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  1. On the topic of "field of dreams" with the picture KI tweeted yesterday. Do you think they could be adding some sort of sports complex for baseball tournaments and other sports fields. I just can't think of what they could be hinting at with it.
  2. Picture of Son of Beast instead of The Beast
  3. http://m.flickr.com/#/photos/94873862@N03/8640130655/
  4. Does anyone have like a google image picture with Kings Island land highlighted? I've always wondered how far ki's land goes? Do they own it all the way back to that river?! thanks!
  5. I was on google earth today and noticed it was updated to our newest stuff (DA, new Soak City, blue Invertigo, wind seeker) I was looking around and noticed back behind DA there's a bunch of stuff I never saw before (I may of just missed it) what are they? They look like cars to some ride but can't think of which one, I also see what looks to be Patrick and sponge bob
  6. I was reading through some of the older threads and saw mentions of a Addams family ride, what exactly was it planned on being?! Also were there any other planned attractions that fell through at Kings Island!?
  7. Just a few question, has anyone been to Haunts at other Cedar Fair parks? Are the mazes elsewhere the same, better, worse? And lastly what are the crowds like? thanks!
  8. Wherever they keep haunt decorations or like said above the houses on the train routes
  9. Has there been an announcement about haunt yet? Like any new attractions and stuff? Cause I'm seeing all the other parks announcements but not KI!
  10. My first roller coaster was the little purple coaster in kiddie land. The day I got to 48 inches I rode Vortex and have loved roller coasters ever since!!
  11. A little off topic but not really .. But what did they do with the loop they removed? Did they keep it in storage, scrapped it or do what?!
  12. 98 people readi g at once! WOW! Im kinda sad about this! I was hoping to get one last ride!
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