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  1. Ok, well I decided to go on the Friday, 7/27, and these are some thoughts I have. Got to the park at 1:30 (haha), and set out to ride as many rides as possible. Original plan was to get there at noon, but that didn't work out. Went straight for X2 and decided to wait out the line. It said 90 min wait, but I didn't want to miss out on riding it, since I've heard so many good things about it. After what turned out to be just over an hour, I finally got on. It was a great ride, but after the first drop and loop around, much of it was a blur. Definitely a unique experience though. Decided to go
  2. Thanks for the feedback. It seems like Friday from noon on is a better plan. If I do plan on going Friday, should X2 still be my first destination, or will it not matter as much? Also, I didn't ask before, but I'm assuming that SFMM is the best overall choice for an amusement park near LA, right? Thanks again.
  3. Looking to visit SFMM while staying in LA. Anyone know if it's better to go from 12:00 to closing on a Friday or the full day on Saturday if I'm interested in going on most of the main rides (X2, Tatsu, Goliath etc...)? The weekend in question is 7/27 (Friday) and 7/28 (Saturday). Any tips on how to get through the rides are also appreciated. Thanks
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