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  1. Kings Island already has two launch roller coasters. We don't need a launch. In reality, the park could probably do with a intense mid-size attraction, something like Maverick would be cool, Maybe the Mack Mega with a chain lift?
  2. ^ Yikes, Shows how much enthusiasts truly are enthusiast if they're going to judge a ride before it's even completely built.
  3. I'm going to Winter Warm-Up this weekend! Got a new gimbal to get some good photography shots of the trains as well as track work given we go on tour. It's suppose to be a very nice day.
  4. It actually is. X-works keeps the customer name/park hidden so no snoopers can find out where it's going.
  5. ^ more than likely because a shiny new baby was just opened up last year.
  6. I'm announcing on here that I will be attending Coasterstock this year as a guest and not an employee working the event!
  7. I had asked them about scraps a day or so ago, and they said they will not be selling any scraps of the ride. What's gone is gone.
  8. Millennium Force (2) vs. Maverick (6)Top Thrill Dragster (2) vs. Banshee (6)Steel Vengeance (5) vs. Magnum XL-200 (3)Diamondback (5) vs. The Beast (3)
  9. I have a few little insights on this! I know recently a enthusiast page posted about some equipment being on Behemoth at Canada's Wonderland, and that equiptment was most likely the NDT they do for the trackwork (NDT standing for Non-destructive testing) If you have ever ridden Dominator, you may notice that in the transfer they have a maintenance ball covered up. I do believe CF possibly has a few of these that ship around from park to park to test all the B&M's every few years. Keep in mind that the track and rails are solid structures that even though they take a lot of stress, do not break as easily. That's why CF does a complete winter maintenance of all of it's rides where everything comes off, stripped down to the very last bolt and is tested before being put back together and back on the track for another year of fun!
  10. I may make a concept myself as I'm getting inspiration looking at all the concepts! Possibly expect a NL2 concept from me soon.
  11. IndyGuy, That is a beautiful photo of that tombstone by the way!
  12. Parks also have more and more tricks up their sleeves to throw enthusiasts off *(Stated by other people and not my own words)*
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