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  1. yes it is i thought there was a footer, but sadly i wasnt close enough to catch a clear enough vision
  2. on 5-11-13 I got stuck on Delirium for a good 15 min. the drop floor was stuck in the drop position. luckily the ride had not started all that happened was the floor lowered. they called maintenance, and I got off they ran some tests and they let me back on in the same seat thanks KI. dose anyone know what could have caused this???
  3. i have heard they are gonna take down the eifle tower. i dont see why they would. has anyone heard the same???
  4. im sorry, but thanks for the tip to read first and the link
  5. CoasterGirl98


    On 7/20/12 I was at Kings Island and was gonna ride Delirium, but when I got to the ride there was a huge crane working on it. Today 7/24/12 I went back it was still down. Dose anyone know what happend?
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