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  1. Fast pass has really helped me when riding The Beast but I've never got a Fast Pass at Kings Dominion.
  2. If they didn't give goodyellowkorn182 a piece of my beloved Durga, why would Kings Island give you a piece of the worst roller coaster at Kings Island? As silly of a question as it may seem to ask Kings Island for a peice of Son of Beast. It could happen, because I don't think Kings Island is in as big of a rush to get rid of SoB as they were the Crypt. When Kings Island decided to end the operating life of the Crypt, there was a Very quick removal process But with Son of Beast, it has taken over 2 years for an announcement to be made concerning the ride and If they were to decide to remove it, I'm sure that it wouldn't be done in a hurry. Another thing, is that asking for a large ride prop from the inside of the Crypt and asking for a peice of wood off of a roller coaster that has 2.5 million feet of timber is a big difference. A lot of things could be made with 2.5 million feet of timber.
  3. I would like to see the fireworks tonight, shoot off of the sides of Eiffel Tower but I doubt that will happen.....
  4. Here's a picture I found of Son of Beast's entrance crate being used for Club Blood in 2009
  5. Thanks guys, I had forgot all about the Nights Of Fire at KI.
  6. I have seen alot of pictures of these fireworks at Kings Island and I was wondering What year the fireworks in this picture were from? I go to Kings Island Over 25 times a year but I only went on the 4th of July once. It was very overcrowded and I wont go back on the 4th.
  7. In case you missed the fun and safety guides up front, The Son of Beast is a high speed, turbulent roller coaster ride with quick turns and sudden drops. People with exsisting back, neck, or bone problems, recent sugery or illness, pregnancy, high blood pressure, heart condition, or other medical conditions, should refrain from riding the Son of Beast. Please be aware of the recommendations and restrictions of this ride. And if you have any questions, Please contact the ride attendant.
  8. Does anyone know if Kings Island still has the old Geauga Lake wooden coaster trains from Raging Wolf Bobs, and The Villain? If they do, Maybe if Son of Beast gets fixed up a little, they can use those old trains, If there still Usable. (Just a thought)
  9. The last time that I was there, I saw a guy standing by one of those large coolers, and he had dr. peppers, and sprite.
  10. I know that there is a "What's next for Son of Beast?" discussion but I have a question regarding Son of Beast and I was wondering If anyone on KIC knew the answer....... What did Kings Island do with the old Son of Beast crate sign, that was at the entrance of the ride?
  11. I have never been on The Vortex and had a "break". The brake run doesn't make the train stop but It slows down the train by a "little bit".
  12. It depends on what changes your talking about? (: But everypark needs to change sometimes and if they dont then people will get tired of going and seeeing and riding the same things all the time. Some changes are not liked by the general public but they happen, Change happens.
  13. Not only is Facebook at the bottom of the page, But Google and MSN/Bing are also listed with the online members.
  14. I was curious if anyone knew how much land Kings Island has to expand on? Is there more land that could possibly be purchased to make further expansions in the future?
  15. Wasn't aware you had a crystal ball? I'd say we're more likely to get a new coaster some time soon than we would be to see anything done with Son of Beast besides have a wrecking ball hit it. No suits have spoken to you. I completely agree. He made it seem like he knows everything that gonna happen at Kings Island and when. And where could I find one of those crystal balls at?
  16. Kings Island opened in 1972 with the wooden roller coaster that would revive the dream of wooden roller coasters in the United States, The Racer. Then In 1979, One of the greatest roller coasters ever built, The Beast was opened. In 2000, Kings Island opened the Tallest, Fastest, Most discussed at KIC, and Only looping wooden roller coaster, Son of Beast. And with that, Over the years Kings Island has been known for its wooden roller coasters, so..... Do you think that its time that Kings Island gets a new Wooden Coaster? What would the coaster be like? What theming would be ideal? And finally, Should they build another record breaker?
  17. Last wednesday when I was in line for WindSeeker there was a group of teenage boys that got on the ride and were spitting off the sides of the ride, onto peoples heads that were in the line. It made for a very noisy ride due to peoples anger.
  18. It would be nice to have an overhaul of Action Zone but this has been talked about for years just like Son of Beast. And just to introduce myself, I am "TheBEASTunchained" and I have rode The Beast over 1000 times in the last 5 years and I am glad to finally be a member of KIC!! I read over the forums here quite often but Ive just never got around to becoming a member.
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