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  1. Definitely agree with TombRaiderFTW that 'malem' would be a great candidate, if he so desired. I am also interested, as I spend enough time on this site to know the ins, outs, ups, downs, and definitely wrongs from rights. I would be honored to be able to help out a site that I spend so much time on and have become so closely tied into for daily updates and conversations. As well as the fact that it would be great to help continue to keep this site in good standings as it is now!
  2. I just noticed this on Facebook as well. Big congrats to Mr. Siebert! I know he'll do a great job at Fiesta Texas. A wonderful park with a wonderful new park president.
  3. And I suppose this is why we all have our own opinions! Personally, I find those "pops" of ejector type airtime to be some of the best parts of any coaster, which is why I love the coasters at that park so much. Lightning Run and Storm Chaser are filled with complete "out of your seat" moments, very reminiscent to some of the good ole' wood coasters with buzz bars that now seem to be fading.
  4. Being that it's the Wednesday that it is, I'd say that you should be fine to ride everything in whatever particular order you want and be able to easily ride all of the coasters. However I would recommend any other time to ride Mean Streak, followed by Maverick, and then proceed to move your way forward. This plan still probably wouldn't hurt to go by. If it works out well, then you could always go back and hit some of the coasters a second time in no particular order. Don't forget the flats as well! Cedar Downs in specific is a very rare one that most find to be pretty fun! In the midst of all of this coaster riding, have fun! .....and as a side note... Sky Ride gives some Amazing views of the park!!
  5. Would like to send out a BIG thanks to Mr. Helbig and the whole team at KI for going out of their way to do things like this. On a side note..... This webcam will give some pretty spectacular views of the lift hill, drop, and first curve / hill as they're under construction. As well as very far down the line, this would provide some awesome views of testing!
  6. ^ As well as the fact that, generally speaking, as far as wooden coaster structures go, whenever there is a slight direction change in in the track, the supports will usually have extra outer bracing or inner bracing. Hence the need for an "extra" or standard third set of footings.
  7. California's Great America's Winterfest event is scheduled for the 2016 holiday season. Kings Island, Carowinds, and Worlds of Fun are scheduled to host WinterFest events for 2017
  8. Final list of today's FUN announcements: Cedar Point Shores Waterpark Dorney Park introduces bumper cars, Troika, and other park improvements ​California's Great America converts Vortex into floorless coaster Kings Island adds Soak City amenities and WinterFest event Carowinds introduces "new " flat rides and WinterFest event Valleyfair introduces North Star - Funtime Starflyer ​Worlds of Fun introduces "new" flat rides and WinterFest event
  9. How about placing a camera at the top of Diamondback's lift? That might work. Not a bad idea, actually. Hadn't really thought of that one. On top of DB's lift would provide a great view, without the need of even having an interactive cam.
  10. Don't forget Millennium Flyers! ..... TheBEASTunchained.... Holding out hope that the PTC's can leave.....
  11. I would be awesome to see an interactive cam for Mysty construction similar to the cam that Holiday World uses for Thunderbird. It would work for zooming in and out of different parts of the construction site to see the progress, as I imagine using the Diamondback cam all winter in the position it's in would prove to be quite difficult to really view what's going on.
  12. I'd expect footings to start showing up sooner than later in certain areas based on a few of those photos! Time to start getting Mysty put together!
  13. Great Coasters International uses NoLimits for nearly all of their ride animations, and has done so for quite some time. For many reasons, it's simpler to use, more accurate in some cases, and a cheaper alternative. See also InvadR at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. ^ And no, CPMaverick, as far as GCI animations go, I believe that they usually provide the buyer with that given animation (along with the help of NoLimits) unless they want to do it in-house / with another developer, which was the choice in some other CF GCI installations. See Gold Striker at California's Great America.
  14. Mystic Timbers is by-far the best addition that the park could've possibly made, and they know it. For many a year, even quite some time before many of you were around, I could be quoted in person or on this site as saying that Kings Island has always had one of the top wooden coaster lineups of any park, but they were still lacking. A prime example of a park with an excellent wooden roller coaster lineup, as I've frequently mentioned, is Six Flags Over Mid America. For a bit now, theirs was second to none. This GCI wooden coaster really fills one of the stray gaps in Kings Island's wooden roller coaster lineup and park lineup in general. A fast paced, modern woodie with twists and dips. All negativity from some so-called "fans" feeling entitled to some SOB type woodie aside, we really have a winner on our hands. Take notice to what this will do for the park, folks, because other parks sure will. Great Coasters International has proven time and time again that they are one of the top, if not the top manufacturer of wooden roller coasters. A combination of their tried and true elements along with Millennium Flyer trains have really hit home for many parks. ....And as a note to a select few of you..... Some of the absolute best roller coasters that I've ever ridden were low to the ground, fast, and heavily underestimated at the time of their announcement. Congratulations Kings Island, and thank you for such a very well needed addition to an already wonderful park.
  15. Can't wait! Thanks for keeping us in the loop, as always Don!
  16. .......And we have lights! (Live still-image captured from Kings Island's Diamondback Webcam)
  17. I, for one, definitely appreciate the photos and captions. You're doing a great job documenting the progress as it continues. For some folks like me who can't make it to the park as often as we'd like, your photos really put things into perspective. As for the random and basically pointless "crap" that's been being discussed rather than decoding, that quite well sums up my lack of commenting. That being said, Thanks for the photos MagLiz! Keep 'em comin!
  18. Is the RSVP for the event only for media outlets or can folks like us participate? ....TheBEASTunchained..... Asking a serious question......
  19. I think it's time for a bit of both..... ....TheBEASTunchained.....Who just finished his Snickers bar a few days ago.....
  20. You folks asked for hints..... And you've recieved on Twitter today......BIG TIME.... ​@KingsIslandPR on Twitter
  21. @KIGMGREG on Twitter: "Am I the only one who hates to see all this wood go?" Photo : Kings Island General Manager Greg Scheid on Twitter
  22. For those here who seek to unlock the answers of 2017, you're using your key in the wrong doors. What you look for can be found on a Rivertown ride that will get you wet and possibly drench you. TheBEASTunchained.... Twisting around a curve and back into the shadows of the Rivertown woods.....
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