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  1. While he technically can take photos over the park and such, the park does prefer if people do not fly over the park especially during the off-season. But this is only a park preference, as long as you're within FAA guidelines you're not doing anything wrong (legally)
  2. Kings Island has no height restrictions. Although a particular helicopter likes to fly fairly low over the park which is quite annoying.
  3. It has been a quiet day.
  4. I feel like a Ferris Wheel would be a good addition right next to Juke Box on the main Coney Mall path!
  5. ? | ??? | I E | Rotor | II W | Bayern Kurve | III T | Zodiac | IV ? | ??? | V T | Vortex | VI O | Flight of Fear | VII K | Invertigo | VIII I | Firehawk | IX ? | ??? | X Looks like I'm going to be updating my profile picture here very soon.
  6. Feels like I am playing a big game of Wheel of Fortune.
  7. Kings Island already has two launch roller coasters. We don't need a launch. In reality, the park could probably do with a intense mid-size attraction, something like Maverick would be cool, Maybe the Mack Mega with a chain lift?
  8. ^ Yikes, Shows how much enthusiasts truly are enthusiast if they're going to judge a ride before it's even completely built.
  9. I'm going to Winter Warm-Up this weekend! Got a new gimbal to get some good photography shots of the trains as well as track work given we go on tour. It's suppose to be a very nice day.
  10. It actually is. X-works keeps the customer name/park hidden so no snoopers can find out where it's going.
  11. ^ more than likely because a shiny new baby was just opened up last year.
  12. I'm announcing on here that I will be attending Coasterstock this year as a guest and not an employee working the event!
  13. I had asked them about scraps a day or so ago, and they said they will not be selling any scraps of the ride. What's gone is gone.
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