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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. I don't think I'd be that simple. The riders per train is equal to that of Leviathan which has a seating arrangement similiar to what you described.
  2. Firehawk, of course. Diamondback close behind. Even if a hyper design like Diamondback isn't an amazingly unique doesn't make it any less special to the Kings Island park goers. I think it was desperately needed addition that really brought Kings Island's coaster line up to the next level.
  3. So I guess, earlier in the day, it was open to Toyota employees: And that crowd seemed to be building up just a bit when we arrived. but after some waiting the gates opened and we headed into the park. And we decided to purchase some frightlane! And then off to to our first haunt [Razmataz's first ever], Carn-Evil. Pretty good fun, some good scares, and the mirrors. God, I hate the mirrors. Always come out of that one laughing! 8/10 Then we waited inline for some thrills on Diamondback while the sunset. Then by the time we got off of that Beautiful B&M, it was dark and we set
  4. I've always liked John Green and Mental_Floss, so this one was intriguing. Enjoy!
  5. Really?I would HOPE it depends, at least in part, on what the target market wants. I thought Dick Kinzel retired. And who is this Target Market?
  6. I'm sorry but I fundamentally disagree.Stand-up Coasters seem pretty dated at this point. I think they were more a fad that has died down. The last brand new, built from scratch stand up coaster was Georgia Scorcher build in 1999. 15 years ago. I really don't see a major comeback for this style of coaster. If you recall, Kings Island once had one, but it was demolished for a couple reasons. At this point in the amusement industry I think it seems unlikely that a park would invest heavily in that option like that when there are other things that are "in" right now. Like wing coasters, which hav
  7. fanofFirehawk

    2015 Idea

    Much agreed. I prefer to sit back and relax while being transported to a new place, being immersed in the story. Haunted Mansion, Harry Potter thing (forget the name), ect. They are all fantastic and enjoyable, with out the the sprinkle of Operation Desert Storm. I much prefer those to Boo Blasters, Buzz light year, and MIB.
  8. The problem with that is that it doesn't just affect your body. There are numerous cases where second hand smoke has killed non-smokers. Although it would be very difficult to successfully outlaw smoking; It wouldn't really be feasible. Although banning it from the park; I don't really see the need for smoking within a park filled with children and families. If some really needed to get their fix, they could go outside of the park. I also think that park employees should be a lot more proactive when enforcing the designated smoking area, and not let people smoke around the park and especiall
  9. Papers, Please.

    1. Sonofbeast2.0


      Been debating on getting that game... (assuming your talking about the game.)

    2. fanofFirehawk


      Its absolutely amazing, you should definitely give it a try! The plot line is amazing & it is a wonderful puzzle game for Brain aswell.

    3. Sonofbeast2.0


      I know I should of bought it during Steam Summer Sale... oh well... I'm sure I will pick it up some time soon though!

  10. If any of you are having a similar issue, one of the things I noticed (I don't know if something was changed) that it auto-hyperlinks youtube links, thus I suppose disabling IP Boards auto embedding of the Youtube videos. Like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9KZ3jgbbmI When I paste it here in the text box, it automatically turns into a hyperlink in the editor. And an easy way to fix that is to do the following: 1. Paste link, if turns into link... 2. Click on the link. 3. Click the hyperlink breaker thing in the editor menu (just to the right of the create new hyperlink button)
  11. Is Cedar Fair in cooperation with Disney? Disney owns the rights to Marvel, correct? So in order for these characters to make an appearance, there would have been an exchange on currency.
  12. Recently I've been having issues with trying to post Youtube videos, usually I'd just paste the link and it would auto embed the video... But for some reason it doesn't always work anymore. After try after try it eventually will do it, but it gets annoying & I liked it much better when it would just auto embed the first time.
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