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  1. Millennium Force (2) vs. Maverick (6)Top Thrill Dragster (2) vs. Banshee (6)Steel Vengeance (5) vs. Magnum XL-200 (3)Diamondback (5) vs. The Beast (3)
  2. I have a few little insights on this! I know recently a enthusiast page posted about some equipment being on Behemoth at Canada's Wonderland, and that equiptment was most likely the NDT they do for the trackwork (NDT standing for Non-destructive testing) If you have ever ridden Dominator, you may notice that in the transfer they have a maintenance ball covered up. I do believe CF possibly has a few of these that ship around from park to park to test all the B&M's every few years. Keep in mind that the track and rails are solid structures that even though they take a lot of stress, do not break as easily. That's why CF does a complete winter maintenance of all of it's rides where everything comes off, stripped down to the very last bolt and is tested before being put back together and back on the track for another year of fun!
  3. I may make a concept myself as I'm getting inspiration looking at all the concepts! Possibly expect a NL2 concept from me soon.
  4. IndyGuy, That is a beautiful photo of that tombstone by the way!
  5. Parks also have more and more tricks up their sleeves to throw enthusiasts off *(Stated by other people and not my own words)*
  6. My only worry with the words "2020 B&M" Is that CP's 150th is in 2020. Time will tell by next year though, but I am terribly worried about an overshadowed coaster for KI in 2020.
  7. An Idea I had was the possibility that if they did use the Firehawk land, they could use only a 270ft lift hill with a drop of over 300+ feet and it would be classified as a giga coaster. Now the same thing could be said if they would EVER possibly think of a strata coaster, which I doubt due to the fact that something like this would cost well over 35 million to 40 million dollars to build, but having a coaster with a 370ft lift hill, making it the tallest giga coaster in the world, and then having a 400+ft drop would classify the coaster as a strata coaster. This is way into the fantasy realm but I like the idea of it enough to post it. Another Idea I had isn't really a giga, but still a plausable theory, that if RMC came out to build a new Ground up RMC, they could use the old SOB station, and then feed the lift hill through Banshee's second loop in the valley. It's also a sort of fantasy theory, but Also a theory that seems more plausible than the 370ft giga.
  8. I believe they stated in the announcement (I could be wrong) That KMAA would be opening spring 2019
  9. A small purse is technically a bag., and all bags have to be in a locker. I would think it's not a matter of consistency (all the time) it's a matter of guests who listen. The problem with Mystic is that there is only 1 sign that tells you to secure your articles, and people seem to be more compliant with this. At Banshee there are 3, two of them being right next to where you enter the line. And people still attempt to enter the line as quickly as possible to avoid the operators who are at the front of the line.
  10. No because there is only a hand full of rides with those requirements. You can fully enjoy the park at 48” without an issue. What are they missing? Diamondback, Invertigo, FOF, Firehawk? WindSeeker Delirium Banshee. All the aggressive thrill rides. KI is a family park. With a few thrilling rides for the adults/older children. I don’t see a big issue with heights and pricing.
  11. Actually wristbands are really easy to take off unless you get those thick ones with the button. You pull the extra bit that's under the wristband and it'll pop off.
  12. Possibly a marketing to to attract more people to the event. Maybe hes making an appearance next year?
  13. Yes this is true. They allowed more piercings. I don't wear any piercings so I didn't take a good look at the rules this year. Hr would be the best place to ask this question, (513) 754-5648
  14. I'll tell you what isn't though...
  15. I feel like people don't realize how much better the back row of Banshee is is compared to the front. (Especially on Purple train.)
  16. There was a few months of downtime last year that later ended up returning to operation and as far as I know has been at least consistent and has been able to stay open longer. I don't know still though cause I haven't been paying attention.
  17. Mine is Banshee Afterburn Raptor Although honestly, If I rated them out of 100 It would probably be, Banshee 92.5 Afterburn 92.4 Raptor 88.5
  18. Kings Island closes rides for staffing, but it is an absolute LAST RESORT type of deal.
  19. Nope. You are technically assigned to Drop/Bat all year, but you can still move around to other rides!
  20. Here is how it works Bansheeback (I'm sure I'll see you plenty as i'll be a next door neighbor at Banshee!) When it comes to two ride crews, you are typically at one ride for no more than 2 hours at a time. You rotate positions every hour, around the 45 minute mark for breaks and such. If other rides in the park are low on their numbers (staffing) They will send people from other rides over to be trained or to help out. It happens a lot in the early season, and especially at the end of the year when numbers become very low due to people leaving for school/college, etc. Drop and Bat are one of the more different rides since The Bat is very easy accommodating for larger guests, while Drop Tower is not. So like everyone else is saying, expect to work on your strength!
  21. Spent the last 3 Years, with this year being the 4th at Kings Island! I worked in Park Services for a year and then moved to operations. Banshee is my home away from home and even when I get stressed out I always still love working at Kings Island! im hoping to see some of you next year at Banshee!
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