giga coaster? As I echo what others have been saying, this does seem albeit off. Something is fishy about this. The accuracy of these plans will likely become visible sooner than later.
  21. I also don't live close enough to go there myself, however..... Maybe someone wants to take one for the team and go get some copies so that we can "decode"?
  22. Considering that the park has taken down almost every entrance sign to the different sections of the park, I wouldn't expect this one to return. Pretty sure that Planet Snoopy is now the only park area with an entrance sign. The rest of the park sections have been almost stripped of their identity. With the return of some of the park's theming I expected some to return....... Anyway, back to decoding....
  23. ^ While that would be a very welcomed addition by many, Kings Island just installed a wooden coaster for the 2017 season with Mystic Timbers. The commencement documents also list B&M as a contractor, which most of us are assuming is for the 2020 project.
  24. Based on that description, if this digging does happen to be for footings, we could very well be seeing the start of the footings for the station or transfer area beginning to take shape. I won’t be back out to the park for a few more weeks but I'm interested to see if someone could zoom in and get some pics from the tower of this digging?
  25. They are also selling all the new pins in the Diamondback gift shop.
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