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  1. Hey everyone. It has been a long time since I have posted, but I always lurk in the background reading. A few weeks ago I was riding the train and the announcer said that they were currently renovating WWC and when it reopens on Memorial Day weekend the new changes would be significantly noticeable. I'm not sure what that meant, but I thought I would share. I also went to KI Friday and rode the train. Lots of new stuff going on around there. I really hope for a new coaster, but by the looks of it, I'm just not sure. I definitely hope though. I did get a pretty good view through the tre
  2. Thanks PKIVortex and malem I appreciate the help.
  3. Hello I'm sorry if this has been asked somewhere else on the forum. I searched and couldn't find anything. Does anyone know which banks own the atm's at KI? I was thinking it was Huntington. Thanks for any help
  4. It is "The Hand That Feeds' from The Fragile album. I love NIN. They also play Rob Zombie and Ministry I LOVE Blood Drums
  5. Hi, I am new to the forum This might be a silly question, so I will go ahead and apologize if it is Is it rare that coasters get stuck and people get evacuated? I have seen some get stuck a few times and have been stuck maybe 3 times in my life but everything always seemed to start back up and be okay pretty quickly. Just curious. I love riding them but I have to admit that the thought of being evacuated doesn't sound too fun to me
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