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  1. You don't even need to dig though...
  2. Adventure Express's Queue and Exit go over the road. Why can't this ride do the same? My only problem with the Theory from Oldschool, is that the Park put money into the Coke plaza, so I don't believe they will be removing it at all.
  3. To give you an idea on the seats, This is how they would look. Created using Nolimits 2 (And some simple photo editing)
  4. ^ Oh I wasn't worried about the Giga. I was worried about the possibility of a 500+ ride.
  5. I think we have a height restriction do we not? Not sure how high, but it's somewhere close right?
  6. I saw your suggestions with interactions of other rides and I wanted to point out a few Diamondback flying past train at 80mph Banshee meeting up with Delirium at 139ft Banshee and Bat “kissing” (which is what I was told was called when Banshee and Bat meet Red Racer and WindSeeker There is also some times when Adventure Express meets up with Banshee. What I mean is that when you crest the drop you can wave at the AE station. And maybe they will wave back. It’s kind of a rarer one though cause people don’t notice fast enough.
  7. Running back to the screenshot showing the formation of "GIGA" The only people who have true access to that area are people from Train or Mystic Timbers (No one from Foods needs to be back there, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't be.) It was more than likely the Mystic crew since they didn't have their ride for the night because of the snow. As far as I know, train had no involvement.
  8. I took my 50th ride on mystic today! why is it so low? Wasn’t a visitor. Employee instead. I’m still happy with getting 50! In other news, the park installed Anti-rollbacks at the top of the brake run for mystic as valley prevention.
  9. Tempts are not the issue. The snow is the issue. If there is too much snow of the tracks, it will slow the ride. Causing the valley that occurred on Saturday.
  10. Just to add my own little light on this. Diamondback used to have the single rider line back when it first opened. Remember that? I was actually REALLY surprised when I saw this because I was heading for the first ride of the day Sunday before the line got long. I didn't even realize that there was a single rider thing going on. I was kind of happy about it. Single rider lines increase capacity of rides by allowing people to fill in the empty seats of groups of 3 5 7 9, etc. I'll come at you from a RO standpoint. If you come to the park with a group of 3. More times than not, when you get to the separator, (The guy or gal at the top of the steps or at the station ready to assign you a row) and you have 3? You're probably going to get paired with another group of 3 or 5, or whatever odd number group there was. When filling Mystic Timbers, The crew does very well to separate people out, but a lot of times they don't understand what's going on. So you could have two groups of three and you try to pair them by saying this. (Two people in row 2, 1 person in row 3.) You go to the next group (ONE person, in row 3, and two in row 4) This saves you time, and gives you a completely extra row available for capacity. When you have the single rider line, you have still try to put those groups of 3 like that, but instead you could give them the space they want, and place the single riders as needed. OR when you only get the 1 odd group while the rest are perfectly even number, 2, 4, 6, 8 etc. I will tell you that us Ride Operators that have the task of Separating absolutely LOVE single riders. I wish they had a FastLane/Single-Rider lines. In which (you don't pay) but you get a wrist band with a specific colour that states that you are a single rider, and that could grant you to fast-lane. This would be especially good on some of the lower-speed rides where you could fill trains better to get more people on. And also on a ride like Mystic Timbers, where you don't have to wrap seat-belts around the restraint. Or with Diamondback so you don't have to buckle the seatbelts to go. Do you realize how much faster lines would get if you did a single-rider line for Diamondback again? No empty seats? The train will be out of the station before the hammerhead! (And that's REALLY rare.) (EDIT: I do understand that the abuse of Single Rider lane is bad. But hey, If the ride operator at the top cared, which they always should, then They can easily say to go back down into the regular line or be separated. (And I bet most of the time, the people will agree to separate more than wait 15 minutes.) That's just my thought on the whole situation. (I didn't read any comments on here because I saw the main topic and I wanted to pull up to talk about it and drive off.) See you on the Island!
  11. Never know? Maybe one of the next major investments could be Kings Island returning a King Cobra like layout to the park, in place of a B&M Stand-up that has been revolutionized with more recent technology. With that, would come Vortex at Carowinds getting the new trains for their stand up, and making the ride more enjoyable. My only experience on a Stand-up was Vortex as I never got to any other ride before they were converted or removed. I know I've seen King Cobra before, but It's not stuck in memory so I can't remember seeing it. (Very young when I came to KI for the first time, always afraid to ride anything until 2010.)
  12. ^ That's the way I heard it, That Vortex was a discout due to the failure of The Bat.
  13. Winterfest: Kings Island bringing back an old tradition! SF: Holiday In the Park: An attempt to out-do Cedar Fair.
  14. Can we have a rename of Volcano to Mystic Embers and reveal that Oakly is truly a volcano and is out to get you all?
  15. I understand why the argument just came about, but also keep in mind that when you do the same thing over and over again, from our standpoint as ride operators, we would get super bored. No matter what you say, we enjoy this job because we make our guests happy, and we also enjoy our time spent at our very rides. Jokes are what keep people going, and for the guests who have never been here before they look confused, and start paying attention to the speakers so they can hear the safety spiels they need to hear next. Yes, our higher-ups, are okay with this. They know a lot, they know everything. Typically every day, there is always one supervisor at every ride. There are a lot of ride operators on this website, and you basically just yelled at us on here. You guys certainly made me upset reading this, because obviously this is my home job, the main thing I do during my summers, and prepare for in winter. This is what I love to do. Yet you guys are sitting here dissing us about what we do to keep guests entertained and happy through the day. (It's called guest relating...)
  16. Mystic is quite a fun one to work with, since it's a truck you can throw some ohio laws into the cell phones and seatbelts. Click it or ticket, or no texting while driving. I've personally used those a few times. "Scream your head off, don't ask why. For a ghostly creature may pass you by... as you race around this twisted trail, whatever you do, don't go into haunted hill." - Banshee
  17. I can hear the references. But it's not a mix of it.
  18. Does anyone know where the music is from. And if it's available online anywhere to listen too?
  19. ^ Didn't the park state somewhere that Mystic Timbers will be in the ride line-up?
  20. The first inversion isn't a Corkscrew or a G-roll, it's looking like a stall.
  21. As a suggestion, if you're going to ride Banshee test out the seat to be sure! If we can fit you into the Red belt, you will be good for row's 4 and 5. If you can get your self into the black belt, typically (somehow) The farthest seats from the gates have a better chance of getting you fully in, even though all the seats are the same, the outside seats have a bit of a better chance of getting you on. It all depends on who is putting you in as well. Some members of the crew can really get people in, while others have a harder time. For Banshee, it also depends on your body, if you're more "squishy" as they say, you're more than likely able to get into the black seatbelts. But if you're a bit harder in your stomach region, it might be harder for you to ride. (If you're tall, the vests can be pulled out if you want to hold that for the ride.)
  22. Keep in mind not all photos taken have been on park property. A lot of websites, including some like CP Rundown, have taken the time to be on a boat, or on the island away from Cedar Point with a zoomed in camera to take said pictures.
  23. Bathrooms in X-base... currently it's x-bathroomless.
  24. ^ That is what I ended up putting into the playlist.
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