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  1. The Line Ride. It's every where! Seriously, I dont know. I tend to ride only the ones I enjoy and maybe some new ones when they come out to try them. I don't think they have the Sponge Bob simulator any more. I didn't like that. I preferred it when it was James Bond/Days of Thunder, but with Paramount gone, that had to go too.
  2. I thought $45 was kinda cheap too. I mean yeah $55 is a good bit, but from what I hear you really get your money worth from it. When I go I plan to get one, so to me it would still be worth it.
  3. When I was at DD last year it was not operating. I didn't quite get why as there was no wind. But I'm no expert. If a ride hardly ever runs though, perhaps its better that it's removed to make room for something else? Just a thought. It would have been awesome to get a chance to ride it, but during my week it was a no go.
  4. Thank you for posting this. I am wanting to go if at all possible. I think it would be a blast!
  5. One time my boyfriend and I were on I think its now called Flight Deck (old Top Gun). We went on a off day, walked on many of the rides. On this one I found it really funny when they said "Thank you for riding Flight Deck, where there are more trash cans in line than people" It just made my day that much better
  6. My first and only experience left me feeling sick. I normally have a great stomach for rides but this one nearly did me in. My boyfriend and I rode it together, both feeling ill afterwards but laughing about it too. It was fun. I don't think I will try again any time soon, but we walked away happy to have tried it.
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