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  1. ^ I tossed those into a playlist on Spotify, Not all of them are there though due to the fact that some of the songs do not show up on Spotify at all. (Sadly...) I did a replacement for the Ending to the Forrest Gump theme, since I couldn't find that one. https://open.spotify.com/user/1254863967/playlist/2z3PRJVrDOY0db5mBVVDee
  2. To someone who rode it, What does the lift-hill audio state?
  3. Hey guys, I'm looking at making a big playlist on Spotify of all of the songs Kings Island plays over the PA system. No rides, FunTV's or Haunt music (You can still suggest that, I may make a haunt themed playlist.) Just purely music played in the paths, All of that poppy music. Thanks! This is my current list.
  4. They put a full on News Camera onto Beast when it opened, haha. Great find!
  5. Thoughts on the POV When the train left the station, I heard some music going on in the station... Possibly more themeing, soundtrack to Mystic Timbers it looks like? As the train was going up the lift hill, I noticed the jerking motion, almost like Adventure Express's lift hills. During the audio at that time, I can't hear too much. I heard "Take that truck..." at one point, as well as "Keep your head back..." <-- I think, then when the train slows down suddenly, I hear "Don't.. Go in... the shed!" First drop looks absolutely amazing, just like Banshee.. With the second hill coming in the trains looks out of control as it hits the two airtime hills at both ends The hill over the lagoon looked a little bit tough, ride wise, but the floater airtime at this moment will be great. Speeding through the Quadruple S-turn into the tunnel looks like nonstop speed and airtime hitting you every minute. You might get a good back-pop during this moment The tunnel feels a little bit under-themed, but I don't mind that too much since there is so much themeing already! The return trip looks really great.. I think a lot of people were really misjudging the ride when it first happened... "This a restricted area. Don't go in the shed, This is a r-r-r-r-restricted area, m-m-(?), This is a- Don't go in the restrict- Go in the shed, go in the shed, go in the shed"
  6. What you can do is buy your ticket early in the morning, being one of the first things you do. But you must make sure that there are two people with you in order to ride. It requires two people to ride. But typically it's cheapest during the weeks, and early in the morning. (Minimum price is always $10, There is no longer a $5 minimum.)
  7. Along with McSalsa's observations. I'm seeing that they finished work on the on-ride camera! Was not operating yesterday. Also, there's a friendly neighborhood spider on the webcam (Was...)
  8. Looks like Higher-up employees in Cedar Fair get to check out Mystic Timbers tomorrow?
  9. What can Kings Island do in 9 months? They can build, from the ground up, and entire wooden roller coaster fitted with great themeing! Also, check out the path going behind Backlot, looks like they updated it with some new trees.
  10. Power washing the WWC queue line, and looks like track-walkers inspecting Mystic for possible test-runs later tonight are on the agenda for right now it looks like. Photo via MT Webcam!
  11. ^ Actually It looked more like the lights don't operate period, and that it was a reflection from the other lights.
  12. 3 trains with 3 different colours Green, Orange, and Blue (Information comes from watching test runs on the Mystic Timbers webcam.
  13. ^ It is insure if it will be open or not. Typically it usually is, but last year it didn't open with the park due to construction of Mystic Timbers.
  14. On ride photo on the first drop! Photo from Kings Island's Webcam page!
  15. New Website is up! https://www.visitkingsisland.com/ As for live cameras... they are not up yet, but this is the link to them. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/explore/live-video
  16. Here is a basic rundown for the new entrance. There is now only ONE entrance into the parking lot. And it is on the north side of the lot. If you're coming from 71 north, and got onto Northbound KI Drive, then use the right most lane to get into the park. (This lane turns into a turn only lane into the park.) If you're coming from Southbound KI Drive, then turn left at the second light (The intersection of Riverview community Church.) If you are turning this way though. Be extra careful that you follow the yellow dotted line so you don't turn to far and end up in the exit only lanes, (Or that you don't hit the dividing curb.) Large overview of the entrance. Expanded view of the Intersection. (Images from google maps.) Once you're into the parking area before the tolls, PLEASE read the LED signs to make sure you're in the correct lane. If I remember correctly, Yellow is Pass holders, and green is the pay-for-parking sections, and red is a lane closed area. (IF I remember that correctly.)
  17. Banshee did it on Opening day for the first 5,000. Not sure about Diamondback. There aren't that many of those shirts out there.
  18. What I plan on doing, which most people should do. Is that I'm going to attempt to avoid any contact with anything Kings Island related until Sunday when I go to the park. My first ride will be Mystic Timbers, bright and early in the afternoon! (Since park opens at 12pm) Until then. I just have to be extra careful. Especially since I work that Friday, so I need to be extra careful that people don't talk at first about it.
  19. Yes, It has been used elsewhere. Ride Operators speak up if they see something you're not aloud to be doing... 1711.551 states that "that riders must obey all warnings and directions regarding this ride and behave in a manner that will not cause or contribute to injury to themselves or others." As stated in the Laws and Rules Governing Amusement Rides in Ohio While it is not illegal per-say to film on roller coasters or other amusement rides in the park, The park states that it does not want guests to be filming on rides (No matter what it is...) Unless it's the Eiffel Tower or the KI&MV Railroad. So basically it is a law. I think it's become a more serious problem, due to the fact that guest do not realize how slippery their phone or recording device is when you're plummeting down a 215ft drop at 80mph. Or even on simpler rides, Beast is bumpy, phone can fall out of their hands and so on... I can go on and on with every single ride as to how your device can slip out of your hand. (Mystic Timbers, because of the air time hills that are sudden and everywhere, Unexpecting hill can lead to a phone being dropped into WWC.) Please! If you've never been to KI and you want to share memories, Do it on a pathway, not on a ride.
  20. No bins for MT. Pavers in front of the entrance for Mystic. I believe they're not getting rid of the rest of the black-asphalt around the park though.. It didn't look like it was gone.
  21. If you want an update to it. Technically the music is from 300: Rise Of An Empire, Specifically the Fire Battle song. (But it happens during the end credits of the movie.) Case closed now.
  22. I actually looked at some evidence here.. This POV is actually that of the first test run they ever did with the ride. How do I know this? It is a cloudy day when the video was taking place. During the drop, I also noticed two people standing in the same place as this video.
  23. ^ I believe there was, going to be some, but it's not in the shown area.
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