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  1. Glad to know someone else has stayed in Port Clinton, as I have not but am planning on it. Any good hotel recommendations for Port Clinton? I'm trying to decide which look best for a night or two during CoasterMania
  2. I could be wrong but I would guess that, as OldSchool75 said, this is an almost clear sign of the start of the testing procedures in some form or another.
  3. They are slightly more forgiving to people of larger size from what I've gathered. (I'm not of larger size but have ridden with some folks that are on quite a few different GCI's) Also keep in mind that the restraint system is different from that found on the PTC trains used on The Racer and The Beast.
  4. I don't personally see the removal of Congo Falls taking place until TimberWolf is removed. I'll also go ahead and say that I believe this "double removal" will take place in the next 10-12 years. Food for thought: Carowinds just scrapped a similar ride to Congo Falls because they needed the room as part of their new "County Fair" expansion. I'm certainly not implying that we're getting that sort of expansion, but rather that rides like Congo Falls tend to be an easy choice to remove if in the way of future planned expansion areas. When the time comes when that area of Action Zone is needed for expansion, don't expect to see the ride or amphitheater stick around. See also: Congo Falls wait time, even on most hot August days......
  5. Seeing a County Fair / Candy Apple Grove / Gemini Midway treatment to Coney Mall would be a dream come true! The new pavers were a very welcomed addition, but that aside, I'd note that the area has almost completely lost it's identity. And for the sake of everything good, PLEASE return the Coney Mall sign, as it was not only the last identifying sign of the area, but also a "piece" of the park that makes the area give off a different vibe.
  6. There are now lights on the lift hill and leaving the station! (Can't post a picture from the webcam currently, but go check it out!)
  7. Personally, I'd like for the wooded section of the ride (after 2nd drop) to remain dark similar to The Beast post-lift hill. Some lights would be okay in the lift / plaza area, but give me a another pitch-black ride in the woods and I'll be stoked! Just my thoughts on the matter. Very excited for this ride!
  8. Looks like there's some sort of "500" error when trying to load the park's website.... Possibly receiving an updated site similar to what Cedar Point just changed over to?.... EDIT: Site is back up but I would expect a total update and look change to the site very soon.
  9. Not usually an Opening Day go-er due to crowds, especially on seasons when new rides debut..... BUT.... Do any of you guys happen to know if FastLane is usually offered on Opening Day? And was it available for use on Banshee for it's Opening Day?
  10. I remember seeing this at IAAPA. Been really hoping ever since then that we'd see a park in the States get one. And here we go! Very excited.
  11. ^ Agreed! It feels as though it has been an eternity since we've been able to see that much progress at once! It also looks as if most of the general structural work, aside from the station and shed area, has been completed from what I can tell.
  12. ^ Thanks for sharing! Looks like the steel has been layed on the track, for the lift hill portion at least.
  13. Looks like there's no way to view the desktop version on mobile devices anymore?
  14. And as far as updates from the park's social media pages go, there has been very little.
  15. That would make good sense though, in theory. I mean, consider the amount of "power" people already in Sandusky, which would lend to having a closer corporate eye and approval closer to some of the other parks in the region.
  16. ^ Great idea! And I would assume that the view from up there would show a good majority of the construction, with the help of it being fall / winter and a lack of leaves on the trees.
  17. It's just a nickname that some of us have used for the footings. When the first set were poured and put into place they resembled birthday cakes, so that name just kinda stuck after that.
  18. I'm not sure if this has been answered here or not yet but I can't seem to get an answer out of the park.... When renewing your Gold KI Pass, one of the perks is one free bring-a-friend ticket for a fall Sunday. Where do we get this ticket and how do we take advantage of this deal? When I bought my pass, the only voucher I got was for the free FastLane Plus..... Any help would be appreciated.
  19. I would guess tht the tallest point of the lift hill should now be visible, directly under Diamondback's second hill, from Kings Island Dr. or surrounding roads. The ride isn't very tall, but the peak at 109 ft should be somewhat visible, I would assume. Can anyone in the area confirm?
  20. ^^ Yes, they are getting closer to topping off the ride at its maximum height. ^ No. There appeared to be one bent left awaiting erection which will likely occur tomorrow morning.
  21. Bents currently being strapped up for erection. Expect placement momentarily.
  22. Random note: Or maybe not so random... Almost all Kentucky Kingdom merchandide marked down 50% for last 2 weekends of operation for 2016.
  23. There are condolence flowers sent from various people and things at the memorial with name tags on the baskets. It looks like The Beast sent flowers!
  24. Today is the last full day of operation for Mean Streak, with one hour of "goodbye" ride time scheduled for Friday before closing permanently.
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